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Checked out two asian horror films, The Heirloom and Diary. The Heirloom was a creepy, but flawed film, while Diary (from the Pang Brothers) was brilliant although the ending explained too much in my opinion. The Heirloom: 7/10. Diary: 8/10 (it was a 9 until the ending).
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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 3 hours ago

Checked out two asian horror films, The Heirloom and Diary. The Heirloom was a creepy, but flawed film, while Diary (from the Pang Brothers) was brilliant although the ending explained too much in my opinion. The Heirloom: 7/10. Diary: 8/10 (it was a 9 until the ending).
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Train to Busan has to be the best zombie film in years. It packs a lot of suspense, scares, bloody violence and action, but still had heart and emotion and characters that were well rounded and mostly likable. The film was a blast, but also made a statement on society and what fear can do to a group and how paranoia and selfishness can be society's downfall. Verdict: 10/10
Weapon X
Weapon X at 02:33 AM Feb 23

Fuck yeah!

timmyd at 08:32 PM Feb 23

I loved it as well . Such a pleasant surprise.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

I read the leaked script for Friday the 13th (not the newest one, but the one they were going to make before this one), and it was actually FUCKING EPIC! While it was another remake, it could also be a sequel that takes place during the original franchise. Jason was Jason and the characters were pretty likable (with two BADASS final girls), and the movie stayed away from cliches in some aspects. The virginal girl dies and the two girls who survive both have sex and one of them is described as a sexy blonde cheerleader. I wish the film got made! With a little tweaking (the script did feel a little long and some dialogue was tacky, and the character of Weezer annoyed me), this could have been one of the best Friday films ever made.
timmyd at 08:19 PM Feb 21

From what I heard from it , it sounded like it could have been a very cool entry . A lot of people have expressed their displeasure with it , but I agree that it sounded very good.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

Don't Knock Twice was an effective little horror film that had a Gothic, almost fairy-tale kind of feel. It's about an estranged mother and daughter who must fight against an evil "witch" that wants the daughter. The movie was a mix of effective drama and creepy horror. The film was breathtakingly shot with a great music score and two BRILLIANT lead performances, and while I guessed many of the twists, one did surprise me. The movie didn't really bring anything new to the table, but the movie needed another ten minutes or so. The final scene was beyond rushed. Verdict: 7/10
grelber37 at 06:05 AM Feb 12

Don't Knock Twice might be one to see. The internet certainly advertises the movie enough.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

I finally saw Lights Out, and you know what? I really liked it a LOT!!! I found it to be a good creepy film with good performances (Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello were fantastic), a villain I really enjoyed, and the movie was quite scary in places without overdoing the jumpscares. I do feel the film was rushed in places (such as the final act), but overall I had a great time! Verdict: 8/10
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

Beauty and the Beast is just one of those perfect musicals, but I still can't wait for the new live-action adaptation!
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Alicia Vikander looks like she stepped RIGHT out Tomb Raider! Perfect casting :)
timmyd at 07:51 PM Feb 06

couldn't agree more .

Boogie Buddha
Boogie Buddha at 10:03 PM Feb 06

The first set pictures really did look badass :)

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:09 PM Feb 07

She looks identical!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Being based on a true story, COMPLIANCE has to be one of the more disturbing films I've seen. From 2012, I saw it tonight and it left me feeling dirty. It tells the story of a prank call where someone pretended to be a cop and called a fast food chain saying one of the TEENAGE GIRL EMPLOYEES stole, so he had the manager take her clothes and it lead to her fiance raping the teenage girl because the policeman told him to. No one even questioned the officer, but the film was thankfully short. The acting was brilliant (Dreama Walker was a revelation!) and I really hated the manager. Verdict: 7/10
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:30 AM Jan 24

It was disturbing and frustrating.

dsloy at 05:50 PM Jan 24

you can say that again, great acting by all

HTX0811 at 04:47 PM Jan 27

This movie is messed up and it's amazing how far it went at times. It's kind of like watching a trainwreck happen because of the events that occur although it is a well done movie.

