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HOWDY HOWDY!! I disappeared for a while again, Schmoes! I was busy f*cking your mothers. No, no I wasn't. I just moved out into the desert, right into the heart of Phoenix. If anyone lives here and wants to grab a beer and talk movies, please hit me up. Also, I just saw Titanic 3D. They still didn't see that goddamn ice burg coming at them. Even in 3D.
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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

Finally saw Up In The Air. I really dug it, but Anna Kendrick bugs me... can't figure out why.
FatLuggage at 12:03 AM Feb 11

Ahhh That's it! Totally forgot about that part of the podcast (Excellent podcast by the way!). Yeah, so it's not so much the eyes, definitely the mouth. I've been staring at all the pictures on here imdb page trying to figure it out. She really doesn't have an upper lip. No emotion in the mouth... just like a horse.

Johnny Moreno
Johnny Moreno at 08:43 AM Feb 11

Actually Jim Law said that. But I can't argue with him. Because he's a big dude.

beatrixkiddo at 10:42 AM Feb 11

It was Jim Law. Sorry, you guys made me drink. lol

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

Just took like 7 or 8 shots of rum and jager. Now I'm gonna walk through the snow to the bowling alley to hang out with beautiful women. Hopefully it will all be inspiration to write a shit load tonight.
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

Don't really care about the Super Bowl, but I do love the food people bring out during the Super Bowl.
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

sitting in an empty theater waiting to see Edge Of Darkness. Hope it doesn't suck.
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

Just saw Until The Light Takes Us. It's a story I already knew very well, but I really liked seeing these people talk about it. Fantastic interviews with Varg about burning churches and killing Euronymous.
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 8 years ago

Just bought a Western Digital TV HD Player. Now it's time to watch some blu ray rips on my tv!
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: almost 9 years ago

Well, it looks like I have committed myself to a road trip to San Diego this summer for SDCC. Except, there was only Thursday and Sunday passes available... so hopefully there is some other shit to do while everyone else is doing fun shit on Friday and Saturday.
Strider at 04:40 AM Jan 24


The Friday and Saturday passes sold out quick, and the 4-day passes sold out sometime last November. I bought my 4-day pass just in the nick of time, only a couple of days before they sold out. I've been going to the Comic-Con every year since 2005. It's a fucking blast. I love it.

Have you been to the SDCC before?

And there's plenty of stuff to do in SD. You don't have anything to worry about. You'll have a great time. :D

FatLuggage at 09:58 AM Jan 24

Nah, oddly enough, I had never even been to southern California until a couple of years ago. Should be a good time! There are a lot of people I am looking forward to meeting while there.

FatLuggage posted an IMAGE item: almost 9 years ago

Ocelot_Snake at 01:46 AM Jan 24

I have never tried drunk watching, i'm usually drunk wrestling

Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey at 02:22 AM Jan 24

How bout a while-drunk-wrestling watch?

FrancoYesca at 12:12 PM Jan 24

Holmes meets Jurassic Park meets Reign of Fire? I'll smoke AND drink with this in the DVD player, thank you very much.

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Hey! It's Thursday night. Any movie recommendations for the evening??
Cherry Liquor
Cherry Liquor at 12:20 AM Jan 22

Gah... I have 3 movies from NetFlix and I've been lacking motivation (or it's just my ADD flaring up again) to sit still for one. Funniest part? They're all horror remakes. I like how you can go into them with the lowest of expectations and not have to worry about being disappointed yet have the potential for being enlightened. And I blame my respect of The Arrow for the BLACK XMAS remake and his claim that people needed to give it another shot. I liked the original, so I'm hesitating....

Oh, and you should totally just watch some porn. Make it an easy decision. ;)

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Sweet Jesus! Lloyd Kaufman is going to be here this weekend for Tromapalooza! It's only $8?! I will be there!
FrancoYesca at 09:06 PM Jan 20

Troma-whata-what?! Sounds like a blast. Will any Tromettes be in attendance?

FatLuggage posted a VIDEO item: about 8 years ago

Watchmen, Saturday morning cartoon style!


John Law
John Law at 05:00 PM Jan 16

Rape scene brought to you by Kellogg's!

Acerbus III
Acerbus III at 10:45 PM Jan 16

that is funny stuff

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Ahhhh Fuck you iTunes!!! All 200 gigs of my music and podcasts just magically disappeared. I hate computers.
Matches_Malone at 12:35 PM Jan 10

that's not kind, sorry to hear that man.

Strider at 03:29 PM Jan 10

That's terrible, man. I know what it's like to lose valuable stuff on the computer. I feel your pain...

Acerbus III
Acerbus III at 03:55 PM Jan 10

nightmare scenario

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

What are these fucking iguanas doing here?!
Johnny Moreno
Johnny Moreno at 12:49 AM Jan 08


FatLuggage at 01:19 PM Jan 08

Dude, Bad Lieutenant was incredible!

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Oops. I rented World's Greatest Dad a few days before Christmas, and forgot about it until today. Just shows how crazy shit has been around here lately. I think I'm gonna have to get a job at the video store just so I don't have to pay that late fee. If I only I had the time for another job right now...
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 8 years ago

Aren't these AVATAR numbers a bunch of horseshit?? Since AVATAR tickets in 3D and IMAX are almost double the cost of a normal movie ticket?? How much would it make if it were released as a normal 2d movie?
jekupka at 01:02 AM Dec 28

That's a good point. But I don't think the studios give a shit. =)

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