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Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

jeo4 at 10:46 PM Oct 11


Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

jeo4 at 10:48 PM Oct 11

Good stuff.

Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

BATeMAN at 08:41 PM Oct 11

"Police! Don't move! I said, "Don't move!"

Love The Crow

jeo4 at 10:47 PM Oct 11

"And I say 'I'm dead, and I move.'"

timmyd at 11:13 PM Oct 11


Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

The Legend of Tarzan


Directed by: David Yates
Written by: Stuart Beattie
Cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, John Hurt, Djimon Hounsou, Christoph Waltz
Studio: Jerry Weintraub Productions, Riche Productions
Genre: Action, Adventure
Official Site:


In case anyone doesn't know this character and his adventures are based upon the classic works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, just in case. This movie seems to be very loosely based on the fifth novel of the Tarzan series, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. Anyway here we are back in the jungle again, not so long after being there with a small Indian boy and his big bear chum. Introducing the new ripped Tarzan in all his Swedish glory, yep, I can totally tell this guy was originally Swedish (its a European thing) and it was kinda amusing to me. Like, why is this Swede running around in the jungle pretending to be a British Aristocrat...[more]...

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Moviefreak2010 at 01:27 AM Apr 25

i liked it and i'm glad you did too

Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

The Gunman


Directed by: Pierre Morel
Written by: Pete Travis
Cast: Sean Penn, Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, Javier Bardem
Studio: Silver Pictures
Genre: Action
Official Site:


This movie is based on the French crime novel La Position Du Tireur Couchè by Jean-Patrick Manchette, hence this is an American/French collaboration. As generally stated with movies like this I have no idea how accurate the movie is to the source material because I haven't read the book. But, I like to look at this movie thusly, Sean Penn's audition to play James Bond, or showing he could be James Bond if he hammered out the accent...[more]...

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Moviefreak2010 at 08:12 AM Oct 06

cool have to see

Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago



Directed by: Paul Feig
Written by: Gene Stupnitsky
Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, Charles Dance, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Official Site:


Ghost Corps huh, opening credits and straight away the first sign of a planned, multi-movie franchise...they never learn. Anyway, who ya gonna call? certainly not these guys! (quick pause for my readers sides to stop splitting). Oh shit wait, I meant gals! Oh Christ now I've done it. No but seriously, who are you gonna call here? a better script writer perhaps? better cast, better effects, another director, hell just a completely different movie to this. But how bad could this really be? I ain't afraid of no gaudy, garish, neon, clearly all CGI ghosts...actually I am, shocked and horrified at just how scarily bad they actually were...[more]...

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Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising


Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
Written by: Evan Goldberg
Cast: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Chloe Moretz, Rose Byrne, Selena Gomez, Ike Barinholtz, Dave Franco, Lisa Kudrow, Carla Gallo
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Official Site:


OK seriously what is it with these American sorority/fraternity things? entire movie genre is based on these 'societies'. Certain actors have become famous for their roles and links to the frat house genre. Certain years in the past have been dominated with movies based on these outrageous 'clubs', and quite frankly, to a Brit such as myself it all makes no sense. Yeah we have similar things in the UK, I guess, does the students room count? halls of residence? having a nice chat with tea and biscuits once a week?? Yeah sure UK students get rowdy and wild with their boozed up parties, pub crawls, house parties, clubbing etc...But this entire notion of a large house actually being owned by a group of students, who then abuse it however they want, with no regard for the surrounding residents, does this actually happen in the US?? is this a real thing??? What the fuck is all this Delta, Kappa, Sigma, Alpha, Zulu, Foxtrot bollocks?! OK, OK...I know its all Greek terminology and I have read up on why its used...but it still makes no bloody sense. Forgive me but the whole damn thing just sounds like Scouts for drunken, doped up teens wanting to fornicate with each other, well at least that's the impression you get from movies like this...[more]...

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Slumberjack Fool
Slumberjack Fool at 03:43 PM Sep 19

Can't believe they made a second one.

Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

The Jungle Book


Directed by: Jon Favreau
Written by: Rudyard Kipling
Cast: Neel Sethi, Scarlett Johannson, Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong'o, Bill Murray
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Official Site:


Despite the familiar title this movie is actually a blend of the classic 1967 Jungle Book movie from Disney, and Rudyard Kipling's collective works based around the adventures of Mowgli. So basically you're getting bits that you will probably recognise taken straight outta the Disney classic, and bits that have been taken from the original stories that were left out of the Disney classic. Although I will say right now that I have not seen the Disney movie since I was a kid and I have never read any of the Kipling stories sooo...I know almost zippo here. Yet...I believe most of this is generally coming from the Disney version, more so than the original stories, seemed that way...[more]...

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Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

Hubbs posted an IMAGE item: over 1 year ago

Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

Kickboxer: Vengeance


Directed by: John Stockwell
Written by: Dimitri Logothetis
Cast: Alain Moussi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Sara Malakul Lane, Georges St-Pierre
Genre: Action
Official Site:


JCVD was but the learner, now he is the master...and so forth. Here we go again with yet another reboot of a classic movie. Well not so much a classic movie per say, a classic in the JCVD filmography at least and for people of a certain age that grew up with 18/R rated martial arts flicks that were considered almost taboo or video nasties in their time. So this is indeed a complete reboot in the sense that its almost identical to the original movie accept for the odd twist plot wise. Of course any new twists aren't really anything to write home about so...errr, don't write home about them? right...[more]...

Slumberjack Fool
Slumberjack Fool at 09:43 PM Sep 05

Yeah, I hated that elephant scene. Looked so dumb. And they kept cutting back to a live elephant. Ha-ha.

It had a few good fight scenes, but the rest of it was just terrible.

Hubbs at 03:06 PM Sep 06

The whole thing just seemed pointless.

Hubbs posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: over 1 year ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Directed by: Dave Green
Written by:
Cast: Tyler Perry, Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, Gary Williams, Brian Tee, Brad Garrett, William Fichtner
Studio: Paramount
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Comic Book, Family
Official Site:


So despite the first new movie reboot in this franchise being somewhat garbage, it made a lot of cash, and that means we get a sequel whether we like it or not. Personally I thought the last movie was pretty poor with forced humour and too much reliance on the ugly CGI monster, but twas to be expected. So onwards with the rebooted franchise we go, first question for me, what's the continuity like? Well, it feels like they've rebooted the franchise on the quiet (again!) for this sequel truth be told. We have a new actor playing Shredder (who is also no longer a gigantic Silver Samurai rip-off), a new female actress playing Karai, a new actor playing Baxter Stockman, and a new voice actor for Leonardo. Maybe I'm over reacting a bit but when you change most of the leads for a sequel it doesn't bode well as an early impression (plus I am a real stickler for continuity...[more]...

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