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Haute Tension
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(500) Days of Summer
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Dark Knight trilogy
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A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 (Just so I don't repeat Haute Tension)
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The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling
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Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet
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I honestly don't even know anymore...too many I love.
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Chris Colfer
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Lisbeth Salander (Dragon Tattoo trilogy)
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I feel that when Keira Knightley does a period film, you know you're in good hands! While The Imitation Game belonged to Benedict Cumberbatch, she also gave a wonderful performance. On another note, I must also give special mention to Felicity Jones who really impressed me with her heartwrenching performance in The Theory Of Everything, that seems to be getting overlooked (which makes sense because Redmayne give the performance of a career...almost life changing).
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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 8 hours ago

I feel that when Keira Knightley does a period film, you know you're in good hands! While The Imitation Game belonged to Benedict Cumberbatch, she also gave a wonderful performance. On another note, I must also give special mention to Felicity Jones who really impressed me with her heartwrenching performance in The Theory Of Everything, that seems to be getting overlooked (which makes sense because Redmayne give the performance of a career...almost life changing).
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 9 hours ago

I have also finished The Theory of Everything and truly loved it! This wasn't a bad year of movies for me. ToE told the remarkable story of Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane. The movie was wonderful. It was full of hope, even through the sad moments. The characters were wonderfully portrayed even with their flaws, and everything you heard about Redmayne is correct. He gives one AMAZING PERFORMANCE. Now I don't know who deserves the oscar more, him or Cumberbatch! Redmayne gave the performance of a lifetime, and he is still so young...but Felicity Jones also owns the movie. This is almost more her movie and Jones is on top in every scene, and had me feeling bad for her in the end. The music was beautiful and the movie was beautiful to look at with one scene being a work of art direction wise. Granted, it was sad to see the downfall of the marriage especially after being very attached to the characters, but it was real life. Verdict: 9/10
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 11 hours ago

Apparently, I look like a lot of celebrities, because NOW I got that I look just like Eddie Redmayne (especially in The Theory of Everything, which I am watching now). So I have now gotten Eddie Redmayne, Anthony Rapp, a gay porn star (who's name I can't remember)...and someone else I can't remember. I have to say Redmayne is my favourite one yet!
ericodarko at 07:36 PM Jan 31

That's quite the compliment. Redmayne is quite dashing

Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:20 PM Jan 31

I usually got comparisons to Mr. Clean, Steve Austin, or Voldemort. Till I grew out the jawline beard, anyway.

queen bee
queen bee at 12:29 AM Feb 01

Good luck at the oscar`s

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 13 hours ago

I'm hoping Benedict Cumberbatch wins the Oscar. I just finished The Imitation Game, and he was honestly brilliant in the role, and heartbreaking as well.
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 13 hours ago

Some people are saying The Imitation Game doesn't an Oscar nom...and I must say I totally disagree! The movie was absolutely exquisite, telling a different tale about WWII and about one of the unsung heroes who helped put an end to the war (by two years, saving 14 million lives), and this man happened to be the secretly Homosexual Alan Turing. Alan was a fascinating character, beautifully portrayed by Cumberbatch in a brilliant, sometimes heartbreaking show. The movie was well written, well directed, and had a splendid score. It tore at my heartstrings and it made me smile and tear up. Knightley was absolutely brilliant, playing a woman ahead of her time. My favourite bits were the flashbacks about his childhood and I wish we had more of that and sometimes the jumping of timelines got a bit confusing. Verdict: 9/10 (MAYBE a 10!)
draven_ftw at 07:31 PM Jan 31

Definitely a great movie, I enjoyed it a lot more then The Theory of Everything. It could be a dark horse in the best picture race

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: about 19 hours ago

One horror film I'm keeping my eye on is Neon Demon, starring Elle Fanning. It's still in the casting stage with an expected release in 2016, but I'm just fascinated by the details emerging from the it is from the man who directed the masterpiece, Drive.
goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

The Babadook won the award for BEST MOVIE at the Australian Oscars! NICE! Well deserved.
timmyd at 04:48 PM Jan 29

Awesome stuff . Brilliant film .

Glinda at 09:51 PM Jan 29

That's awesome! I agree, Essie Davis was fantastic. I'ms surprised she wasn't nominated.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 11:40 PM Jan 30

Can't wait to finally fucking see it on March 6th too!

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I said it before, and I will say it again, Mackenzie Foy is the BEST thing to come out of the Twilight movies. She played Bella's daughter, but has gone on to prove herself to be a great young actress, and with Interstellar she gave a brilliant, heart wrenching performance that makes me excited to see where she will go in her career.
dsloy at 12:17 PM Jan 29

i 100% agree, her performance in interstellar was heartbreaking

goNADSgo69 at 02:59 PM Jan 29

The relationship between Cooper and Murph was the HEART of the movie, hence my disappointment with the final scene.


For the entire movie I was rooting for him to be with his children again, and then in the last scene, when he finally meets Murph, as an elderly woman, I was not happy with how they handled the situation. Like I'm glad he kind of goes after Brand, but at the same time I felt "that's it?" when it came to them being reunited.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Interstellar was an emotional family drama, a sci-fi journey, and an action film through space and time. Everything the film set out to do it succeeded at, backed by Nolan's best directing to date and a beautiful music score. The effects were breathtaking and the film had a poetic feel to it. For a three hour film it went by INCREDIBLY fast. The characters were likable, and the cast was AMAZING! McConaughey is perfect, while Hathaway added layers to her role, Chastain knocked it out of the park...and the young Foy stole every scene! Flaws: I think Hathaway's character needed a bit more development, along with the other people in the ship, and I'm unsure about the final scene. Verdict: 9/10
Invidtus at 09:39 PM Jan 28

I enjoyed the hell out of it - also TARS is my vote for best supporting robot actor-

Glinda at 12:08 PM Jan 29

Glad you loved it! I did too. Fun movie.

