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Haute Tension
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(500) Days of Summer
#1 Comedy
Dark Knight trilogy
#1 Action
#1 Sci-Fi
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 (Just so I don't repeat Haute Tension)
#1 Horror
#1 Romance
The Nightmare Before Christmas
#1 Animated
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2
#1 Fantasy
#1 Romantic Comedy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling
#1 Actor
Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet
#1 Actress
I honestly don't even know anymore...too many I love.
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Chris Colfer
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Lisbeth Salander (Dragon Tattoo trilogy)
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I would love to see Emma Stone play the final girl in a horror film!
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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I would love to see Emma Stone play the final girl in a horror film!
WalkAway at 09:59 PM Nov 25

I'd rather see her do something unexpected and play the bitchy girl who gets killed first.

timmyd at 02:59 AM Nov 26

^^ this.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I'm still super excited for Jurassic World...but that damn raptor scene was just beyond stupid.
dsloy at 08:08 PM Nov 25

meh ill give it the benefit of the doubt

Cochise at 11:51 PM Nov 25

that was one of the only real interesting parts of the trailer for me

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

I try to stay away from politics on here (but sometimes fail...I talk a lot about gay rights on here)...but I HAVE to state this: I've never been so disappointed in America in my life. They have yet again let another cold-blooded murderer out with not even a slap on the wrist. How many children and adults be murdered before we stop the racist murderers in this country?
Moviefreak2010 at 06:34 AM Nov 25

i agree

goNADSgo69 at 06:52 AM Nov 25

Someone on my facebook friends list has been posting statuses ALL night either making fun of what is happening in Ferguson or they have been in SUPPORT of Darren Wilson and the ruling. I just deleted him without a moment's hesitation.

Ocelot_Snake at 08:59 AM Nov 25

I wouldn't call him a cold blooded murderer. He used excessive force. The kid deserved to be arrested and during the time the kid walked off after having the bullet graze his hand and he turned around and started back towards the cop, he should've had enough time to switch to nonlethal measures. Or hell, wait for the backup he had requested not a minute earlier

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

If I had the money, I'd LOVE to go see Emma Stone in Cabaret on Broadway!
Moviefreak2010 at 10:16 PM Nov 20

that would be cool

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

The new trailer for The Woman in Black 2 was SUPER creepy! I loved the first movie, so I cannot wait for the sequel!
Moviefreak2010 at 10:22 PM Nov 20

did not know they were making a sequel. that's cool

goNADSgo69 at 10:52 PM Nov 20

It comes out in January!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

I just learned Barbra Streisand may be starring in a new film adaptation of Gypsy...I actually REALLY love that idea!
Moviefreak2010 at 06:31 AM Nov 20

she would be a good choice playing the mother. bette middler did an excellent job so it will be a hard role to compete with

goNADSgo69 at 11:55 PM Nov 20

Rosalind Russell was good as Mama Rose in the original, but sadly her singing was dubbed, so that always bothered me.

Natalie Wood was wonderful as Gypsy though!

goNADSgo69 posted a VIDEO item: 9 days ago

Not just my favourite christmas song, but one of my favourite songs in general.


Moviefreak2010 at 06:31 AM Nov 20

nice. good song

Glinda at 06:56 PM Nov 20

I love this too.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

I don't know if I'm in the minority or not, but the live-action adaptation of Cinderella looks absolutely wonderful and magical to me! It quickly shot up to my must-see list of 2015 (and I love how Blanchett is the evil stepmother and Bonham-Carter is the fairy godmother...thanks for staying away from typecast!)...but I wish the trailer didn't give away EVERYTHING in the movie. I mean, yes we all know the fairy tale, but we still want to be surprised on how things are done.
WalkAway at 01:30 AM Nov 20

People always bitch about fairy tale movies on here but there's a huge audience for them (including us!) and we deserve films we like too.

goNADSgo69 at 04:37 AM Nov 20

I enjoy fairy tale movies! While I was disappointed with Maleficent, there was a lot to like about it as well. The new Cinderella looks fabulous to me!

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

Now that I've seen The Guest, I can't stop imagining David from The Guest going up against Erin from You're Next!
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

The Guest was a frakking masterpiece! The best way to describe the movie is that it FELT like it was written and directed by John Carpenter in the 80s. The movie was incredibly shot with some great actions scenes, HIGH suspense, an awesome slasher tone to it that really showed in the final act. There were great bits of high violence but the best music score I've heard this year. The cast was excellent (Stevens and Monroe blew me away) and had a great final girl along with a whole cast of characters I grew to love. I had no clue where the movie would go next as it kept me on my tones down to the final scene. I do wish we had more answers, but at the same time I like that there is still some mystery to be had. Verdict: 10/10
WalkAway at 02:56 AM Nov 15

Awesome, can't wait to watch it

Mr.Blizzo at 05:08 PM Nov 16

Fantastic to hear! I'm dying to see it.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:15 AM Nov 19

Wow! Color me intrigued!

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

Who would have thought Bella and Edwards baby would end up being the BEST actor to come out of the Twilight franchise? :P Mackenzie Foy is such a great young actress. She is fantastic in The Conjuring, and I hear she is brilliant in Interstellar (which I plan to see soon).
ericodarko at 04:11 AM Nov 12

Yeah, she's really good in Interstellar

OldKingClancy at 10:21 AM Nov 12

After Interstellar I looked up what else she'd been in and seeing Twilight in her back catalogue was a hell of a shock, especially because of how great she was in the film (Interstellar, not Twilight)

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

I'm watching a lot of classic ghost films today in research of my second novel. Even though my first novel is still being sent around to agents, I have started working on my new novel which will NOT be a young adult novel. It will be a dark fairy tale for adults about a secluded cottage in the English countryside. To all my friends from the UK on here, could you message me about English slang and phrases and differences from US culture?
Glinda at 04:39 AM Nov 11

Sounds really interesting go, and the scenery the way you describe it has to be beautiful.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Time to watch my favourite ghost film and one of my all time favourite films, The Innocents!
timmyd at 02:29 AM Nov 11

awesome . enjoy.

WalkAway at 03:47 AM Nov 11

ooh good one

Glinda at 04:40 AM Nov 11

I love it too and thank you gonads for introducing it to me last year.

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