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Tucker and Dale vs Evil


Directed by: Eli Craig
Written by: Eli Craig
Cast: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden
Studio: Magnet Releasing
Genre: Horror
Official Site:


Heard good things about - Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) I missed the opening 10 minutes when it was on some months back, so couldn't watch it then but managed to catch it last night. And did not disappoint.

it's set at a cabin in the woods and assumed (The Evil) would be supernatural in this Comedy/Horror spoof, it isn't and found it a lot funnier than I was expecting. Tucker and Dale are driving to their newly-acquired vacation home and come across some teens on road trip. The way it plays out is very clever, you have both sides trying to do right thing. Tucker and Dale are fishing and accidentally spook one of the teens (Katrina Bowden) who hits her head, drowning they rescue her. The rest of the college kids mount a rescue operation to save the girl from the Psycho Hillbillies. Everything just escalates from then on. Branding Psycho Hillbillies is a little harsh, of course Dale, walking up to teens whilst holding an scythe wasn't the best start and then the kidnapping, can't forgot the Texas Chainsaw moment (my favorite part) but that's what I liked most about this film, the misreading of situations, which lead to a series of unfortunate, gory events. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) is Definitely one of the best horror comedies I've seen in a long while.

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sLaShEr84 at 12:23 AM Aug 28

Funny film.