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Pissed off that GTA: Online is not working the way it should... Or at all right now for that matter...
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DARTH JOEKER updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Pissed off that GTA: Online is not working the way it should... Or at all right now for that matter...
Beauski at 06:52 PM Oct 01

Kinda figured this would happen, so I am disappointed but knew there would be growing pains. Still, it would be nice to at least connect to the server... Still, fantastic game!

DARTH JOEKER updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Done with Grand Theft Auto V until Oct. 1 when the online becomes available... Best damn game since BioShoock: Infinite.... Rockstar should write movies...
DARTH JOEKER posted an IMAGE item: over 4 years ago

DARTH JOEKER updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

GRAND THEFT AUTO V.... Maybe the last GREAT game on this generation consoles...So excited to get my hands on it.
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Terrorists In Movies (Real One's Suck)

1. Kim-Jong Il in Team America: World Police
2. Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
3. Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness
4. Hans Gruber in Die Hard
5. Dusan Gavric in The Peacemaker
6. Tyler Durden in Fight CLub
7. V in V For Vendetta
8. Dr. Evil in Austin Powers Trilogy
9. Ivan Korshunov in Air Force One
10. Charles Rane in Passenger 57
Derek237 at 05:58 PM Sep 16


"Who said we were terrorists?"

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 06:34 PM Sep 16

No Joker?

DARTH JOEKER at 07:02 PM Sep 16

Chose Bane over Joker... Fucked more shit up.

DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Jesus or God or Angelic Entity in Movies

1. Willem Dafoe as Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ
2. Jim Caviezel as Jesus in The Passion Of The Chrsit
3. Alan Rickman as Metatron in Dogma
4. Alanis Morrissette as God in Dogma
5. Paul Bettany as Michael in Legion
6. Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty
7. The Avenging Angel in Frailty
8. John Travolta as Michael in Michael
9. Christopher Lloyd as Al The Boss Angel in Angels In The Outfield
10. Rodney Dangerfield as Lucifer in Little Nicky
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Satan or Devil or Whatever Hellish Entity They Went By

1. Peter Stormare as Lucifer in Constantine (The absolute best part of that movies was any scene he was in... Sadly not nearly enough)
2. Al Pacino as The Devil in The Devil's Advocate (Just one hell of a badass performance)
3. Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer in The Prophecy (He out-eviled Walken... No easy task)
4. Gabriel Byrne as The Devil in End Of Days (Was a worthy adversary to Schwarzenegger... He made those two chicks combine into one chick while doing the naughty... Wicked good performance)
5. Max von Sydow as Leland Gaunt (Not as good as the Stephen King book, but still a very good performance)
6. Frank Welker as The Devil Malebolgia (Not the movie I really wanted for one of my favorite comic book creations but I still thought it was done really good)
7. Jamey Sheridan as Randall Flagg in Stephen King's The Stand (Damn good adaption of one of the best books ever written... Hated some of the changes they made but Jamey was an incredible Devil)
8. Julian Sands as Warlock in Warlock (Evil fucking dude. Nasty gross birthing scene in the sequel... Just awesome actor though.. He was a mean dude in Boxing Helena where he might as well have been a devil.)
9. Trey Parker voicing The Devil in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (Best music scene EVER with Saddam)
10. Elizabeth Hurley as the sexiest Devil in Bedazzled (Bad Bad Bad Bad movie... But man she was a knockout)
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Movie Based Video Games

1. The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
2. Spider-Man 2
3. The Warriors
4. GoldenEye
5. The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Athena
6. The Godfather
7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine- Uncaged Edition
8. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Arcade Only)
9. Scarface
10. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

In Honor Of GTA V: My Favorite Video Games EVER!!!!!!

1. Mass Effect 2
2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
3. Portal
4. Metal Gear Solid
5. Batman: Arkham City
6. Grand Theft Auto IV
7. Red Dead Redemption
8. Bully
9. God Of War II
10. Mass Effect 3
11. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
12. Mass Effect
13. Grand Theft Auto III
14. Farcry 3
15. Bioshock
16. Super Empire Strikes Back
17. Soul Calibur 3
18. God Of War
19. Gears Of War 2
20. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

