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Directed by: Duncan Jones
Written by: Nathan Parker
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Genre: Science Fiction
Official Site:
Plot: For here. Am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world. Planet Earth is blue. And there's nothing I can do.


Moon (2009) is definitely going into my top 10 sci-fi movies of all time. The story has an emotional impact from beginning to end. Really thought-provoking sci-fi. Incredible acting by Sam Rockwell, he is tremendous in this movie. The effects are brilliant, the use of models blended with cgi works really well. And from the lunar station, everything done on a 5 Million dollar budget. Soundtracks add so much to films and Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream / The Fountain) composed another masterpiece. (Have been downloading my favorite tracks) Moon was a truly moving film experience. Written and directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie's Son) Bowie's fascination with space travel and science fiction, clearly rubbed off on his son. Superb film. 9/10.

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timmyd at 08:04 PM May 16

glad you dug it .