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Alright, got all of my reviews copied to my Letterboxd profile
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Frosty_86 posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

The Last Jedi Musings- Part 1 (My Last MCU Blog)

Well with MFC coming to an end and a new Star Wars film out I figured what better way to express my thoughts on a film part of franchise that is highly responsible for my love of movies. To say that Star Wars has been important to me may be an understatement, it is special to me. There are franchises I enjoy more but its impact for me has been huge. Very much like a lot of other people. I never would have thought the new entry would have been controversial but it is bring out some crazy shit in people. The best way I know how to do this is by specifically listing elements that I've seen people specifically complaining or defending. This is a blog, not a review. I will post a review later on to my Letterboxd profile. I will say I fucking loved this movie so you will here from the point of few from someone who thought this movie was sure fucking greatness.


TO CANON OR NOT TO CANON? - Yea, this is a bullshit. A fucking petition to remove this movie from canon. I know people were pissed at Disney for saying the novels were no longer canon. They did this so that there could be more story telling possibilities for the movies and not adhere to so much pre-existing tales. Sure I guess one could look at that disrespect to the authors' work but I know fans of Star Wars (myself included) who never got into the novels, I read a few but never cared to continue on. Part of why I did not was because of the massive continuity. So for me (and many people) the canon is the movies. The property started as movies, that's really the best way to continue on. The idea of a petition to strike this film from the canon is pure shit. Hell, let us just strike the prequels from canon as well. How about that? I know most of us want to forget those anyways but that would lead to having to remake them and just go down a wormhole that should not be touched. The Last Jedi is the story the creative team wanted to tell. This is the second part of a new trilogy; it is the new generation story. It is about letting go of the past and accepting change (I swear I'm not getting political or trying to say the movie is allegorical). It is about saying goodbye. We were told this trilogy was about the new generation and unfortunately it requires to say goodbye to the older generation. Star Wars has always inherently been about change, the changing of the guard so to speak from one generation to another. That is why Luke died in the end, that is why Yoda died in ROTJ and why Obi-Wan died in A New Hope. If this movie should be stricken from the Star Wars canon, then I do not know what the fuck should be canon because if this is not a true Star Wars then I do not know what is.

Hardy Fucking Har Mother Fucker- For me people bitching about the humor in blockbuster films is like bitching there being too much chicken in chicken n'dumplin’s. It just goes hand in hand. Sure a balance is necessary; I think The Last Jedi has a healthy balance. The humor in The Last Jedi has been much maligned and I don't know why. I loved Poe prank calling the First Order. I loved Luke calling the lightsaber a laser stick. I loved the self-aware humor. I guess it's fitting for this generation of filmmaking but I think it goes deeper than that. All of that plays in to the idea that maybe there isn't a place for space wizards but as we know by the end the force always finds a way. I loved the humor of this movie. It was a nice departure from the juvenile antics of Michael Bay's Transformers movies (robot balls, anybody?) and even that of the prequel movies. I mean there is no humor of this movie that gets anywhere close to the embarrassing antics of Jar Jar or alien farts. If anybody thinks the OT was void of humor must have missed all of the fucking parts with R2-D2 and C-3PO or Yoda's training. Jesus Christ the acting in the first movie (especially) is often quite ham-fisted. If you want serious go watch Interstellar or Blade Runner. I think people seriously delude themselves on certain aspects of the OT. The OT was not a super serious epic tale; it was originally made to be a tribute to Old-Hollywood Swashbucklers. Yea, Empire is darker than the other entries but there is still moments of levity. Oh yea, the fact that Luke milks an alien is nowhere near the big deal people have made it out to be. It was kind of gross but not the thing I obsessed about for the last two days. The guy has to drink something on the island. The Porgs were not the equivalent of the Ewoks or Jar Jar. They are there and offer moments of levity but nothing that gets in the way of the plot. Again, the antics of Jar Jar caused the story to stop every time he did something stupid. The Porgs were there and added some levity to the heavier proceedings on Luke's island exile.

SNOKE ON A STICK- So the big bad JJ Abrams teased us with didn't end up being that big at all. The fact that Kylo Ren kills his master in a force battle of wills is telling of Kylo's power potential. Obviously he still has much to learn but him killing his master is very indicative of what we have seen before from dark side force users. Palpatine killed his master, why wouldn't Kylo do the same? People see Snoke as one gigantic cocktease. They're saying Abrams had written too many things to set mysteries to be solved later and that Snoke should have had some epic background. Well, the setup was that he was basically Palpatine and seduced Kylo to the darkside. That it was bad writing to kill him. No it was necessary for the evolution of Kylo, who is the main villain of the story. The writers are not interested in having Kylo go light after doing heinous shit like Vader. They are interested in seeing his lengths to achieve power, hence why Han had to die in Force Awakens. Furthermore, in both films Kylo is essentially killing his fathers. One father of course being his blood father and Snoke being his surrogate father. He does this because he wants to push himself further to power, he is doing it to become more powerful than any other force user we have seen and the only way he can is to kill those connections to his past life. No matter which side they are on. Snoke was not unimportant to the story he very much served a purpose, I wouldn't even call him a red herring. I say he served a purpose, just not the one people were hoping for. People seemed like they really wanted Snoke to be a pre-existing character or for there to be an eventual showdown similar to ROTJ. The prequel trilogy did mirror the original trilogy, it never directly ripped off plot points. For better or worse, it did forge its own path. This trilogy is doing the same thing.

