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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

Happy Birthday, Aaron Paul

 photo tumblr_mqo8nuu7MC1r8mxado4_250.gif

 photo tumblr_ms78a8bu031qlgbzbo4_500.gif

Mood: Happy

Cochise at 05:00 PM Aug 27

lol he's awesome "yeah science!"

Dodong27 at 05:05 PM Aug 27

Haha! Cool!

Terminal_83 at 06:15 PM Aug 27

Wonderful actor.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

Just finished Orange Is the new black and Holy Canoli, It's amazing. I didn't think it would be funny as well.
Glinda at 03:07 PM Aug 27

I'm afraid to finish it. I'm not wanting it to end. Four left. :(

Did you like the finale?

CriticalAcclaim at 03:28 PM Aug 27

I liked it in a way, to me there was some unanswered stuff.

zombie_bro at 03:30 PM Aug 27

I liked the finale as well. It's messed up! Lots of things I can't wait to see the outcome of.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

This looks so cool
OldKingClancy at 02:38 AM Aug 27

Would that make Jesse Short Round and Skylar Willie? Because that makes sense.

zombie_bro at 07:13 AM Aug 27

I like the poster overall, but Skylar looks really bad in it haha

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

Holy shit, I just heard lee thompson young has passed away.
~*Miss Murder*~
~*Miss Murder*~ at 03:45 PM Aug 19

yeah i just saw that too. i remember him from my childhood.

CriticalAcclaim at 03:46 PM Aug 19

@cerelkiller: I had to google it as well, To double check. I didn't want to believe it.

@MrsData: It's shocking. I did as well. The famous jett jackson was a favorite of mine and I loved him as cyborg on smallville.

TheChanges23 at 03:59 PM Aug 19

Jesus Christ I just read about this. Truly sucks because he was a great actor and I loved him on Famous Jett Jackson, Smallville, and Flash Forward when that was on. He was a pretty cool guy who appreciated his opportunities and was beloved by his friends and family.

Damn that fucking blows...

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

Skyler was so boss telling lydia off in last nights episode. holy shit!
zombie_bro at 06:06 PM Aug 12

Personally don't like Skyler at all. But to each their own.

JohnLocke2342 at 06:07 PM Aug 12

Yes, yes it was. Though to be honest I literally can't stand Skylar to the point that I almost hope she gets punched in the face each episode. I understand her characterization and actions are completely justifiable in her position but something about her just annoys the fuck out of me. Last night however we saw a side of her we haven't truly seen before.. one where her face lit up at the thought of buying another car wash and being able to grow a business that is completely ridden in violence and drug money. I think she knows that but she can't control her impulses anymore and she sort of allowed that greed Walter is feeling to overflow her mindset, and that was very very interesting to see.

randychico at 02:23 PM Aug 13

Yeah I don't get the hate either.. she's basically been a normal person that has to deal with some extreme crap

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

At first I wasn't liking skyler,but, after watching the entire series. I like her. I sympathise with her after the emotional trauma walt has put her through.
CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Finally caught up on breaking bad. The First eight episodes of season five are great. The Train Episode, I've never been more nervous watching a show, ever!!
Beauski at 10:20 PM Aug 06

Fuck that was an amazing episode.

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Holy crap, the ending to season 4 of breaking bad!!!! That's all.
VitamanMan8 at 03:53 PM Jul 31


CriticalAcclaim at 03:59 PM Jul 31

I couldn't believe it. Arrgh. By far, my favorite season.

lukearmy7 at 03:28 PM Aug 01

Jealous of you... oh that was a wonderful season.

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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Since I haven't Done this in forever..

 photo tumblr_mcfdz1SBo31rgn5zfo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_m016v048121r2l8i9o1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mqnzs3IFwC1ru2wc6o1_500.gif

 photo tumblr_mqrnqj37cI1rffi9ao1_500.png

 photo tumblr_mqr3z6TSAy1qdcxoeo2_500.gif

 photo tumblr_mpj3mf1BKC1qzbagvo1_500.png

 photo tumblr_mqc4jffU541rg5w2fo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_mpfmxlofA01rnyf4xo1_500.jpg

 photo tumblr_m5dn0uxpwr1qewv7po1_500.png

Mood: Chillin'

WalkAway at 07:36 PM Jul 30

Love the photoshoot the 4th is from but lol at the photoshopped crown

CriticalAcclaim at 03:46 PM Jul 31

Yeah, it's hecka funny. That's why I put it. lol

CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Happy Birthday Rachel Miner And Allison Mack

My Favorite Meg

 photo tumblr_mqdkr7pOFB1rf6d2ho2_500.gif

 photo tumblr_mg9pv5aew51s2nv1no1_500.gif

 photo Allison-allison-mack-4225464-640-480.jpg

Mood: Bored

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

I started breaking bad last sunday. Now, I am halfway through season 4. It's a damn good show. I love it.
CriticalAcclaim at 02:07 PM Jul 29

@Glinda: So Far it's 3, but the way 4 is so far right now, It might pass season 3.

@OKC: Thanks, I was only going to keep it to like four episodes a day. haha I just couldn't resist.

VitamanMan8 at 03:20 PM Jul 29

After the season 4 finale I feel like it's nearly impossible that it won't be your favorite

sLaShEr84 at 06:15 PM Jul 29

Yeahs, knew you will like it.

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CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Does anyone one watch the killing? This is such a agreat, underrated show.
cerealkiller182 at 03:49 PM Jul 23

The first 2 seasons ended up being a waste in my opinion but this new series is pretty excellent.

CriticalAcclaim at 04:04 PM Jul 23

The first two didn't need to be dragged out, it felt like a waste and slow but I still dug the hell out of it. This season is wow!

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Finally have started watching breaking bad. I don't know why It took me forever to watch it.
Dodong27 at 06:33 PM Jul 22

Don't worry... we all went through this.

Mr.Blizzo at 07:42 PM Jul 22

Oh nice dude! You're in for one hell of a wild ride.

sLaShEr84 at 08:41 PM Jul 22

It's a great show.

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CriticalAcclaim posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Happy Birthday "Moose" Jared Padalecki

 photo tumblr_mq7isflNNA1rpasdio1_500.jpg

 photo IMG_0715.jpg

 photo tumblr_mn8zkzZFRa1qf7cvjo10_500-1.gif

Mood: Bored

CriticalAcclaim updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Sad that "Only God forgives'' isn't playing in vegas.
Electroeels25 at 09:33 PM Jul 19

If you've got VOD in any capacity it's on there for like six bucks. I downloaded it earlier on my 360 and hope to check it out tomorrow. But yeah, it didn't come to my city either.

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