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Dr. Strange deserves all the hype... TOP 5 MARVEL MOVIES!
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DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Dr. Strange deserves all the hype... TOP 5 MARVEL MOVIES!
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 2 years ago

Recommend a good film from 2015 for me, July 1st and I have only seen 5 movies that I would consider putting on a top 10. Those 5 are: Blackhat, Amira & Sam, GOOD KILL, Ex Machina and Mad Max Worst movies I've seen so far this year: Jupiter Ascending, Chapie, The Cobbler. Thanks for suggestions
Kel Varnsen
Kel Varnsen at 01:43 AM Jul 01

human centipede 3 is pretty good

DareDevil at 04:08 AM Jul 01

Damn Kel how drunk are you?

DareDevil updated his STATUS: almost 4 years ago

Yes the last Spider-Man movie made money, did it open less and have a smaller domestic total than any of the 3 previous movies before it? Yup... By a lot. Did it also have the advantage of inflated ticket prices and 3D? Yup. Stop acting like the last Spider-Man movie is the goose laying golden eggs, you had a fresh chance to start over and a lot of ppl, comic fans or not felt they didn't do a good job. Is it open to debate... Sure... Kind of... Debating that it was a good movie is kind of the loosing side of that debate to be on. Intentions play an important part when DOING ANYTHING... What was Sonys intentions in rebooting Spider-Man, are most the descriptive words to describe those reasons negative? Are you surprised you ended up with a negative result? Are you surprised the sequel lacks focus and seems confused? Hmmmm wonder why?
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

SICK of hearing and reading people say Pacific Rim bombed... Pacific Rim is now at over 400 mil worldwide and has quietly became 2013 #1 highest grossing movie based on an original idea. Okay domestic boxoffice openning weekend wasn't record breaking but people really need to stop calling the film a bomb or saying it underperformed because that's not a reality.
Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 05:15 PM Sep 25

It's pretty much impossible for a movie to completely bomb these days anyway, as by the time they're done selling off all the rights to air it on the various streaming services, premium movie channels and networks, every movie eventually turns a profit.

ThunderStorm at 05:38 PM Sep 25

completely agree, Pacific Rim was very underrated as well.

DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

ABC Just announced an Agent Carter TV series by Marvel.
Cronos at 01:31 AM Sep 19


WalkAway at 06:18 AM Sep 19

Only if Hayley is in it.

DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Really wish someone had told me The Iceman was not a movie about the X-Men mutant, first 45 mins of the movie I'm thinking 'Wow, what a dark route Fox went with the character'. It wasn't until I leaned over and asked my friend 'Do you think Wolverine is going to cameo in this?' and he said 'This isn't an X-Men movie.' until i realized... just one of those days.
DareDevil at 06:19 PM Aug 25

totally just kidding though, I'm about to watch it right now for the first time :p

YoshioKun13 at 06:21 PM Aug 25


Dodong27 at 06:48 PM Aug 25


DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Hearing lots of talk that Marvel just signed Bradley Cooper for the voice of Rocket Racoon...
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Cool video: Bunch of famous ppl pop up through out.
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Had great success with this last time. First person to post a movie I haven't seen I will watch it tonight and post back on this status what I thought. Cochise suggested Another Earth last time, what an amazing little film
Zo! at 08:03 PM Jul 04

The Flats

DareDevil at 03:43 PM Jul 08

Okay sorry for the late reply... I watched The Killing Room. It was good, I didn't realize that was Nick Cannon until the end credits, I thought at one point is that Nick then thought no he can't act that good, so for a movie with a lot of plot twists that was probably my biggest surprise. I like films in contained areas, few locations, I find when a movie puts it self in that situation it takes a good script to make it work. Overall I would give it 8/10,
Probably will re-watch it in the next day or so which could affect the rating. Good recommendation RandomK1ng.

Fell asleep watching John Dies at the End, will finish today and post back. Still hunting The Flats down.

DareDevil at 03:43 PM Jul 08

Thanks for the suggestions guys :) i've had good luck with this so far.

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DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

This Is The End is the best comedy I have seen in years!
X-KID at 12:29 AM Jun 23


Dodong27 at 10:47 AM Jun 26


DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Now that Marvel has the rights back to Daredevil I would like to see them re introduce us to DD. I felt like Fox thought they had the next Spider-Man when they started production. I want to touch on that idea, could Daredevil be the next Soider-Man? (mainstream commercial success) and I think it's possible. Most people here want to see a dark gritty Daredevil movie. For the sake of the conversation lets move away from that idea. Here's how I think a massive mainstream approach could work. The movie starts with Matt Murdock starting law school, he's young, just out of high school, he meets Foggy there. At this point he has trained his abilities but hasent really started fighting crime. Through school he begins to learn of the currouption in the city he does some detective work and gets in over his head, we start to introduce the villain at this time. He gets his first costume (go yellow and have the movie end with him donning the red suit) and just take it from there. Introducing Ele...
DareDevil at 02:23 PM Jun 14

Introducing Elektra is not necessary and leaves room for a sequel. Murdock should be quiet and confident. No problem with the ladies, maybe make a joke about him being an incredible lover, lol makes sense with his powers. Have the dark element be his emotional struggle with loosing his father and having no family.

DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

"If you say anything... you loose everything."
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

Gravity is my most anticipated film for the rest of the year! What's yours?
animalmother10 at 07:41 PM Jun 05

Gonna have to go with Elysium and Wolf of Wall Street

DareDevil at 10:25 PM Jun 05

Those are probably my 2 and 3 just reverse the order.

Beauski at 02:33 PM Jun 06

Man of Steel and Wolf on Wall Street I'd have to say. Lots of others that are up there as well like Elysium.

DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago This gets funnier the more you watch it, only 12 seconds!
DareDevil updated his STATUS: over 4 years ago

BAD movie double feature coming up! Frankie Go Boom followed by Here Comes the Boom. Which one do you think i'll dislike more?
DareDevil at 01:46 PM May 28

Ok, well Frankie Go Boom wasn't as bad i was expecting, especially after reading the DVD review, it was much darker than i expected and not as in your face as i had read, with that said it was pretty bad. Would be fun to edit a few scenes of Charlie and Ron together from the movie and post it online as a teaser for the next season of Sons of Anarchy, hahahaa.
Here Comes the Boom seems like the crap Sandler should be doing, it was better than any of his last string of movies, was it good? hmmm... it wasn't bad. If you saw the trailer and thought you might enjoy it then its a pretty safe bet you will.

Frankie Go Boom - 4/10
Here Comes the Boom - 5.5/10

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