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Triple feature at the theater tonight! Hidden Figures, Patriots Day and Live by Night
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dsloy created a LIST: 4 days ago

Top 10 films of 2016

1. Eye in the Sky
2. Zootopia
3. Manchester by the Sea
4. Don't Breathe
5. The Belko Experiment (tiff)
6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
7. The Invitation
8. The Nice Guys
9. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
10. The Conjuring 2
timmyd at 04:51 PM Jan 19

splendid list .

oscarxp25 at 05:10 AM Jan 20

Nice list! My list won't be here for awhile. I was a shit film lover in 2016. have a lot to catch up on. eye in the sky is a bold choice...different, but I like that. Do you have a write up of your thoughts on it?

dsloy updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

Triple feature at the theater tonight! Hidden Figures, Patriots Day and Live by Night
timmyd at 04:57 PM Jan 13

wow. enjoy , buddy.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Silence-4.5/5 it's long yes but never boring, and makes you think without being preachy or pushing an agenda, plus it looks amazing, so many great shots of Japan, Garfield gives his best role to date, it's really just his movie, despite what some may say, I think it's worth seeing in theaters to appreciate fully
dsloy created a LIST: 13 days ago

Top TV Shows of 2016

1. People vs OJ
2. GoT Season 6
3. The Night Of
4. Horace and Pete
5. Narcos Season 2
6. Westworld Season 1
7. Mr Robot Season 2
8. House of Cards Season 4
9. The Night Manager
10. Atlanta Season 1
Glinda at 11:50 AM Jan 11

I've only seen 2, 3 and 6, but I loved them. I need to get on more of these.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

While happy to see Gosling and Stone get the globes, no way theyll get the oscar, im guessing Casey and Portman
dsloy updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

In a Valley of Violence- 4/5 I'm a Ti West fan, I've enjoyed all the movies he's done, so I was excited to see this not just for his name, but that he was switching to the Western genre, and also had a way bigger budget and A list stars. The result is definitely a success, it still maintains the small feel of his past films, and still flows fast. The acting is all very solid, nothing too deep or anything, but they're all memorable and deliver their lines well. Taissa Farmiga stood out the most for me, easily the best thing I've seen her in so far. The story is nothing new, just your basic revenge tale, but its told well, and shows West can work in genres besides horror. The score is a good homage to Ennio Morricone's Man with No name scores
Glinda at 07:48 AM Dec 29

Thanks for this review, I'm glad you liked it. I'm definitely checking this one out soon. I love Taissa Farmiga so glad to hear she's great in this!

timmyd at 05:17 PM Dec 29

definitely checking this out . big Ti West fan myself.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

So now Carrie Fisher has finally joined the force. She was an integral part of what is almost undeniably the most popular film series of all time, in addition to a career spanning over 40 years. It was a legacy very few actors in Hollywood can ever hope to achieve. If nothing else she will live on through her daughter Billie Lourd, also in the new star wars trilogy, and through her mother Debbie Reynolds, also a Hollywood icon in her own right
dsloy updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Moonlight-4/5-Missed this at the Chicago film festival, but made a point to seek it out after all the positive reviews it was getting. It's almost 3 movies in one, each at a different stage in the protagonist's life. The first one may be my favorite, featuring a strong supporting turn by Mahershala Ali. Him and the boy have good chemistry together. The second segment is also good, with the boy now a teenager starting to develop homosexual feelings and then also having to deal with the trials of high school, as well as dealing with his mother's drug problem. The final segment, while definitely not bad, is probably my least favorite, not a whole lot happens in it. But overall still a very good movie, also features good cinematography and use of the Miami area, and a good musical score. Janelle Monae also isn't bad in her first big acting role
dsloy updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Nocturnal Animals 3/5 I was very excited for this given the stacked cast and the intriguing premise, however it ended up being a letdown. I'll still say the good outweighed the bad, but barely. So there's 3 stories being told-Amy Adams in the present, Amy Adams in the past, and then the novel she's reading being acted out. The novel being acted out is the best part by far, Jake Gyllenhaal is solid as always in it, and Michael Shannon is great, I'd say oscar nom worthy. That story has the most suspense and actual plot. The other 2 stories in the movie are kinda dull, not much really happens in them. Several big actors show up for like one useless scene (Jena Malone, Michael Sheen etc.) It does have cool designs (it was directed by a former fashion designer) and the music was good, but what I hated most was the ending, for both stories, soooo disappointing and anti climatic. I left kinda pissed off. I'll still say for the most part of the movie I was entertained and it looked goo...
Glinda at 02:23 PM Dec 04

Sorry to hear this. I've been hearing kind of the same and it's disappointing. I want to see it but I think I'll wait to rent it.

