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8 out of the 10 episodes of the upcoming X-Files season will be stand-alones?! That's excellent news because the mythology episodes from last season were just terrible.
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ericodarko updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

8 out of the 10 episodes of the upcoming X-Files season will be stand-alones?! That's excellent news because the mythology episodes from last season were just terrible.
ericodarko updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

Not going to lie but a movie titled Cowboy Ninja Viking starring Chris Pratt as an assassin who masters all of the skills referenced in the title is probably going to be my favorite flick ever haha
ericodarko updated his STATUS: 16 days ago

Still trying to recover from my mind being blown for 3 hours by Hans Zimmer & his band/orchestra on Sunday. Btw, forgot how batshit insane/epically awesome that Amazing Spider-Man 2 score was
JohnLocke2342 at 01:00 PM Aug 01

Bro YES!!! I saw him at Madison square garden last week and it was life changing

ericodarko at 01:26 PM Aug 01

I still have goosebumps from The Lion King portion of the show. Also, CRIMSON TIDE!

LelekPL at 12:25 PM Aug 02

Oh man, I've been to his concert. Goose bumps at Interstellar!

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

Dunkirk in glorious IMAX in just a few hours. I. Can't. Wait!
ericodarko updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

If you're planning on establishing a shared cinematic universe (btw, please don't. Enough already. I'm looking at you Dark Universe and rumored James Bond universe), please use Iron Man and not Iron Man 2 as your influence. Have a really solid stand-alone narrative story that establishes a character and then near the end (or in the credits), slip in a team-up scene à la ''Nick Fury in Tony Stark'S house''. Don't shoe-horn it in the middle of a movie and have it take over the plot for the remainder of the movie like in tHe Mummy.
ericodarko updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Had a double-feature at the multiplex this weekend. First, really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming. Afterwards..The Mummy happened. I was surprisingly really liking it for the first hour. Then, Russel crowe showed up and this movie just went off the rails. Too many typed of movies (horror, action/adventure, comedy) mixed together badly and a desperately forcefed ''shared unvierse'' plot-line. Add to it some bad gc and some annoying characters and you get this terribly underwhelming & disapointing mess of a bad movie. It's a shame really because if you remove the dreadful Jekyll/Hyde as Nick Fury part of the movie, you could've had a really solid globe-trotting action-adventure franchise for Cruise. Ah, well. Good luck, Dark Universe. You'll need it
dsloy at 08:23 AM Jul 13

well at least spider man was good lol

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Tonight's plan: ribs & a (LONG overdue) first-time watch of Logan!
sLaShEr84 at 02:41 PM May 26

You will enjoy Logan.

grelber37 at 08:20 PM May 26

James "Wolverine" Howlett would approach of your meal complementing his movie.

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Alien: Covenant was...decent. I dug (most of) the xenomorphs & the look/design of the movie but it suffers from the same problems as Prometheus: a stacked cast that is grossly underused by playing boring/bland characters, said characters making truly idiotic decisions & a mythology/origin story that is way too convoluted & got out of hand of the screenwriters/creators (similar to what happened in the later seasons of X-Files). JohnLocke, I totally get what you mean with the ''midichlorians scene in Phantom Menace'' comparison. Also, some of the David/Walter scenes were just downright annoyingly pretentious. That being said, it had a really good pace & kept me entertained for the entire 2 hours. Wasn't as bad a lot of people said but wasn't as good as a lot of people said. Just kind of ok.
grelber37 at 06:45 PM May 23

Alien: Covenant does suffer from plot holes, predictable developments, and stupid moments. However, as you indicate, there are things to like in the movie too.

JohnLocke2342 at 10:14 AM May 24

The pacing was great and I was never once bored (the opening 40'minutes or so were fantastic and I was all on board before it started falling apart). It's definitely not a HORRIBLE movie and there are a lot of things to like (the david themes, creationism and the sci-fi elements) but maaaaan the weaker elements are BAD. The finale seemed rushed and half assed, the mythology stuff was absurd (now you get my midichlorian comparison haha) and the characters were awful. I mean completely forgettable and even dumber than you'd imagine (don't even get me started on how the face hugger gets its host...).

It's just super frustrating because the stuff I was most excited to see (mainly the xenomorph and how the ending of Prometheus tied in) were maybe the weakest elements and such a letdown. Overall it's between a 5 and a 6 for me.

ericodarko at 10:26 AM May 24

Yeah, the final battle just seemed WAY too easy/lazy. No real challenge/threat seemed apparent. The plan of attack just pretty much worked with very few obstacles.

The facehugger scene will probably replace the ''why didn't he just run slightly to the left to avoid the giant wheel'' sequence in Prometheus as dumbest character moment in these movies haha

I was really looking forward to this one but have to give it a soft 6. Maybe it'll get better with additional viewings later on

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Got some birthday money so blind-bought Logan (still don't get how I missed this in theaters) AND Cowboy Bebop, which I'm very excited to check out. My girlfriend's a huge fan of it and has been telling me to watch it ever since Legend of Korra finished airing.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:19 PM May 23

A new Bebopper has entered the arena! Let's Jam!

ericodarko at 05:25 PM May 23

Haha I was hoping to get your attention because I had a CB related question: is the movie worth checking out? Does it need to be watched before or after the series?

Weapon X
Weapon X at 06:04 PM May 23

The fun thing about the series is that most episodes can be viewed independently of each other, and the movie is very similar. It can be used either as a primer or even a post-finale epilogue, but chronologically it takes place after episode 22 ("Cowboy Funk") and there are specific parallels between the two despite the vastly different tones.

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Day off here in Canada so I'll take advantage of it with a trip to the multiplex to check out Alien: Covenant!
JohnLocke2342 at 11:41 AM May 22

Oh man brotha I really hope you like it more than I did. The first 40 minutes really hooked me but then it just falls apart before a shit show of a finale with no tension or patience. At its core there's some really interesting stuff being said but it's surrounded by a bunch of underwhelming aspects.


timmyd at 07:42 PM May 22

groovy . I loved it.

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

There are only 3 episodes of The Leftovers left & I have no freakin clue as to what is going to happen and I'm 100% ok with that!
ericodarko updated his STATUS: 4 months ago

The X-Files is coming back for a 10-episode run! Yeah, the last ''season'' was a bit of a letdown (mainly the Chris Carter penned episodes) but ten episodes is perfect. Gives it more room to bring back beloved writers and gives the mythology a little more room to breathe...because it definitely needs it at this point haha!
ericodarko updated his STATUS: 5 months ago

Got back into HBO's The Leftovers since season is replaying before season 3 starts and, after two episodes, I'm glad I jumped back in.
Beauski at 03:56 PM Mar 10

The finale is mind-blowing.

ericodarko updated his STATUS: 5 months ago

R.I.P. Robert Osbourne. He was the host of the pre & post segments to one of my favorite attractions at Disney World, The Great Movie Ride.
dsloy at 04:48 PM Mar 06


ericodarko updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Off to see the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience! Incredibly excited for this sure to be epic extravaganza! Have a good one, MFC!
LelekPL at 04:48 PM Mar 03

Is it the Coldplay musical ;D

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