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2017 Movie Journal- #7

Letters From Iwo Jima- First viewing. It took me alot longer to see Clint Eastwood's companion piece to Flags of Fathers than it probably should have. Part of it was not being crazy about the first film, I thought it was okay but nowhere I felt something was missing. After seeing Letters I definitely want to go back and watch Flags again. Letters offered a lot, if one complaint I did felt the third act dragged a little. It is a very heartfelt movie that offers thoughts on notions of heroism in across cultures. 8/10

The Accountant- First viewing. This Ben Affleck thriller was an intense little ride. There are some narrative problems though, the biggest comes to that it feels like this was set up to be an origin story to a possible series. I think the franchise potential is there, Affleck's performance as Christian I think warrants some more exploration. 7/10

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- First viewing. After watching five movies quite recently with John Wayne (this, Rio Bravo, El Dorado, Sons of Katie Elder, and Stagecoach) I can safely say my opinion of him as actor/star has not changed much. That being said I did like this movie but it was because of James Stewart and Lee Marvin. This movie does present some very interesting moral choices that was quite different for the era. 8/10

Live By Night- First viewing. This Ben Affleck prohibition movie was only okay. There's nothing horribly wrong about this movie but there's nothing very masterful about it either (especially since Affleck as had three major successes behind the camera). I think the issues at the end of the day was the shooting script covered too much time. It reeks of studio interference/impatience. 6/10

Hacksaw Ridge- First viewing. Mel Gibson's overdue return to the director's seat honestly fell flat for me. It had all the makings of a good war movie with a true story that demanded to be told. My biggest issues with this movie are not the extraordinary acts (which apparently were toned down for the movie) of heroism from Desmond Doss, is that it is incredibly cliche-ridden. Complete with a character saying "You're not in Kansas anymore." The combat sequences are brutal at times but there are some very bad shots of CG blood, it kind of took me out of the scenes. I realize I like a lot of movies with CG blood squirts, it just the impact here with it being a serious movie. Andrew Garfield gives a good performance, him and Teresa Palmer probably fair the best in the entire movie. They make an excellent on screen couple. Every other character seems to exist to say some cheesy line we've heard a million times in other movies, they're much cardboard cutouts from other movies. 5/10

Kagemusha- First viewing. Before this movie I had seen five Akira Kurosawa films and I fucking loved all five. After watching this movie unfortunately I am five for six. It is never as compelling or gripping as any of Kurosawa's other movies I have seen. Dare I say I was quite bored for the 2.5 hour plus film. It could be the movie has not aged as well as his earlier films, I don't know what exactly it is but I just simply did not like this movie. 4/10

I Don't Feel At Home In the World Anymore- First viewing. This Netflix original dark-comedy stars the highly underrated Melanie Lynskey as a woman who just wants people to quit being such dicks to one another. She falls down a rabbit hole of petty criminals after her house is robbed that features some very funny and violent events. 8/10

Moana- First viewing. The predictability of the movie itself does not ruin the journey taken through this movie. It helps that it has a main character that has a tremendous amount of depth and a side-kick who is a hero in his right and actually serves the story, not just there for comedic relief. The music and celebration of Samoan culture makes the movie well worth seeing. 9/10

Lone Star- First viewing. This mystery drama does an excellent job of sitting the audience in to a small town in Texas. There are a few times where the movie hits some slow points but nothing too detrimental for the type of story told. It boosts a great ensemble. 8/10

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