Shit I Am Obsessing About At The Moment

1. Star Wars: Episode VII- I want so badly for any bit of news... Casting and exact locales and what story they are going with... Will Boba Fett or an Emperor Clone or Jacen or Jaina or Mara Jade or or or or... I look every day for any tidbit of information.
2. Grand Theft Auto V- Simply the best looking game I have ever seen... Cannot wait until Tues. to get my hands on it.
3. Five Finger Death Punch- Their new album is the best of the year... Them working with Rob Halford is fucking amazing and Ivan Moody sounds better with every album.
4. Hating Miley Cyrus With My Wife- Been a lot of fun looking at her stupid ass "Twerking" videos and making fun of her together... Been a bonding experience.
5. Harry Dresden- It is a crime more people do not read Buther's masterful wizard detective series... Each book is more involved and more amazing that the last.
6. Breaking Bad- Been a recent fimd for me... Got bored and starteed it on Netflix.... Watched all the episodes on Netflix within two weeks and I cannot get over how fucking amazing it is... Best written show besides Game Of Thrones and Sons Of Anarchy.
7. Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time- So addicted it is stupid... The first one was fun, this one escalates the awesomeness ten fold.
8. Ben Affleck as Batman- I am on board, but nervous... It is make or break like a motherfucker for Affleck... I hope David Goyer and Zack Snyder know what the fuck they are doing... Coming after Bale is a challenge enough, doing the first live action Batman/Superman crossover is a whole different ballgame.
9. PlayStation 4- Cannot wait.. Looks amazing... Looking forward to Lego Marvel Heroes and Watch_Dogs... XBOX ONE will wait until they release a new Gears Of War or Halo...
10. Playing Lego Harry Potter with Lex- He is a DAMN good gamer for a five-year old... He sees shit I do not and is so excited about discovering the Harry Potter world... My wife and I played it a few years ago and beat it, but playing it with the kid is a whole new experience.
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Movie Scores

1. Star Wars: Episodes I-VII
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. The Fifth Element
4. Requiem For A Dream
5. Tron: Legacy
6. Saw
7. The Social Network
8. Inception
9. Schindler's List
10. The Rock
DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Movie Soundtracks

1. The Crow
2. Queen Of The Damned
3. The Last Action Hero
4. Spawn: The Motion Picture
5. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
6. The Crow: City Of Angels
7. South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut
8. Mortal Kombat
9. End Of Days
10. The Matrix
YoshioKun13 at 07:23 PM Sep 15


DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Favorite Horror Icons In Order....

1. Michael Myers (Halloween... Especially Rob Zombie's first foray into the Halloween Legacy)
2. Xenomorphs (Aliens especially)
3. Pinhead and the Cenobites (Hellraiser)
4. Jigsaw (Saw)
5. Victor Cowley (Hatchet)
6. The Djinn (Wishmaster)
7. Freddy Krueger (A NIghtmare On Elm Street)
8. Charles Lee Ray (Child's Play)
9. The Tall Man (Phantasm)
10. Dracula (Especially John Carpenter's Vampire's)
11. Damien Thorn (The Omen)
12. Ghost Face (Scream)
13. LeatherFace (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
14. Just a note: Friday The 13th is a terrible awful series of films... I literally hate every one.... I don't understand the love Jason gets... I know Freddy is not much better, but he makes up for it being a smart ass... Michael Myers is the pinnacle of horror movie cinema to me... Especially Tyler Mane.... He is a menacing dude and I know that running from the likes of him is futile... I know my list willl not be right with anyone and that's ok... People argue Scream is bad as well as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... I disagree... The ALL contribute something to horror cinema and I enjoy watching them on multiple viewings.... But yeah Friday suck as does Leprechaun.... I would step on that green bitch.
YoshioKun13 at 06:55 PM Sep 15

Michael's the king.

TheChanges23 at 07:02 PM Sep 15

No one is ever going to hate on your reasoning Darth. Everyone has different loves for the genre and place each Icon in different slots. Michael belongs on high so you're gravy anyway. Cool List!

timmyd at 08:17 PM Sep 15

Michael !!! Groovy job.

DARTH JOEKER updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

So we need a Need For Speed movie huh? Aaron Paul is making his first big foray in this video game adaption? Sorry bro... The future looks bleak for you! Maybe AMC can make you a zombie killing survivor since your career making and selling meth has come to an end.
Beauski at 11:39 PM Sep 14

Not too sure myself of Need for Speed, but I know he has a few good roles lined up. One is in Ridley Scott's Exodus with Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver, and John Turturro.

