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The Lizard and Spider-Man from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


what they COULD have looked like... below is some concept art for the two characters that was eventually scrapped in favour of what we see in the final movie. Apparently Chris Cooper was in the running for The Lizard at one point (of the artist just decided to base it off of Cooper). What do you think of them?

Click images to see full size.

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Cochise at 07:03 PM Jul 05

I guess they never even considered the snout? At least not judging from these... still I'd actually prefer the Chris Cooper one which gets kind of snout-y in the finale stages as opposed to what we got in the final movie. Ah well.

tbondrage99 at 07:13 PM Jul 05

In defence of The Lizards flat face in the movie (Which I also didn't care for) in his original look in the comics he also had a flat face.

The Lizard

Cochise at 07:17 PM Jul 05

^ oh yeah I know he did have a flat face in the comics at one point... I just think that it looked stupid then, and it looks stupid now =p maybe it's just cause I'm not a huge comic book reader but I always found the 'snout look' to be the Lizard's iconic look

tbondrage99 at 07:44 PM Jul 05

Oh yes I agree I prefer this version much more:

The Lizard

Even his current look is pretty good:

The Lizard

Munson, Roy E.
Munson, Roy E. at 07:48 PM Jul 05

^the lab coats just seem a little rediculous....hes a hideous beast..trying to keep lab chemicals off his skin??

speederice at 07:49 PM Jul 05

Yeah I like the last Cooper quarter panel the best, slap a lab coat on him and you're off to the races. The first lizard pic looks more like a bird, the second one looks like an alien...

tbondrage99 at 11:08 PM Jul 05

@munson, the lab coat is because Dr. Curt Connors transforms into The Lizard and he wears a lab coat because he's a scientist. I don't think The Lizard give a crap what he's wearing so if he transforms and he's wearing a lab coat do be it.

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