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Does Anyone watch that show on abc ''Secrets And Lies"? I'm finally caught up and wow it's really good.
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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item over 1 year ago

My latest Crush Lindsey Jennings

 photo tumblr_ml9wiuWcEQ1qfeomjo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mnhn7zmPND1qdhl8uo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrgyoacWyQ1rcfg9to3_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mq7feczN7d1s1rlwwo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mu23d6cZJJ1sb360bo5_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mu23d6cZJJ1sb360bo8_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mu23d6cZJJ1sb360bo9_1280.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrgypkxWbx1rcfg9to2_500.jpg

Mood: Chillin'

CriticalAcclaim at 04:08 PM Oct 07

Part of the reason I love her. That hair is amazing.

sLaShEr84 at 04:36 PM Oct 07

Damn shes nice.

timmyd at 05:30 PM Oct 07

nice new crush , My Man.

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Finished watching this week's episode of soa. Holy Crap!! Shit is going to get real messy.
CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I'm completely satisfied with that ending..
CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Tonight, bitch
CriticalAcclaim at 12:25 PM Sep 15

That would be an exceptional poster. haha.

jimmydevito at 01:24 PM Sep 15

I would love to have that on my wall

JohnLocke2342 at 02:44 PM Sep 15


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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item over 1 year ago

My Lady Katy

 photo tumblr_mso9vqiuHn1qeu2t7o1_500.gif
 photo tumblr_mso9vqiuHn1qeu2t7o2_500.gif

 photo tumblr_mszds5ppeT1si71ojo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_msxowwATek1r51n4ko1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_ms7820UDNO1s2s7fyo1_500.png

 photo tumblr_mszg6gRzmU1rbbvrzo1_500.png

 photo tumblr_mszh34SWGD1r4vokjo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mszhpo8pF81qkew77o1_500.png

 photo tumblr_mszgfgaEQq1r51n4ko1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mszh4notWm1ssx8tho1_400.jpg

Mood: Chillin'

Terminal_83 at 06:06 PM Sep 11

So fucking hot.

JohnLocke2342 at 08:58 PM Sep 11

She's damn fine

HTX0811 at 10:55 PM Sep 11

She's flawless.

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Pain and Gain was actually good.
Beauski at 02:26 PM Sep 04

I thought so too, especially for Michael Bay. I can't believe some of this shit that Lugo and his buddies got away with for a time!

dstoudt80 at 02:50 PM Sep 04

It's crazy and even crazier since it all really happened. I've read the article written by Pete Collins and all this crazy shit went down.

lukearmy7 at 09:34 PM Sep 04

I have to agree, as well as the comment about Michael Bay. Totally shocked!

CriticalAcclaim created a LIST: over 1 year ago

My Favorite Avenged Sevenfold Studio albums (in honor of their new album)

1. Nightmare
2. City Of Evil
3. Hail To The King
4. Waking The Fallen
5. Avenged Sevenfold
6. Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
CriticalAcclaim at 12:48 AM Sep 03

Yeah, it is. It's off their self-titled. The new album is boss, it's got like this old school metal sound.

Mac136187 at 02:47 AM Sep 03

Yeah I have City of Evil and self titled on Vinyl, they rock. Seen them at least 3 times in concert, but not recently or since The Rev had passed.
Saw current album in stores last week and thought about it, but maybe it's time to give them a listen again.

CriticalAcclaim at 12:51 PM Sep 04

I Bet they sound amazing on vinyl. I've seen them about 5 Times.

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

My Purchase From The Weekend..
tbondrage99 at 04:41 PM Sep 02

Well done.

CriticalAcclaim at 04:49 PM Sep 02

@randy: Look at the blue spot on the lower right hand corner.

sLaShEr84 at 05:32 PM Sep 02

Breaking Bad.

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

When to the gamestop expo today. It was great. Got To play the ps4, Almost met ultimate warrior, Got to play a bunch of unreleased games. All In All It was a great day.Also, Seen some pretty cute girls, of course I didn't act on anything.
YoshioKun13 at 09:09 PM Aug 28


sLaShEr84 at 06:31 AM Aug 29

Nice stuff.

CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item over 1 year ago

Happy Birthday, Aaron Paul

 photo tumblr_mqo8nuu7MC1r8mxado4_250.gif

 photo tumblr_ms78a8bu031qlgbzbo4_500.gif

Mood: Happy

Cochise at 02:00 PM Aug 27

lol he's awesome "yeah science!"

Dodong27 at 02:05 PM Aug 27

Haha! Cool!

Terminal_83 at 03:15 PM Aug 27

Wonderful actor.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Just finished Orange Is the new black and Holy Canoli, It's amazing. I didn't think it would be funny as well.
Glinda at 12:07 PM Aug 27

I'm afraid to finish it. I'm not wanting it to end. Four left. :(

Did you like the finale?

CriticalAcclaim at 12:28 PM Aug 27

I liked it in a way, to me there was some unanswered stuff.

zombie_bro at 12:30 PM Aug 27

I liked the finale as well. It's messed up! Lots of things I can't wait to see the outcome of.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

This looks so cool
OldKingClancy at 11:38 PM Aug 26

Would that make Jesse Short Round and Skylar Willie? Because that makes sense.

zombie_bro at 04:13 AM Aug 27

I like the poster overall, but Skylar looks really bad in it haha

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Holy shit, I just heard lee thompson young has passed away.
~*Miss Murder*~
~*Miss Murder*~ at 12:45 PM Aug 19

yeah i just saw that too. i remember him from my childhood.

CriticalAcclaim at 12:46 PM Aug 19

@cerelkiller: I had to google it as well, To double check. I didn't want to believe it.

@MrsData: It's shocking. I did as well. The famous jett jackson was a favorite of mine and I loved him as cyborg on smallville.

TheChanges23 at 12:59 PM Aug 19

Jesus Christ I just read about this. Truly sucks because he was a great actor and I loved him on Famous Jett Jackson, Smallville, and Flash Forward when that was on. He was a pretty cool guy who appreciated his opportunities and was beloved by his friends and family.

Damn that fucking blows...

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Skyler was so boss telling lydia off in last nights episode. holy shit!
zombie_bro at 03:06 PM Aug 12

Personally don't like Skyler at all. But to each their own.

JohnLocke2342 at 03:07 PM Aug 12

Yes, yes it was. Though to be honest I literally can't stand Skylar to the point that I almost hope she gets punched in the face each episode. I understand her characterization and actions are completely justifiable in her position but something about her just annoys the fuck out of me. Last night however we saw a side of her we haven't truly seen before.. one where her face lit up at the thought of buying another car wash and being able to grow a business that is completely ridden in violence and drug money. I think she knows that but she can't control her impulses anymore and she sort of allowed that greed Walter is feeling to overflow her mindset, and that was very very interesting to see.

randychico at 11:23 AM Aug 13

Yeah I don't get the hate either.. she's basically been a normal person that has to deal with some extreme crap

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

At first I wasn't liking skyler,but, after watching the entire series. I like her. I sympathise with her after the emotional trauma walt has put her through.
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