Mr.Blizzo at 12:26 PM Jan 29

Happy you enjoyed it! I can't wait to see it again.

goNADSgo69 created a LIST: 4 days ago

Top 40 Most Beautiful Women to Ever Exist

1. Audrey Hepburn
2. Keira Knightley
3. Grace Kelly
4. Rosamund Pike
5. Vivian Leigh
6. Judy Garland
7. Heidi Klum
8. Emma Stone
9. Marilyn Monroe
10. Gugu Mbatha-Raw
11. Amber Heard
12. Eva Saint Marie
13. Emma Watson
14. Gemma Arterson
15. Deborah Kerr
16. Lupita Nyong’o
17. Karen Gillan
18. Marion Cotillard
19. Su-jeong Lim
20. Zooey Deschanel
21. Naomi Watts
22. Liza Minnelli
23. Rita Hayworth
24. Kelly Hu
25. Imogen Poots
26. Gianna Jun
27. Gene Tierny
28. Hedy Lamarr
29. Ziyi Zhang
30. Kate Winslet
31. Lucille Ball
32. Zoe Saldana
33. Emilia Clarke
34. Jamie Chung
35. Rika Izumi
36. Kerry Washington
37. Jessica Chastain
38. Dianna Agron
39. Yeon-hee Lee
40. Kaya Scodelario
timmyd at 04:54 PM Jan 28

This is some great stuff , Dude . Well done.

Laksmikanti at 01:51 AM Jan 31

Vivian Leigh

jeo4 at 07:21 PM Jan 31

Exceptional list, my friend.

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goNADSgo69 posted a VIDEO item: 5 days ago

I demand you all to watch this wonderful film!


WalkAway at 07:18 AM Jan 27

I plan on it!

JohnnyPHreak at 09:52 AM Jan 27

It's on my list of films to see soon.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

Pride is quite possibly the most important LGBT movie to come around in years! Telling the true story of 1984 when a group of gays and lesbian joined together with the Welsh miners on their strike. The movie is a beautiful look of friendship, and finding out there is nothing different between gay and straight. No character was treated as a stereotype and each person came off the screen. With such a large cast, every actor had a chance to shine, and everyone nailed their role, with Ben Schnetzer truly standing out as the lead Mark. This man was mega talented and quite beautiful (new celeb crush? HELL YEAH). The directing was wonderful and the music great. The movie nailed the drama and the comedy and really was just a perfect film. Verdict: 10/10
Horrorfan99 at 07:30 PM Jan 26

Despite it tackling a real life issue, it was such a feel good movie without feeling sappy. Probably the most underrated movie of last year. Loved it also

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

It Follows has easily become my number one MOST anticipated film of 2015! The reviews are just so fantastic, with Bloody-Disgusting (one of my favourite websites), having JUST given it a 5/5 score!
LelekPL at 02:30 PM Jan 26

thanks goNADSgo69 as well. I might add See No Evil 2 (do I have to watch part 1?) and Honeymoon to the queue

LelekPL at 02:30 PM Jan 26

btw have you seen The Town That Dreaded Sundown? That movie was seriously good. Check it out when you have the time

timmyd at 05:13 PM Jan 26

Can't wait for this flick . looks fantastic , and the word of mouth and early reviews have been glowing . this year's big one , me thinks.

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goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

One indie horror film that was getting good reviews was Wrath of the Crows, starring Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon. First the good: the cast was actually pretty good for a low budget movie, with Tiffany and Debbie giving wonderful performances. The movie BELONGED to these two veteran scream queens. The gore was practical and well done, and the movie did have some nifty twists and some good ideas. Now, the characters were mostly unlikable and the script didn't completely work. I liked some of the stuff the movie had going on, but then the ending twist was mega obvious. I didn't particularly like the movie, but I respect what it tried to set out to do. Verdict: 4/10
grelber37 at 12:58 AM Jan 26

Thank you for putting this film on my radar.

goNADSgo69 at 01:04 PM Jan 26

I hope you enjoy it more than I did. I know a lot of the horror websites out there gave it good reviews, but I just didn't care for it. Shepis and Rochon are both brilliant though, with Shepis truly OWNING the movie, proving why she is easily one of the best scream queens to ever exist.

goNADSgo69 updated his STATUS: 6 days ago

The Scarehouse was a pleasant surprise. Sorority sisters being tortured is NOT my thing (I HATE torture porn), so I was expecting torture, bad acting, and characters who you hate. So color my surprise that a lot of the torture was psychological, and the acting wasn't bad with the two leads giving FANTASTIC PERFORMANCES (I hope to see more from the wonderful leading ladies). The film was well shot and I enjoyed the music score. The movie had some great twists, and learning the why as the movie went on was intriguing. The movie is quite entertaining, but had some light suspense. I personally thought the last shot was a bit predictable, and they should have ended it when the nooses came into play. Plus the torture scenes didn't do it for me. Verdict: 7/10
dsloy at 12:19 PM Jan 26

ill def check it out, thanks!

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