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Good football game tonight! if Ottawa would've won it man oh man that would've been a legendary sports victory, considering their fantastically poor first season last year, but once Reilly got the ball in his hands that early 2 TD lead quickly dissipated and they just kept pushing. Congrats to the 2015 champs, a well deserved win for the Eskies... hoist that beauty of a Cup!
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Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 1 day ago

ANOMALISA featurette


Cochise at 11:50 PM Nov 30

this movie looks just fantastic

grelber37 at 06:15 AM Dec 01

Anomalisa dares to be different, and art must constantly re-invent itself.

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 2 days ago

THE WANNABE debut trailer
starring Lucky Luciano, Sally Wheet and Chris Moltisanti! lol I am in!!


Glinda at 07:29 PM Nov 30

Holy smokes this looks awesome and what a perfect cast! I didn't realize that was Patricia Arquette until the notation on the screen. I'll be there for this one.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Good football game tonight! if Ottawa would've won it man oh man that would've been a legendary sports victory, considering their fantastically poor first season last year, but once Reilly got the ball in his hands that early 2 TD lead quickly dissipated and they just kept pushing. Congrats to the 2015 champs, a well deserved win for the Eskies... hoist that beauty of a Cup!
Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

wow what, The Hateful Eight is seriously 3 f*cking hours long?!
Glinda at 02:00 PM Nov 29

Glad to hear there's an intermission. I wish they'd have one with all movies over 2 1/2 hours. I miss intermissions! Three hours without one is too long as I get antsy and I'm always drinking water all day, so...

timmyd at 06:59 PM Nov 29

surprise , surprise.

Cochise at 01:02 AM Nov 30

Except Django Unchained's premise had an epic scope, so it made sense. Same with Inglorious Basterds... THE seems like the western version of Reservoir Dogs so it doesn't really make much sense like the other two that was why I was surprised by this tidbit

The intermission is actually a very cool idea though, I like that! That may actually make it work better too with that runtime

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I kind of doubt this scene actually happens in the movie at all but man I am getting pretty excited for this movie and I totally LOVE this poster, looks so cool
jimmydevito at 01:43 PM Nov 29

yeah I'm pretty pumped to check it out

Glinda at 02:01 PM Nov 29

Agree, this is an incredible poster! I read this book and it was excellent, and it looks like the movie is going to be as well.

timmyd at 07:00 PM Nov 29

looking forward to it as well.

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 6 days ago

a breakdown of the trailer, easter eggs, things you may have missed and more


Cochise at 10:27 PM Nov 25

here's a question maybe someone here could answer, at 8:01 in the video General Ross is handing the Sokovia Accord to someone... but who?

The reason it seems important is that it's not just a random normal looking set of hands, it's not some typical government type character that he's giving it to from the looks of things... instead the person (he/she?) has black fingernails and multiple rings on... who would or could that even be?

Cochise updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

I've only read the Civil War storyline once a while back but that trailer... was that really the CW story at all? If it wasn't for Iron Man being in there that trailer would've made 100x more sense if 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' was the title that popped up at the end lol. Looks like a decent flick though
grelber37 at 04:26 AM Nov 25

Thank you, Cochise. Captain America: Civil War is not really the Civil War storyline. The movie appears to be more entertainment than cinematic art living up to its potential. Everyone goes to see the Marvel movies. Imagine what Disney could have done with Captain America: Civil War. The tagline is "Divided We Fall". The U.S. (and possibly the world) needs to think about that statement and that truth. The Civil War comics event dared to get political. Oddly enough, Marvel is not apparently getting political this time around. And, Marvel Studios is not respecting source material after disrespecting source material in Age of Ultron as well.

