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Best horror movies that you think are underrated/underseen?
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KING Of All Schmoes
Cochise updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

Best horror movies that you think are underrated/underseen?
HTX0811 at 03:50 AM Jan 15

May, The Den, Killer Party, Evilspeak, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, The Pack, Bloody Birthday, Contracted, Contracted: Phase II, Almost Human, Sleepwalkers

timmyd at 07:20 PM Jan 16


WalkAway at 07:48 PM Jan 16

As Above So Below, all of Val Lewton's films

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Alien: Covenant... first time seeing the trailer and... as a huge Ridley Scott and Prometheus fan I have to say -- shockingly disappointing. The exact impression this trailer gave me was, in a phrase, "hollywood". This looks like a mainstream movie, a 'do it for the masses' move. Changing Scott's original idea for a new, original, huge, sci-fi trilogy about Eningeers that also connected to his original Alien movie... into what that trailer showcased... which, while it does look (really) awesome... looks like not a Prometheus sequel like it should have been but rather a 2010's era style late sequelorisitarebootremake like the many we've seen recently, trying to recapture the gold of original and nothing more
YoshioKun13 at 05:51 AM Jan 04

Not impressed

grelber37 at 06:54 AM Jan 04

You hit a certain nail on the head. Alien: Covenant might be an effective horror movie. However, it is not especially the Prometheus sequel that fans anticipated.

Frosty_86 at 09:46 AM Jan 04

The trailer has me worried, I have your exact concerns. It seems as if the studio is just trying to do damage control for the last three (five if you count the AvP movies) entries to the franchise. I liked Prometheus so I don't think they need to apologize for that, they just need to expand on it. They need to deliver on the setup from Prometheus. The trailer also spoiled a whole hell of a lot.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

THE GREAT WALL new trailer


Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I'll still see it and I'd be surprised if it wasn't at the very least good, but the trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Dunkirk was definitely disappointing. Nothing about it from the story to the visuals really popped or were that intriguing, and I was genuinely surprised by that. Especially in comparison to the effect other recent war type film trailers have had on me, such as Hacksaw Ridge
cobb at 12:47 PM Dec 16


OldKingClancy at 01:56 PM Dec 16

I'm kind of with you on the trailer, for me it just felt too small for a Nolan movie but that could be because I'm so use to seeing him do these massive blockbusters. I'll still see it for the name-brand but the trailer didn't hit me that hard.

Cronos at 11:04 PM Dec 16

Yeah it was very underwhelming.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

The Fate of the Furious looks... solid. But, it also looks like the same old same old. Very impressive effects and stunts but even those just feel like the same things we've already seen with a slightly different colour of paint on them. The plot twist with Dom in this one honestly just fell kind of flat. While unexpected I can't really say it was something that got me super intrigued or interested like I'm sure it was meant to. Like of course he's getting blackmailed and then they'll get the team back together in the end and take her down. I mean it's basically just Furious 7 all over again except Dom is in Letty's place. The ONE thing that has me legitimately excited (though after not seeing much of it in the trailer) is the surprise of seeing Jason Statham apparently joining the Fast and Furious good guy crew. If that actually happens (and continues from this point forward) then holy shit, I am down for a TON of future Fast and Furious installments (but, if it doesn't happen, thi...
Cochise at 08:12 PM Dec 11

...s may be this franchise's last breath for me).

Frosty_86 at 09:41 PM Dec 11

I kind of wonder if it's all a setup for Theron/Statham/Mirren to recruit their own own anti-Toretto team and span that over the next three movies. Maybe see the return of other franchise villains. I guess that all could be a little contrived but I'm always down for some over-the-top carmageddon. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them take on a submarine.

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

War for the Planet of the Apes debut trailer left me underwhelmed. Absolutely loved the first two movies though and with generally the same cast and crew on board I am like 85% confident that War will be a very good movie, so I'm not too worried if the trailer didn't really wow me. Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer on the other hand worries me. The trailer was just very... OK. That's it. It really just reminded me of the tone and style of The Amazing Spider-Man, just with Tony Stark in there, than a unique new take. The Vulture's design is really mediocre and disappointing too. Worried about this one now... I still think it'll be enjoyable but it looks pretty skippable after seeing this trailer.
Cochise posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

this featurette makes THE MUMMY look much, MUCH better


Glinda at 01:22 PM Dec 08

Yes, it does. I'm feeling better now too.

