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Internet Movie Critics: A List


Movie critics have adapted in moving their format online and with the growth of Youtube now regular folks can also share their thoughts on film. The market has grown immensely in the last five years so it might be hard to decide which ones might be worth following. I'm going to make a list of online critics and speak my mind about them.

They are not organized by best to worst or any form of criteria. I'm simply going to state my opinion and if you're curious then you can look them up and see for yourself if you like them or not.

Chris Stuckman

He's arguably the second most popular Youtube movie critic. He's a well meaning dude who obviously loves film and it shows in his videos. He tackles a variety of films along with uploading in-depth discussions on some movies along with comedic reviews of terrible films. He is very safe in his presentation and avoids any over the top yelling or gestures when reviewing films. He can come across as a bit stale and can be a borderline fanboy in my opinion at times with superhero films. There was also an incident with Red Letter Media where you can read up on it online, but it made me think maybe he takes himself a little too seriously. However, I do like him as a reviewer and worth watching a few videos.

Jeremy Jahns

He is the most popular Youtube movie critic on the site and it is easy to see why that is. His reviews are short and fast paced. I'm talking nothing but quick cuts and words. I did give him a chance early on, but his style of reviewing just isn't for me. He's too quick when giving his thoughts, goes off on weird tangents, and never fully realizes his thoughts on a movie. He also falls into the fanboy club where superhero or geek films seem to get a pass based on the name alone even DC comic book films. Jeremy is too annoying for me to take seriously.


He is a smaller channel, but one that I enjoy greatly. I know the name implies that he is one of those people that just shits on movies constantly. While he does have a series of videos where he shits on films he hates, his catalog does feature a variety of top ten lists, film dissections, and other neat reviews. He has a recent series of videos named "Childhood Trauma" where he discusses films and TV shows that scared him as a kid that is very entertaining. He also has some great reviews of terrible films that are hilarious if you enjoy the dry and dark humor of Red Letter Media. I would recommend him if you want something a bit different with a focus on more obscure films.


Phelous is a guy I admire more than perhaps I love outright. I do love his horror movie reviews and his dry wit has led to some hilarious videos. Sometimes his humor can be a bit too absurdist for my taste and his love for Doctor Who goes over my head because I've never seen the show. He is a good one though if you like a lot of sarcasm and Mortal Kombat references.

The Cinema Snob

He is one of the first online reviewers I attached to ever since looking up movie reviews on Youtube. His focus on obscure exploitation films while playing a snobby film critic character is very entertaining. He has a knack of balancing out the overly loud angry critic with some sound criticism and wit. He tackles films that I would have never knew existed from shot on video trash to obscure porn spoofs. Recently, he has focused more on mainstream films that I'm kinda iffy on since I love him more when he tackles those exploitation films, but he's worth checking out if you are a fan of B or Z movies.

Nostalgia Critic

The OG of online movie criticism. Doug Walker has been doing this for years and I'm sure everyone here knows about him. So it is easy to assume whether you love or hate his style of reviewing. Props to him growing with time by creating inventive reviews along with several other actors and the requisite cameos. He still brings hilarious commentary and worthwhile criticism that also extends to his reviews where he is not playing the character of Nostalgia Critic.

Red Letter Media

LOVE these guys. Not only do they offer constructive criticism, but they never take themselves seriously and are always willing to make fun of themselves and each other. Their chemistry is wonderful and it shows in every video they make. They are sarcastic and dark with their humor so if that's your thing then they are definitely worth the watch if you haven't already. Be prepared for plenty of AIDS jokes.

The Flick Pick

I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he falls under the Jeremy Jahns umbrella of hyperactive talker with lots of edits and superficial criticism. The focus is mostly all superheros and geek talk which again the market is over saturated with those channels and offers nothing new.

Screen Junkies/IGN/Beyond the Trailer (Indiewire)

I'm going to lump all of these channels together because they all share one thing in common: big time companies. They are big companies with a lot of power and money behind them that allows them to do many videos and pull in celebrity guests. Again, they also fall under the fanboy umbrella that is prevalent on Youtube. Not that they should stop and review Orson Welles' films, but it is the kind of geek-centric movie channels that are parodied all the time (Look at Red Letter Media's Nerd Talk). Honest Trailers still gets a laugh out of me, but all of them are just too big to fail and to cover anything but the trends.

