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It's feeling good to feel good. Feeling much more myself and getting my appetite and energy back after 2-3 months of unknowingly having Walking Pneumonia. Word of advice: If you have a bad chest cold that you can't seem to shake for much longer than typical (even if it seems to be gone but your energy is down, don't feel yourself…), just go to the doctor and have it checked out. Don't blame it on other things you think could be causing it. As my doc said, there's a reason it's called Walking Pneumonia. People often have no idea they have it. Sometimes it goes away on it's own, but not always.
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Glinda updated her STATUS: about 20 hours ago

It's feeling good to feel good. Feeling much more myself and getting my appetite and energy back after 2-3 months of unknowingly having Walking Pneumonia. Word of advice: If you have a bad chest cold that you can't seem to shake for much longer than typical (even if it seems to be gone but your energy is down, don't feel yourself…), just go to the doctor and have it checked out. Don't blame it on other things you think could be causing it. As my doc said, there's a reason it's called Walking Pneumonia. People often have no idea they have it. Sometimes it goes away on it's own, but not always.
slash1by1 at 10:38 PM Sep 20

Good to hear. =)

Glinda posted a VIDEO item: 1 day ago

Daddies, don't try this at home. ;) Living & learning through peek a boo.


jeo4 at 09:21 PM Sep 19

Hahahahahahaha...poor thing. She didn't know what to thing at first and then she just lost it.

Glinda at 09:02 AM Sep 20

I know! She's adorable. There was a tiny little bit of a smile when she thought "this could maybe be Daddy" but that only lasted one second and she decided she does not know this impostor who sounds like Daddy but isn't him.

I love the very end when she's clinging to her mom and looking at him sideways.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 3 days ago

Two episodes into Californication. That David Duchovny character is quite the rascal. Liking it so far! I especially like that it's only a half hour. It'll be easy to fit in here and there.
Cochise at 02:01 PM Sep 18

for sure, the eps are quick and fly by but there's still a solid story there. Really good show!

HTX0811 at 02:45 PM Sep 18

I love this show. Duchovny's awesome on it and the nudity is some of the best on cable television. It's also a really funny show.

Glinda at 11:22 AM Sep 19

I watched the third ep and I can say I'm officially hooked. They do manage to get a solid story in each ep, which is amazing in such a short air time.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 3 days ago

I loved episode 2 of Boardwalk Empire. Feeling much better about things.
Glinda updated her STATUS: 4 days ago

Episode 2 of The Leftovers was great! The people in white are really creeping me out.
Beauski at 12:19 PM Sep 17

Oh cool, you are experiencing this for the first time now. The people in white only get creepier, haha. It's an unsettling show for sure but so well done. The last batch of episodes are really good. Enjoy Glinda!

Glinda at 08:59 AM Sep 18

Thank you Beauski! All great to hear and I agree it's so well done. It grabbed me from the first minutes. Creepy and unsettling yet in a good way.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

Just saw this when I got online, that a woman in Thailand committed suicide by jumping into a big pond full of crocodiles at a crock farm. In front of many visitors and I'm assuming children. I can't imagine choosing to be ripped to shreds and eaten alive.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 06:13 PM Sep 16

Well...she has showmanship, I'll give her that.

JohnnyPHreak at 05:27 PM Sep 17

That seriously sounds like something out of a horror movie. Wow, what an awful way to end your life.

HTX0811 at 03:37 PM Sep 18

That's crazy.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

I just got back from the doctor and turns out I have Walking Pneumonia. I'm actually very happy to hear this as it explains a few things. My symptoms are so vague though, and mild - I had no idea. He thinks I was infected probably as early as June, due to me having been under a lot of stress in personal life for months and my immune system compromised. I did have what I thought was a bad chest cold in July, but it subsided after a few days. However, I've still had a nagging cough and feelings of fatigue, sometimes fast beating heart and mainly loss of appetite. I attributed it all to me taking a long time to get over the cold now at age 50 and I also blamed hormones for fatigue. It was a convenient excuse but I never would have imagined this. I finally went in to the doc as I've lost 7 lbs over the weeks and I saw some family last week and they were worried. Anyway, I was given antibiotics and so thankfully should start feeling better in days. My symptoms are so mild I never would...
HTX0811 at 03:56 PM Sep 18

So sad to hear. Get better soon. On the bright side, you could use this time to catch on so much TV right now.

aturn4theworst at 06:38 PM Sep 18

Hope you're already feeling better Glinda!

Glinda at 11:20 AM Sep 19

Thank you HTX and aturn4 for your kind words. HTX, that's exactly what I'm doing! Been watching movies and tv both. It's been nice, knowing that I need to relax and take it easy.

aturn4 - I am, really especially today. The antibiotics have kicked in and I can finally feel I'm on the mend.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

I really liked the first episode of The Leftovers! Creepy.
Cochise at 08:25 AM Sep 16

good to hear you're diggin it as well! Just don't really expect any big answers this season and I think you'll enjoy it through to the end. Gets a bit gruesome at times but not much more than say Boardwalk, the biggest shocks of the show that really hit you instead are as you said just how unsettling it is, seeing how much struggle and confusion the characters have. It feels very real, especially with Theroux. I'm surprised he isn't getting more buzz over his performance in this show!!

Glinda at 09:23 AM Sep 16

I've been thinking about this show so much since yesterday. I agree it does feel very real. I don't know how they managed that but it feels like it's happening out there in our world right now and were watching it unfold. I can't remember is this the same team as did Lost? I'll check. If so I hope that doesn't mean that they'll never give us answers in the end, lol. But, regardless the journey of Lost was fantastic and I can see that with this as well.

