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Throwback Thursday Again.

My Bestie And I about to see rancid.

Alyson And I. Rancid 07

Just Chillin on my bro's 21st bday. He's in the middle.

Me, Josh And Tim

Holding my nephew, Just a week and a half old I believe

its a good thing I caught this robert said he doesn't hold newborn's

At A Concert with a friend.

that would be my body guard

Mood: Bored

MrsData at 06:11 PM Nov 29

Awww at the pic of you holding your nephew

Dodong27 at 06:15 PM Nov 29

Sick pics..!!!
the baby pic... =)

Terminal_83 at 06:25 PM Nov 29

Great pics man!

CriticalAcclaim at 06:29 PM Nov 29

Thanks Guys.

TheChanges23 at 06:43 AM Nov 30


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