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Monty Python And The Holy Grail
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Die Hard
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Dark City
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Black Christmas
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Up In Smoke
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The Thief And The Cobbler
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The Dark Crystal
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Bruce Campbell
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Rose Byrne
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John Carpenter
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Ash (Evil Dead)
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Was loving The Witch until the very, very shit ending.
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Cronos posted a VIDEO item: 18 days ago

Ghostbusters 2016 Review *Rage Alert* - WE @ At Movies


Cronos at 05:29 AM Jul 09

Critic reviews are also embargoed until day of release... even the studio has no faith in it.

YoshioKun13 at 07:31 AM Jul 09

With THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS releasing right now and projected to have huge numbers, it's likely that this movie won't top it at the box office.

If GHOSTBUSTERS doesn't even debut at the number 1 spot opening week, that will be a huge fail for Sony.

Glinda at 09:37 AM Jul 10

I really have no interest no matter who's in it, as I don't like remakes made 30 years later. But, I do think it's going to do very well.

Cronos updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

Was loving The Witch until the very, very shit ending.
Cronos updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

The Man from Earth's getting a sequel... not sure what to make of that... Hopefully it'll finally get a decent DVD/Blu-ray release (if it's even possible).
Cronos updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

It Follows: brilliant first half, weak second half, but a good ending. I need to stop paying attention to hype over horror films, they rarely live up to the bloated heights people raise them to.
timmyd at 04:42 PM May 29

I dug the hell out of it.

Cronos updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Of all the films to come out 15 years ago, The Fast and the Furious isn't anywhere near the list of ones I'd expect to get a re-release (let alone the franchise it's built). It's interesting how things turn out sometimes.
Cronos updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Enjoyed Batman v Superman for what it was, could have done without the useless (aside from setting up the next film) Wonder Woman sub plot. Really didn't work with the rest of the film.
Cronos updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

New Ghostbusters trailer is better than the first but it still looks like nothing more than a pile of unfunny mediocrity. Also, looks like that early Ghostbusters summary/review from a few months back might have been legit after all.
Cronos updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Part way into episode 4 of Slasher and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy it because McGrath's acting is getting more horrendous with every scene, also her inability to control her accent is painfully distracting. Shame as everything else is pretty damn good.
Cronos at 01:48 AM May 13

Watched another episode and a half and bailed on it. Scanned through the rest to see if I was right on the "twists" and I was... shame it was so predictable. Very shoddy writing.

Cronos updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Assassins Creed looks like it could be promising, wtf with the choice of music for the trailer though...
Cronos updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Hush would have made a great ~30-40 minute episode of some anthology series, as a film it drags and isn't very interesting.
Cronos updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Finished season 2 of Daredevil... I want MORE!!!
sLaShEr84 at 12:26 PM Apr 28

It is a great show.

Cronos updated his STATUS: 3 months ago

Looks like the trade off for an R-rated Killing Joke was cheap as shit animation...
unbinkable at 04:52 AM Apr 27

I thought I was the only one that noticed that. It really ruins the whole thing for me...

Cronos posted a VIDEO item: 3 months ago

Frozen - Blood Test Scene


timmyd at 04:38 PM Apr 21


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