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Dumb and Dumber/Step Brothers
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North and South (2004) Pride and Prejudice (1995)
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Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
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The Hobbit trilogy
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You've got Mail
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Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Colin Firth
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Amy Adams, Drew Barrymore, Meryl Streep
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Amy Adams, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth
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Glinda updated her STATUS: about 12 hours ago

Glinda posted a POLL item: about 14 hours ago

Cheers: Norm or Cliffy?:

XSsoCX at 08:49 PM Mar 03

I love "Cheers", and this is the hardest one, but I had to go with Norm.

Glinda posted a POLL item: about 14 hours ago

Cheers: Coach or Woody?:

XSsoCX at 08:51 PM Mar 03

Coach for me, I mean I love Woody, but Coach was so damn sweet.

Glinda posted a POLL item: about 14 hours ago

Cheers: Diane or Rebecca?:

timmyd at 07:25 PM Mar 03

Diane's pompous attitude and incessant whining drove me bonkers . Plus , Kirstie was so damn hot.

Zacharia at 08:33 PM Mar 03

This poll was easier than the other two.

Glinda updated her STATUS: about 15 hours ago

Watched the very first episode of Sons of Anarchy this morning. So far really liking it! Nice to see Katey Sagal. She's always so good.
Scotch at 06:40 PM Mar 03

Katey is fantastic in SoA. She also covers a handful of songs that are played on various episodes so keep an ear out for that!

Glinda at 07:29 PM Mar 03

That's awesome! Very cool to know and thanks for the heads up. I'll listen for her.

Glinda updated her STATUS: about 16 hours ago

I've spent hours doing a massive cleaning of the closet in the spare room, where everything goes that I have no place else to put it. The bad news is I found some crossword puzzle books I bought years ago to get an early start at preventing Alzheimers - yet apparently threw into the closet and completely forgot about. I laughed harder than I should at that. According to the receipt still in the Waldenbook's bag they're in, this was 2005. I guess I'm glad I do remember buying them now that I see them. The good news is I found several Gary Larsen Far Side compilation books I forgot I had. So, for now I threw the crosswords back into the closet and have been reading the comics for over an hour.
Invidtus at 05:17 PM Mar 03

Don't worry you'll just forget they are in there anyways-

Glinda at 05:44 PM Mar 03

Only until my next cleaning in 2025...

timmyd at 06:40 PM Mar 03

good choice going with Far Side.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 1 day ago

Young Ones was so good. Highly recommend it. While it's set in the future, I felt like I watching a western for the majority of it. I was reading up on it last night and it's written and directed by Jake Paltrow, Gwyneth's brother. I think he did a fantastic job. Michael Shannon rocked. Does he ever disappoint? If you like a good revenge flick, this has now become a huge favorite of mine.
Cochise at 10:32 AM Mar 03

glad you dug it too! Yeah, definitely has a western feel even with the sci-fi stuff. Didn't know it was Gwenyth's brother, interesting

Glinda at 10:44 AM Mar 03

Apparently he directed some episodes of Boardwalk Empire too. Two episodes. One from 2013 and one from 2014.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 1 day ago

Young Ones
Glinda at 05:35 PM Mar 02

Thanks for reviewing this Cochise!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 2 days ago

I forgot how much I love Michael Shannon. Loving Young Ones so far.
Cochise at 12:24 AM Mar 02

^ lol me too, love him though. Super talented, real powerful.

@Johnny - Hoult is really really good in this one too, best I've seen him!

dsloy at 01:45 PM Mar 02

real nice guy too, i met him

Glinda at 05:30 PM Mar 02

I loved it! I agree Cochise, Hoult was really good in this movie. Shannon was awesome as he always is.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 3 days ago

I had a re-watch of Mystic River this afternoon. I'd forgotten just how good that movie is.
Scotch at 07:18 PM Mar 01

Amazing film!

oscarxp25 at 08:14 PM Mar 01

Not only one of my favorite Eastwood movies, but one of my favorite movies of all time. I thought it should have won in 2003, but nothing was stealing "ROTK's" statue.

Glinda at 05:39 PM Mar 02

Amazing indeed, it's just fantastic.

@oscar, I'd forgotten this didn't win an Oscar. I thought it had. Certainly worthy, although hard to go up against ROTK.

Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 3 days ago

Glinda updated her STATUS: 4 days ago

To anybody watching The Amazing Race, does the pediatric intensive care nurse remind you of Anna Farris? Okay I just tried to grab a picture of her and in her pictures - not so much. But live action she looks like Anna to me, or at least a sister. :) I'm only on ep 1, so may change my mind as I see more of her without the mud...
Zacharia at 03:52 PM Feb 28

My mom thought one of the blondes looked like Amy Adams.

Glinda at 04:53 PM Feb 28

I didn't notice that but when I watch the next I'll look closer! I only watched the first, and plan to watch the second tomorrow. Liking it so far, amazingly. I didn't think I would.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

Parks and Recreation, here we come!! Marathoning entire season 7 tonight! I'm really excited and especially with all the excellent feedback I've been reading about.
G. Costanza
G. Costanza at 09:54 PM Feb 27

^^ I 100% agree

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 10:33 PM Feb 27

Knowing what kind of a fan you are of the show, I really think you'll love how they close things out.

Glinda at 11:08 AM Feb 28

Thanks you guys. Well didn't make it all the way to the end but I only have 3 left! Watched through 9. It really is a fantastic season and I agree, it's one of the best final seasons I've seen ever. I'm a bit verklempt that there's only 3 left. Almost want to space those out now to make them last, but watching them tonight instead. :)

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 5 days ago

I forgot to post I had a rewatch of Phone Booth the other night. I really enjoyed it when I originally saw it when it came out, but this time not so much. I dunno, I kind of picked it apart. So much didn't make sense. Maybe the first time I just had fun with it and this time I took it more to task.
cobb at 09:40 PM Feb 26

my fav no matter what
sorry u dident like it very much this time

Glinda at 09:44 PM Feb 26

I didn't hate but I had remembered loving it and this time it bugged me at times. Glad you love it though!

Glinda updated her STATUS: 7 days ago

Just finished Four Lions. So funny! I loved it and it's definitely a keeper. Thanks for another great recommendation OKC!
OldKingClancy at 05:07 AM Feb 26

Glad you loved it, I introduced it to some friends a couple years ago and the scene with the sheep had us all falling to pieces. Probably missed the next ten minutes we were laughing so hard.

Glinda at 03:27 PM Feb 26

 photo image.jpg1_zpsm0lszyuq.jpg

The first hero of the final jihad.

cobb at 04:57 PM Feb 26

so funny

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