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goNADSgo69 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Top 25 Slasher Film Chase Scenes

1. Sally - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - WOW! The chase scene in this film is gritty, long, and unrelenting! Even though Sally isn't the most developed character she never once stops running and we still want her to live. She goes through TWO windows and never gives up. The soundtrack is barely there, just sounds and the revving of a chainsaw.
2. Alex - Haute Tension - My all time favorite film. The chase scene is a great homage to Texas Chainsaw, and that is probably why it is at the number two spot. The girl is very likable and the killer is scary as fuck and the woods setting is beautifully used. The chase is short but it is INTENSE!
3. Laurie - Halloween (1978) - The whole film was just one big build-up to the meeting between Laurie and Michael...It doesn't let you down! Laurie is a great screamer and a very motherly woman. She can run even with a hurt ankle and can fight with the best of them.
4. Nancy - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - Nothing can stop Nancy, even when her feet goes through the stairs. The chase scene is creepy, suspenseful, and it works even better because we care about the girl.
5. Helen - I Know What You Did Last Summer - Considered by many to be THE chase scene to end all chase scenes. I don't really agree with that, but it is still a great chase nonetheless. It's suspenseful as fuck and we want the girl to live. What makes it work is that when she gets it, she is so close to being save that for a split second we think maybe?
6. Wendy - Prom Night (1980) - Helen's chase scene really is just a rip off of Wendy's. Wendy's isn't very well lit; it's hard to see but it is still a magnificent chase scene that goes throughout the entire high school setting. She isn't the most likable character but we want her to live anyway.
7. Clementine - Them - That chase scene through the attic and the plastic sheets gets my heart pumping each and EvERY time I watch this film! We never know wehre the killers are...they can be anywhere.
8. Erin - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - The entire last act is one giant chase scene, but the portion in the slaughterhouse made for a great and eerie environment.
9. Sidney - Scream - Sidney's chase in the end leads her through the house and out a second story window and back. She can never catch a break and we really root for her in this chase. The music is great and the scene is very well shot.
10. Sarah - My Blood Valentine (2009) - The best chase scene of the last few years hands down! It's a nice length without being too short or too long. The girl is likable and the killer is terrifying and her chase scene has some great environments. My favorite part is when the killer is mocking her by bringing down all the miner suits around her!
11. Gale - Scream 2 - BEST scene in this underwhelming sequel. The whole film should have been as intense and suspenseful as this one scene.
12. Christie - Curtains - WOW! The scene is short but it is terrifying and is in broad daylight.
13. Tara - Curtains - Two chases from the same movie in a row! The film, what it lacked in character development it made up with suspense and creepiness. Tara's chase in the props room is one to remember. The setting is used perfectly and the killer is terrifying. This chase would honestly be higher if it weren't for one aspect...I didn't care about the girl. She wasn't memorable and this is the only scene I remember her being in in the film.
14. Ingunn - Cold Prey - Short, but sweet. Suspenseful and creepy, with a sad ending. This is a well developed character who gets a great creepy chase scene.
15. Sara - Suspiria - Her chase is uber creepy in the fact we never actually see who...or WHAT is chasing her. We're with her and we don't know what is going on so it sort of brings us into the scene with her. Plus she was always there for Suzy.
16. Doug - The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - BADASS scene! Gore, suspense, terror, and lots of running and fighting. There aren't too many memorable male chase scenes; this is one of the more memorable ones.
17. Casey - Scream - This is an intense scene that is memorable and will leave you with your mouth open.
18. Chris - Friday the 13th Part 3 - The Friday the 13th series has some great chase scenes, so it was hard to pick my favorite...but in the end I had to go with Chris. Her chase scene always stuck out to me most.
19. Holly - The Loved Ones - Short but intense. I was on the edge of my seat during this scene, hoping for the best for Holly! She is the perfect girlfriend everyone wishes they had.
20. Danny - The Shining (1980) - It completely takes place in the snow and the fact he is a 5-year-old boy makes it even scarier.
21. Pam - The Prowler - This was a great creepy chase scene with a likable heroine. The killer's get up was uber creepy and the sheets on the furniture added an eerie aspect that could have been missing.
22. Jess - Black Christmas (1974) - It legit lasts 30 seconds, but that chase down the stairs always causes my blood to shudder when she screams.
23. Mandy - All the Boys Love Mandy Lane - My second favorite movie of all time, but I really wish the chase scene was longer. What we have so far is VERY well shot and eerie and it all ends with a perfect finale!
24. Sasha - Urban Legend - Best part of the film! it's a nice chase scene with one original twist, it is COMPLETELY broadcast on the radio, and that adds an awesome appeal to it! She makes one UBER dumb mistake though that pisses me off and then I can't root for her to live anymore. She runs down like three flights of stairs only to jump in the elevator and instead of going down to the first floor...she goes back up...yeah! That ONE moment almost ruined this entire scene for me.
25. Friday the 13th - Alice - Great ending chase scene that has a great decapitation for it's finale ;)
randychico at 02:27 PM Feb 17

Great list as always my friend. Definitely love your#1 and even if I'm not a fan of some movies (I Knoww... and Haute Tension :p ) they're still awesome scenes

Sylar Victim #420
Sylar Victim #420 at 02:29 PM Feb 17

This is one kickass, epic, fantastical list dude! A million cool points for mentioning #7, I found that scene super intense as well. So much awesomeness on this list, I feel out of breath just reading about people running for their lives!

If I had to give a shout out to a horror chase scene off the top of my head I'd go with the opening of 28 Weeks Later, that shit gets my heart pumping everytime even though I know how it ends.

Again dude, fantastic list, awesome job! Love it love it love it.

goNADSgo69 at 02:29 PM Feb 17

I Know...I'll give you. I'm not a huge fan either of the film. It really is just a 90s RIP OFF of the superior Prom Night. But that Sarah Michelle Gellar scene is fantastic! =D

and Haute Tension...I will NEVER agree with ;) lmfao

The list was inspired because I decided to rewatch Curtains on youtube (it's on there ^_^). That film has two of the best chase scenes ever in my opinion =]

Scotch at 02:39 PM Feb 17

Great list!

horrorfan23 at 02:55 PM Feb 17

Glad to see The Prowler on the list.

TheChanges23 at 03:59 PM Feb 17

Epic List!

WalkAway at 05:19 PM Feb 17

Helen's scene in IKWYDLS STILL scares me and I'm 21 and have seen it a hundred times.

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 05:46 PM Feb 17

I love a good final chase, it makes or breaks the movie for me.

goNADSgo69 at 06:09 PM Feb 17

Nite Owl, ME TOO! My favorite part is always the final chase of the movie

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