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Dumb and Dumber/Step Brothers
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Halloween 1978
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Pride and Prejudice (1995)
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Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
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The Hobbit trilogy
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Return to Me
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Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth
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Amy Adams, Drew Barrymore, Meryl Streep
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Amy Adams, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth
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Brody, Quint, Hooper
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On my way out of town until tomorrow night. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend!
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Glinda updated her STATUS: about 19 hours ago

On my way out of town until tomorrow night. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend!
grelber37 at 08:19 PM May 28

Enjoy your weekend, Glinda. Safe travels.

TheChanges23 at 09:35 PM May 28

Have a fantastic time Glinda!

Otis_Driftwood at 12:35 AM May 29

Have a good time!

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Glinda posted a VIDEO item: 4 days ago

Lena Zavaroni on Carson singing THE END OF THE WORLD


Glinda at 10:20 PM May 24

This beautiful little girl from Scotland was the youngest person in the history of the UK to have an album in the top ten at the age of 10. Sadly, she developed anorexia at age of 13 and battled it until her death at age 35. She spent most of those years singing and doing various things on tv such as hosting local type shows, but she suffered from depression and could not conquer her demons.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 6 days ago

southofheaven at 01:37 PM May 23

lmao love this

Weapon X
Weapon X at 03:29 PM May 23

Someone needs to make a meme of their first sighting and do it like the "She's a babe! SCHWING!" scene in Wayne's World. Hey wait a minute, *I* can do that. Back in a minute...

Glinda updated her STATUS: 6 days ago

This is my favorite season of Game of Thrones. Every episode has been impressive in one way or another.
southofheaven at 12:59 PM May 23

it really is one hell of a season im enjoying it a lot

dsloy at 02:58 PM May 23

thats for true

cobb at 04:21 PM May 23

not impressed at all[last weeks was my fav i must admit]other then that im pretty bored with this season

Glinda updated her STATUS: 8 days ago

Moviefreak2010 at 03:13 AM May 22

happy birthday to grooveman

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 07:55 AM May 22

Happy Birthday!

Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 13 days ago

jeo4 at 12:18 PM May 17

She really is exceptional on every level.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 04:02 PM May 17

Agree. That's a great picture of her. I caught a bit of Leap Year over the weekend, she looked absolutely stunning. I now want to watch the whole movie!

Glinda at 07:33 PM May 20

@Dr Jan - I really enjoyed Leap Year and I agree, she was stunning in it!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

Finally caught up on the last GoT. I'm very happy with the last scene. The rest of it was a bit blah but it all needed to be shown so hopefully next week picks up. Please, move forward faster with Arya! I hope we've turned a corner there. That storyline has not been fun so far, imo anyway.
Glinda updated her STATUS: 20 days ago

I really haven't seen much of anything Marvel and felt it was just too daunting a task to try to catch up, after having only seen Guardians, Ant Man, Iron Man and Spiderman. My kids tied me down and forced me to watch the first two Captain Americas and I loved them! Now I really see what I've been missing. Probably going to watch a couple more of the movies before I venture to see Civil War, but I do want to catch it in the theater.
the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 11:09 PM May 09

all you really need now is Avengers 1 and 2 and you'll be ready for Civil War.

jeo4 at 12:28 PM May 10

I think the game changer for Marvel had to be Iron Man. From that point on, Marvel films have been everything from good to WOW. Iron Man is awesome (Downey never disappoints and the character is one of my favorites). The Avengers was very good, Ant-Man proved better than I hoped it would be, and Guardians Of The Galaxy was great fun. But the Captain America series is easily the best of the franchise.

Glinda at 12:55 AM May 11

@slinging slasher - I'm watching Avengers 1 tomorrow! Looking forward to it. May possibly watch 2 if I can.