TheChanges23 at 05:03 AM Nov 25

I understand what you're saying but in all fairness it would be nearly impossible for Marvel to do the entire source material true justice in one movie. Considering what does happen in the storyline, "Civil War" essentially started with a group of heroes called the New Warriors chasing down a villain whose power is to explode, and that villain blowing up an entire town, killing hundreds and hundreds of people on national television, prompting the Superhero Registration Act to be conceived, drawing a line across the entire world. Later this involved just about every hero (and some villains) in the conflict. (Many of whom have not been introduced into the cinematic universe yet) That kind of image is something not even Marvel can show. (yet)

There'd just be too many characters and variables to throw into this movie to the point where it would be monstrously bloated, and since Marvel is already going ginormous with Infinity War, it makes sense for them to make this kind of story a bit smaller in retrospect and change it within the parameters with what was already established in the MCU. (Using Bucky as the catalyst for this conflict is definitely a good move considering what happened in Winter Soldier. Plus this makes it a Cap film instead of another Avengers film) I mean we're getting a massive cast already along with the introduction of Black Panther, Spidey, Ross, and whomever Martin Freeman is playing, so I believe this was the best way to go. All-in-All this still looks fantastic to me. Can't wait.

Cochise at 06:58 PM Nov 25

^ so I guess in this version The Winter Soldier (and what he did in The Winter Soldier... or rather what he was connected to) takes the place of that villain the New Warriors are chasing down... and the New Warriors are well, who we saw in Cap 2, which would mean Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon. That does make sense now, though at the same time Black Widow and Falcon aren't superheroes and Bucky is pretty far from the actual Civil War villain guy who blows everything up. In comparison you'd think the government would be going after Iron Man for what he caused in Age of Ultron, rather than what Bucky contributed to in The Winter Soldier, which seemed like a much smaller ordeal in terms of its negative superhero impact on the world/public.

Don't get me wrong I've been following the casting and everything and wasn't expecting every Marvel superhero out there to be in this, I just expected the plot to be a lot more about that Superhero Registration Act and everything and the trailer didn't really give that off at all. If anything it just seemed like Captain America: The Winter Soldier Part 2. But maybe there just wasn't enough of the movie ready yet to craft a true trailer and this is just an early, bit of a light and slightly misrepresentative one.

Cochise posted a BLOG item 7 days ago

Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe news!


Tom Cruise is awesome. But what the f'ing f does 'Tom Cruise to star in The Mummy' even mean?! ( And where the hell does that Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe even begin? I Frankenstein? Ugh, hope not. Dracula Untold? Not near as bad but I still fell asleep and yeah, meh... maybe this will be the start of it er... again? lol Interesting news though. Maybe Cruise will be playing Van Helsing in this movie and start going throughout all the other Universal monster movies? That could actually be really cool and unique. I just can't see him either taking role of the Mummy himself or the Brendan Fraser type Mummy role (which I don't think this movie is going for at all anyway) especially because they're trying to craft a MCU-style universe here and ultimately a Fraser-Mummy character would be insignificant, whereas a Van Helsing character would be much more prominent and worthy of Cruise

also I mean come on, he needs to be a movie-trotting Van Helsing because then he can use his awesome running skills on all the Universal monsters

Mood: Chillin'

grelber37 at 07:14 PM Nov 24

Marvel has a Living Mummy character who could provide a successful competing project to any one that Universal attempts. Of course, if Universal makes a Mummy movie that is actually a legit horror movie, all bets are off. Let us see Disney do that.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

the new Tremors TV series has me kind of interested only really because Kevin Bacon is attached. I'm looking forward to seeing what the trailer offers... tbh though I still think that Tremors was one of those movies that a big theatrical remake/reboot would really work with. Ah well
JohnLocke2342 at 10:09 PM Nov 24

They would most likely take the original and try to spin it as some gritty and serious horror movie instead of a B movie horror comedy that doesn't take itself seriously.. which is kind of what I see a show doing. This could basically be Ash vs Evil Dead only with Tremors right? Bring that on!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 10:34 PM Nov 24

Kevin Bacon is enough for me!

