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HOWDY HOWDY!! I disappeared for a while again, Schmoes! I was busy f*cking your mothers. No, no I wasn't. I just moved out into the desert, right into the heart of Phoenix. If anyone lives here and wants to grab a beer and talk movies, please hit me up. Also, I just saw Titanic 3D. They still didn't see that goddamn ice burg coming at them. Even in 3D.
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FatLuggage added a DVD to his collection: about 5 years ago
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FatLuggage at 12:00 AM Oct 18

Definitely didn't mean to click that button.

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Watching After Life, and so far Christina Ricci is naked for half of the movie.
Skullbone at 11:26 PM Oct 17

That makes it a great no matter what. She has got the goods.

FatLuggage at 11:34 PM Oct 17

Yeah, it was actually a pretty decent flick too! Liam Neeson, Justin Long and Ricci topless most of the time.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 01:32 AM Oct 18

I do love me some nekkid Ricci.

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Took a break from the horror flicks today, and watched How To Train Your Dragon, which was awesome. Now I am watching Red Riding: 1974. I'm only about 30 minutes in and it's already excellent. Andrew Garfield is a damn fine actor.
FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Watching the 5th Fangoria Fright Fest film, Grimm Love. Keri Russel looks pretty good in this movie, I think.
horrorfan23 at 11:57 PM Oct 16

They were responsible for movies like Slashers and Skinned Deep that show what they're capable of.

FatLuggage at 12:03 AM Oct 17

Oh jesus, this movie is too much about literally eating dick. Human dick. EATING HUMAN DICK! THIS GUY IS EATING HIS OWN DICK!

Matches_Malone at 12:42 AM Oct 17

I hated Slashers. Cool premise, but horrible execution. I tried watching Skinned Deep and made it maybe 15 minutes in before I turned it off. Didn't like the look of it.

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Watching the movie FROGS. So far, there have been lots of toads, and a couple snakes... but only like one real frog. The same old racist guy from The Thing With Two heads is also in this movie.
timmyd at 01:05 AM Oct 10

I love the classics !!

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

I am watching The Thing With Two Heads. They transplanted a white bigot's head on a soul brother's body!
FatLuggage at 09:33 PM Oct 08

I would like to see a remake with a much more racist white guy and Samuel L Jackson.

brewsky99 at 09:43 PM Oct 08

Samuel L Jackson and Mel Gibson I am Sold.
Get this Muther Fucking White Racist off My Muther Fucking Neck.

FatLuggage at 09:46 PM Oct 08

Holy shit! That is the perfect combo!

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

I just finished FROZEN. Pretty messed up. I liked it.
Terminal_83 at 07:06 AM Oct 06


FatLuggage at 07:10 AM Oct 06

Yeah, it was good. Living in Colorado, and going on ski lifts for years and years, my friends and I decided it couldn't happen here. Too much traffic on the resorts here.

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 07:17 AM Oct 06

I liked it but I wasn't blown away by it, from all the hype I was expecting it to be much more intense than it was.

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Making my way through the Fangoria Film Fest dvds! Just sat down to watch Road Kill, which actually looks decent. I watched The Tomb yesterday, which was alright, kinda boring. And I watched Dark House, which had pretty good special effects, but I did not care for it. I'm going to watch Frozen after this.
SuperMarcey at 01:19 AM Oct 06

I watched the start of The Tomb, only interest was Wes Bentley.

FatLuggage at 01:24 AM Oct 06

Well, I finished Road Kill, and I did like it. It was pretty good, and well made, but the end kinda ruined the movie. Still the best of the Fangoria Film Fest so far. It made me want to go to Australia, which I wanted to do anyways i guess.

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

This is what i have so far on my Horror Month list. Starting with a Let Me In screening on Thursday night. Let Me In Let The Right One In Scream Hellraiser Poltergiest Troll 2 Evil Dead Shaun of the Dead Session 9 Nightmare on Elm Street (original and remake) The Wicker Man (old) Splice Survival of the Dead Zombi Equinox Maniac! Q: The Winged Serpent Murder Party The Sentinel Fright Night Wind Chill Blood Car Trick R' Treat
YoshioKun13 at 03:07 AM Sep 28

ADD -> Jacob's Ladder.

randychico at 06:19 AM Sep 28

Good choices man... all the films that I've seen in this list are excellent horror films (maybe Q not so much haha)

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

Say what you will, but I can't stand football. Living with two people who watch every game of all teams really does suck. I'm leaving the house to see THE TOWN today.
randychico at 12:59 AM Sep 20

I don't really like any sport and my dad likes ALL of them... he follows everything he can flipping through like 5 channels when everything is being televised.. so yeah, I feel your pain

FatLuggage posted an IMAGE item: about 5 years ago

threezy at 09:17 PM Sep 19

That's a bad ass beard.

FatLuggage at 09:26 PM Sep 19

Thanks dude. It's one of my biggest, but it's only about 2 and a half months of growth, and I don't plan on getting rid of it til the end of this year. (luckily I will only see my boss one time before the end of the year)

elmariachi01 at 03:58 AM Sep 21

Was it taken in a bunker? ;)

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

I'm back in Colorado! Not ready to go back to work though... Also, it's almost TV watching season, and the list of shows I plan to watch this season is fucking ridiculous.
evanalltogether at 07:24 AM Sep 10

Same with me. Every year I say I'm gonna cut down on the shows I watch, but it just keeps growing.

FatLuggage updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

Going on vacation tomorrow to Portland, OR for for my sister's wedding. I'll be drunk all week! Plus, I will be staying across the street from an awesome movie theater that plays good shit.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:50 AM Aug 31

Congrats to the your sister. Mine lives out in Portland too, and she's just gotten engaged! What a world!

FatLuggage posted an IMAGE item: over 5 years ago
New work shirt for the week. The only good work shirt i've ever gotten, I think.

razgriz21 at 04:24 AM Aug 30

Kick ass show!

Tyson J.
Tyson J. at 09:25 PM Sep 19

Definitely a sweet shirt, though that advert at the top for the discs seems a little out of place. Maybe just me.

FatLuggage at 09:37 PM Sep 19

Well, I do merchandising work for the movie studios, so all the free shirts I have turn me into a walking ad.

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FatLuggage updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

CENTURION was pretty badass. Pretty simple story, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I am going to sit down and watch a couple other new movies tonight, but I'm not sure what yet. Any suggestions?!
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