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With each new update this blizzard sounds scarier and scarier. Please BE SAFE all you guys in the path of this monster. I'm thinking about you all.
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Glinda posted a BLOG item about 6 hours ago


Have a beautiful day and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Mood: Happy

Dodong27 at 08:51 AM Jan 27

Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks G! Birthday Greeting + Drew Barrymore = Love it!

Glinda updated her STATUS: about 21 hours ago

With each new update this blizzard sounds scarier and scarier. Please BE SAFE all you guys in the path of this monster. I'm thinking about you all.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 07:16 PM Jan 26

Meanwhile in Wisconsin...

"Suck it up, ya wussies."

Princessofhorror2012 at 07:59 PM Jan 26

Thank god I live on Phoenix 😊 HI Glinda it's been a while😜

Glinda at 10:34 PM Jan 26

Hi Princessofhorror! Nice to see ya. :)

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Glinda posted a VIDEO item: 4 days ago

Sarah Michelle Gellar age 4 Burger King commercial


Zacharia at 09:39 AM Jan 23

Yeah I am hungry for BK now.

XSsoCX at 08:15 PM Jan 23

Awwwwwwwwww, there's my favorite lil vampire slayer.

HTX0811 at 06:10 PM Jan 25

So cute.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 6 days ago

MARRIED? Yes married! Jeez!
timmyd at 04:41 PM Jan 21

great flick.

Righteous_faustus at 09:39 PM Jan 21

Haha love that guy

Glinda at 10:36 PM Jan 21

^ me too, he's hilarious!

Lol I love that vid Raz.

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Glinda posted a VIDEO item: 7 days ago

Scandal - The Warrior


grelber37 at 03:00 PM Jan 20

Thank you. I have not heard this song in years. Now, it is replaying in my head. Early MTV rocked it right.

Cochise at 03:03 PM Jan 20

man oh man they don't make vids like that anymore! What movie was this featured in? I feel like that's where I heard it before, but maybe not

Glinda at 07:51 PM Jan 20

@grel, it sure did. I miss early MTV so much! Miss the excitement when your favorite video came on after waiting and waiting for it.

@Cochise, I didn't recall if I'd ever heard this song played in a movie or not and it piqued my interest so I checked it out. Looks like you may have heard it either in one of the Grand Theft Auto games, or an episode of Family Guy from Season 4, called "Petard" (lol), it says Stewie danced to it in an iPod commercial he did? I'm sure I saw it and have forgotten. It's also a song you can play on Guitar Hero, 80s edition. So maybe you've heard it through one of those? Such an awesome song and video, I love Patty Smyth.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 8 days ago

I saw Birdman yesterday. I loved it. I have to admit I was taken by surprise it's much heavier than I was expecting and I like to be prepared for that, but as it went on I fell into the groove as I got to know and appreciate the characters. Looking back now I can say I loved it on reflection, while liking it as I watched if that makes sense. A rewatch will absolutely seal it. Keaton and Norton were out of this world fantastic, as was Naomi Watts. Emma Stone and Amy Ryan were great as well. There's wasn't a flawed performance by anybody. Very well done and I recommend it!
JohnnyPHreak at 03:55 PM Jan 19

So happy you enjoyed it!

Scotch at 05:20 PM Jan 19

As if I wasn't dying to see this enough already, you have to go and give it such high praise!!! In all seriousness, glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like it lived up to the hype.

Glinda at 12:36 PM Jan 20

Thanks you guys! Glad you loved it too and Anakin and Scotch I hope you both feel the same when you do. It was a treat.

@Oscar, I'm still waiting for chance to see Whiplash.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 9 days ago

Birdman is playing way across town in one small theater so I'm finally going to get to see that one this afternoon. I wish Whiplash were also playing. I need to see them both before I vote in the Golden Schmoe Awards. Really excited to see Birdman though! It's the one I most want to see.
oscarxp25 at 10:58 AM Jan 18

Get ready for your mind to be blown...Birdman is an experience. Keaton is good but wait to see you how amazing Norton is in it

Cochise at 02:20 PM Jan 18

really lookin forward to your thoughts on Birdman!

Glinda at 01:21 PM Jan 19

Thanks you guys! I really liked it and as time has gone on I can say I loved it. Easily Michael Keaton's best performance, and agree that Edward Norton was mind blowing. So glad I finally got to see it!

