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There's never a convenient time to get the hiccups.
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Glinda posted a VIDEO item: about 2 hours ago

Dean Martin - A Marshmallow World


southofheaven at 06:02 PM Dec 19

i use to like this song until i worked retail and heard it a million times lol

Glinda at 06:14 PM Dec 19

lol yep I've been there.

Glinda posted a BLOG item about 2 hours ago

Ariel Truax is one of my favorite fictional characters

Seriously, I'd love to be her and have her life in Grumpy Old Men. I didn't really like Grumpier Old men and haven't seen it since it came out and don't remember much, so if she changed I'm not referring to that movie.

 photo Ariel_zps85227c2a.jpg

Mood: Happy

Glinda updated her STATUS: about 19 hours ago

There's never a convenient time to get the hiccups.
Moviefreak2010 at 02:17 AM Dec 19


Glinda updated her STATUS: 10 days ago

I loved Blue Ruin. Fantastic film. Highly recommend if you love a good revenge thriller.
Moviefreak2010 at 02:32 AM Dec 10

will check it out sounds cool

HTX0811 at 01:39 PM Dec 10

I really want to see this. I keep hearing great things.

dsloy at 02:43 PM Dec 10

its def worth checking out

Glinda updated her STATUS: 10 days ago

Jan Brady of original Brady Bunch (Eve Plumb) is in Blue Ruin! Wow. I didn't know she was acting anymore. Pretty cool.
Moviefreak2010 at 02:37 AM Dec 10

yeah that is cool

Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 11 days ago

AngryJohnnyN1930 at 07:27 PM Dec 09

An oven mit's worth!!

JohnLocke2342 at 08:43 PM Dec 09

hahaha classic.. I love this. What a perfect Christmas avatar

HTX0811 at 02:21 PM Dec 10

Nice pic!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

Well this is no fun. I don't know why or how this madness exists, but there's now an un-poppable bubble wrap being used. I received two packages in the mail today ordered from different sites and they both used it. So much for that.
Cochise at 06:51 PM Dec 05


Glinda at 07:03 PM Dec 05

LOL Seriously! I was bummed. Finally I don't have to save them for the kids anymore and now this happens. ;)

Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:30 PM Dec 05

That.....that is MESSED UP. That is the product of a cruel and inhuman imagination!

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Glinda created a LIST: 15 days ago

My Office Memo

1. Favorite character: Michael Scott
2. Favorite episode: The Injury
3. Favorite season: 2
4. Character[s] I can't stand: Todd Packer
5. Favorite cold open [opening scene]: Michael loving the way he looks in his jeans
6. Funniest scene: Michael doing his stand up routine at the Dundees (Chilis)
7. That awkward moment: 'Scott's Tots' Season 6
8. Is it getting smokey in here?: Michael as a kid on Fundle Bundle
9. Favorite prank: Jim hiding Dwight's desk in the bathroom.
10. What if: Pam had married Roy
11. Favorite line:  photo NOOOOOO_zpskzxtjuws.gif

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 11:47 AM Dec 05

I love this list, Glinda. 'The Injury' is one of my favorite episodes as well.

Scotch at 06:06 PM Dec 05

Michael Scott is pure gold. Great choices!

HTX0811 at 11:58 PM Dec 05

Great list. Love The Injury too.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 16 days ago

Getting ready to re-watch The Babadook with my son. Just showed him the trailer and although the trailer didn't scare me before I saw the movie, this time it sent chills through me. While I thought the second time would be less scary, I have a feeling it's going to be even more terrifying.
Glinda at 05:47 PM Dec 04

So good. My son gave it an 8/10, due to the ending which is getting some criticism and he agrees. I don't really like the ending but it doesn't change my overall score one bit.

jubei4000 at 08:17 PM Dec 04

The Babadook...the title alone freaks me out. Gonna check it out this weekend myself....

Glinda at 11:52 PM Dec 04

I hope you love it jubei!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

The Babadook is bar none the best horror movie I have ever seen. It's also the most terrifying. I know I'm a wimp with slashers, but I usually do fine with this type of horror. They got me on this one. Let me reiterate: this is the scariest movie I've ever seen. Highly recommend this movie and the acting by Essie Davis and whoever played the little boy is phenomenal. Unbelievably good, 10/10. Now excuse me while I go throw up. Sorry to be graphic and over dramatic but this movie scared me.
WalkAway at 08:50 PM Dec 02

Okay now I really can't wait to watch it.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:06 PM Dec 03

Another top-notch review! I WANNA SEE IT ALREADY!!!!

