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Maybe it's just me but Gimli asking for a strand of Galadriel's hair seems kind of creepy.
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Fab-007 posted an IMAGE item: 12 months ago
There are Bat-fans and Bat-fans...I am the latter. Too bad it doesn't come back to me after I throw it.

Dodong27 at 09:30 AM Sep 12

Bat-Remote for the WIN!

Fab-007 created a LIST: 12 months ago

It's been a long time since I created a list, so here is one of some of my favourite supporting characters:

1. Enda Mode - The Incredibles
2. Agent Coulson - Multiple Marvel films
3. R2D2 - Star Wars
4. Alfred - Batman films
5. Q - The Bond films
6. Quint - Jaws
7. Inigo Montoya - The Princess Bride
8. Mickey - Rocky
9. Juba - Gladiator
10. Eames - Inception
Glinda at 03:03 PM Sep 10

Quint is one of my top all-time favorite characters too. Love Edna Mode!

Laksmikanti at 05:25 PM Sep 10

I loved Eames too!

Zo! at 01:57 PM Sep 13


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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I watched The Losers on my flight home last night. Funny how you can go back to a film years later and recognise actors that have since had a rise in fame. In this case Idris Elba.
JohnLocke2342 at 06:57 AM Aug 29

Haha yeah man that cast is stacked! Such a fun filck.

Cochise at 08:26 AM Aug 29

really dig that flick! And yeah I agree, always cool going back and seeing movies that you remember and enjoyed and then being like 'holy shit I don't remember so-and-so was in this!' now that they have risen to prominence. Back then it was just like 'alright cool, there's that guy, not sure who he is' and now going back it's like 'hey it's THAT guy!' haha

Glinda at 08:32 AM Aug 29

Really is a fun one and I may buy that one actually.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I would normally be hoping that Bryan Cranston wins for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad but after devouring True Detective I have to say I really want Matthew McConaughey to win. He was just simply spectacularly compelling in his role.
timmyd at 05:31 PM Aug 25

agreed. I would be extremely surprised if he didn't win. and extremely pissed.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

The wife and I devoured the remaining 6 episodes of True Detective in one night. What a terrific bit of television. On the flipside, we went and checked out Lucy last night. While I love ScarJo, that film was not well executed.
timmyd at 07:49 AM Aug 24

glad you loved DETECTIVE. Great stuff , that. I kinda liked LUCY , but it definitely had it's issues. and annoying habits.

Glinda at 03:07 PM Aug 24

Glad you guys loved True Detective. So good.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I can honestly say that I have always thought that Matthew McConaughey had talent but it is only in the last couple of years do I feel that he has really lived up to his potential.
Dodong27 at 08:31 AM Aug 21

I hear you. He was off and on before for me but I think he was great in A Time to Kill.

Fab-007 posted an IMAGE item: about 1 year ago
Birthday t-shirt with words to live by.

movieman32 at 10:46 AM Aug 20

Truer words have never been put on a shirt. Happy birthday!

Fab-007 at 04:32 PM Aug 20

Thanks all. It was indeed a great day.

I get that quote posted to my FB page about once every couple of months or so the t-shirt is extra special.

jeo4 at 10:54 AM Aug 24

This shirt is awesome. I'm glad your birthday was great!

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Started on True Detective last night. It's interesting for certain and the performances are amazing but the jury is still out on whether I love it.
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 06:22 AM Aug 18

I felt the same way.

Cochise at 07:53 AM Aug 18

I do think it is a bit overrated. But, I did think it was very good at the same time. Just not amazing or anything.

Otis_Driftwood at 07:24 PM Aug 18

If you haven't finished it, keep watching.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

The number of impactful performances across Robin Williams career are innumerable. He was truly a talent that spanned age groups and mediums.
Glinda at 08:27 PM Aug 12

He sure was Fab.

Thanks for that link Laks. Loved it.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Watched Snowpiercer on my flight home. What an excellent film.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Rewatching Captain America: The Winter Soldier reminded me of how saddened I am that they are once again replacing Steve Rogers in the comic books. Rogers/Cap is more than just a leader with a cool shield. He is the Marvel Universe's moral center. I have loved his juxtaposition against some of the mad amoral decisions made by the super geniuses of that world.
YoshioKun13 at 02:05 PM Aug 07

The WINTER SOLDIER movie really did a good job, fantastic even in getting all of what you just said across.

As I like to say, to me it was more of a real Superman movie than MoS was.

Anakin at 02:17 PM Aug 07

Never bothers me when they 'replace' people like him. It will last a few months. Tops. Pointless.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I downloaded The Losers and Snowpiercer for my trip to The Netherlands. I guess it is going to be a Chris Evans kind of flight.
Derek237 at 07:20 AM Aug 05

I tried watching Cellular on a flight once but they asked me to turn it off.

Cochise at 07:55 AM Aug 05

^ haha.

Very nice Fab, really dig both of those!

Glinda at 08:25 AM Aug 05

I haven't seen The Losers but loved Snowpiercer. Enjoy!

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Guardians of the Galaxy managed to exceed my expectations. What a great film!!! Pelvic sorcery!!!
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Hercules was stupid and but fun overall. I wish that at some point someone will do the character justice. On the plus side, Atalanta was hot. I love me some fitness.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I am struggling how The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black are in the same Emmy category.
Glinda at 02:39 PM Jul 10

Yeah, that's odd I can't imagine who they came up with that.

Laksmikanti at 12:30 PM Jul 11

I guess the forgot A LOT of Orange is the New Black and only watched some youtube funny videos, then that will maybe explain it.

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