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Directed by: D.J. Caruso
Written by: Christopher Landon, Carl Ellsworth
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, David Morse, Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne Moss
Studio: Dreamworks
Genre: Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: Would have better zoomage with a telescope, just sayin'


Kale (Shia Labeouf) is put under house arrest, his mother (Carrie-Anne Moss) does what most parents would do these days, taking away his internet connection and tv. Unable to go beyond 100 yards from his home, he finds himself turning into a peeping tom and spying on all the neighbors. One of them being the new girl next door, Ashley (Sarah Roemer) and the other, Mr. Turner (David Morse) and after hearing reports on the news about an kidnapping, he notices his creepy neighbour owns a car with a dented fender, matching the description given on the news report. Kale becomes suspicious of his neighbor and starts watching him closely, with help from his best Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), and Ashley they start to investigate him, setting up surveillance equipment ect.

Disturbia with it's PG13 rating, is a decent mystery/thriller. The film opens strong with some tragedy but slows down after that, add some good acting and suspense, with a story building up to surprisingly good, tense ending. Making for an entertaining watch. Disturbia (2007) is a film I wouldn't mind watching again. (give it a low 7/10)

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LelekPL at 11:48 PM Aug 05

I really enjoyed this one

sLaShEr84 at 07:32 AM Aug 06

Good movie.

timmyd at 01:40 AM Aug 07

I really dug it. fun stuff.