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I watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service for the first time since I was a kid. Brought back memories of my late brother and I when we were so very young.
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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Introduced my boys to Die Hard last night!
Glinda at 12:04 PM Jan 17


Laksmikanti at 12:04 PM Jan 19

Who liked it more? My guess is the younger.

Fab-007 at 02:26 PM Jan 19

Both eventually fell asleep but the younger one lasted longer. We started watching it too late.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Watched The Equalizer last night and really liked it. On a related note, the xBox One movie streaming service worked like a charm.
MrsData at 08:48 AM Jan 10

I liked it too, Denzel was awesome and Antoine Fuqua is one of the best action movie directors working today.

JohnnyPHreak at 04:23 PM Jan 10

I loved this movie. This was the best Fuqua film I've seen in years.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The brilliance of Marvel's strategy is inspiring. The scope and effectiveness of their plan is simply genius.
Moviefreak2010 at 11:08 PM Jan 06

yes it is

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

RIP Stuart Scott. Influental, funny and inspiring.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

A big movie night last night. I took my boys to see the final Hobbit in IMAX (amazing) and then later streamed The Interview (stupid fun!).
MrsData at 04:38 PM Jan 02

I totally agree about The Interview, Franco and the puppy were so ridiculously cute and silly.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

In 2014 I got married (again :-) ), traveled to Peru, England, The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, China, Australia and Japan (not to mention the is still a separate country) and completed my first Half Ironman. So I guess the year was alright. Have a safe and happy new year MFC!
JohnLocke2342 at 03:31 PM Dec 31

What a hell of a year, have a happy new year bro!

Laksmikanti at 03:14 AM Jan 01

and he call a year like that just "alright", can imagine what you will accomplish on 2015. Bring it!

Glinda at 08:29 PM Jan 01

Incredible year Fab!

Happy New Year!

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Godfather trilogy over Christmas and Guardians of the Galaxy last I need to take my boys to see The Hobbit and my holiday season will be complete.
Glinda at 09:29 PM Dec 30

Some heavy hitting of awesome movies there. Fun!

Moviefreak2010 at 11:25 PM Dec 30

hobbit is awesome no time to waste

superhero animated GIF

JohnLocke2342 at 01:19 AM Dec 31


Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I introduced my older son to The Godfather last night #damngoodparenting
Laksmikanti at 12:55 PM Dec 25

As estrange as this may sound, I was wondering when this would happen, what did he think about the movie?

Glinda at 10:57 PM Dec 25

Hope he loved it!

Fab-007 at 06:00 PM Dec 26

He liked it about as much as he could being 12 and less Italian than I am. The movie had more meaning for me at his age since I actually had Italian immigrant parents. I identified with it more.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

This MFC Ladies Calendar may be the best one ever. Congratulations and a big thanks to all involved.
Moviefreak2010 at 02:45 AM Dec 21


Laksmikanti at 08:32 AM Dec 21

Thank you Fab. I am really glad you liked it.
I am so happy for the results.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Every so often I will download a film for a long flight just based upon the positive ravings of my fellow MFC-ers. On this trip it was The World's End and I am really glad I did. What a wacky, fantastic film. Now I really want to watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
Moviefreak2010 at 01:40 AM Dec 18

have not seen but want to glad you enjoyed it

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

A great day today. An early 13km run and the Man of Steel with my boys. Every time I watch and see Superman getting grabbed by the cape I can hear Enda Mode's immortal words of wisodom....NO CAPES!!!
Moviefreak2010 at 02:05 AM Dec 08


Glinda at 09:26 PM Dec 09

Sounds like a great day! Awesome on that run.

Fab-007 created a LIST: 12 months ago

Top 10 Bond Films - really tough to do.

1. Casino Royale - An amazing revisioning with a clear nod to the intent of the novels.
2. Dr No - Bond's first appearance. One of the first true global action films. Sean Connery was both charming and menacing.
3. From Russia With Love - A true spy movie with Robert Shaw playing a most excellent and chilling villain.
4. Live and Let Die - Roger Moore's first and IMO best...before they turned him into a fop.
5. Goldfinger - Connery still at his best. Classic Bond and an excellent set of villains.
6. The Spy Who Loved Me - I did not love Roger Moore as Bond but this was the first Bond film that I saw on the big screen so it will always have a soft spot with me.
7. Skyfall - A great tribute to the history of Bond. The fact that I have it at 7 is how difficult a list like this is.
8. GoldenEye - Pierce Brosnen's first and like Roger Moore his first is probably his best.
9. You Only Live Twice - Bond as a ninja and the home of my favourite Connery/Bond quote "Birds do not nest in a bare tree" referring to his hairy chest.
10. Diamonds Are Forever - Plenty O'Toole...enough said :-)

Based on a list by OldKingClancy

Glinda at 06:28 PM Dec 04

Nice list!

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 07:05 AM Dec 06

Great Bond list..its Shaken, not stired.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Came to visit but have to avoid The Walking Dead spoilers. I am several weeks behind from all the travel.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Two new viewings this past week. Dredd was a surprisingly enjoyable little film. The Ides of March was just ok for me. Enjoyable but forgettable.
Invidtus at 11:39 AM Nov 24

Dredd is a recent favorite-

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 01:55 PM Nov 24

Dredd was entertaining, I've still yet to watch Ides of March.

Glinda at 03:19 PM Nov 26

^Same. Loved Dredd but not sen Ides of March.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Caught Interstellar on IMAX last night with my wife. Christopher Nolan certainly gives you your money's worth as it was quite the epic and moving film but likely one I only have to see once. On a related note, it was interesting that this was the first time where there were neither previews nor the normal IMAX commercial ahead of the film. Quite literally the lights went down and the movie came on.
Glinda at 06:53 PM Nov 22

Interesting! I didn't see it in IMAX and regret that now. Glad you enjoyed it.

Dodong27 at 12:00 PM Nov 24

We also didn't see any previews... it was like, just press Play.

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