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Pulp Fiction
#1 Movie of All-Time
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
#1 Comedy
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
#1 Action
#1 Sci-Fi
Friday the 13th (1980)
#1 Horror
Dazed and Confused
#1 Stoner
Toy Story
#1 Animated
Garden State
#1 Romantic Comedy
Jack Nicholson
#1 Actor
Kate Beckinsale
#1 Actress
Quentin Tarantino
#1 Director
Kate Beckinsale
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The Joker (The Dark Knight)
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Freddy Krueger
Hello everyone! I haven't been on MFC in months, what's the good word?
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Super Schmoe
Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Hello everyone! I haven't been on MFC in months, what's the good word?
cristane at 11:32 AM Apr 19

Everybody knows that the bird is the word. ;)

WalkAway at 12:19 PM Apr 19

MFC's Sexiest Woman Alive contest! Check out my photos.

randychico at 01:12 PM Apr 19

^both of them are correct :D

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Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

I like tea and cake for tea and cake time.
Sylar Victim #420
Sylar Victim #420 at 08:50 AM Sep 08

Red green blue green blue blue.

Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative.
BigEvil84 at 01:48 AM Jun 24

(soft voice) "We all go a little mad sometimes."

girlcreeture at 09:20 AM Jun 24

S'other way 'round actually, psychos inspire the movies therefore, it's the psychos that make the movies more creative

Reaper6819 at 10:12 PM Jun 24

scream is awesome!!!

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Freddy Krueger created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Top Ten Hottest Actresses Over 50

1. Michelle Pfeiffer (52)
2. Kim Basinger (56)
3. Jane Seymour (59)
4. Tanya Roberts (54)
5. Dana Delaney (54)
6. Helen Mirren (64)
7. Mary Steenburgen (57)
8. Annette Bening (52)
9. Susan Lucci (63)
10. Olivia Newton-John (61)
Dr.Frankenstein at 07:09 PM Jun 22

1. 2. 7. =boing! boing! boing!

Amanda45 at 07:35 PM Jul 04

I still think Michelle Pfeifer is the prettiest person on the planet.

HeyDude3007 at 05:09 PM Jul 22

Great List, Michelle Pfeiffer is hot.

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Freddy Krueger posted a VIDEO item: over 7 years ago

Don't fuck with Joe Pesci


Rogue428 at 04:13 AM Jun 19

Man I love that movie. I adore that scene just because Niki is so damned over the top.

Highspeed at 11:13 AM Jun 19

Can't wait till Pesci's new movie comes out.

Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

I was contemplating making a Top Ten Gangster Films list, but I think I'll refrain. I don't feel like getting bitched at because I won't have The Godfather at number one.
TheChanges23 at 04:20 AM Jun 19

Hey man, do the list....hell at least people pay attention to yours no matter what you Plus we gotta definitely have people who put it out there who love OTHER movies beside the aforementioned classics!...

Mongo at 05:52 AM Jun 19

I pay attetion to yer's aswell.

Highspeed at 11:37 AM Jun 19

The Godfather is an amazing film but as far as gangster films go I wouldn't necessarily have it as number one either. That honor goes to Goodfellas for me.

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Freddy Krueger posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago
I really don't want to see Jonah Hex, but I think I may have to.

timmyd at 12:57 PM Jun 18

F#@* ME, how could you not find MEGAN AMAZING ??!!?

elmariachi01 at 11:44 PM Jun 18

because she's not all that??? only my opinion.
i'd wait for the dvd.

HeyDude3007 at 04:37 PM Jul 29

lol,I Agree with FNDanny.

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Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

WTF?!?!?! What a bullshit call. If we lose or draw now, that call will be talked about for the rest of the Cup. Ridiculous.
optimusprime24 at 12:49 PM Jun 18

Yeah, stupid call

Tyson J.
Tyson J. at 02:20 PM Jun 19

Maybe it will overshadow people complaining about the ball and how it's not a "regular" ball.

Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger at 03:11 AM Jun 18

Actually, that's incorrect. I haven't seen Lord of War, but I hear good things.

VitamanMan8 at 03:41 AM Jun 18

Oh... Jackie Brown? He says something very, very similar in Lord of War...

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger at 11:27 AM Jun 18

Jackie Brown it is! Very underrated flick.

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Freddy Krueger posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago

elmariachi01 at 11:44 PM Jun 17

she looked good until i got to the tattoo and then it's like i heard the scratch on a record... it just kills it for me.

KristonBlazer at 11:56 PM Jun 17

she's got it made. isn't she dating the future riddler?? : x

Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Roses are red, violets are blue, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 04:00 PM Jun 17


Psycho-Pirate-99 at 04:04 PM Jun 17


MJZ at 04:37 PM Jun 17

unless you can withstand all that magnetic energy I say push it, brother...

