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I really enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel as the host of the Oscars. He was funny without being overly mean, he was consistent and charming.
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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Tricia Helfer is one of those women that, regardless of any "type" I may typically enjoy, that I think is just f**king sexy. Yes, a rare expletive on my part.
Laksmikanti at 07:23 AM Sep 09

I know what you mean, ...Canadians have that effect on people.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Maybe it's just me but Gimli asking for a strand of Galadriel's hair seems kind of creepy.
Cochise at 01:13 PM Aug 31

he does? lol yeah creepy

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I am not sure which I am more excited for Star Wars or Spectre.
Fab-007 at 08:11 AM Aug 28

I hear you. For me, I think it is heightened by the combination of my dislike for the prequels and the quality of what we have seen so far....and my faith in JJ Abrams.

Spectre has Monica Bellucci though.....

JohnLocke2342 at 08:15 AM Aug 28

haha fair point.. and dude, I HATE the prequels (I honestly find them unwatchable) but like you everything we've seen so far has been right up my alley.

I'm just happy we have both right now..

timmyd at 12:12 PM Aug 28

definitely SPECTRE . STAR WARS looks great , but Craig and Bellucci rockin' a Bond flick , fantastic.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

How many times can you re-watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy before it becomes too much. The answer, never, it is never too much.
WalkAway at 06:34 AM Aug 25

Fab-007 at 08:07 AM Aug 28

King Theoden and Walter White...amazing characters rocking epic goatees!!!

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Wait a minute...I thought Batman v. Superman was the sequel to Man of Steel!!!
Invidtus at 08:16 AM Aug 24

I lost my play card as well can't keep track~

grelber37 at 08:16 AM Aug 24

Perhaps, Clark is like Logan in the X-Men movies. Superman appears in Justice League movies and his own individual projects. These projects can be considered separate franchises or all the same big franchise. Either way, the movies are all connected--no matter how one organizes them.

Cochise at 10:52 AM Aug 24

yeah, idgi... maybe the quote was just a misquote and it'll technically be the third Superman movie cause I thought I remember Snyder or something saying BvS was/is Man of Steel 2 and in the development of it they decided to add Batman right? Idk it looks very much like a MoS 2, considering there's Lex Luthor being introduced and Zod is back...

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Wow, thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am away from home so stuff like this is just all that more sweet. Btw, although MFC automatically posts your age based on your birth day...I stopped aging a while ago.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

For any fans of The Who out there I watched a cool documentary called Lambert & Stamp the other day on a flight. It is a documentary about Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp who were aspiring film makers who's idea it was to manage a rock band and film it to launch their career's in film making. The band they picked became The Who and rock history was made. Chris Stamp happens to be the brother of legendary actor Terrence Stamp.
WalkAway at 07:01 AM Aug 18

I will keep this in mind, thanks!

Glinda at 05:09 PM Aug 18

Thanks for this I'll definitely check it out!

Glinda at 06:11 PM Aug 19

I'm starting this tonight. It looks really good.

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

The Man from UNCLE tonight with my better half. Lord, I love being able to reserve seats!!!
Fab-007 posted a BLOG item over 1 year ago

My Tattoos


Because of where they are placed on my shoulders it is tough to take a clear picture of them without assistance (which I do not have today). You can see part of one in my pic below.

I currently have two. They look almost identical and are placed in the same spot on each of my respective shoulders. They are:

1) A runner, a cyclist, and another runner - I was a really nonathletic kid so when I first saw the Kona Ironman on ABC's Wild World of Sports I was in awe but never thought for a minute that I could ever do something like that. When I ran my first Duathlon at the age of 24 that doubt was erased and I wanted a reminder that we are limited by our own insecurities. Now in my 40s, I learned to swim and made the jump into triathlon and last year did my first half Ironman.

2) My zodiac sign (Leo) flanked by the signs of my two sons (Aquarius and Taurus) - The meaning should be obvious. My boys are the most important part of my life.

What's to come? I have a thought to do something a little more artistic and bigger on my upper back. The goal is to convey a sentiment that my late big brother conveyed to me all my life which is "go hard or go home". I wanted to paint that as an image of ongoing struggle and consequently was thinking of having a lion (me) battling a dragon in possibly a sort of yin/yang kind of formation. I cannot get a tattoo while I am heavily training so it will have to wait until later in the fall.

Great idea Walkaway!!!

Mood: Chillin'

WalkAway at 07:22 AM Aug 06

Awesome photo and awesome tattoos!

Invidtus at 11:54 AM Aug 06


Glinda at 10:19 PM Aug 06

Bith awesome and I love the meaning behind your tats.

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Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I feel bad as my 11 year old is really excited for Deadpool but given that it will be R rated there is no way he is going to be able to see it #responsibledad
TheChanges23 at 04:04 PM Aug 05

You're a good parent. He'll enjoy it when he's older. :-)

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Almost fully caught up on Suits. What a surprisingly enjoyable show! Harvey Specter may supplant Jack Donaghy as my business TV idol and Louis Litt is a fantastic douchebag antagonist.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I am unclear on why I see hate for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I re-watched it the other day on a flight and it was all you could want from a summer blockbuster.
WalkAway at 07:40 AM Aug 05

I didn't see any hate personally, but I wasn't really paying attention lol I loved it

Fab-007 at 08:12 AM Aug 05

In particular, I came across it when I was reading Ant-Man reviews as well as a few other Marvel-centric pieces.

Hate may have been the wrong word but I definitely came across an air of disappointment.

I loved it too. I wonder if expectations are just too high. Not every superhero film can be The Dark Knight and I would argue that it was as full of holes as any other in the genre.


Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

MI:Rogue Nation was excellent entertainment. I absolutely loved Rebecca Ferguson and particularly so that she has that fit/muscular build that makes her look like she can actually kick your ass.
Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I may be in the minority, but I really do not like the look of Affleck's Batman. This is not a commentary on Affleck, his acting ability or his portrayal. I am an Affleck fan. I just do not like the look.
YoshioKun13 at 03:10 PM Jul 29

Like Anakin pointed out in a lot of shots he doesn't look like he has a neck

Fab-007 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Ex Machina did not disappoint.
Glinda at 09:02 AM Jul 10

Wasn't it great? I really enjoyed it.

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