Yeah, unsettling and a weird, gloomy feeling and I think it's because it does seem so real. Why isn't Justin Theroux not a huge star? I agree he should be getting lots of accolades for his performance. I can tell that much from one episode!

HTX0811 at 11:04 PM Sep 16

Glad you enjoyed it. It's such a compelling and strange show.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 6 days ago

Okay finally starting up with the pilot episode of The Leftovers. Been looking forward to this for some time.
Glinda at 10:01 AM Sep 16

Thanks so much for explaining this. I really didn't much care for the teenage stuff but there was a lot of it in this first episode and now I see that won't always be so so prevalent. I don't mind some, and I did lighten up a bit by the end of the episode (when I wrote this post I still had 15 mins to go), as I better understand the daughter now and why she's so difficult. They did introduce us to the son and I liked him and his storyline that they've shown us so far!

I need to look up Christopher Eccleston as I'm sure I'll know him but can't place the face.

HTX0811 at 10:44 PM Sep 16

The Gary Busey got a laugh of me out of me as well. I believe one of the reporters says something about Jennifer Lopez being left behind. lol I don't mind the teenagers myself. They're fine for what they have to do with the show although the daughter and the daughter's best friend really grew on me as characters. Also, Justin Theroux's daughter is played by Andie MacDowell's daughter, Margaret Qualley, if that means anything to you. Just something I discovered the other day.

The people in white, The Guilty Remnant, are a real mysterious bunch and they like to cause trouble whenever they can. You don't really know what to make of them and they kind of explain certain details as the season goes on. Even then, there's still a sense of mystery about what they do.

Glinda at 11:46 AM Sep 17

Yes, Jennifer Lopez!! In the second episode we learn of an entire cast of a sitcom but now I can't remember what it was. So funny.

Yeah, I'm sure the teenager thing with me is my age. If I was your age I'd not mind them at all. Although, in episode 2 I didn't have any problems with the teens. It was probably just the first episode when so much of it was them. I don't usually watch shows that center on teens and I thought that this might be one. I know it's not so I'm good. I had no idea that the daughter is Andie MacDowell's daughter! Very interesting, thanks for that. She's beautiful. I liked her so much more in this episode.

Right, we just learned in ep 2 that they're called The Guilty Remnant. They sure are mysterious I agree, man. Kind of hate that Liv Tyler is one of them! I'm really liking this show. My plan is one a day so it lasts a while.

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Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 6 days ago

Dodong27 at 01:23 PM Sep 15


WalkAway at 04:03 PM Sep 15


JohnnyPHreak at 09:01 AM Sep 16

So beautiful!

Glinda posted a BLOG item 7 days ago

The End - Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Dom DeLouise

Anybody seen this one? I read the book when I was around 12 and I thought it was so funny I remember being in hysterics and reading parts to my mom continually. Then it came out in a movie a couple years later and I didn't like it. Thought the book was better. So now as an adult I thought I'd give it a shot again and stream it.

Burt's doctor tells him he's going to die in a few months so he keeps trying to kill himself and failing. It's a comedy. I'm hoping I'm not sorry for giving it a shot again but it gets good reviews on Amazon.

 photo imagejpg1_zpsaa621591.jpg

Mood: Happy

Glinda at 09:07 PM Sep 13

Yes, she sure does. It was good but it doesn't really hold up well. Cute movie though with some really funny parts here and there. I'd forgotten Robbie Benson was in it. Man it's hard to believe he played the voice of the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. His voice is so soft.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:37 AM Sep 14

I remember watching this a few times as a kid. I remember liking it at the time and should probably rewatch it if given the chance.

HTX0811 at 06:33 PM Sep 14

I didn't like this very much. I did like Reynolds and Field in Smokey and the Bandit enough to give it a shot but it wasn't doing it for me. Dom DeLuise though was hilarious in it. I may have to give it a revisit since I haven't seen it since high school.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 8 days ago

This has been a great week for movies for me catching up. Went to Boyhood this morning and I loved it. What a beautiful movie, almost 3 hours long yet it flew by. I love the way they filmed this it was really fun watching the kids grow up and mature and the adults grow up and mature. :) Some hard to watch parts, but such is life. Great film I highly recommend this to anybody of any age, but I think those of you in he 18-30 bracket would probably really enjoy it especially. Had a re-watch of the season 4 Boardwalk Empire finale last night, followed by the Season 5 premiere. I really enjoyed the premiere but since I'd just had a re-watch of (most of ) Season 4, I did think it was lacking a bit considering there's only 7 more episodes to go and it's all over. It was good but I hope next week's is better.
Cochise at 08:25 PM Sep 13

Agreed on all accounts, glad you loved Boyhood as well!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 8 days ago

The Drop was awesome. James Gandolfini - what a treat to see him in this his final film he was fantastic. What a great job he did. Tom Hardy was so good- these two together was so much fun. Add to this an adorable puppy and a street/mob like thriller with a twist and you've got one damn fine film.
Cochise at 01:49 AM Sep 13

so awesome to hear! Especially about our man 'T'!

Glinda at 03:55 PM Sep 13

Yes! It was sad too but it was sweet to see him.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 9 days ago

15 minutes. :D
RagingFellaDriver16 at 06:03 PM Sep 12

Double Jealous!!!

Scotch at 06:18 PM Sep 12

Hope it's as great as advertised! Enjoy!

Glinda at 06:47 PM Sep 12

You guys are going to LOVE it. I would have loved to turn around and watched it right again!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 9 days ago

Up for this weekend I'm watching The Drop (I may go yet this afternoon - going alone so whenever) and Boyhood for sure, and another one I can't remember now. Boyhood's 2:40 so that's a long one.
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