Cochise at 11:08 PM Nov 24

@JL - true, in my head it was just Edgar Wright or Sam Raimi or James Gunn directing a reboot of it with that b-movie sort of feel but just modernized a bit and zanier too

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 11 days ago

*DIRTY* GRANDPA debut red-band trailer


YoshioKun13 at 06:33 PM Nov 20

Is this a sequel to BAD GRANDPA?

Cochise at 07:30 PM Nov 20

looked more like a remake with my original title hey? lol fixed it

Glinda at 10:16 PM Nov 21

I think this looks really funny.

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 12 days ago

STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE honest trailer


Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:53 PM Nov 20

Wow, I wouldn't expect anything less from these guys.

The Michael Scott joke made me legit laugh out loud.

jeo4 at 06:10 PM Nov 20


Cochise updated his STATUS: 12 days ago

Christopher McQuarrie is in talks to both write and direct Mission: Impossible 6! Great news as Rogue Nation was a marked improvement over Ghost Protocol, even if the stunts weren't as huge (still bummed that the whole plane thing was nothing but a pre-credits nothing scene that was basically all in the trailer). Looking forward to seeing what he brings with the next one! Also *spoilers follow* it would be pretty cool if they also continue with a close knit continuity with Rogue Nation, bringing the villain back and fleshing him out even more. I really want to see another multi-film villain, there aren't enough of those - and hey he was alive at the end so come on bad guys, go bust him out of prison! lol
writer19 at 09:37 PM Nov 19

meh. i sorta liked it that they got a new director for each film who brought different flavors to em

JohnLocke2342 at 07:59 AM Nov 20

^ This.

I don't think I like the continuity angle and I definitely don't want to see that cookie cutter bland as shit villain back again. The good news is that McQuarrie is a hell of a director and IMO one of the very best out there so I'm stoked he's returning at least!

Cochise at 01:25 PM Nov 20

yeah tbh I found the villain to yet again be disappointing. The only villains I really remember from M:I are Philip Seymour Hoffman and for some reason the guy from M:I-2. Couldn't tell you the first thing about the villains from 1 or 4 or what they look like... and yeah if some time had passed the memory of the M:I-5 villain probably would've faded from my memory nearly just as quickly too lol. I just think that they could actually turn him into something more memorable by building an arc with him, which would also be something they've never tried before.

@writer - I do agree with that tbh and would've preferred that, but if they directly continue continuity because of this I think that's almost equally as interesting because it's something they haven't done before. If they don't and it's yet another contained adventure then meh, yeah I think it would've been better off with a different director/writer too

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 12 days ago

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL debut trailer
starring Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kristen Dunst, Adam Driver
directed by Jeff Nichols (Mud, Take Shelter)


Glinda at 07:29 PM Nov 19

Looks really good. I just love Michael Shannon.

Cochise at 09:10 PM Nov 19

^ I just saw the full cast list it and it looks like another Boardwalk alum is in there, this time Paul Sparks (who played Mickey Doyle that weasel... lol). The director Matt Nichols must be a big Boardwalk fan or something because in each of his movies he casts people from that show, Michael Shannon was the star in his first movie, and then his second movie Take Shelter also starred Shannon and also had Shea Whigham in it, then Mud had Shannon and Paul Sparks in it as well!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 09:51 PM Nov 20

Really intriguing! Looking forward to it!

Cochise posted a BLOG item 13 days ago

Peter Jackson on the difficulties of The Hobbit Trilogy

"Because Guillermo del Toro had to leave and I jumped in and took over, we didn’t wind the clock back a year and a half and give me a year and a half prep to design the movie I was going to make, which was different to what he was doing...It was impossible, and as a result of it being impossible I just started shooting the movie with most of it not prepped at all.

You’re going on to a set and you’re winging it, you’ve got these massively complicated scenes, no storyboards and you’re making it up there and then on the spot […] We would just tell the crew to take an extended lunch for an hour or so because I wanted to just get my head completely clear and plot it through. I spent so much of The Hobbit feeling like I was not on top of it […] even from a script point of view Philippa [Boyens], Fran [Walsh], and I hadn’t got the entire scripts written to our satisfaction so that was a very high pressure situation."