Rey, I’m Not Your Father- Ever since Daisy Ridley came on to the screen as Rey in The Force Awakens audiences were curious as to what was her background, more specifically who were her parents. Theories and speculation ran rapid, I for one was increasingly convinced she was a Kenobi. How? I really don’t know though. It just seemed like there was closeness to Han and Leia, that there had to be something in her past. Something she oddly couldn’t remember though. Apparently that just went over everybody’s head. The fact that Rey’s parents were nobody special and just abandoned her I think makes a profound statement. I think back to the prequels again, when Qiu-Gon and Anakin’s mom talk about Anakin’s birth. Qiu-Gon says something about if Anakin had been born in the Republic than they could have found him earlier. That kind of plays into the idea of Jedi themselves being arrogant, maybe even elitist. I can’t help but think the Jedi may have considered a person’s lineage before accepting that person in to the Jedi Academy. Which maybe indirectly caused their downfall. Rey not coming from a specific lineage and of course the kid lifting the broom certainly opens up ideas on to continue a new order of light side force users that learn from the mistakes of the past. The movie ends on a note of hope, hope that good is resurging in the galaxy. Then of course Rey’s history speaks volumes to her as a person. It’s obvious she relies on herself to survive. The movie does a really good job at dispelling the whole “Mary Sue” (which I’m not going to get in to the problems with this term) thing with Rey. She had to be good at stuff to survive, she had to be resourceful in harsh world. However, there’s tremendous light in Rey. She manages to see the good in people. Even a patricidal maniac. Which is also a fault to her character, she is desperate for human contact. Desperate for a family. Looking back on it I think her desperation is why she latches on to Han and Finn so easily. When Han was killed it was truly as if she lost the father she wishes she could have had. She also didn’t batt an eyelash when Finn revealed he was a Stormtrooper. These little moments from TFA make a lot more sense after the Last Jedi and really looking back on it, it’s probably the only way it should have gone down. I think people were getting wrapped up in trying to compare the this new trilogy to the OT and find parallels that just weren’t there. We just assumed they were.

Poe, NO!- Poe is the cocky pilot who has authority issues. Sound familiar? I think people so desperately wanted a new Han and they thought they found him the rogue fighter pilot played by Oscar Isaac. We see Poe briefly in the Force Awakens beginning, he shows that devil may care attitude that just manages to resonate with audiences. The Last Jedi sees Poe with a greatly expanded role. We see him making wise cracks, even makes a prank call. He disobeys orders, he basically has all of those qualities of the charming rogue that people have loved for pretty much as long as Hollywood has existed. Then something happens, Poe fucks up. He gets a lesson as to what it means to be a leader, what it means to be a hero. Sometimes that isn’t going headstrong into a fight. Later in the movie he goes through quite the arc, completely different than what we usually see with this archetype. He goes from seeing the objective to seeing the bigger picture. This movie manages to take this character in a different direction than expected, it warrants his existence and I think it’ll be very interesting to see where Poe is at the beginning of the next chapter after allowing hope into his heart. People were mad that Holdo didn’t tell Poe her plan. Why the fuck should she? Poe managed to get part of their fleet destroyed through reckless actions and sent two others on a ridiculous mission that was doomed to fail. Holdo telling Poe the plan would have been a cheat and it would have robbed us an interesting arc that I hope is adhered to in Episode IX. Plus, really it would not have made since for Poe to go off and do is own thing if he actually knew Holdo’s plan.

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Frosty_86 posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

The Last Jedi Musings- Part 2

His Name is Finn, Bitch- One of the heroes of this trilogy is Stormtrooper turned Resistance hero, Finn, played by John Boyega. Finn certainly struggles with the idea of being a hero, in fact most of what he does is more to help Rey in the first movie than it is actually to help the resistance. Finn is tasked by Poe to find a codebreaker to break the First Order’s hyperspace tracking system. It requires him and his new partner, Rose (played by Kelly Marie Tran), to go down to a planet and then board a First Order ship. This endeavor fails, miserably. They put their trust into the wrong person. Leading to some Resistance ships being blown up, further diminishing their already low numbers. Leading to a showdown between Finn and Captain Phasma, his former First Order commander. This twist with Finn’s storyline leads to Finn almost becoming engulfed in hatred. For the first time Finn wants to destroy the First Order, the hell with anything else. Rose brings him back from that place and it is finally revealed the point of this movie. Hope and love is why they fight; it is what fuels the rebellion.