@jeo - I completely agree so far! I love Iron Man, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy so much. I really thought those were fun and I knew I didn't need to see all of the movies to enjoy them. Now, however, I'm so glad Ive seen those Captain America's and I also agree theyre the best I've seen so far. So much fun and exciting and just wild!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Anybody else playing that game? I'm addicted. It's such an ominous feeling when I'm minding my own business eating scraps, and suddenly there's this massive snake slithering by me, taking up the entire screen. Even worse when I later discover the other half of him is circling me. The one time I managed to circle another snake, I panicked and end up committing suicide by running into him while he was trapped in my circle. (I've gotten better since, but haven't had another opportunity to do that). It's a really fun game. I haven't had this much fun with a video game since Pac Man really. I like that we only need to use the mouse and nothing else.
Glinda updated her STATUS: 23 days ago

Really bummed The Family Fang isn't playing at my theaters.
grelber37 at 06:15 PM May 06

There has to be a better way to distribute new releases. There needs to be more fairness. VOD needs to offer more options, and it needs to have wide releases available the Friday that they premiere. That circumstance does not happen often enough.

I hope that Family Fang arrives somewhere nearby soon.

XSsoCX at 06:19 PM May 06

It's available to rent now on Vudu for $6.99.

cobb at 11:29 AM May 11

saw it a few yrs ago at tiff.i loved it

Glinda updated her STATUS: 24 days ago

dsloy at 02:59 PM May 06

solid pic

Glinda updated her STATUS: 24 days ago

I loved Joy. It's so much more than a woman who invented a mop (amongst many other fantastic inventions in her future that have made life easier for all of us). It's about a woman who had a childhood dream she never forgot and made it come true against all odds. Joy is a strong, determined and resourceful woman who persevered while being shot down repeatedly and not letting it take her out; all the while dealing with an almost comically dysfunctional family that both helped and hindered her success. The performances were all fantastic. Especially Jennifer Lawrence & Robert DeNiro. Isabella Rossellini overacted as usual, but as usual, it works for the characters she plays. I recommend this movie although it's not everybodys' cup of tea. As Writer19 commented earlier, there are parts that can drive you crazy, but they're necessary to show what Joy's life was like and they make it all the more impressive her journey. We saw too little of Bradley Cooper but he was of course a dr...
jeo4 at 03:22 PM May 05

I need to check this one out. Loved Silver Linings Playbook, BTW.

Scotch at 05:05 PM May 05

I really had no interest in this movie (even though I love the director and cast) but now I'll have to check it out!

oscarxp25 at 05:31 PM May 05

Joy showed how great of an actress JLAW is because without her that movie would've been extremely mediocre.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 26 days ago

I miss the days when you could send a package by wrapping it up in brown mailing wrap. That all changed after 911 and I certainly understand it, but it's so much harder to find a box to put your box in and it adds a lot to the price of shipping. Heavier and larger and of course gotta add the packing peanuts or whatever. I know, petty but it's a shame how the worlds even small conveniences have changed.
Laksmikanti at 07:07 AM May 08

Glinda, mailing has become a nightmare for me, see here we HAVE to wrap it into whatever we want and plastic AND in white clothes, then sew it, then put wax on every border to seal it, that will be the only way to warrant it will not be open. I got a box sent from Netherlands with a lot of goodies, they just put some tape around and the mail service opened the box, stole many of my things, put some horrid used clothes in it and then tape again. I made a formal complain that ended in nothing.

Glinda at 03:41 PM May 09

Wow Laks that's awful. I will never complain about mailing packages again.

That's just horrible that they got into your box and stole stuff. :(

Glinda updated her STATUS: 27 days ago

I know there've been many truly awesome episodes of GoT throughout the seasons, but I think I have a new favorite. Pure amazingness.
dsloy at 02:49 PM May 02

so good, and still so early on in the season!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 29 days ago

Hologram For the King. Well, what can I say. 6/10. I like the idea and perhaps the book is better, but this movie meandered far too much and was flat out boring for the first 3/4 of it. Took me a long time to care about anybody other than Tom. If you go into this movie looking at it as a journey of one man trying to find himself and really find the deep meaning I suppose the book is better able to convey, you may like it. If you're expecting any kind of enjoyment from the actual events in the story you may be disappointed. I did really like the last 15 minutes or so and did leave feeling satisfied. For the first 45 minutes I couldn't have cared less about any character in this movie other than Hanks.
cobb at 05:25 PM Apr 30

too bad sorry

grelber37 at 05:33 PM Apr 30

Thank you for the review. Now, a person knows to not be in a rush to see Hologram for the King. You are a good citizen of Schmoeville.

cobb at 06:15 PM Apr 30

i thought of it more like what u said although i was the oppisate i hated the last 15 minutes or so

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