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Cry Baby Lane Review


Cry Baby Lane has a reputation as it aired on Nickelodeon in the year 2000 for Halloween once and basically disappeared. Rumors started that the film was so scary that parents complained and the network shelved the film forever. Through persistence from the Internet, the film resurfaced in 2011 and has aired on The Splat (Nick's 90's focused channel) ever since. I didn't get to watch the film when it first aired, but I got a hold of it and watched it now and it was a decent little ghost story for kids. It plays as a strong episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Good: The movie has some good atmosphere going for it. The look of fall with the dead trees, the cemetery, the cold wind, and the abundance of dark woods help create a creepy mood. The cast is decent for this kind of film although Frank Langella is the standout by giving this movie with as cliché as it sounds gravitas. He sells the role of the undertaker and delivers a better than usual performance for this kind of movie. The film is never scary, but there are some creepy moments including the use of white eyes and the backstory of the ghost.

Bad: The big brother character can be a gigantic jerk more so than other similar characters in these movies. The lack of likability hurts the setup a bit because he is intolerable. The movie lacks a bit of sense in the way the ghost possesses people. The rules are never clearly stated which makes some of the things that happen lack sense. The character of the undertaker's assistant was unnecessary and weird for the sake of being weird. As I said before, the movie falls short of its reputation as it is not scary at all.

Overall, it belongs in the same room as Don't Look Under the Bed as a made for TV kids horror film with some merit to it. Not the scary boogeyman people built it up to be, but for a made for TV kid friendly horror movie, it does its job well.

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