Cinema Sins/Cinema Wins

These two channels do exactly what their names suggest: one highlights the bad and the other highlights the good. They both have their merits and flaws, but they are entertaining if a bit long and stale at times. I find that there should be a balance for both. I think a person who nitpicks everything is annoying as well as someone who just gushes over everything too. Keep it even and consistent and remember that it is just opinions.

I Hate Everything

This one is a stretch because the channel is not just movie reviews, but about a wide range of topics. The guy plays a curmudgeon who dislikes a lot, but it is all done for laughs and plays off very sarcastically (although he does legitimately hate some of the things he talks about). He does have a series called "In Search of the Worst" where he goes through the movies in the IMDB Bottom 100 and reviews them and organizes them based on entertainment value. His reviews are long usually in the high teens- 20 minute range, but they are worth to sit through for some hilarious commentary.

James Rolfe aka Angry Video Game Nerd

Aside from video games, Rolfe also reviews movies particularly horror movies. He has a series called Monster Madness where he reviews horror movies throughout the month of October. No gimmicks here. Just a guy reviewing horror movies. Good production and analysis. Nothing more, nothing less.


This is a new channel I've been watching as of late. It's this 17 year old who mainly sticks with skewering films he hates. It is the schtick of angry online reviewer, but he makes some great points and is funny in his own right. Might not be for you, but I would check out some of his videos.

What the Flick/Mark Kermode

These two channels fall under the "real movie critics" umbrellas as they feature legitimate film critics who have their own show. What the Flick is a roundtable discussion with various critics while Mark Kermode is more like a radio show with Kermode and another guy. They both do come off as film critics, but they avoid any snobby attitude you might assume from them. They discuss their opinions and explain them very well. Mark Kermode especially is articulate in his reviewing style. I'd say give them a watch if you feel like listening to people who have done this for a living for years and don't splooge for every Marvel movie.


Not much to say here because the reviewer chooses a straightforward form of reviewing. He reviews a film and scores it. He also scores the audiences' rating based on the comments he receives. He's not terrible, but he's stale in his delivery. Just a normal movie review. Nothing offensive or nothing amazing.


This one comes across as a ScreenJunkies style channel, but with more focus on film as an art. They upload videos on top tens for just about any film aspect from editing to cinematography to screenwriting. They also do reviews of current films. They know their stuff and go deep beyond the classics that are always referenced when talking about film. Worth a watch.

Double Toasted

I might show some bias because they are based in Austin and I've visited their studio during their shows, but I really like them. These are guys that come off as regular dudes that love movies. They have been doing this for years with another site called Spill where they focused on animated movie reviews. Now they adopted a podcast/video format and they discuss trailers and movies with comedic style along with real criticism. A lot of personality from all the cast members. They also tend to fanboy out a bit, but not too much. Worth a watch.


Another channel that highlights a regular man's style of reviewing. The two guys on here reviewing current films and offer discussions and top ten lists. I like them while they are not so much in the way of funny for me they do exhibit a good knowledge of film.


An entertaining channel if you love B horror movies. The guy chooses to narrate while showing clips from the film and he is knowledgeable and charismatic. An underrated channel.

Watercooler Films

Another narrated horror-focused review channel where he goes through movie reviews every October of all kinds of horror films. He also shows some humor, but he is more straight forward in his criticism.

Andre "Black Nerd"

As I've said before, he falls under the fanboy group, but he also offers solid criticism. He might yell a bit too much for my taste and he does work for Fandango I think so there's the big company pull there. Nothing bad.

Nyx Fears

An up and coming horror review channel where the guy really lives up to the gothic side of horror. He looks like every emo guy you've met in high school, but he is very smart when discussing horror whether good or bad. He also has a skeleton sidekick that is good for a laugh. I like that he goes out of his way to create a spooky atmosphere in his videos even though it can be a bit too dark at times.

Bloodbath and Beyond

Another horror movie review channel that features three guys in a roundtable discussion reviewing all kinds of horror movies. They come off as regular horror fans and they cover a wide range of movies with a big catalog. Not big on personality, but good if you want to kill some time.

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