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Birdman was a great film filled with great performances from both Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. It took the number 1 spot from Gone Girl for best of the year.
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jcov54 updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Birdman was a great film filled with great performances from both Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. It took the number 1 spot from Gone Girl for best of the year.
Cochise at 03:11 PM Oct 27

awesome to hear! It looks so cool

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

The trackpad on my Mac book has been acting up. Anyone know how to fix it?
Glinda at 07:16 PM Oct 22

I have a separate mouse that I use but if you google it you'll gets pages of responses and help. That's what I'd do. I just googled now and it seems to be something common happening.

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

"The Affair" is turning out to be quite the intriguing series. It's not at all what I thought it would be. I'm looking forward to what happens next
jcov54 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I just did a revisit with Ted, and as I feared its I still don't think its a good movie. The are hit or miss with most of them missing (suspiciously like an episode of Family Guy). Its basically just a cliched romcom with dirty unfunny jokes.
Glinda at 04:21 PM Sep 06

I loved it but once was enough.

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

I'm watching The Simpsons marathon, and I forgot how many voices Phil Hartman did. He is sorely missed
XSsoCX at 07:25 PM Aug 22

I was so sad I missed the Mr. Plow episode. One of my favorites. It was on right before I started watching some episodes earlier.

Derek237 at 07:27 PM Aug 22

Definitely! He did amazing work with his voices. A part of the show died along with him.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 06:22 AM Aug 23

^ well said, I agree!

jcov54 posted an IMAGE item: 3 months ago
My first one

MrsData at 06:18 PM Jul 31

He looks marvelous! Be careful, POPs can be addicting.

tbondrage99 at 07:02 PM Jul 31


Beauski at 06:34 AM Aug 01


jcov54 updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Enemy was the most WTF movie I've seen in quite some time. Thats not to say is didn't like it. On the contrary I thought it was great movie that will stay me long after I've seen it.
jcov54 updated his STATUS: 4 months ago

I just finished watching the pilot for the new show "The Leftovers", and boy is it bleak and depressing, but damn if it isn't intriguing
TastetheW0ng at 09:11 PM Jul 02

Yeah...I made the mistake of watching that right before bed and it just made me uncomfortable. I did really enjoy the show though and I plan on continuing with it.

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

I just love Parks and Rec so damn much. That ending brought tears to my eyes
jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

Can you say creepy
VitamanMan8 at 06:17 PM Apr 10


jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

It's a real shame that Sabotage did so poorly at the box office this weekend. I guess most people don't want to see a terrible film with awful people doing awful things to each other, and things occurring with no logic behind them, and atrocious acting from all involved. When will Arnie learn that the public is over his wooden acting and awful films.
Cochise at 07:48 AM Mar 31

haha nice post. I think the new generation just isn't craving the action stars of old anymore unfortunately. I'm still hoping I like it, definitely going to check it out. Have heard some mixed things but have heard from a bunch of people that it's a good, brutal little action flick and I do enjoy that kind of thing so I'm hoping I end up agreeing with those that dug it. I kind of expect Arnie to be at worst cringe worthy and at best laughable in terms of acting (unless he's playing... a robot haha)

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

Walking Dead, you had me until that ending. A lame line and a lame ending to an otherwise very good good episode
jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

I had a chance to see Sabotage last night, and it was as awful as I thought it would be. The story is terrible and done better on so many other films, the acting is terrible. When Arnie is the best thing you know your in trouble.
Cochise at 10:51 AM Mar 27

daaamn sucks to hear, hope I feel differently...

Glinda at 03:28 PM Mar 27

Oh man I hate to hear this. :( I hope I feel differently too, although to me, Arnie is always the best thing. I love him.

jcov54 updated his STATUS: 7 months ago

two of my favorite characters Andy and Ron sharing a lot of screen time on tonight's Parks and Rec. Love it
Glinda at 08:14 PM Mar 20

My favorites as well. I love those two.

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