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Before watching, i knew nothing about American Mary, i hadn't seen the trailer, didn't even read the back cover of the dvd. I thought from the poster it would be a sort of serial killer film. Erm, no it's not one of those.

Mary Mason is attending medical college, and has money problems, she applies for a night job in a sleazy strip club. The interview gets interrupted and the boss returns in a bit of a shock, and having noticed surgical training on her resume, offers Mary $5,000 to stitch the wounds of a guy they've been torturing in the basement. And so began, Mary's decent into the underground body modification scene.

I wouldn't call it a Horror, it's got elements of one, more of a Twisted Drama. I really dug the films dark atmosphere and very stylish, dirty look and add a unique story-line that i wasn't expecting. Yeah, i want to keep this copy for myself. :P Nah a copy on Blu's for Halloween time would be nice. The best thing about the film though is Katherine Isabelle's captivating performance. She's so good in this and extremely sexy. definitely a case of "Doctor, doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of lovin' you" I was a little disappointed with the ending. But overall, There's Something About American Mary. 7/10

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OldKingClancy at 11:50 PM Aug 09

Yeah the ending doesn't leave the film on the best of notes but Isabelle's performance is strong and the Soska sisters manage to creep me the fuck out without ever really showing any gore, the implication of body mods alone is enough. Glad you liked it.