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Sorry for the MFC hiatus for the past couple of years but I'm back and ready to talk movies! Oh ...
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Super Schmoe
JakeLikesMovies posted a BLOG item over 7 years ago

Show Us Your Sh*t Is Back!


Hey Schmoes!

Everybody’s favorite JoBlo feature column to drool over (That isn’t located on MovieHotties) is back from 14 month hiatus just in time for the unveiling of The Digital Dorm in a couple of weeks!

That’s right Schmoes! Show Us Your Sh*t! is back in a big way, and we are looking for submissions from you!

If you boast a fine collection of movies (DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS … hell any format you are proud of!) and you think the greater JoBlo community needs to see it, submit it to Show Us Your Sh*t! If you have a kickass home theater setup that instills jealousy in all those who see it, we want pics! If you have awesome movie posters, figures, swag or other film paraphernalia that deserves recognition, well … you know what to do!

Submit it to Show Us Your Shit! You can do so by dropping us an email at and be sure to fulfill all of the requirements below!

Sh*t we need from you:

Personal Info: You want credit for you sh*t? We need your name, yo! Also be sure to include your age, sex (Yes, please!), whereabouts, what you do to live, thrive and survive and all that good stuff. If you are cool enough to have an MFC profile throw in your username so people can tell you how awesome you are here on MFC!

Pics & Vids: This is Show Us Your Sh*t! That is the name of the game, so we need pictures and possibly some quick videos (Eat your heart out Spielberg!) of your setup! With every picture and video you submit be sure each one has an individual explanation. We want details; what is this cool thing we are looking at? Does it hold any special personal value? How did you get your hands on that?! Specifics are encouraged, so feel to brag, boast and unrepentantly show off your collections.

Highlights: You got something that you are extra-special proud of? Maybe it is a rug that really ties the room together or maybe it is a signed limited edition E.T. lunchbox, who knows? Whatever it is be sure to include it! It doesn’t hurt to pick out a few specific things in your collection that may be extra unique, or just a personal favorite. Be sure to tell us how you got these precious items, we want stories about how you dove through the dumpster behind Bruce Campbell’s condo to get that signed Pizza Hut receipt! Don’t hold out on us!

Since it has been a while feel free to peruse the Show Us Your Shit! Archives: for some great collections of past Schmoes who answered the call.

Do you have what it takes Schmoes? Do you have the sh*t? Then get to it!

Mood: Happy
Ocelot_Snake at 03:12 AM Sep 13

Youll never see my weak shit haha

grelber37 at 03:45 AM Sep 13

Do you think anyone will ever photograph a turd and send it in? Heh, heh, heh. I'm immature. Butt, you know, some folks do make poop sculptures. Thai artists do so with elephant dung; and, some Americans practice this practice as well. Now there would be a Star Wars figure collection that no one else fucken had--nor wanted. Why? 'Cause it's too corny. Okay, I'll stop. I worked at the hospital for five years, and a person just gets used to certain things.
I have some Marvel Treasury Editions for Star Wars from the 1970s. And, I have a story behind them. Maybe, I'll send a photo with them and some older comics. I have little movie memoribilia around here, and you are seeking film stuff more than comics.

YoshioKun13 at 05:32 AM Sep 13

Not only that, I've seen sculptures of people taking a poo! Including such important and notable famous figures as the Pope. Supposed to be some sorta deep political or social commentary on contemporary society or sometin', I don't know.....

Somehow it's lost on me. :|

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JakeLikesMovies posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss Mascot!


JakeLikesMovies at 08:17 PM Sep 08

It's alright Ole Miss, you tried ... but you know what Yoda would have said ...

JakeLikesMovies posted a BLOG item over 7 years ago

Arcade Coffee Table


Situation: I want this Arcade Coffee Table sooooooo bad.

Problem: It costs about 5 grand ...

Solution: Put on a Ronald Reagan mask and rob a bank. Keanu Reeves may or may not be involved ... Gary Busey most definitely is.

For a better look at the Arcane Arcade Coffee Table head here:

Mood: Chillin'
randychico at 10:31 PM Sep 08


JoBlo at 10:52 PM Sep 08

This is awesome.

JakeLikesMovies at 11:17 PM Sep 08

Sh*t guys, things went South fast!

Keanu was a f*cking undercover cop the whole damn time and Busey is bleeding out on the warehouse floor and I can't get 'Stuck In The Middle With You' out of my damn head!!!

Oh sh*t Tarantino is dead! Why, oh why did he have to cameo in his own movie?!

F*ck! Somebody is trying to break through the warehouse door!

No! It is the co-

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JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

So I finally watched 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' and it is now my favorite Korean Western ... I know that is kind of a niche market, but you just try to find me a better one!
Weapon X
Weapon X at 12:31 AM Sep 07

Mine too! *high-five*

randychico at 12:36 AM Sep 07

Haha, that almost sounds like sarcasm because you don't get many of those (and if any one finds another one let me know), for me it may even be a favorite western!!

girlcreeture at 09:04 AM Sep 07

Song Kang-ho is the shit! Anything he is in is guaranteed awesome and I love this movie so much :D

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JakeLikesMovies posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Farts in Film: A Montage


Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 12:14 AM Sep 07

There simply is not enough farting in todays cinema.

randychico at 12:39 AM Sep 07

I'm not really a fan of farting but some of these are great (Love the south park ones)

grelber37 at 02:23 AM Sep 07

An epic fart scene occurs in Superhero Movie, and it even features Marion Ross in one of her last roles. That film is generally the top toilet humor if a film is doing toilet humor. Thanks for the Beavis and Butthead Do America clip; my dad laughed his ass off in the theatre during that scene.

