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Dumb and Dumber/Step Brothers
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Halloween 1978
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Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
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The Hobbit trilogy
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Return to Me
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Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth
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Amy Adams, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth
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Straight Outta Compton was just fantastic. I loved it. I was unsure going in as I really knew nothing about anybody involved and it isn't my typical kind of music so I really went in blind. I rented it to stream but ended up buying it afterwards because this one deserves more watches. Once again MFC, thank you for inspiring me to venture into movies I typically wouldn't think we're for me and end up loving.
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Glinda updated her STATUS: 11 days ago

Straight Outta Compton was just fantastic. I loved it. I was unsure going in as I really knew nothing about anybody involved and it isn't my typical kind of music so I really went in blind. I rented it to stream but ended up buying it afterwards because this one deserves more watches. Once again MFC, thank you for inspiring me to venture into movies I typically wouldn't think we're for me and end up loving.
Moviefreak2010 at 11:06 PM Feb 02

glad you enjoyed it. I still need to see it

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 05:05 PM Feb 03

I don't know anything about these guys either but I'll probably watch it someday.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 09:17 AM Feb 06

I might watch this movie out of curiousity.

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Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 12 days ago

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 02:07 PM Feb 02


timmyd at 05:30 PM Feb 02


the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 08:12 PM Feb 02


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Glinda updated her STATUS: 12 days ago

I finished Making a Murderer and I really don't know what to think. However, regardless, my heart breaks for Steven Avery's parents. Decades of their life spent supporting him and trying to help him, while basically losing their business. It's hard to watch his mother without tearing up.
grelber37 at 06:47 PM Feb 01

Making a Murderer has stirred major debate. Be sure to peruse some counter argument to the show's claims. Much of eastern Wisconsin resents how the Netflix series portrays the area, and local media has been sharing much additional fact and opinion about the Halbach murder.

Moviefreak2010 at 08:17 PM Feb 01

need to check it out

Glinda updated her STATUS: 12 days ago

My third brand new computer since Christmas and finally I'm happy! Last two, Macs, had serious problems. Now I've got a new HP and loving it. No more Macs for me, I have bad luck with them. In other news, I thought I'd be watching so many movies during my convalescence, but I seem to get restless sitting or laying in one place. Feeling I can do it today so I have 3 goals: 1 - watch the last episode of Making a Murderer. 2 - watch Straight Outta Compton. 3 - watch The Rite, with Anthony Hopkins. Not sure I'll get all done today but I'm shooting for it.
Glinda at 04:58 PM Feb 01

It sure is! Loving this computer so far.

It turns out I had two episodes left of Making a Murderer, so I watched those and right now I'm half way through Straight Outta Compton and loving it. Liking it so much more than I thought I would.

timmyd at 05:18 PM Feb 01

you could always skip The Rite.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 09:00 PM Feb 01

Glad this new computer now works!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 13 days ago

Is anybody else having trouble with the site for the last few days? I know someone posted they can't post images, and I can't either - so I know that part is a site issue. But the main problem is it's so slow. I've been blaming my new computer and it does seem anywhere I go on it is slow, but nothing like at MFC. It's taking about 30 seconds for every click here at MFC now for days. I'm hoping it's a site problem and not the computer because today is the last day I have to return it if it's not running properly.
Scotch at 08:39 AM Jan 31

I've had issues on here sporadically. Has to be something going on with the site.

Laksmikanti at 10:12 AM Jan 31

Have you cleared your cache Glinda?, I use to do that when everything is slow aaaand I also check if somebody else is connected to the WIFI and therefore making it slow.
Regarding the images I sent a message to Mr. Paul S.

Glinda at 01:16 PM Jan 31

Thanks you guys.

@Laks, I do keep my cache cleared all the time as I'm a neat freak and it extends to my computer. Thanks for the advice though. I was hoping it was that too. I think it's may be the operating system on my computer and then the MFC issues compounding it.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 16 days ago

I finished up the first two episodes of the new X Files this morning. I really loved them! I'm a bit lost on a couple things that I don't know if they happened in past seasons I never saw or if they were supposed to have happened during the years in between the last show and this one. I had only seen Season 1 and half of Season 2! I have serious catching up to do now.
ericodarko at 03:07 PM Jan 28

Aren't they just great?! I'm loving this mini-series/revival so much so far. It's everything I wanted from it so far. Glad you're enjoying it

Glinda updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

Remember Austin Powers trying to make the 3 point turn driving that luggage cart? That's exactly how I feel trying to maneuver this knee scooter through my hallway. I love it but the turn radius sucks.
Glinda at 02:33 PM Jan 28

Thanks you guys! I have to admit i do end up laughing most of the time when I'm in that situation, thinking about that Austin Powers scene.