That's pretty disappointing. While I still certainly think it's a good trilogy (thanks to the fantastic AUJ and the really good BOTFA) it definitely has its flaws or at least things that could've been improved, excised, whatever. Sounds like more than anything it was just kind of rushed... and I don't really know why. I mean really, why did the studio force them to do it like this? I get that they want money, and they sure did get it, but you'd think that they'd have enough respect for the material and for Jackson after the LOTR trilogy that with the director/creative change-up they would allow Jackson ample time to rearrange everything and think everything out himself... rather than this day-by-day near improv type thing. I mean sure it worked for Iron Man, but this ain't Iron Man lol. A shame. All things considered though, it being rushed and everything, I think it turned out a lot, lot better than it could have. Still wish they would've turned back the clocks a year and a half or whatever and just delayed it while he retooled it. Ah well.

Mood: Chillin'

JohnLocke2342 at 12:11 PM Nov 19

^ See I think Smaug/Bilbo is the highlight of that second movie and the best sequence in the trilogy behind Riddles in the Dark. I completely agree that they fumbled the finale and never should've had Smaug's demise be the opening of 3 (it felt rushed, sloppy and there wasn't a big effect when you drag it out that way) but their interplay was so good to me.

I wish they completely cut out the smelting scene and took the opening of 3 and made it the final sequence of 2.

ericodarko at 01:10 PM Nov 19

So, if you already know that you're going into this massive undertaking while being grossly underprepared, why the hell would you decide to make it into a trilogy instead of the planned two-movie adaptation? Focus on figuring out how to get two movies done before adding another one. Now, we'll always think of two thigns looking back on this trilogy: how it could've been if Del Toro had stayed on and what could've been if Jackson had taken/was given the proper time to get everything ready for his adaptation. Could there have been time to get more miniatures & practical effects/make-up ready? Better script & action sequences? Ah, well. It is still a fun trilogy that I'll enjoy revisiting once in a while (not sure if I'll be including it every time I go for a LOTR marathon/revisit) but one that could've been so much more

Cochise at 04:12 PM Nov 19

@JL - Oh I didn't mean that the Bilbo Smaug thing was bad by any means, just that maybe it could've been a bit better. I still think it was good and one of the few good parts of DoS (alongside pre-spiders Mirkwood and the Thrain thing... both EE additions for the most part). The one thing I remember not really liking about it was the use of er... the wraith world? Not sure what it's called exactly, but when Bilbo puts the ring on. It kind of ruined the money shot in the trailer of Smaug coming around the corner lol and that was disappointing. I wish they had almost played most of it from Smaug's POV rather than making so much of it murky through 'Ring-vision' or whatever. That's just a smaller creative choice I didn't like though, overall yeah I agree I dig that scene -- though for me it seemed like almost a second-rate version of riddles in the dark, I just didn't think it matched the heights of that so that was a bit disappointing too. Totally agreed about after that though, they should've cut that whole gold smelting sequence out... or at least shortened it a LOT, I get that they needed to have a little bit of the dwarves themselves trying to defeat Smaug and failing but it didn't need to be that long or that messy... they could've did the whole gold statue trap thing but had the whole creation of all of that behind the scenes, then have that fail, then have the escape and Laketown attack and boom, end of movie and really a much better set up for the finale. Show the town in ruins, the dwarves being like oh shit and then have a final cliffhanger final scene of Gandalf seeing the eye or something (just move that around) or even of Azog revealing a massive army and saying 'now we take the mountain'. Ahhhhh what could have been.

@erico - good point man about the 2 into 3 thing especially under those circumstances. I wasn't really fussed about that whole thing but when you think about all this now and it was rushed the decision to split it into 3 really doesn't make sense

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