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JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Thanks for the well wishes on my day of birth MFC! It was good times, b'day booze, Machete (Highly recommend by the way!) and some college football to ease my hangover! 23 is the new 21 folks!
goNADSgo69 at 09:03 PM Sep 04

I hope you had an AWESOME birthday =D

Highspeed at 09:07 PM Sep 04

I'm usually on top of MFC birthdays. Hope you hade a great one brother.

Beauski at 09:22 PM Sep 04

Happy Birthday man!

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JakeLikesMovies posted a BLOG item over 7 years ago

Batman: Arkham City Screenshots!


Holy gamer nirvana Batman!

The first batch of images for the upcoming sequel Batman: Arkham City just got released! And they look fan-f*cking-tastic!

Check 'em out here at our very own DVD Clinic:

Or in their full high-res glory over on Kotaku:

Next Fall can't come fast enough!

Mood: Chillin'
threezy at 07:25 PM Sep 01

Holy shit those look awesome, can't wait to play the finished product!

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 07:44 PM Sep 01

Leather Catsuits get very hot, don't ask me how I know this but it involves Tony Shalob and Qualudes.

jessdecristo at 05:27 PM Jul 06

I'd rather see cat woman's underwear

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JakeLikesMovies posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Oh, Henry Pym (Ant-Man) you are so misunderstood:


Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 09:13 PM Aug 24


JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

So I just saw and loved The Expendables. I now want to go overthrow a South American dictatorship. I need four other able bodies to go in with me, stereotypes and clichés encouraged. Own weapons is a plus!
randychico at 10:23 AM Aug 20

I have a toy sword.. a broken bb gun, lots of kitchen knives & utensils. And a lot of martial arts knowledge based on movies.

JakeLikesMovies at 03:42 PM Aug 20

Sweet, now we just need one of those fully automatic shotguns and we are good to go!

AlmostFamous91 at 04:59 PM Aug 23

If I can find a fully auto shotgun in my attic I am in!!

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JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Damn it, watched my Kick-Ass Blu-ray again (3 times now!) and damn it, it still gets better every time ...
threezy at 10:17 PM Aug 17

Same here, I'm ready to go for a 4th time.

brewsky99 at 10:18 PM Aug 17

Watched it last night on Blu-Ray such a great transfer,glad its in my Blu- Ray Collection.

BLove78 at 11:56 PM Aug 17

I've watched my Blu-ray twice now. Time for a 3rd viewing!

JakeLikesMovies posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Subtitles :P


mister easter
mister easter at 05:56 PM Aug 17

look @ me! I don't need subtitles!!!

that was quite funny!

JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

It has been over 4 hours since I left the theater, and I am still processing what I saw and felt. Scott Pilgrim was more than a movie, it was a full on cinematic experience.
threezy at 12:36 AM Aug 15

I couldn't agree more. I keep wanting to punch people to see if they burst into a plethora of coins. Plus a point counter, I want to know my score for life.

VitamanMan8 at 12:48 AM Aug 15

I don't think I liked it that much, but I can't stop thinking about it either. I feel like I'm going to love it the second time around.

JakeLikesMovies posted a BLOG item over 7 years ago, Frak yeah!


Did a full write up on over here:

But the gist of it is this site will teach you to cuss in every language under the sun, even fictional ones from shows like Battlestar Galactica and Firefly.

Check it out, it is pretty "goram" entertaining!

Mood: Happy
Servo at 07:03 PM Aug 13

Well, now I know how to say "lick my balls" in Latin. Didn't Julius Caeser say that to Brutus right after he stabbed him?

JakeLikesMovies at 09:35 PM Aug 13

Only in the Shakespearean version Servo! :P

JakeLikesMovies posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Premakes "The Avengers" (1952)


SuperMarcey at 09:43 PM Aug 10

Where would that footage have come from?

JakeLikesMovies at 11:04 PM Aug 10

This dude finds all kinds of old movies and splices them together to form coherent trailers for newer movies. For instance in this 'Avengers' Premake I could make out scenes from the James Bond movie 'Thunderball' as well as some old Flash Gordon serials, and a little of 'The Amazing Colossal Man', just to name a few.

If you go to his Youtube Channel: he usually does a good job of crediting his sources. I just can't imagine searching hours of video for 5 second clips to use, this guy is a champ and I can't wait to see his next Premake!

randychico at 12:56 AM Aug 11

Awe.... some!

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JakeLikesMovies updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Hello MFC, it has been a little while. I apologize. On an unrelated note: Just picked up Kick-Ass on Blu-ray, and damn does that movie just get better with repeat viewings or what?!
threezy at 04:45 PM Aug 10

It does! I can't stop watching it!!!

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 05:36 PM Aug 10

We were wondering where the hell you were

Strider at 04:29 AM Aug 11

Welcome back!

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