FatLuggage updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Any of you schmoes watch the show Ancient Aliens?! I just watched both seasons in like 2 days. Shit blew my mind! Can't stop talking about it... and it was like 3 weeks ago.

Munson, Roy E.
Munson, Roy E. at 04:53 AM Jun 30

love that show

FatLuggage at 04:59 AM Jun 30

Dude, I want to go to this Oak Island place and continue digging! How come no one is doing this??? (other than all the deaths...)

elmariachi01 at 06:30 AM Jun 30

Fat luggage! Where the fuck you been???
Also tell me about this show. What's it about?

FatLuggage at 12:25 AM Jul 03

Haha I think someone asks me that every single time I post on MFC. The show is just awesome on the History Channel, incredibly interesting documentary show about ancient megaliths and discoveries and theories about aliens being involved in some of them.