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg was a beautiful film experience a French romance film where every line of dialogue is sung, like an opera. This was one of the biggest influences on La La Land, and the art direction, the color schemes, and the acting is beautiful. The movie begins after our leads are already madly in love, but I wish we got to see them fall in love, but overall, the movie was still fantastic and beautiful and has a heartbreaking ending.
Moviefreak2010 at 08:07 AM Jan 17

cool glad you enjoyed it

goNADSgo69 created a LIST: about 1 month ago

2016 Favourite Characters (Movie AND Television)

1. Eleven - Stranger Things
2. Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
3. Hunter Killian - Pitchfork
4. Pitchfork - Pitchfork
5. Mia Dolan - La La Land
6. Wonder Woman - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
7. Amber - Green Room
8. Judy Hopps - Zootopia
9. Nancy Wheeler - Stranger Things
10. Father Marcus - The Exorcist tv series
11. Milton Mason - Deviance
12. Rocky - Don’t Breathe
13. Conor - Sing Street
Moviefreak2010 at 03:56 AM Jan 12


grelber37 at 05:43 AM Jan 12

Don't Breathe's Rocky has spunk! LOL. Bad, bad joke.

Wonder Woman and Judy Hopps send the positive messages that many of your listed characters send. Certainly, most any literature is meant to inspire.

timmyd at 07:48 PM Jan 12

great list

goNADSgo69 created a LIST: about 1 month ago


1. The Ending Ballet - La La Land
2. Someone in the Crowd - La La Land
3. The Lights Go Out - Don't Breathe
4. Drive It Like You Stole It - Sing Street
5. Talia's Death - Blair Witch
6. Hunter grabs the axe - Pitchfork
7. Harley falls into the vat - Suicide Squad
8. Airport fight scene - Captain America: Civil War
9. Amber slashes nazi’s throat - Green Room
10. Baby Dory - Finding Dory
11. Ending Scene - The Witch
12. Rachel's chase scene - All Through the House
13. Harley kicks ass in the elevator - Suicide Squad
Moviefreak2010 at 03:58 AM Jan 12

cool list yeah the ending scene to the witch was the only good part in that movie

goNADSgo69 created a LIST: about 1 month ago


1. Pitchfork
2. La La Land
3. The Barn
4. Don't Breathe
5. The Witch
6. The Conjuring 2
7. Green Room
8. Hush
9. Sing Street
10. Captain America: Civil War
11. Zootopia
12. All Through the House
13. Save Yourself
15. The Eyes of My Mother, Finding Dory, Deadpool, Secret Santa, The Hallow, Suicide Squad, Harvest Lake
Moviefreak2010 at 03:59 AM Jan 12

nice list

sLaShEr84 at 03:56 PM Jan 12

Good picks.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

An American in Paris is slightly overrated, but I really like the movie. What stops it from being great for me is two things: 1. The lead female isn't very interesting. She lacks depth and development (not helped by Leslie Caron's lackluster performance), and she doesn't even have a song, which bothers me, and 2. The romance seems forced to me. The songs we get are great and the dance numbers ARE the film!
dsloy at 05:56 PM Jan 10

good review!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

This is gonna be a spoilery post, but what did everyone think of the ending for LA LA LAND?
Moviefreak2010 at 12:24 AM Jan 08

i need to see this movie

Horrorfan99 at 05:49 PM Jan 08

I can relate it to the Expectations/Reality scene in 500 Days of Summer. It features a dream scenario where Mia and Sebastian ended up together since the beginning. It is a flash of what could have been. I think we can all relate to flashing back to a decision where we can imagine it if we chose differently. For that, I think we can relate and it was a showcase to some of the more beautiful scenes in the movie.

TastetheW0ng at 08:30 PM Jan 08

Loved it. My favorite flick of the year :-)

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