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Hey, I know him her!!! #5 - Jenette Goldstein

"Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast!"

Jenette Goldstein is a woman that owes most of her theatrical career to a single director. Sure, she's appeared in other movies...but the roles she's best known for come at the hands of or association with James Cameron. She clearly is one of those actors that changes her appearance from role to role so while you might not recognize her instantly, you sort of connect the dots later.

Goldstein spent her early years studying at London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, she appeared in a number of local theater productions before answering a casting call for Americans with British Equity cards...this casting call ended up launching her career.

The 1986 casting call lead Jenette Goldstein to land the role that she would be best known for. James Cameron cast her as Private Vasquez in Aliens, having to cut her hair short for the role and don a very dark tan she pulled off the Hispanic role fairly well considering she is actually of Jewish descent. Apprently when she went to audition for Cameron she assumed that since the role was Hispanic and the title was Aliens was must be about immigration and showed up in a dress and heels a style very far from the character she would later portray. Luckily Cameron was able to visualize her in the role and she became a part of what many to this day consider an action classic. Vasquez would be best known as the butch space marine who delivered so many great emasculating lines throughout the movie before finally blowing herself up with that asshole Gorman...She ended up winning a Saturn Award for best supporting actress.

The following year Goldstein was cast as Diamondback along with fellow Aliens co-stars Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton in Katherine Bigalow's Near Dark (a movie that made Bigalow reach out to Cameron due to the casting and ended up in them dating and eventually getting married). Clearly a movie that gets lost in the pack of 80's vampire flicks, Goldstein's character gets some decent screen time as a member of Henricksen's vampire pack. Unfortuantly, like most vampires she's allergic to the sun and ends up being burnt to a crisp...

From here Goldstein was cast in a minor yet crucial role as Patie Jean Lynch in the Sean Connery classic -The Presidio....sure, she gets shot in the beginning of the movie, but if she hadn't there wouldn't have been a movie....

Anyone remember Jenette Goldstein in Lethal Weapon 2? No? Well she played Officer Meagan Shapiro. She appeared in less memorable scenes in the movie, but I'm sure anyone who's seen the movie will remember her best for rocking the one piece bathing suit and doing a perfect 720 flip into the pool as the diving board exploded during the cop killing spree.

Goldstein went quiet for a few years after Lethal Weapon 2 until the phone rang again and once again, James Cameron came calling for her to audition for a role in what would be another sci-fi classic in Terminator 2. Anyone remember her? Let me put it into perspective..."Hey, Shut up your worthless piece of shit"...and with that Goldstein cast as Jeanelle Voight put a shank through Todd's head. I bet he'll never drink straight from the carton again...

After a few brief guest appearances in numerous shows and a bit part as a Science Officer in Star Trek: Generations, Goldstein would again return to the big screen in the Cindy Crawford vehicle Fair Game, it also had one of the Baldwins in it...you know, the one nobody remembers. Many might not remember this one as it tanked in theaters. I remember paying hard earned money to see this flick...what the hell was I thinking? Oh, right I was 15 and it had Cindy Crawford in it!!! It's hard to believe that this movie was based on the same source material as the Stallone classic Cobra. Either way, Goldstein had a very minor role playing a character named Rosa who was part of helping with the witness protection program...

The phone is ringing again...guess who?! James Cameron calling wanting you to audition for a role in his next blockbuster Titanic. Goldstein was cast as "Irish Mommy" a passenger in third class on the Titanic. She had a few speaking lines, but probably not as memorable as some of her other roles...

Anyone see the Marlon Wayans and David Spade flick Senseless? Goldsteing had a bit part as a blood donation clinic nurse...Which brings us to the final theatrical role that most might know Goldstein from. She played Alice the Maid in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, all she was trying to do was clean the room when she was jumped by Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp and interrogated about dope....

Where is she now?

Jenette Goldstein took a few years away from the screen to focus on one of her dream projects. She wrote, directed and starred in a movie short titled "One Life Per Customer" and is currently in the process of trying to secure financing for a feature length version.

During her time away, Jenette also launch her own company releasing a line of bras called "Jenette D" with a catchy tagline "The Alphabet Starts at D" and utilizing such whitty advertising slogans as "Let's face it - We have a knockout rack and it has to be managed" she has created an online presence in the world of large breasted women...

Apparently Jenette also had a one woman stage show for a while...Jenette will return to acting next year, with the release of the low budget feature Living the Dream...

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cerealkiller182 at 08:48 PM Jul 12

I knew her from T2, Lethal Weapon 2, and Near Dark, but I had never recognized her as Vasquez from Aliens 2

Threat Poet
Threat Poet at 08:53 PM Jul 12

."I hate the dope!"."Me too...".

YoshioKun13 at 08:55 PM Jul 12

Yep, she sells bras now.............crazy.

She'll always be Private Vasquez to me.

Anakin at 09:02 PM Jul 12

She gets a 10 out 10 for that dive in Leathal Weapon 2

goNADSgo69 at 09:02 PM Jul 12

Love this woman!!!

Cochise at 09:12 PM Jul 12

lmao that was her in LW2!? hahaha awesome

sLaShEr84 at 10:53 PM Jul 12

Keep it up with these types of Blogs DropDeadFredbecause they are very interesting and most of the I be like what ever happen to that person.

Righteous_faustus at 01:24 AM Jul 13

whoaa had no idea she was in T2

horrorfan23 at 05:37 AM Jul 13

That was her in Titanic? Color me surprised.

xwing16 at 06:30 AM Jul 13

Wow - don't recognize her from roll to roll!

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