Thanks for your review dsloy.

dsloy updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Manchester By the Sea deserves all the praise it's getting, the best role Ive seen Casey Affleck in, so affecting and real, yet also tragic with some humor too, easy 5/5
Glinda at 12:10 PM Dec 01

Awesome to hear! I'm definitely watching it before the Oscars, but I want to much sooner than that.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Fantastic Beasts-I'm a big HP fan, read all the books, saw all the movies opening weekend, so I was of course excited to see a new HP movie be released written by JK Rowling and featuring a pretty stellar cast. Did it live up? I def loved the setting of 1926 NYC, a far cry from Hogwarts, just seeing how the magic world in America works and all those that are opposed to them. There were also a lot of cool creature designs and concepts, as well as the idea of what the villain in the movie is. As for characters, the main pair of Newt and Tina are fine, their both good actors, but honestly the side couple of Queenie and Kowalski were more entertaining to watch, even if their romance was a bit forced, they were at least entertaining. The main weakness of the film though was the Colin Farrell character. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the actor, but his motivations in this seem muddled, especially his decision making near the end, and I did not like the final outcome of his character. I ...
Glinda at 07:16 AM Nov 22

I'm so torn on this. I think I'm just going to wait until it comes out later. Nobody seems blown away by it and I hear a lot, like you, who didn't like the ending. Glad you liked it, but it's such a shame it's not even better. I guess there's supposed to be a total of 5 movies? Not sure where I hear that, but if so, I hope they improve.

Thanks for the review dsloy.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

The thing about hate is that it only begets more hate. It's that same hate that when continuously spread allows a man like Trump to become elected president. Now is not the time to go out and spread more hate at those who didn't vote your way. Now is the time to end hate, spread love, come together and prevent this type of thing from ever happening again. I'm pretty sure Trump is not the first racist and sexist president to be elected in over 200 years, yet our country still survived. Hopefully though we can allow our actions going forward to make sure that he will be the last.
timmyd at 05:06 PM Nov 09

nicely said.

dsloy updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Only downside of cubs winning the world series is ive fallen super behind on all my shows and movies lol
dsloy updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Well at least you cant accuse TWD of playing it safe after last night episode
dsloy updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Deepwater Horizon-Might be one of the most realistic looking disaster films I've seen. It made sense as I later learned that they built a huge life like oil rig set to film this movie. That sense of reality is what made this most effective I felt-actually feeling like you were on an oil rig and then witnessing everything go to hell. Some reviews complained that there was too much technical jargon, but again I felt that was intentional to add to the realism, plus you always know the main idea of what's going on. The main 4 actors all do good work, my favorite was Kurt Russell (though it's never explained why Marky Mark is playing a Texan who has a Boston accent :p) I will say it got a bit confusing trying to tell what was going on at the end, since the lights go out and it's just so chaotic, but overall still an intense and very well made action/thriller 4/5
Glinda at 05:28 PM Oct 17

I love your review and agree with everything. The realism was amazing and you really do feel like you're right there in the midst of it all. I didn't mind the technical jargon either. It did get confusing with the lights off and I was never quite sure just how far different areas of the rig were from each other, but that's fine it didn't hurt anything.

I read up on a side by side list of the actual events and the movie events, and most of them line up, with just minor changes.

This is easily one of the best disaster films I've seen, but it was the hardest for me to watch. Knowing it really happened just a few years ago, all I could think of were the actual people dying and their families, etc. It wasn't until the movie was over that I really got to thinking about the oil spill of course and all that that entailed and the monumental tragedy of this entire situation sunk in.

Kurt Russell was my favorite as well, although I was to the point of wanting to punch him if he uttered "Cee ment" one more time; I kept thinking of The Beverly Hillbillies and their cee ment pond. I say this in jest because he was awesome like always in this movie. So perfect for his character.

Wahlburg was great too and somehow I didn't even notice the accent. I guess I didn't put that together.

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