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Sony's Marvel Universe: what the planned Spidey-less franchise could look like!


Ever wonder what Sony's planned superhero cinematic universe minus Spider-Man would look like? Wonder no more! #SonyMarvelUniverse #MCUsucks

Spider-Man is back in the stupid Marvel Cinematic Universe and took villains like The Vulture, two Schockers, The Tinkerer, and Scorpion with him. They also made The Vulture a robot, Flash Thompson an Indian, and Aunt May a hot piece of ass. Thanks for killing a part of my childhood! Anyway, if Sony does keep their word that their new Marvel Universe will stay away from the MCU, then I will be eternally grateful. The first two films are VENOM for October 5, 2018 and SILVER & BLACK possibly for 2019. The problem is that there has been confusion thanks to Amy Pascal saying that they would be part of the MCU and now they're not. At the moment, they are not, but what if they do become part of it eventually? They better not of! VENOM is supposed to be an R-rated sci-fi horror superhero flick for God's sake. So, in case Amy or any other Sony executive is seeing this, check out my fan art of what the universe could look like as of now.

It includes Boss Logic's fan art of Tom Hardy as Venom and Cameron Monaghan's campaign to play Carnage. It also features Ron Perlman as Ezekiel Sims who could be like the Nick Fury to Sony while it also features me in one of my movie dream roles as Morbius the Living Vampire. My take on Morbius could be a villain in one of the planned movies or better yet, one of the heroes of the universe. Of course, Black Cat and Silver Sable are also on here, but with no celebrity faces on them because I don't know what two babes would be perfect for the characters. They are a lot of beautiful actressess out there after all.

I tweeted this fan art to @SonyPictures, @rubenfleischer, @Bosslogic, and @SpiderManMovie. Not saying any of them will respond, but I hope at least one of them checks it out and likes it!

So, what do you guys think?

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