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(Tie) Star Wars - the original trilogy
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South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
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The Crow
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(Tie) Star Wars Original Trilogy
#1 Sci-Fi
Night Of The Living Dead
#1 Horror
The Princess Bride
#1 Romance
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
#1 Stoner
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
#1 Animated
The Return of the King
#1 Fantasy
The Princess Bride
#1 Romantic Comedy
Edward Norton
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Kate Winslet
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Steven Spielberg
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Darth Vader (Star Wars Trilogy)
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Impressive trailer for Justice League. Really looking forward to seeing more.
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KING Of All Schmoes
jeo4 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Impressive trailer for Justice League. Really looking forward to seeing more.
grelber37 at 03:09 PM Mar 25

Indeed, so far so good.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

Hail, hail, Rock & Roll. RIP
grelber37 at 07:13 AM Mar 19

I work retail. And, Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run" is one of the few Christmas songs that I can stand to hear played over-and-over-and-over. The man had huge talent. A person is glad that he made his mark with his songs and his personality.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

Get Out: 7/10. Solid fun. Very inventive thriller. If the pacing were better, this rating would be much higher.
grelber37 at 07:59 AM Mar 18

Perhaps, I should Get Out and see it.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 05:10 PM Mar 19

Glad you liked it. I really liked it too!

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 20 days ago

Robert Osborne was an outstanding host and film historian. He will be missed. RIP
jeo4 updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Logan was emotionally exhausting and full of action. It was also well written and deftly delivered. An outstanding entry into the X-Men franchise. 8/10
grelber37 at 07:21 AM Mar 04

Logan sounds like the mature superhero story that longtime fans can most appreciate. It is apparently apt punctuation on a franchise that began a full sixteen-and-a-half years ago when some Schmoes were young men and many were kids.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

Not too many surprises at the Oscars...until the end, of course. Congratulations to Moonlight, Casey Affleck, Emma Stone, Mahershala Ali, and all of the winners. A special congratulations to Viola Davis, who never ceases to amaze me, for her Best Supporting Actress win. Her acceptance speech was, in my humble estimation, the highlight of the evening.
jeo4 updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

I'm in total shock. RIP to one of the best this business has seen.
sLaShEr84 at 07:07 PM Feb 26


jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I've been summoned for jury duty. Not sure how I feel about this yet.
dsloy at 05:52 PM Feb 08

you can just defer for 3 months without any struggle if u want, its a valid option, just call and ask

jeo4 at 08:35 PM Feb 08

I might just do that, now that I know. Thanks.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

RIP Richard Hatch. Fleeing the Cylon tyranny, you've finally found paradise.
jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I've been offered the supervisor position at my company. Training begins in March. I've been on this job for three months. This is far and away the fastest promotion offer I've ever received. Me right now:
dsloy at 05:47 PM Feb 07


timmyd at 08:15 PM Feb 07

that's awesome , buddy . congratulations .

HTX0811 at 02:27 PM Feb 11


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jeo4 posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
It's only been two weeks and I can't say it better than this.

Scotch at 09:59 PM Feb 06

Yeah I'm gonna have to ask Santa for that shirt come Christmas time. Great find!

jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

And just like that, New England finds a way. Congrats to the Pats on a very big win.
grelber37 at 11:44 PM Feb 05

New England surprised everyone and made, well, Superbowl history.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Wow. The Falcons are taking it to the Pats.
jeo4 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Binge-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Very good, so far.
timmyd at 11:09 AM Jan 09

always a good time.

Lost in Space
Lost in Space at 08:21 PM Jan 09

I do miss binging on Buffy. I'll have to re-visit soon. How have you been man?

jeo4 at 08:37 PM Jan 09

Doing good! How's it going with you?

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