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Literally cannot wait to see the disaster artist, maybe more so than star wars...
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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: almost 4 years ago

Thor:The dark world was soo bad ass. Now, starting season of game of thrones..
sLaShEr84 at 03:06 PM Feb 05

You will love Game Of Thrones.

CriticalAcclaim at 03:14 PM Feb 05

I meant season 2, I've been finding a perfect time to watch it. I loved the first season of it.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: almost 4 years ago

anybody feel like explaining to me the after-credits scene from thor: the dark world..
OldKingClancy at 02:38 PM Feb 05

I'll send you a PM so as not to spoil it.

CriticalAcclaim at 02:41 PM Feb 05


Cochise at 11:07 AM Feb 06

the one with Benecio Del Toro? Jeesh I really hope they do some work before Guardians of the Galaxy because that scene and his look was sooo corny

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: almost 4 years ago

Just felt like saying, hi guys!!
Mr.Blizzo at 09:50 PM Jan 28

hey man!

CriticalAcclaim at 03:59 AM Jan 29

How is everyone doing? I miss you all.

HTX0811 at 04:25 PM Jan 29


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CriticalAcclaim created a LIST: almost 4 years ago

TV Character That...

1. Made Me Laugh til it Hurts: Rodney Ruxin-The League
2. Made Me Cry: Buffy Summers-Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. I'd Have a Drink With: Dean Winchester-Supernatural And Sterling Archer-Archer
4. I'd Want to Date: Jessica Day-New Girl
5. I'd Have a One Night Stand With: Fiona Gallagher-Shameless
6. I've Applauded: Officer John Cooper-Southland
7. I've Felt Sorry For: Jesse Pinkman-Breaking Bad
8. I'd Go to War With:Jack Bauer-24
9. I'd Punch in the Face: Christopher Pelant-Bones
10. I Can Relate to: Nick Miller-New Girl
11. I would Beat at Their Own Game - Walter White-
12. Would Be My Mortal Enemy -The Governor-The Walking Dead

Based on a list by Scotch

Invidtus at 07:55 PM Jan 28

Nick Miller love that guy-

Invidtus at 07:56 PM Jan 28

in a different way than Hannah Simone-

CriticalAcclaim at 08:34 PM Jan 28

@Rebellion: When I heard Michael Cudlitz was going to be on the walking dead, I flipped out. A Whole new audience will see his awesomeness.

@Mac: yeah, that would. haha hopefully, I do like lip though.

@Invidtus:Nick Miller is a dude, that everyone can relate to. Oh Gosh, hannah simone is lovely.

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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item almost 4 years ago

A Lil Appreciation for my lady katy and to say hi...

 photo tumblr_n033ej7M3V1qzbagvo1_250_zpsafd24ed4.gif
 photo tumblr_n033ej7M3V1qzbagvo2_250_zpsb926b14a.gif

 photo tumblr_n01g2mOXMc1qzbagvo1_500_zps916dfbc8.png

 photo tumblr_n01d7g1VnM1qeu2t7o1_500_zps51c33eb9.gif

 photo tumblr_n01dhwZ0vH1qzbagvo1_500_zpsb36e924d.png

Her Tattoos
 photo tumblr_mzxncr1Xx61qf0ojko5_500_zpsdf03e0c1.png
 photo tumblr_mzxncr1Xx61qf0ojko4_500_zpsb6055758.png
 photo tumblr_mzxncr1Xx61qf0ojko3_500_zps473c590f.png
 photo tumblr_mzxncr1Xx61qf0ojko1_500_zpsf9ab3725.png
 photo tumblr_mzxncr1Xx61qf0ojko2_500_zpse0c9fd30.png

 photo tumblr_mzvn8vzRAG1rkqo3to1_500_zpsb2dcdcd4.gif

 photo tumblr_mzvuiiZObY1rkqo3to1_500_zps5f6cc178.png

 photo tumblr_mzsbdjMChA1qeu2t7o1_r1_500_zpsab1f5f01.png

 photo tumblr_mzlruzHyEQ1qakswzo1_500_zps40e7d193.png

 photo tumblr_mztb3dan4i1qde8fto1_500_zpsde6f7640.png

 photo tumblr_mzs5v35Y5j1qenteko1_500_zpsc33652af.png

 photo tumblr_mzqqw2dOXM1rwkfz9o1_500_zps0d68987c.jpg

 photo tumblr_n02fg4t2Pw1qeu2t7o1_500_zpsfd754b2b.png

Mood: Chillin'

WalkAway at 08:45 PM Jan 28

She's very attractive, I'm glad she ditched the bangs.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

People were giving him crap for imitating cam?! but it's okay, if other players can imitate him?! Totally logical. Doing the superman impression was great. Two more wins and one game at a time.
YoshioKun13 at 01:31 AM Jan 14

If they can get past the Seahawks.....I'd give 'em a fair shot this time around.