Glad you loved it Glinda!

aturn4theworst at 09:48 PM Dec 13

I heard it was great and now with your review, I'm really looking forward to watching it. These movies usually don't scare me so let's hope for a change!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

I put off watching the most recent Amazing Race (season 25) so I could marathon it, and wow, this is my favorite race so far in years. Still not as many physical high risk challenges to balance the puzzle/worker type tasks, but what they've had have been great so far. If anybody remembers that young girl Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who at age 13 lost her arm to a shark in 2003 - she's on this season. She's incredible. Unbelievable strong woman. Never gives up, never complains and is adorably cute and sweet too. I won't spoil anything but the challenge she just completed with one arm blew me away. For the most part I like almost everybody, which is rare. Hardly any fighting with each other or other teams. Little bit but that's expected.
Zacharia at 05:11 PM Dec 02

Been watching most of this season but still don't know anyone's name. I call them Dentists, Surfers, Wrestlers...hmm can't remember anyone else. I can see them I just can't remember names or what they do. I blame watching this and Survivor makes it hard remembering anyone's name. Dunno which task you're talking about with the surfer since she's always awesome with everything she does and makes me feel lazy since I'd have trouble doing it with 2 arms. I kinda miss the fighting but I expect a fight next week maybe, maybe not we'll see.

Glinda at 07:37 PM Dec 02

I'm just like you I'm always terrible with names and I call them by their "hook titles" too. I only know Bethany's name because when she had the accident I was following her story so closely.

You're right she really is always awesome, as we take for granted being able to do simple tasks that she has to struggle with, or that she doesn't struggle with yet we do with two hands! She's so inspiring. The one I was referring to was when they had to do the zip lines and walk across the wires and hanging bridges and then when they got to their destination had to do the puzzle and then zip back. When she took her shoes off to work the puzzle with her feet and her hand I was so impressed! She and her husband keep their cool so well and save time that way. Panic never helps.

I don't mind some fighting but it was getting to where they were sacrificing fun race footage for fighting and it was just too much. But yeah in the earlier seasons I think they got it just right with the editing to where you had some but not too much.

I wish they'd do more scary challenges. I don't know if it's a liability issue or if they've run out of ideas and places, but I'd never mind seeing some of the same places two or three times that they've already used. It's different people, why not? Still love the show regardless though.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 19 days ago

I just now got out of Fury. Eh. I hate to say this by I wasnt impressed with the acting by anybody except for the guy who played Norman. He was the only convincing character to me. Shia did pretty well. I felt everybody else was playing a part, rather than being these characters. Jon Bernthal especially. All I saw was from him was an even crazier Shane. Brad Pitt. I love him but I wish he'd just use his own natural accent in war movies. Much of the dialogue seemed too contrived. I doubt they were saying "don't get your panties in a bunch" back in 1945. I never heard that phrase until ten years ago tops. I was pretty bored through this movie, although I do think the actual tank life was probably very realistic. The last half hour was pretty awesome though.
Cochise at 04:31 PM Nov 30

damn that sucks to hear. At least it wasn't a total loss though!

Glinda at 08:58 PM Nov 30

Agree, it had some good to it and I'm glad I went. It would have been a fine rental though. I do realize I'm in the minority on not liking this movie, but I've seen so many that I think were better done, and I couldn't really get emotionally attached to anybody outside of one guy.

Glinda added a DVD to her collection: 19 days ago

HTX0811 at 03:17 PM Nov 30

Great show.

Glinda at 04:10 PM Nov 30

Well this is weird. I don't even know how to add movies and I was watching Fury in the theater an hour ago so don't know how I managed this. I havent logged in since last night. Odd.

HTX0811 at 09:04 PM Nov 30

Maybe your computer has a mind of its own and knew you enjoyed it enough to add it as a sweet gesture.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 20 days ago

I just found out something very interesting. My great grandmother was from Scotland, which I already knew. However, just found out that her father was an Irish slave and in his early twenties he escaped to Scotland. Soon after, he was in a Glasgow train station on his way to his new job and saw a "WANTED" picture of himself up on the wall and he tore it down. My mom's cousin actually has the pic but I think he's still in Scotland. Um, Clancy, your mission should you choose to accept it… ;)
JohnnyPHreak at 10:09 AM Nov 30

That's really interesting. I always wanted to find my roots. I'm British on my father's side and I want to know how far back it goes.

Cochise at 04:06 PM Nov 30

whoa, that's a crazy story! Very cool

HTX0811 at 09:06 PM Nov 30

Very interesting.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 20 days ago

Trying so hard to get into the Christmas shopping spirit but it's so hard when it's 84 out at 4:35 pm. I hate to bitch bit I'm gonna do it anyway. Sucks.
Moviefreak2010 at 06:40 PM Nov 29

at least it's warm where you are it's like 20 here in michigan

XSsoCX at 10:59 PM Nov 29

Nothing worse than a warm Christmas season. I spent a couple in Southern California, and honestly it wasn't really for me. I am a Northerner, I need my true winter.

Glinda at 12:09 AM Nov 30

@Moviefreak, yeah I know I shouldn't complain, but when you have excruciatingly hot weather for 7 months of the year, and warm another two, it's nice to have a chilly fall at least. :( But I'm over the whining it was just getting to me today.

@XS yeah, this is ridiculous and unusual to be this warm. It'll be cold by Christmas (I hope), but it usually is by now.

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