Munson, Roy E.
Munson, Roy E. at 11:43 PM Sep 14

we don't need it, but i'm going to wait until I see it before passing judgment. he is just too good of an actor to assume it will be bad.

randychico at 01:27 PM Sep 15

If Aaron Paul is in it I'd feel the need. for speed

DARTH JOEKER created a LIST: over 4 years ago

My Most Hated Director's Ever And Why

1. Uwe Boll (Postal, Alone In The Dark, Bloodrayne, everything he has done ever)
2. Tim Burton (Loved his two Batman's and Ed Wood.... Hated his Wonka remake, his Planet Of The Apes, his just about everything else... He has no style... You look at a film for 10 seconds you know its his. Like AC/DC... Could be a brand new song and still sounds like Hell's Bell's... He was creative the first time he did a gothic looking flick... Not the 20th)
3. Stephen Sommers (I will admit this one thing about him... I liked G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra... It was a breezy summer action flick... I will never ever forgive him for taking the Universal Monster's and shitting all over them... He made The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and then decided to do that bullshit Van Helsing... The Mummy from 1932 with Boris Karloff is a masterpiece... Sommers turned it into a summer action set piece with the title character taking a back seat to BRENDAN FUCKING FRASER!)
4. Len Wiseman (Dude has directed four films so far... His first two were Underworld and its respective sequel... Not the greatest movies but it's got Beckinsale... He then turned his attention to destroying one of the best (at that time) franchises in history... Live Free Die Hard, no doubt, had some amazing stunts... The lackluster story and Justin Long pissed me off... It does not feel like a Die Hard film.... Anyway next he decided to to Total Recall... The audacity of trying to remake one of Schwarzenegger's best films (and Verhoven's second best after RoboCop). He does not have the talent to do it as it showed... A piss poor remake.)
5. M. Night Shyamalan (He tricked everyone... He did... The Sixth Sense was good.... Unbreakable is nothing short of amazing... But then tragedy struck... Signs? Lady In The Water? The Happening? The Last Airbender? After Earth was a slightly better... The king of the shitty twists needs to go on with some sort new gritty supernatural drama in the realm of Unbreakable... Make that shit like his career depends on it)
6. Tim Story (Yeah thanks fucker for two of the worst comic book films ever... Fantastic 4 and its sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer were just dreadful... Let's not forget he gave the world Taxi with Latifah and Barbersop which were both boring as shit... Fantastic 4 had the cast almost perfect... It was everything else that was wrong)
7. Rob Cohen (He has a few wins... The Fast And The Furious and Dragonheart I really do like... His Bruce Lee movie left a bad taste in my mouth... XXX was a bunch of glory shots of Vin's stunt double jumping on or off things... Stealth so bad I don't think I ever finished it. Let's not forget his remarkable contribution to the Mummy franchise Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor... He has neither style nor substance in most of his efforts.)
8. Joel Schumacher (Hate to be that guy but.... Damn he fucked Batman fans... He made some of the worst movies imaginable with the best source material out there... I will give the old man props for The Lost Boys, A Time To Kill and Flatliner's... Other than those 3 movies, of his career spanning 30 years or so, fuck him... He betrayed me and everyone like me... Its the one time ever I prefer a Burton movie...)
9. Peter Berg (A very sub par actor who has failed to impress me since his first movie Very Bad Things... Hancock was awful... It made Will Smith look bad as an actor and a person... It wasn't funny... It wasn't innovative.... It was shit... Battleship was doomed from the start... Seems there was another giant robot alien invasion movie based on a kids plaything made not long ago... Friday Night Lights I hated also, will be the first to admit it's not my type of flick... GO STAR IN THE SEQUEL TO SHOCKER... Just don't direct it.)
10. John Moore (Will get this out the way now... His Omen was not the worst... Not as good as the original Donner helmed masterpiece BUT it was ok... The kid in his Omen was good... Casting Liev Schreiber in Gregory Peck's role was good... Now Max Payne on the other hand was a scattered mess that I blame on the editing and overall story... A Good Day To Die Hard was even worse than Live Free by a longshot... I understand that Bruce Willis has given up trying to act, I get it, he is going to act the same in every movie he does from now on. Still the movie was a hot mess... It was easily the biggest letfdown this year for me. Let's not forget Behind Enemy Lines with that fucking guy with the nose Owen Wilson... He is the worst action movie star since Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island)
movieman32 at 10:57 AM Sep 15

Good list! It pains me to agree with you on Burton, seeing as how he's responsible for some great childhood memories. But he has been coasting for quiet a while. I tried watching Alice in Wonderland twice and didn't make it very far either time. :(

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