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Cochise created a LIST: almost 5 years ago

Top directors I'd like to see direct Bond 24

1. Danny Boyle (an Olympic reunion of sorts? Boyle is similar to Ang Lee in his filmography's variety and hey... he's British. Again he's already dabbled with Bond in the Olympics ceremony from last year. Although he hasn't done a straight up action movie I think he could still nail a Bond movie, even moreso than most with action experience)
2. Ang Lee (he may seem like a bit of an odd choice, and he is. But that's why he's Ang Lee. The guy went from Sense and Sensibility to The Ice Storm to Ride with the Devil to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to Hulk to Brokeback Mountain to Lust Caution to Taking Woodstock to Life of Pi... an incredible variety of movies, styles and genres. Lee loves tackling new things and is able to thanks to his incredible talent. I think he could give a great, great James Bond movie)
3. Kenneth Branagh (Thor brought him into the summer-style blockbuster world and he proved he could handle that extreme change of pace/style... currently he's directing the Jack Ryan reboot which is a pretty perfect lead in/warm up to 'the' spy franchise)
4. David Fincher (a reunion with his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star? Could be very cool. He doesn't have much experience with action, but his most of his movies feature some action and are in a close genre, crime, so I could see him successfully making the leap)
5. Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, The Hurt Locker... would definitely be interesting and hey her recent couple movies may have made her Ms. America so directing Britain's hero may be weird... but look at Branagh directing America's Bond of sorts, Jack Ryan. I think she'd definitely be an interesting choice and would probably do really well with it)
6. James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Cop Land, Knight & Day, the upcoming The Wolverine... he's proven he can do the action, gritty or stylish as well as effective humour and works well with darker, more serious themes to boot)
7. Peter Berg (The Kingdom, The Rundown... he's done the gritty, the emotional, the humorous, the dark, the tense, the mysterious in Kingdom and in Rundown he did the wider scope action with exotic locations and such... he'd be a solid choice, one I'd like but not one I'd be going crazy for at the same time like #'s 1-5)
8. Joe Carnahan (to be honest I would feel like it would be less than its potential if the film had a PG-13 rating with Carnahan at the helm, which it would have. But even still I think Carnahan's style could work well within the universe. He does seem like the type of director that only wants to do things his way, which is cool but with that I doubt he'd get the gig without wanting to compromise or adhere to the requests of the writers and producers, Craig himself even)
9. Christopher Nolan (personally I'd rather see him be the director of the next James Bond reboot/recast, he's my number 1 choice for that, which is why he's so low on this list, but I still had to mention him)

Based on a list by Terror Australis

XSsoCX at 08:38 PM Mar 06

I really dig your list, except for Ang Lee, I have only liked one of his movies ("The Ice Storm."). Since I'm not the biggest Bond fan, Lee directing wouldn't help.

tybows88 at 11:24 PM Mar 06

Really good list, I think Ang Lee could make a really interesting Bond Movie.

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