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Freddy Krueger created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Top Ten TV Shows

1. Lost
2. Lost
3. Lost
4. Lost
5. Lost
6. Lost
7. Lost
8. Lost
9. Lost
10. Seinfeld
timmyd at 03:22 PM Jun 17

I'M sorry for your lost, but it's time to move on. AT least to HMV , and pick the series up on DVD. SEINFELD'S a given, never gets old, cristane has a couple of remedies, DEXTER and BREAKING BAD, both rock ! TRUE BLOOD and DURHAM COUNTY are also great shows !!

VitamanMan8 at 02:55 AM Jun 18

hahaha good list.

HeyDude3007 at 05:09 PM Jul 22


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Freddy Krueger created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Top Ten LOST Moments (Spoilers)

1. The Final Scene - Jack's death: Jack collapses, Vincent lays down next to him, he sees the plane fly overhead, a look of relief, closeup of his eye closing.
2. Not Penny's Boat - Charlie's death: He makes contaact with Penny, he realizes the freighter is not hers, he sees Mikhail at the window with a grenade, he closes the door to the room and writes "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand to warn Desmond and drowns, sacrificing himself.
3. "We have to go back!" - The first flashforward: We see Jack waiting for someone, a car pulls up, IT'S KATE, WTF?!, they argue and she storms off, Jack yells "We have to go back!" Oh shit, they got off the island.
4. Desmond calls Penny - Des finds his constant: Des' consciousness keeps traveling back and forth through time, through trials and tribulations he learns he has to locate his constant (Penny), with the help of Sayid, he phones Penny, whom he hasn't spoken to in years, and they share a very loving and heartfelt reunion.
5. With death, comes new life - Boone's death/Aaron's birth: Perfectly edited sequence of Boone's final moments with Jack and Kate helping Claire give birth to her baby.
6. Opening scene - The crash: Jack's eye opens, he hears screams, he runs towards the beach and there it is. Chaos.
7. "Why are you doing this to ME?!" - The hatch lights up: Locke, exhausted and exasperated with eveyrthing he's been through, kneels on top ot the hatch, pounding on it, crying and screaming. He's looking for a purpose, he thought this was it, he thought it was part of his destiny to get to this point, to this hatch, to see what's next. He feels like giving up. Suddenly, a light shines through the window on the door. A look of shock, releif and amazement comes across his face.
8. Double cross, double murder - Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby: Michael, desperately trying to get his son back, returns to the Losties and says he had a plan to infiltrate the Others. Unbeknownst to all, he already has a plan. He shoots Ana Lucia, who is "guarding Ben," and also shoots unfortunate witness, Libby. He sets Ben free and shoots himself in the arm, making it look like a break out.
9. "Don't you leave me!" - Juliet's death: During the gang's plan to set off the bomb at the Swan station, Juliet gets tangled in chains and dragged into the massive hole by the electromagnetism. Just before she's a goner, Sawyer grabs her arm to try and save her. The force is too much and the chains she's wrapped in can't be reached to free her. Juliet says her heartfelt goodbye's while Sawyer maintains hope and yells at her not let go. And then, she's gone.
10. The Showdown - The fight between Jack and Locke/MIB: With an epic first shot of them standing on the cliff during a storm, Jack in the high ground, Locke in the low, they run at each other, Jack LEAPS TOWARD LOCKE... and commerical cut. Awesome. The battle ensues, and eventually Jack is stabbed in the side, Locke is about to finish him off with a knife to the throat, when Kate comes out of nowhere and shoots Locke in the back, "I saved you a bullet!" Jack rises, takes one last look at the Man in Black disguised as Locke, and kicks him off the cliff.
YoshioKun13 at 05:16 PM Jun 17

Great list, outstanding choices!

IMO though you're missing perhaps the best moment of all of them, the one from early on that no doubt cemented the fandom behind this fantastic series..

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger at 11:48 AM Jun 18

Thanks, guys! Glad everyone enjoys the list. It was REALLY hard narrowing the list down to ten, so I realize not every great moment is on here.

Yoshio, to what moment are you referring?

HeyDude3007 at 05:11 PM Jul 22

Great great List !

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Freddy Krueger posted an IMAGE item: over 7 years ago
I like Katy Perry's new video.

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger at 11:45 PM Jun 15

To be honest, I expected at least one by now.

elmariachi01 at 11:59 PM Jun 15

she sings??

Cherry Liquor
Cherry Liquor at 01:37 AM Jun 16

Hell, if I could get the video uploaded here, I'd share that. Weird-ass CandyLand dream for something that should have been more sunny & sandy, but I'm not complaining.

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Freddy Krueger updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

So Texas is staying, thus saving the conference. Let me see if I've got this straight... The Big XII now has 10 teams, and the Big Ten now has 12 teams. Interesting.
Mongo at 01:27 AM Jun 15

I'm sure they'll get back to 12. As for the Big 10,I don't like they sound of the Big 11 lol. We know the Irish won't go. And I'm wondering if they'll make it the Big 14 or 16.

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger at 11:43 AM Jun 15

Reports say that the Big XII commissioner is content at staying at ten teams. Even if they weren't, I don't see who they could add, besides TCU. The Big Ten has had eleven teams since 1990 when Penn State joined.

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