@JL - thank you! It's all getting easier each day as I adapt and get used to it. I have various tools other than the scooter, including a crutch that attaches to my leg and looks like I have a peg leg but my arms are free and it's awesome. So, none of this is as bad as I had anticipated.

timmyd at 05:43 PM Jan 28

lol. hang in there , my friend.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:58 PM Jan 28

Hahaha! Thinking of Austin Powers is a good way to laugh about it!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

Invidtus deactivated? :( Very sad to see him go. Nice guy, fun sense of humor, big movie fan and overall awesome MFC schmoe.
Otis_Driftwood at 06:48 AM Jan 28

Very nice Schmoe. Hate to hear.

Laksmikanti at 10:11 AM Jan 31

He has done that before, so I am thinking (and praying) is a temporary thing. Before he also have mentioned he needs some hiatus. He is one of those guys I can't live without and MFC life.

Glinda at 01:17 PM Jan 31

He's never deactivated before though. Only gone on breaks, while keeping his account active.

I hope he comes back too, and that all is okay.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 20 days ago

My heart and prayers are with you all of you on the east coast battling these blizzards. Please be safe.
AlmostFamous91 at 05:40 AM Jan 24

Thanks! It came down hard, about 25 inches, but the weather is decent now.

piranhafeast at 05:44 AM Jan 24

Yeah stay strong you guys.

piranhafeast at 05:44 AM Jan 24

Yeah stay strong you guys.

Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 24 days ago

Scotch at 07:58 AM Jan 21

She is so awesome and damn sexy

jeo4 at 04:29 PM Jan 21


timmyd at 05:39 PM Jan 21

OH MY !!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 25 days ago

Just got back from my first post-op appt regarding my foot surgery. Brand new purple cast and it's really quite cute in that color. Forty stitches but all dissolvable so all my stress about those being removed was for nothing. Got my "knee scooter" delivered yesterday and this is the coolest most fun gadget ever. Been doing circles around the house. It has saved my life because I was already sick of crutches and the walker made me feel ancient. I'm sure I'll tire of this after two more months minimum, but it can't be beat for convenience and ease. I had a joint replacement along with other stuff so starting rehab soon. Right now I'm feeling really good and have a long list of movies to catch up on and all the time in the world to do it! Thanks for reading my update.
Glinda at 10:48 AM Jan 20

Thanks you guys. I'm excited for movie watching and visiting MFC more than I've been able to. So many great positives, and let me say you guys rock! I come on MFC and instantly feel better.

razgriz21 at 11:56 AM Jan 20

Glad to hear your surgery went well.

Hope you get fully well soon.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 10:49 PM Jan 20

Glad you're feeling better!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 25 days ago

I'm through episode 7 of Making a Murderer as of last night. All I can say at this point is - it's ubelievable. What a well done documentary, it sure grabs you.
Beauski at 12:38 PM Jan 19

That's what I've been hearing. I will be watching soon.

Glinda at 04:23 PM Jan 19

It's really addictive Beauski! Try not to read anything currently in the new until you finish.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 29 days ago

Hey my friends. I was going to keep this quiet but truth co es out when one is hopped up on Vicodin and Valium both. I had a major foot surgery this morning, stemming from issues that have shown themselves 33 years after a bad break as a teenager. My swollen and heavily bandaged foot is home to screws and plates now, and even a piece of cadaver bone somewhere in there. I was fine until 5 years ago when it started to hurt and had now gotten I bearable. I won't be able to put weight on it for 8-12 weeks. Here I am in my little twin spare bed in my STORE ROOM, lol. My little pal Jake you can see asleep there on the left.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 03:28 PM Jan 17

Glad the surgery went well and I hope you can get on your feet sooner than later!

WalkAway at 08:11 AM Jan 19

I'm glad you're doing well after, if you need anything please let us know!

Glinda at 10:05 AM Jan 19

Thank you all for the support and love. I so much appreciate your kind words!

I got one of those knee scooters this morning and this thing is awesome. Stitches come out later today and a new cast - Valium will be taken before we leave for that appt. :)

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Glinda posted a BLOG item 30 days ago

RIP Colonel Brandon

 photo image.jpg1_zpsdh69pjoa.jpg

"Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad."

With those words you had my heart forever.

Mood: Sad

Glinda updated her STATUS: about 1 month ago

Howdy Doody MFC. Just got back late last night from a fantastic week's vacation. Hope to try to catch up some as I miss you all! Over the next week I've got some personal things going on that wont allow me to visit here much but I look forward to when I can join you all as per my normal soon. I'm so far behind with movies and movie news I feel lost and not sure where to start!
Laksmikanti at 07:25 PM Jan 13

I was just thinking about how much you are missed in these parts. Take your time, because you will have like 50 pages to catch up... !

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 09:47 PM Jan 13

Glad to hear you had a great time!

Glinda at 10:57 AM Jan 14

<333333 Thank you!

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