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Every time I go through Arrested Development, I'm amazed all over again how much fun it is. Especially Seasons 1 and 2.
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Glinda updated her STATUS: about 5 hours ago

Every time I go through Arrested Development, I'm amazed all over again how much fun it is. Especially Seasons 1 and 2.
Scotch at 08:19 PM Apr 18

Yes and yes!

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 11:58 PM Apr 18

I agree...the new season didn't seem to be as good...but still entertaining to watch.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 1 day ago

GoT fans. Have any of you seen the web series "Supreme Tweeter?" I stumbled on it last night and it's goofy fun. Created by and starring the British actor Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen. I discovered the actor's name and naturally had to look him up and found the web series. He plays himself, as an out of work actor ever since his Thrones gig ended. He's talked into joining Twitter and his life changes after Kim Jong Un becomes his first follower. He's a Thrones fan apparently. There's two cameos by pretty big GoT players so that's fun. There's only 3 episodes totaling 20 minutes. It's fun, I recommend it. Link in comments if anyone is interested.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 05:36 PM Apr 17

Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed it!

OldKingClancy at 06:03 PM Apr 17

Nice find, pretty enjoyable little series.

Glinda at 06:09 PM Apr 17

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

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Glinda posted a BLOG item 2 days ago

My Top Five Arrested Development episodes

About to start an AD marathon this weekend with my boyfriend who's never seen one episode!

Pier Pressure

 photo Pier pressure_zpswionh4tz.gif

In God We Trust

 photo In God We Trust_zps9tjp7ws6.jpg

My Mother the Car

 photo 9fbb5c1b-5dd2-492a-9faa-ae3c8b3710ba_zpso9duwngl.png

Afternoon Delight

 photo Arrested Development Afternoon Delight_zpsoih1sdcs.gif

Good Grief

 photo Arrested Development Good Grief_zps7uzdceyy.jpg

Mood: Chillin'

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 12:23 PM Apr 17

Great stuff, Glinda!
I've only seen the first 3 seasons 1 time each but it really was a funny show.

Glinda at 04:10 PM Apr 17

Thanks Joe! It is a fun series, and it's one that holds up so well in repeat viewings, as you tend to find interesting things going on in the background. I didn't like season 4 though. It certainly has lots of fans but I don't think it held a candle to the original.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 2 days ago

I just finished a first watch if All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. It was pretty good I'm glad I finally watched it.
timmyd at 12:26 AM Apr 17

great flick , glad you liked it.

HTX0811 at 01:31 AM Apr 17

Not bad. It made me like Amber Heard more as an actress.

Glinda at 01:44 AM Apr 17

Thanks for the comments you guys!

@HTX - same here. I thought she did a great job.

@Dr Jan - I agree it did have a weird ending but I like it!

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Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 2 days ago
Bryce Dallas Howard - Jurassic World

JohnLocke2342 at 09:32 PM Apr 16

@Glinda - I think so as well - she's a solid actress and her character looks like the type that could have a GREAT arc in the movie.

I'm looking forward to seeing her!

timmyd at 12:34 AM Apr 17

wow. great shot.

goNADSgo69 at 07:35 PM Apr 17

I have faith in her. She is a great actress, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the scene was just a weak scene on its own.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 2 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr Jan-itor!! I hope you're having a great day.
Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 08:31 PM Apr 16

Thanks Glinda!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

I think last night's Game of Thrones is up there as one of my all-time favorite episodes. I love the direction everything is going. Next week looks to be exciting too!
Glinda posted a BLOG item 9 days ago

Song of the Sea was a beautiful movie in every way imaginable. Visually stunning.

 photo a2096583-f764-4bf3-9ffb-e6f9eeb66aa4_zpsojyj7gfn.jpg

 photo 656adb92-2e26-496a-80ea-774154a1d778_zpsjnmk41jl.jpg

 photo d3f984a5-acf2-44c0-a7d0-6582c6d00219_zpsmydxqucb.jpg

 photo fad3be59-3da0-40b3-aec0-1b6559a472b9_zpsxjc4nlfu.jpg

 photo 92416272-7305-4986-9e9a-8076a30f0b1a_zpswwtc4kia.jpg

Mood: Chillin'

psykowrks at 09:42 PM Apr 09

I want to live in that light house.

