FatLuggage updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Greetings schmoes!! Just got back from a gator farm in the desert on a gator wrestling/UFO search road trip! I found no aliens, but I did meet an old alligator by the name of Morris, who was pretty famous for being in Happy Gilmore, Interview With A Vampire, Alligator 1 and 2, and once tore apart the set of Coach! I wanted to wrestle with him, but he looked pretty mean. Anywho, just dropping in from the road to say hello to all my favorite Schmoes!

Dr.Frankenstein at 05:30 AM Aug 05

Well yr one interesting fella.+ thx for the cool info ; )

FatLuggage at 05:34 AM Aug 05

Haha It's what I do. I come in here and I either send people video games from the trunk of my car (Which I haven't done in a while. Sorry!) or bring you totally useless info! I'm leaving on another adventure first thing in the morning.

Highspeed at 05:34 AM Aug 05

Sounds like a blast man.

jekupka at 05:43 AM Aug 05

What up man, sounds like you're having a pretty cool time. Oh, and you might have met aliens, you just don't remember.

FatLuggage at 05:48 AM Aug 05

Haha That's true! I was sleeping on the Cosmic Highway the other night, where all those cows were mutilated in 1967 and on. There could have been aliens all around me.

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 06:31 AM Aug 05

"Damn alligator bit my hand off!"