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The Fault in Our Stars
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(500) Days of Summer
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The Fault in Our Stars
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The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling
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Hazel Grace Lancaster (TFiOS)
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I've been MIA lately due to working in retail and the long hours I'm working. I was promoted to a management level position so I've been having no time to get on my computer...and along with that, I've started to see someone...and this guy has become very special to me :)
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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

I've been MIA lately due to working in retail and the long hours I'm working. I was promoted to a management level position so I've been having no time to get on my computer...and along with that, I've started to see someone...and this guy has become very special to me :)
Glinda at 08:55 PM Nov 25

Congrats on the promotion and that's awesome you have a new love interest! Sounds like life is treating you very well my friend.

We miss ya around here but understand!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 10:00 PM Nov 25

Great news!

Laksmikanti at 10:46 AM Nov 29

Congrats with the promotion... and congrats to the guy who became special to you!...

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

I really want to see Adele in a movie musical!
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 05:16 PM Nov 21

I think she definitely could...and IF she does..I hope its something really good.

Glinda at 10:02 PM Nov 21

Beautiful voice.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 15 days ago Noomi Rapace no longer in Prometheus 2??? I hope she is. I loved her in the first film.
Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 02:27 PM Nov 16

I did too. Maybe she gets killed off early?

sLaShEr84 at 02:29 PM Nov 16

No way I like her performance in the first one.

Cochise at 02:45 PM Nov 16

Same here, I definitely think she's in it though and it'll be some sort of twist where I don't know... she'll be evolved somehow on the planet or... idk, I just can't see them writing her out after all of that. It would be stupid

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

Wow! Cecile de France looks almost like a totally different person with her long hair! Still beautiful :)
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:01 PM Nov 18

I just Googled her. Really different but still very pretty!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 20 days ago

I checked out the first episode of BBC's London Spy and loved it!
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

After years of not owning it...I FINALLY bought Gremlins today on Blu-Ray! :D
cerealkiller182 at 08:33 PM Nov 05

I wanted to watch that so badly the other day

Glinda at 11:21 PM Nov 05


goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

I love that the movie Submerged stars the openly gay Jonathan Bennett as the lead, proving that gay men CAN play action heroes! I mean look at Luke Evans (although he might be bisexual...I hear different things).
grelber37 at 04:38 AM Nov 04

You make a great point. People need to expand their perspectives if they have certain limitations in the first place.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

I love how we haven't seen a clear shot of Krampus yet from the new movie!
timmyd at 10:58 AM Nov 04

me too. Man , I'm stoked.

Glinda at 02:16 PM Nov 04

Really excited for this.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

To be honest...I'm not bothered by the PG13 rating for Krampus! The trailer gave me a Gremlins feel (which is a GREAT PG horror film), and along with that while Trick 'r Treat was rated R, there was almost no gore, no sex, or any nudity and it still rocked!
timmyd at 08:20 PM Nov 03

with Dougherty on board , I'm sold.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:12 PM Nov 03

I don't mind the rating. I'll definitely see the film! Can't wait!

Glinda at 03:02 PM Nov 04

I don't mind the rating at all and if it's along the same horror lines as gremlins, well then that's awesome.

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 30 days ago

Ash vs. Evil Dead was ...GROOVY! I give the pilot a 10/10 :D It was just perfect. Now bring on the rest of the season!
ericodarko at 12:29 PM Nov 02

O(h, man! I can't wait to watch this. My favorite horror character is now in a TV show! Awesome

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:18 PM Nov 02

Glad you loved it, man! Can't wait to check it out!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Happy Halloween everyone...beware the man in the white mask. ;)
YoshioKun13 at 01:31 PM Oct 31

What about that other man, behind the mask?

I hear he's back

And he's out of control...

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Question: Would you consider It Follows a slasher film? Many reviews and horror sites called it a slasher film or a movie with the slasher mold? What do you all think? Is It Follows a slasher film?
grelber37 at 04:37 AM Oct 31

No, It Follows is not a slasher movie. It has stalking. It has young people punished for promiscuity. However, the monster/threat is not a slasher; it is a different kind of creature. Perhaps, kill method matters. For example, Freddy is supernatural like "it" in It Follows, but he definitely chops people up or uses other creatively gory methods. IF's stalker is a bit like a lifeforce vampire or a ghost.

These are just my initial thoughts before rushing off to do some stuff.

OldKingClancy at 02:36 PM Oct 31

I thought it was going to be with the set-up and the nods to classic 80s horror but it never turned out that way. I think most people are just throwing it under the subtitle of slasher because they're not sure what else to call it.

WalkAway at 02:43 PM Oct 31


goNADSgo69 created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Top Thirteen Horror Films of the Past Five Years

1. You're Next - 10/10
2. It Follows - 10/10
3. The Babadook - 10/10
4. The Guest - 10/10
5. The Loved Ones - 10/10
6. The Cabin in the Woods 9/10
7. The Conjuring - 9/10
8. Sinister - 9/10
9. The Sleeper / Varsity Blood (I know these are super generic slasher films, but I really loved them!) - 9/10
10. Crimson Peak - 9/10
11. Let Me In - 9/10
12. Evil Dead - 9/10
13. The Final Girls - 9/10
WalkAway at 02:44 PM Oct 31

great list!

Glinda at 04:06 PM Nov 01

Great list, I love most on here.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:32 AM Nov 02

Great list. There are a few I haven't seen yet.

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I checked out a nifty little low-budget slasher called INTRUSION. Shot in 2008, but finally released this year the film was a good little film running at only 74 minutes (too short. It needed another ten minutes in my opinion) the film spent time developing the characters and I found myself really caring for the victims in the film and the drama that plagued their lives. I wanted them to survive and I was rooting for Holly (the final girl) to get back with her ex, Peter (who is GORGEOUS). It was nice to see a slasher that took the time to develop the cast. The film looked cheap but I let it go because the film had a VERY small budget. I enjoyed the writing and the film was creepy (not exactly scary) and the final girl was lovely. The cast was pretty mediocre or wooden, but lead girl Katie Stewart was FABULOUS! Verdict: 7/10
goNADSgo69 at 02:25 PM Oct 28

I blind bought it on blu-ray. It's not a great movie (mostly because of the low budget and the cheap look to the film) but I really enjoyed it and a sequel is coming out next year and it looks great!

Glinda at 04:38 PM Oct 28

I'm checking this out was well. It looks like a lot of fun. Cool there's a sequel coming too.

timmyd at 08:25 PM Oct 28

thanks for the heads up.

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I am still thinking about Crimson Peak...sign of a brilliant movie! What are some other great Gothic Romance films?
WalkAway at 11:52 AM Oct 26

I'm not sure if Northanger Abbey counts but maybe?
Dracula of course.

Glinda at 12:13 PM Oct 26

I agree with WalkAway and I do think Northhanger Abbey counts! Jane Austen wrote it as a parody of the gothic romances that were the rage in the late 1800s. I don't think the movies captured the spirit of the book though but it's my favorite gothic romance.

lazerscope at 12:23 PM Oct 26

Yup, saw it last week. Great movie. Surprisingly, critics didn't seem to like any of it...

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