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 10 days ago

I loved American Sniper. So well done, Bradley Cooper was amazing and Sienna Miller did a fantastic job as Chris Kyle's wife. That was the quietest theater I've walked out of in a long long time. I have a heavy heart right now.
ThunderStorm21 at 09:59 PM Jan 17

Amazing movie.

Glinda at 09:52 AM Jan 18

That's guys! I love how much love this movie is getting. I already want to see it again.

Laksmikanti at 05:57 AM Jan 26

I am glad of all the love that Bradley's performance is having.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 10 days ago

To have a true friend you need to be one. -- Panda Express fortune cookie
Glinda at 09:43 AM Jan 17

Best one I've seen.

timmyd at 11:45 AM Jan 17

awesome . mine usually suck.

Glinda at 02:39 PM Jan 17

Mine do too Timmy. This was a rare event.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 11 days ago

Just wanted to give an update on my little pooch. Vet called and surgery went great. He's in recovery for a few hours. They've sent the tumor to a lab for biopsy, but the vet's almost 100% sure it's just a harmless fatty tumor. Thanks for all the nice well wishes! Since they're keeping him for a few hours I may see American Sniper. I need to call them first and double check how long they want him.
Otis_Driftwood at 05:49 PM Jan 16

Great news!

aturn4theworst at 06:35 PM Jan 16

Hopefully the results say it's a harmless fatty tumor and he continues to be healthy!

Glinda at 08:57 AM Jan 17

I appreciate you all so much. Thank you. :) He's doing great, even a bit of pep this morning.

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 12 days ago

Not that I'm complaining but Gerard Butler's phantom is still hot even without the mask. I don't think that's how it's supposed to be - half Freddy Krueger, but he pulls it off.
Laksmikanti at 05:55 AM Jan 26

The problem is that Gerard Butler cannot be not hot, there is no way, that man is gorgeous.

Glinda updated her STATUS: 13 days ago

Once a year or so I get hooked on Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler's Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. It blows me away. She's a classically trained singer and it's no surprise how good she is, but who would think so of Gerard? He may not have her talents but he's got an incredible voice. I found this video, kind of fun. (below)
Glinda at 12:54 PM Jan 14

Cochise at 01:46 PM Jan 14

lol cool, I can't believe I've never actually seen this one. Big fan of both of them. Also do people really call him Gerry? lol

Glinda at 02:18 PM Jan 14

He really does not look like a Gerry to me! I'm so used to Gerard. Apparently they did on the set, but I don't know if that's typical in his real life or someone started it on set?

It's a great movie if you like musicals. I love a musical if the music is good and the singers can really sing. This one they can.

Glinda posted a VIDEO item: 14 days ago

The Rose - Bette Midler


MrsData at 08:34 AM Jan 14

My mom loves Bette but I don't think she's aware of the movie and this song. She adores Beaches.

Glinda at 12:05 PM Jan 14

The Rose movie was pretty good. Not great but it was good. As to Beaches. Oh man that movie! I adore it. Now when I watch it I just start crying at opening credits. I love The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Glinda posted an IMAGE item: 14 days ago
I'm 9 days early for my baby Jake's annual birthday picture, but he was just groomed and he goes in Friday for a lump removal surgery so I thought I'd take it now. Fourteen years old, and 7 1/2 years that I've had him. I inherited him from my grandparents

Glinda at 12:06 PM Jan 14

Thanks you guys. I really appreciate your nice comments.

razgriz21 at 02:00 PM Jan 14

I hope it works out Glinda.

Glinda at 07:51 AM Jan 15

Thank you raz. :)

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Glinda updated her STATUS: 14 days ago

I'm all caught up with Brooklyn Nine Nine. Can't believe I waited 13 episodes in to catch up, but it was a fun marathon. It's such a great show!
Righteous_faustus at 11:06 AM Jan 13

The second season is just as good and just as funny as the first.

Zacharia at 11:35 AM Jan 13

That's all I did yesterday was watch season 2 on Hulu to catch up.

Glinda at 11:53 AM Jan 13

^me too last night. What a fun marathon!

@Righteous, I agree. I loved the first so much but I think I actually enjoyed the second even more because we know the characters even better and especially Holt. I'm a much bigger fan of Charles this season. Love that guy. This is easily in my top sitcoms of all time. I was laughing all night last night and rewatching funny parts continually. That's why I couldn't get to the final two until today.

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