Luke, You Tricky Son of a Bitch- Ever since The Force Awakens ended, Rey was supposed to begin her training with Luke. She just had to, then that asshole threw away his own lightsaber. Luke is beaten, he is a shell of a person after what happened with Ben Solo. The training rey goes through with Luke is not like what Luke went with Yoda. Point in fact, what Luke does is not Jedi training. It is showing Rey that she has to forge her own path, it is showing that she has a chance to change the way things were done before. We don’t get any cool montages or any test to show Rey’s strength to lift the X-Wing out of the water that has been in the water much longer than his X-Wing in Empire Strikes Back. Luke somehow manages to make it to the planet the resistance escaped to. He’s sporting a freshly trimmed beard and blue lightsaber, you know the one that got destroyed in Rey and Kylo’s force battle. He did a lot before he made it from the far reaches of the galaxy to this planet. He also does the thing he said he wouldn’t do, go face to face with an army that outnumbers him. He manages to get completely bombarded with laser fire, walks away and wipes off his shoulder. The theater cheered and clapped. My wife and I were just like something was up but we weren’t sure what. Yea, we learned that Luke used the force to project himself to the planet. This proves to kill him. So the epic showdown everybody thought they were getting was hoodwink, a bamboozle in a movie full of misdirection and flimflams. Again people complaining missed the point. The point of the movie was to reignite hope, Luke gave the resistance hope. He helped the resistance escape and the new age of the light side is ready to come to the forefront.

Chrome Dome- Yea, Captain Phasma essentially showed up to have a final showdown with Finn. Hell she may be in in the next movie, I don’t know. People are bitching about she didn’t have much of a part and that she’s wasted. I think people really aren’t looking at the bigger picture as to what she is to Finn. She is essentially the manifestation of his old life, he had to kill her before he could move on and be a true hero of the resistance. For me she is a secondary villain and really Star Wars in the grand scheme of things has never really delivered very many awesome secondary villains. Yea, you can point out Boba Fett all you want. I’ve never really understood the hype of Boba Fett either. He shows up late in the second act of Empire, as a few lines and then is killed in ROTJ before the end of the first act (which I know irks fans). Phasma serves the purpose of the evil henchman and the personification of Finn’s old life. I really don’t see the point of any kind of surprise turn for the character.

As I said my full, spoiler free review will be posted on my Letterboxd profile sometime in the near future. I loved The Last Jedi, it may actually be my second favorite of the series. I know that the filmmakers said at some point Force Awakens was Han’s movie, Last Jedi was Luke’s movie and Episode IX would have been Leia’s movie. Unfortunately, due to the loss of Carey Fisher will change that. I actually think TLJ is both Luke and Leia’s movie, in the sense that they are serving as mentors for the new era heroes. So now Episode IX can serve the purpose of it being the new generation coming in to their own.

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Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Alright, got all of my reviews copied to my Letterboxd profile
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Damn, I just read that MFC is going to close down. I have been a part of the JoBlo community for ten years. I joined the forums back in my drunken college days. It's sad news but somehow I'm oddly content with it. The social media portion of this site as been a big part of my life for a while now but it seems like a lot of people have moved on. I can say I've highly enjoyed coming here multiple times a day and reading varying views, opnions and insights on (well) hell everything. I've joined the MFC on Facebook club LelekPL posted in his blog. I would still like to keep in contact my MFC family If anybody is interested here is my Facebook and my Letterboxd
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Jesus fucking Christ I would like to know my work schedule next week so I know as to when in the fuck I can go see The Last Jedi.
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I've been playing Mad Max this week. It's a cool game. A few minor issues but cool as hell to be in the world. It's caused me to marathon the movies (still need to get Thunderdome). As I'm going these movies. It's made me think of something I thought of long ago. i think some leaders of other countries gathered around and decided on a little experiment. They'd nuke Australia to cut them off. Then see if the country would build itself back up or descend into chaos. Once the later happened the rest of the world just went on their lives.
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Jurassic World 2=
JohnLocke2342 at 08:12 AM Dec 08

^ this

oscarxp25 at 10:25 AM Dec 08

Pretty much sums it up

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Frosty_86 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: about 1 month ago



Directed by: Peyton Reed
Written by: Edgar Wright
Cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena, Corey Stoll, Kevin Weisman, Bobby Cannavale
Studio: Marvel Studios
Genre: Action, Science-Fiction
Official Site:
Plot: Scott Lang is recruited to become the smallest Avenger


Ant-Man may have been Marvel's hardest sell. For people unfamiliar with comic lore a man who shrinks to the size of an ant and can control ants is a pretty fucking ridiculous premise. I don't know, it's for sure between this and Guardians as to which would actually be harder to sell. Guardians may win just because of so fewer people being familiar with the comics but Ant-Man has to be a close second. Guardians certainly was more successful but Ant-Man is still one of my favorites in the MCU...[more]...

