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Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Written by: Todd Komarnicki
Cast: Tom Hanks, Anna Gunn, Laura Linney, Jerry Ferrara, Aaron Eckhart, Holt McCallany
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Biography, Drama
Official Site:
Plot: A look into the investigations of Sully and the plane crash in the Hudson River that captivated a nation.


Sully is based on the pilot of the airplane that landed on the Hudson River after both engines failed. It was dubbed a miracle due to the fact that no one died on board when water landings always result in death. Sully was praised as a hero, but investigations into the crash were set to plant blame on the pilot with scenarios that indicate he could have made it to the airport and avoid the water landing. This is prime material for a movie and it has become reality thanks to Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks. Hanks delivers a good performance and it is a fascinating look into the investigations, but it mainly stays on that topic and not much else.

Good: Hanks is really good as Sully as he presents the character with integrity and kindness. He is easy to root for when the investigators crack down on him and point the finger. Aaron Eckhart as the co-pilot also delivers a fine performance. Clint Eastwood offers different perspectives of the crash that are done very well in recreating the disaster. The movie also flies by with a tight running time and sticking to the crash and subsequent investigation.

Bad: The movie doesn't offer much else than what a documentary can also offer on the same topic. Hanks portrayal is good, but it never truly dives into his psyche. We get some glimpses into his past and the effect the crash has on him, but not much else. There is no true emotional hook to keep you invested which instead offers a straight re-telling of the crash and subsequent events afterwards. It felt hollow at points in how straightforward it is when there could've been a stronger story in here. The subplot with the wife doesn't add much to the movie aside from giving Laura Linney something to do in between flashbacks of the crash.

Overall, it is a solid re-telling of the Hudson plane crash, but it feels like a documentary on the crash could've done the same. There is no real insight into what the characters are going through except for some moments and the emotional investment was just not there. It is a worthy watch for Hanks and Eckhart along with some tense moments in the flashbacks, but not much else unfortunately.

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