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Transformers: The Last Knight


Directed by: Michael Bay
Written by: Matt Holloway
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Tyrese Gibson
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
Official Site:
Plot: A group of robots and humans attempt to attain a special artifact that once belonged to Merlin to save the world.


Look, I knew going into Transformers: The Last Knight that this wasn't going to be a serious art piece and I don't want that. Any movie that opens with the Transformers fighting with King Arthur isn't exactly being made to win awards or for an audience to watch with a straight face. But it seemed like it was taking some interesting turns with the idea that Optimus Prime was going to turn on his fellow Autobots. Still silly but this is a movie about fighting car robots so this had to be fun. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt since this was a series that I've been a fan of since high school and I still liked the later films even with their flaws. Unfortunately, director Michael Bay attempts to make this movie more dour and self serious than the previous installments were that it’s hard to really enjoy it and have a good time with when the material is so silly to begin with.

That’s not to say that this doesn’t have its positives. From a technical and aesthetic perspective, it looks great and it looks like money was well spent but you could say about any big budget movie that comes out any year ever. The visual effects look well done and they’re interesting to look at. All the Transformers fighting each other are cool. Granted, it’s more of the same but those are still fun to watch. Plus, it also helps that that I could tell which Transformers were which and it was nice seeing them interact with each other. Like it was nice seeing Fat John Goodman robot and Ken Watanabe Samurai Robot again just hanging out. Each of the Transformers looked really great and they seemed to have their own unique design to them that I appreciated. Regardless of whatever other problems this movie has, they seem to be consistent in this aspect. Honestly, if these movies were just the Transformers just hanging out and doing assorted robot stuff, it would be a way better movie. Even outside of that, some of the cast members does an okay job like Jerrod Carmichael as Mark Wahlberg’s new assistant, who’s an effective comic relief character. Tony Hale has a decent role as a scientist even though I had no idea what those scenes really conveyed other than he was bitter at the government people he was working with for not appreciating that science could be helpful in this situation they were caught up in. Overall, I can’t say that it’s totally without some memorable scenes even if most of the movie just felt like nonsense to me. I did find the one scene where Megatron is negotiating in the desert with some government agents and the military over the release of his fellow Decepticons to be pretty funny. Solely, because the government agents are sitting at a table in the desert as if this was a co-op board or some kind of neighborhood watch meeting and that juxtaposition alone just makes it so absurd in a movie so seemingly dark and gritty. Regardless of how I feel of the rest of the movie, this scene will probably be in the best of 2017 for me. Anthony Hopkins’s historian character had a hilarious moment where he constantly yells at people on a submarine because of plot reasons. Speaking of Hopkins, this was probably a paycheck for him, but he was fascinating in an “I’m not entirely sure if he or the character is senile but this feels wrong one way or the other” way that was reminiscent of Ed Asner in Home Alone 5 because that’s a movie I’ve seen.

It was disappointing how seriously this movie took everything. In my eyes, that’s not what a Michael Bay movie nor a Transformers should be like. I wanted this to be Age of Extinction dumb but still fun level of entertaining. Not look how dark and gritty this is because that’s not a note he can do well. There were always some sense of darkness in these movies but this was an overload of it. It feels disingenuous like Bay’s Armageddon feels to me and makes the movie sluggish as a result. I don’t like that Mark Wahlberg is more serious here as well. I like the guy as an actor and he can play this note well but this isn’t the place to do that, I feel. I’m watching a fighting car robot movie, let’s all have fun, the cast and crew of this movie. I preferred how silly and over the top he was in the last movie but he’s unfortunately relegated into the role of getting a talisman that belonged to Merlin away from the Decepticons who want to use it to bring back Cybertron and rule the world. Some hot english lady professor along with Hopkins is here to help Cade get the talisman back. Aside from the fact that she has a dumb backstory about how she can’t get a man, the movie at least tries to give Hot English Lady Professor something other being a Hot English Lady Professor so that’s some semblance of progress as far as female character development goes. This doesn’t give the movie a passing grade but it was a thing that was noticeable. Hot English Lady Professor’s also part of some complicated history and exposition going on in this movie the movie piles on that it’s hard to remember and comprehend all of it. I was okay with dealing with the first half of the movie but the more the movie goes on, it was hard to really care. It also doesn’t help that this movie is 2 and a half hours long and feels like 3 and a half. There’s so much that can be cut to make a better movie because I do feel even in this mess that there are individual scenes that can be used to form a decent action movie in here. Like the tough as nails young girl with a robot can be excised because she adds nothing to the movie even if the movie tries to justify that by the end. The stuff with Hot English Lady Professor and her family harassing her about not having a man can be cut too. Also, let’s cut Anthony Hopkins’s scenes by 80% since he’s takes forever to say one thing that can be summed up in 4 minutes. Even the Optimus Prime being evil thing is wasted and feels anticlimactic by the end. How is this possible that this isn’t a more important plot point with how long this is? I don’t know but this movie found a way to make that feel inessential. Really, the whole movie feels anticlimactic by the end and less like a proper swan song for Bay’s involvement in the series.

It’s sloppily edited, written, and directed the way a college student rushes through a last minute paper he had 6 months to finish as it all feels slapped together without rhyme or reason. I have heard that this was 3 hours long and was forced to be cut but that doesn’t make up for how monotonous this became. Even if there are scenes that need to be witnessed and it does make for some interesting conversation with a friend to process what you’ve both seen, there’s not enough here to be worth the trip. Not even Hot English Professor can make up for it.


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