MrsData at 10:09 PM Apr 09

It's amazing!

Glinda at 05:37 PM Apr 10

You guys should check it out. It's such a beautiful, fun film.

@psykowrks - me too! That would be a dream.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 10 days ago

So apparently they're going to make a full feature Five Nights at Freddy's movie. I was so hooked on that game, although I have little faith I'll enjoy the movie but I shouldn't pre-judge.
Pike Truncate
Pike Truncate at 04:34 PM Apr 09

Never heard of this. What I Googled looks creepy. I'm in.

Glinda at 08:12 PM Apr 09

The game is amazingly fun and really scary, lol. I'm not a gamer by any means but my kids got me into this one and I managed to be able to actually play it and had a ball.

Pike Truncate
Pike Truncate at 09:38 PM Apr 09

That's awesome. It does look like it'd be a fun game.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 11 days ago

Just got off the phone with my mom, and she was telling me about Dancing with the Stars last night. Each celeb contestant told of their most memorable moment/year in their life. Rumer Willis' story is so heartbreaking. I'm including a video, and while the video is 9 minutes long, it's only the first 90 seconds where Rumer talks (I didn't see the rest but it does move on from there). I cannot imagine reading the kinds of comments about yourself online that people write about celebrities appearances, let alone young teenagers and what she and others have gone through. The cruelty is heartbreaking, disgusting and inhuman.
razgriz21 at 06:32 PM Apr 07

People can be real assholes.

She seems like a nice person.

Glinda at 08:00 PM Apr 07

I think she seems nice too, as I've seen her on other things and she's smiley and very sweet. You can tell it's genuine.

Pike Truncate
Pike Truncate at 08:12 PM Apr 07

Never understood the hate she gets--it's despicable.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 13 days ago

For Your Consideration was so much fun. Fred Willard really cracks me up. I love when he's interviewing the cast of Home for Purim and he's comparing their movie to The Little Engine That Could, but gets carried away and goes on about the book itself: "You should read it sometime. Large print, plenty of pictures, not too heavy reading. If you want something heavy you can read, oh I don't know, Hamlit..."
Glinda at 08:00 PM Apr 05

Make that Hamlet. :)

 photo image.jpg1_zps59pyv1yo.jpg

movieman32 at 08:54 PM Apr 05

LOL! I've never seen Fred Willard in anything he wasn't hilarious in. NEVER!

Glinda at 10:23 PM Apr 05

I know! There's no way to predict what may come out of his mouth other than its going to be hilarious.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

Anybody seen Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration? I either didn't know about it or forgot it existed but after reading about it I'm afraid it may be boring. It seems along the lines of Waiting for Guffman, which was great fun but I didn't like the parts when the bad actors were doing the bad play and we had to actually watch it. I prefer to see 10 second clips and just imagine the rest. I'm wondering if For Your Consideration is similar? I love A Mighty Wind, This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show (my favorite), and Waiting for Guffman but not sure I want to bother with this other one. Opinions?
Glinda at 05:21 AM Apr 05

Thanks Writer and HTX for your input. Much appreciated!

I thought it was a mockumentary so I had it all wrong. I've seen The Big Picture and I really like that so good to know this is similar. I'll definitely check it out.

Anakin at 09:55 AM Apr 05

I love it.

Glinda at 05:01 PM Apr 05

I'm so glad I asked about this movie. I'm 40 minutes in and have been laughing non stop from the first scene. These characters are great, and it's not only funny but heartwarming and sweet.

Everybody's cracking me up but I can't even look at Christopher Guest with his Phil Spector hair without laughing. Then Fred Willard with that faux-hawk is so perfect and hilarious.

Great movie, I'm buying this one for sure, thanks again you guys.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

Child 44 looks really good.
XSsoCX at 03:28 AM Apr 05

Yes, yes it does.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

Run All Night was great. Fun movie.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 03:10 AM Apr 05

Glad you liked it!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

Well, taped up nose and blackened eyes, I'm off to see Run all Night! I wanted to see It Follows but I fear this one may not stick around too long so better see it first.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:40 AM Apr 05

Enjoy! It's a good time.

Glinda at 01:54 AM Apr 05

Sure was Pat!

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