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Directed by: Josh Trank
Written by: Max Landis
Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell, Dane DeHaan
Studio: Fox
Genre: Drama, Horror
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Plot: A mysterious object gives three high school seniors superpowers.


Three high school seniors find a weird object in the woods that cause them to have telekinetic abilities. At first, like anyone who discovers they have superpowers, they mess around with them and play pranks on people for their entertainment. Their powers are getting stronger and they realize that they must start giving themselves rules in order to prevent any issues. Most of the movies is shown from the perspective of the video camera of one of the teenagers, Andrew (Dane DeHaan). Andrew decides to start filming his life, which isn’t that great to begin with. His mom is dying of cancer, his father beats him, and he is constantly bullied. He was the most relatable character because I really felt his pain. Andrew begins to grow more powerful and dangerous. His cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and their new friend Steve (Michael B. Jordan) have also gained these powers. They try to get Andrew to meet new people and help him get a girl now that he has these new powers. When they discover what Andrew is becoming, they try to interfere, which might not be easy. The special effects were really well done and there were some impressive action scenes. I was looking forward to seeing this after I heard a lot of good things about it. I surely wasn’t disappointed. The performances were really solid. I was really glued to this movie from beginning to end. Superheroes isn’t anything a new topic for movies to tackle, but this movie tried something different and I appreciated it for that.


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Anakin at 04:50 AM Nov 29

I loved this

M10dS6lence at 10:21 PM Nov 29

Great movie.