Personally hoping to see a 9'ers v Patriots SB.

CriticalAcclaim at 02:38 AM Jan 14

That sb last year was rigged and thanks for boldin! @yosh: if we beat the seachickens, we have more than a fair shot. That would be great to see.

animalmother10 at 02:17 AM Jan 15

Go Hawks! Sorry, I'm from Washington haha. It's going to be an exciting game regardless. 12th man!

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I love you, phil dawson. Kaepernick was close to perfect on that last drive.
CriticalAcclaim added a DVD to his collection: about 4 years ago
The Wolverine 3D

CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

My Favorite Play All Season.

This was such a great way to close out candlestick park

 photo tumblr_myaqerPm8P1qhkbk8o1_400.gif
 photo tumblr_myaqerPm8P1qhkbk8o2_400.gif
 photo tumblr_myaqerPm8P1qhkbk8o3_400.gif

Mood: Bored

YoshioKun13 at 08:37 PM Dec 26

The best.

Scotch at 12:37 AM Dec 27

Sealed my victory in Fantasy Football Championship Game. It's nice to have San Francisco's defense AND Navorro Bowman on your squad.

CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

My Top Crushes Of The Year

Katy Perry:

 photo tumblr_m016v048121r2l8i9o1_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_mnk1fta6Tz1s1z3cto1_250.gif

Jennifer Lawrence

 photo IMG_0317.jpg

 photo tumblr_mhsfm0npo11qbvaudo2_400.gif

A lot of suicide girls. My Three Favorite:

1.Lindsey Jennings a.k.a Jenningz Suicide:

 photo tumblr_mrgyoacWyQ1rcfg9to3_500.jpg

2.Zombie Suicide:

 photo tumblr_mlbkupOHp51qbcnw1o5_1280.jpg

3.Damsel Suicide:

 photo tumblr_mm4hv4ENnN1soeek3o1_500.jpg

Hayley Williams

 photo h7.gif

Kate Upton:

 photo tumblr_m68ic29vb01rw907jo1_400.gif


 photo tumblr_mmdmmo4fD31qimgito1_400.gif

Emily Parker:

 photo EmilyParker3.jpg

Jensen Ackles:

 photo jensen7.gif


 photo IMG_0020.jpg

Joss Stone:

 photo d8696260-4235-4230-8599-a1693e1da5fe_640x427.jpg

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

 photo 2261136776_64489fc33c_z.jpg

Everyone In this Pic:

 photo criticalacclaim.jpg

Mood: Chillin'

Mr.Blizzo at 10:54 PM Dec 26

that ScarJo gif

WalkAway at 12:57 AM Dec 27

Votes counted!

WalkAway at 12:57 AM Dec 27

Votes counted!

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

Finished seasom 1 of g.o.t and I loved it. Don't know why I waited so long.
Laksmikanti at 09:09 AM Dec 21

Welcome to the club.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

finally caved in and started to watch game of thrones..
Derek237 at 08:31 PM Dec 16

Actually you might

CriticalAcclaim at 09:42 PM Dec 16

haha why might I regret it?

OldKingClancy at 06:52 AM Dec 17

Finish season 1 then you might understand. It's a great show but it takes a lot out of you

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

Lindsey Jennings. My Edit
CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

This made my day a few days ago, Shawn Hatosy Favorited a tweet of mine. The tweet he sent out was about hearing maroon 5 in a grocery store and how it was awful.
CriticalAcclaim at 04:37 PM Dec 13

That is awesome. How long ago did you do that list?

MrsData at 04:54 PM Dec 13

Last year, I believe when Lucy Liu was still on.

Glinda at 05:56 PM Dec 13


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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I'm still reeling from that finale of sons.. Holy Shit.
Cochise at 10:54 AM Dec 12

My friends and I had a big discussion before watching about what would happen who would die etc and I someone nailed it on my first guess! I guess after watching Boardwalk major things like that happening don't surprise me as much though haha. Can't wait for the final season!

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