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Character Tribute: E3N "Ethan"

I have been playing and just finished Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This game have a good campaign, you get to fight on Earth, The moon, missions on Jupiter's and Saturn's moons - Europa and Titan. All over the solar system. And doing this in your UNSA Jackal Fighter Jet. I loved the space/air dogfights in this game. Also boasts a pretty impressive voice actors cast.

Kit Harington – Admiral Salen Kotch
David Harewood – Sgt. Omar
Brian Bloom – Nick Reyes
Peter Weller – Vice Admiral Caleb Thies
Claudia Christian – Captain Ferran
Eric Ladin – Private Kashima
Jamie Gray Hyder – Lt. Nora Salter
Jason Barry – Corporal Brooks
Jeffrey Nordling – ETH.3N
Conor McGregor – Captain Bradley Fillion
Paul Reubens – Willard Wyler
Seth Green – Poindexter
David Hasselhoff – Spaceland Announcer
Jay Pharoah – Andre
Sasheer Zamata – Sally

The games star and most Bad-ass character in COD history and possibly my favorite Bot that's ever been on the screen. The best damn Robo-Bro a man could ask for. Metal 1 aka E3N (ETHAN)

"Honor's all mine, Metal-1"

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