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TV Blog: Buffy Season 7


Beware of Spoilers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer managed to bounce back in season six from the previous two seasons that were easily the weakest of the show's seven season run. With season seven delivered a fantastic final season of television and cemented the show as one of my top ten shows of all-time. Where many once great shows go out with a flutter, Buffy went out with a bang and delivered a final season that was among the best of what the show had to offer.

With the final season of Buffy, the creative team behind the show wasted no time getting the ball rolling on the battle between Buffy and The First. This season is remarkably fast pace. Each episode bounces from one to the next. There are no filler episodes, each episode plays in to the struggle against The First.

The performances all-around were fantastic in this season. I have to give special props to James Marsters who knocked it out of the park as Spike. His struggle with his newly-reestablished soul and coming to terms with the terrible things he has done in his vampire life is a fantastic arc for the character.

Having The First be the Big Bad of the season really did make the show seem like it came full circle. As we get our taste of The First in season three when The First toys with Angel, we see The First toying with every main member of the Scoobies. It forces them to confront issues that they have with themselves and each other. Everything about this season seems as if it is about things coming full circle. Like Spike confronting his demons as Angel had before, the relationship between Buffy and Faith being somewhat reconciled, Xander finding his true place in the group, Willow coming to terms with what she did in season, and many other aspects. I also think that it is interesting (yet heartbreaking) that out of all of the Scoobies, Anya was the one that died. I think her character finally was at peace with mortality and accepted whatever fate she was dealt.

I also loved Nathan Fillion as Caleb, The First's right hand man. Fillion gave a fantastically-menacing and evil performance as what is probably the most formidable physical enemy that Buffy faced during the show. I also loved the design of the Ubervampires, in that they were the first vampires so that they had hardly any human trait if any. Each one of these enemies gave Buffy something that she had never faced before. These three adversaries were definitely among the scariest Buffy and the gang had to face.

It was a real pleasure watching this show from start to finish in fairly rapid succession. It was also a real pleasure to witness the journey each one of them have gone through since the first season. As said before the main casts performances were all excellent in this final season.

I can say that I am glad that the story of Buffy and her friends have continued on to comic book form. The show itself ended on fantastic note with excellent action sequences, not only in the finale but also throughout the entire season. It would have been nice to get a little more with Buffy on TV, mainly because I enjoyed the cast so much. I hated saying goodbye to theses characters. However, the show ended on a fantastic note and it exceeded satisfaction. I found myself being just as enthralled with this viewing as I was the final season's initial run. Well done Whedon and crew and thank you for one of the all-time greats. 10/10

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