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Directed by: Joe Dante
Written by: Chip Proser, Jeffrey Boam
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Kevin McCarthy
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: A hypochondriac gets stuck with a miniature-sized man in his body.


Innerspace stars Dennis Quaid is a disgraced pilot who is going through an experiment that results in him being shrunk to size. When a rival corporation wants to be the first to perfect miniaturization, it results in Dennis Quaid being injected into Martin Short, who’s a big hypochondriac. If this sounds really silly, that's because it is but that makes this plenty of fun to watch. It effectively makes this as believable as possible thanks to a great script that fleshes out a lot of the details with the experiment Dennis Quaid and the characters are very well developed that makes the movie easier to invest in. Director Joe Dante makes it very involving and engaging thanks to the visuals and the pacing. I had grown up watching this and I know i liked it then but this was like a completely new experience. I wasn't sure if this wouldn't hold up and it totally does but it's amazing how insane this movie gets as it keeps going. By the end, it just made me upset that more movies couldn’t be like this these days. It's also totally understandable how young me wasn't as the second half of it just gets really weird. So weird that I don't know how a young kid even today could comprehend what they're watching thanks to the many twists and turns it takes in the story. There is still the incredible special effects, which deservedly won an Academy Award. The main takeaway from this as a youngster were how great the interior details of Short’s body were with Quaid's ship swimming around in there. It's crazy how in 2017 how well they look so authentic and convincing.

Dennis Quaid is great as Tuck. It evokes Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China in that he's really cocky without totally losing your sympathy and also being somewhat likable considering how not great of a person he seems to be at the beginning. It also helps that he has a control on things and he is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. He has a great sense of comedic timing, which is really great for a character like this. Martin Short as Jack probably has the more difficult job here as he has to do most of the legwork both physically and emotionally. He's really broad when needs to be and that tolerance level for me can vary depending on the movie but he’s a very sympathetic character no matter how over the top he can get. When he's as fleshed out as he is here, it works to the advantage of his character and the movie as a whole. Their chemistry is really great and as a result, you care for how they'll get out of this. They work very well together even though they’re totally different people. The fact that they’re from such completely backgrounds make the relationship that much more unique and interesting.

Even at its more surreal and insane moments, Innerspace is a movie with heart and imagination to last the full 2 hours. However, it does ask a lot of its audience to really use their suspension of disbelief as strongly as possible. But the movie does a great job attempt to make even the more out there aspects of the movie as believable as possible. It’s very well paced and never feels dragged out because there's so much happening on screen. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely something else. In addition to being a great comedy, it’s a great lots of things as it tends to be just as effective with its sci-fi, adventure, suspense, and action elements.


movieman32 at 01:35 PM Dec 07

I just recently gave this a rewatch and was surprised at how well it's held up. Martin Short was really good in a role that, as you stated, required an over the top and emotional characterization, which was pulled off really well.