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Underwhelmed by the Kong: Skull Island, Transformers: The Last Knight and The Mummy trailers. I'll definitely still watch them all but while I was excited for each trailer, each one left me feeling pretty indifferent afterwards. All of them certainly look enjoyable but the trailers for whatever reason just failed to really excite or grab me
Frosty_86 at 03:18 PM Dec 06

I actually haven't seen AoE yet, the one before that kind of did me in the Transformers movies.
I definitely agree that there needed to be some star power for the new The Mummy. While out of the box casting worked for the Brenden Frasier movie and obviously it has worked for Marvel but I think after Dracula Untold Universal needed that star power. However, I wish that star power wasn't Tom Cruise. I feel like he already has so much going on and Mission: Impossible is going into its sixth installment. I just feel like there's an overexposure factor with Cruise. The man does know how to pick a script so I guess that is promising, I would have liked to have seen someone different headlining this movie. I'm not really sure who that would be, just someone different. Now I just feel like whatever they do next it will just be a Tom Cruise franchise, it won't have legs to grow away from him, that'll always be the number one guy. I also wish with the UMCU they weren't seemingly action/adventure flicks. They have a great horror back catalog but they're choosing to now utilize them like that, it just kind of seems a waste to make CG-loaded blockbusters.

writer19 at 04:43 PM Dec 06

I THOUGH THE MUMMY LOOKED COOL and i was very surprised by that

Cochise at 03:43 PM Dec 07

@Frosty - yeah it would have been cool if they had forged new ground in a way and instead of going for the summer blockbuster thing instead put out a new Universal monster universe movie out every October and had it more focused on scares and stuff than big action. It wouldn't cost as much but at the same time I can see why they didn't do that -- it's much more likely to make much more money as a summer blockbuster, even if I think it'd be cooler and more refreshing to have a cinematic horror universe entry every October or something

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Finding Dory was a solid flick, but ultimately pretty forgettable and pales in comparison to the fantastic original. They sure did make Little Dory look cute though, and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that I didn't actually find Dory straight up annoying in this movie like I thought she was going to be as the main character. Still a pretty unnecessary movie that reminded me of a much larger budgeted version of those DTV animated Disney sequels we used to always get (though even a number of those that I've seen were more memorable/distinct/worthwhile than this). Still, a solid and enjoyable flick for sure, but nowhere near the first and ultimately really skippable.
Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I have a lot of faith in the new The Mummy movie because of Cruise, so I'm really looking forward to Sunday. But it just sucks that the 'teaser trailer' like most are nowadays is just a super quick version of the actual full length trailer which we'll see Sunday it seems... rather than, you know, an actual teaser trailer. One that doesn't tease by flashing before your eyes really quick, but builds and teases properly... man do I miss those
JohnLocke2342 at 11:48 AM Dec 02

I have no confidence in "Mission Impossible 6: Tom Cruise vs The Enchantress from Suicide Squad"

Cochise at 11:53 AM Dec 02

^ hahaha it/she looks way better than Enchantress already, and we've only seen one 3 second shot of her.

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Watched the extended edition of Suicide Squad. The added scenes were welcome additions, but they didn't make the movie great. I still enjoy it, but it still suffers from some poor writing (especially dialog) and hit and miss performances. Luckily Will Smith still makes it worth watching, but I still don't think this Harley is all she's cracked up to be. It's a crazy, fun and cool character, but I don't think in this movie she is as good as the mainstream seems to say. A bunch of her lines fell flat. The Enchantress is also a pretty weak villain thanks to no backstory or real unique motivation. This second time around I have to say I liked the Joker less. And no, it's not the look, I like the look actually. It's the performance. It's just so forgettable, a mishmash of Jokers past with nothing really uniquely definable about it. They could have easily done something like that by making this Joker a much more aggressively violent type, they hint at it but then shy away from it.
Cochise at 11:02 AM Dec 02

...well, except for that awkward slow laugh I guess, but although that will likely become iconic (I see it catching on already with a lot of imitations of it) I don't really think it's that cool or effective... ah.. ah... ah.. ahh...

Weapon X
Weapon X at 02:43 PM Dec 02

The movie grew on me significantly with the second viewing, especially Joker. The whole thing's still a tonal and structural mess though.

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Fantastic Beasts was really, really good! Definitely glad I saw it in the theatre in 3D. Worth it. Very much looking forward to seeing a new epic story unfold in the coming installments! The movie wasn't perfect, with it seeming like two unrelated stories spliced together (the dark spirit thing and then the completely separate search for missing creatures) but it still manages to meld together well enough! Hope to see those two things intertwine better in the next go around, cause I would love to see more of Newt's weird beasts!!
Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I thought The Shallows was going to be decent but wow was it terrible. So cringe worthy and laughable throughout, and not even in a good way. I expected it to be decent at worst but I was surprised by how bad this one was. Very disappointed
grelber37 at 02:10 PM Nov 29

The Shallows was okay, IMO. However, I sure am glad to find someone else who is not entirely into The Shallows. There was better horror and suspense this year.

timmyd at 07:35 PM Nov 29

Dug the hell out of it.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

looking forward to seeing Fantastic Beasts but can't help but think how 'right' it would've felt if Guillermo Del Toro had spearheaded/directed the project
zombie_bro at 08:52 PM Nov 20

It's a good movie and I think they did right by choosing David Yates since he did the last few Harry Potters. I think that alone made it feel a lot like those films.

Cochise at 03:36 PM Nov 24

^ true, I guess they do want to keep the same look and feel to draw back in that massive audience and try and match those box office receipts again. But I do think a fresh take, although different, say with GDT at the helm could be even more interesting. Still, I'm definitely gonna check this one out!

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