Other reviews of this film: cerealkiller182 (8/10) , oscarxp25 (7/10) > Display all
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

As much as as I would love to see Wolverine on screen with Iron Man and Cap and I would love one less reason to give asshat Rupert Murdoch my money. I don’t like the idea of Disney acquiring Fox, talk about the massive continuity overall. Plus I’m really digging the ideas Fox is presenting with their comic properties.
grelber37 at 04:59 AM Dec 05

We need a variety of studios taking a variety of approaches. Not every Marvel Tale need now be Disneyfied.

Frosty_86 at 11:30 AM Dec 05

Right! Logan and Deadpool proved that there is room for telling different types of stories in the genre. This whole thing begs the question how will the current slate of movies change from either studio. Will the second part of the Infinity War be delayed and will it feature X-Men? Will we get a superhero movie practically every month? How will it change the universe that has spent all of this time building and rebuilding?

Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Screenrant had a list today of top 5 characters most likely to die in Infinity War. From least to most likely the list read Drax, Vision, Loki, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers. As I've said before I feel like Steve and Tony are too obvious because of contracts ending. Plus Steve "dying" in the comics was a very recent arc in a long line of stories. Now I'm not going to completely rule out Steve, I think there are more characters likely to be on the chopping block. The fact that Vision isn't number one on the list just puzzles me, his fate is the most obvious. I'm not going to rule Drax out either. I will say I think Loki does need to die. I think other characters to consider are Bucky, Natasha, and Nick Fury.
grelber37 at 09:00 PM Nov 29

It will be interesting to see who all goes and stays after Avengers 4. It will be interesting to see which characters get updated for diversity. Certainly, the comic-book sources have given audiences a new Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, et al.

Cochise at 09:37 PM Nov 29

I hope they don't kill Drax. He was the definite highlight of GOTG2, and I'd like to see him complete that trilogy. I think it's gotta be one of the main cast members.

I can see Tony dying, but in Infinity War 2. I could see him (or both him and Rogers, which could be cool) both sacrificing themselves to defeat Thanos once and for all.

I don't think either will die in this one though. Vision for sure. Maybe Loki, but I don't really see a point in them killing Loki to be honest.

I feel like in this one minor characters will die, like Black Widow, Vision, Scarlet Witch even (revenge?), Hawkeye (though I kind of hope they keep him alive the whole time, and then just retire him, that could be funny), War Machine, Nebula. Then in Avengers 4,

Frosty_86 at 06:17 AM Nov 30

@grelber, you do make a good point with other characters taking up the mantle of the heroes. It's happened in comics for a long time now, so I think that's something that won't be ruled out. However, I don't think they should do it with very many of them.

@Cochise, Drax is a favorite of mine but there's still something about him that ultimately makes me think he's dispensable in the overall Avengers story. I can't put my finger on it but I do think his reckless nature could be his undoing.

I could see that as well. The thing with that is that they literally killing off their most successful characters. I would almost say that Tony should die over Steve simply because Steve is all about sacrifice for a higher cause that it makes him so obvious that actually keeping him alive would be better. Tony dying would be profound since he is always trying to find ways out and stuff like that.

Obviously neither would happen until part 4. With Loki there probably isn't much point but I also don't see the point of keeping him around.

I kind of like Black Widow is the most likely out of the minor characters, after Vision of course. The thing with Hawkeye is that I kind of like where they fucked around with Ultron and didn't kill him they kind of lost their chance.

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Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Infinity War trailer was awesome but seriously, who's on charge of spoiler control over there? It gave away some pretty big things from Ragnarok for those who haven't seen it and it gives away the Vision moment we all knew was coming. On another note with Vision, what do you all think the chances are Wanda ends up having his kid? I had major goosebumps with that shot with Cap, Bucky, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Hulk. Awesome stuff.
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving MFC!!
Frosty_86 updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

I just finished episode 6 of The Punisher. Overall I think it's damn good show. I need to finish before I can safely say where it lies with the other MCU/Netflix shows. It's definitely better than Iron Fist, which I realize is not saying much. I'm highly digging Berenthal, he's breathing some life into Castle and not playing him as a robot and not just doing a bunch of tough guy brooding. I never doubted his acting skills in his ability to play the character. I was just always worried Castle would get his own series and he'd fall into some of the same trappings that have been criticized in previous entries.
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