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can't wait to see Justice League, but disappointed that they changed the tone to conform to the masses shouting "make it more like Marvel". Too bad.
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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 5 hours ago

can't wait to see Justice League, but disappointed that they changed the tone to conform to the masses shouting "make it more like Marvel". Too bad.
Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

after having time to reflect a little more on it, I still think Thor: Ragnarok is great, but at the same time it's really disappointing. If anything the comedic, crazy angle should have been what the second Thor movie was all about, and then Ragnarok should have had the tone and weight that The Dark World had. The storyline of Ragnarok deserved to be much more epic, serious, focused and impactful. At the same time though even with that giant flaw, the Thor: Ragnarok we have was just so enjoyable to me that that disappointment couldn't ruin the movie for me. Too bad though, I think a proper Ragnarok movie (in the vein of The Dark World or say, The Winter Soldier or Civil War, or something like LOTR) would've been a much more proper adaptation that would've been more affecting, felt more epic and been more memorable. While it's a big success for Marvel, it's still a pretty big mistake and missed opportunity.
Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Trying to keep my expectations low but damn is it hard, getting REALLY excited for Justice League! Wasn't that big on Man of Steel and was very disappointed in Suicide Squad (aside from Will Smith's Deadshot) but thought BvS was very good and refreshingly palpable, even with some flaws (even though I didn't think he was THAT bad, Eisenberg was definitely the weak link) and thought Wonder Woman was surprisingly enjoyable as well. It's hit and miss, hopefully this will be another hit! I want to see as much Batfleck as possible, so hopefully he'll defy some people's expectations and get to work on The Batman with Reeves a.s.a.p. and then at least one more JL! Fingers crossed JL is a pleasant surprise and he sticks in the role for a while longer!
Weapon X
Weapon X at 01:10 AM Nov 15

The overwhelming word on the street is that despite a rushed pace, thin plot, and lame villain, the ensemble work elevates it, everybody gets time to shine, and they've really nailed the characters.

Cochise at 02:44 AM Nov 15

^ hopefully we get an ultimate/extended cut on blu-ray!

Moviefreak2010 at 05:54 AM Nov 15

can't wait

Cochise updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

a couple complaints so far about Justice League's 'thin story'... well, I have a feeling that they cut a LOT out of the movie, so hopefully they'll give us an Ultimate Cut on blu-ray. Aside from that though, I don't think that's that big of an issue. I mean look at it's biggest rival in The Avengers. Does anyone even remember the story in that movie? It was thin as hell and honestly kind of weak. My only concern from the reactions so far is that there was one comment that said some of the CG is kind of weak (which hopefully I'll disagree with, it was only one person saying that from what I've read, but I do have to say effects wise I do think that Marvel somehow has less weak-CG moments than I've seen in DC so far... hopefully that changes and they get the top notch consistency as Marvel seems to get in terms of CGI).
Cochise updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

The new trilogy of Star Wars films by Rian Johnson is super exciting, even for someone like me who isn't a huge SW fan. I love Johnson, but it's not even for that reason, instead it's because it will give the creative team the chance to be imaginative and crazy. That's what was so great about George Lucas' work with the prequels -- despite the faults he did what he did with the original trilogy, and what they haven't (and probably won't) do with the sequel trilogy of Episode VII, VIII and IX. And that's be truly creative. Lucas threw tons of new alien, vehicle, costume, planet, etc designs in the prequel trilogy... whereas the sequel trilogy is basically just OT nostalgia fest. It's safe. It works. But for someone who isn't a massive SW nut, it would be more exciting if it wasn't so been there seen that. Not to say it isn't very well made and everything though. Still, the new Johnson trilogy has that potential, that freedom to be new, to be weird, to have all sorts of new designs an...
Cochise at 08:50 PM Nov 10

...d that's why it's so exciting I think."

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 9 days ago

Thor: Ragnarok


Directed by: Taika Waititi
Written by:
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander, Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum
Studio: Marvel Studios
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Official Site:


It is a disappointing film as its extra-heavy focus on comedy does distract and take away a lot of potential tangible drama, emotion and tension. Unfortunately, even though the scale is certainly still very large, all the comedy does take away from the epic feeling of the movie. Not that it doesn't feel epic in some sense, but it could've been much more. However, while there are ultimately a few jokes too many, most of the serious parts of the film still do work, and most of the jokes do land. It would've been a better, more affecting and memorable film with less jokes, but it was still a very entertaining and well made movie. The action is well done and the effects are fantastic, but the music is pretty forgettable and disappointing (aside from Immigrant Song -- though it should have only been used the first time I think). The odd 80s synth soundtrack didn't really feel like it fit with Sakaar, despite the sci-fi setting. It would've been nice to hear some more of Patrick Doyle's score for the original film, especially his great 'Sons of Odin' track. The only other negative that really stood out is casting. While they certainly do well enough in their roles, I felt both Cate Blanchett's Hela and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie could have been more effective and memorable characters with different actors in their roles. Also, it would've been nice to have...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: KcMsterpce (4/10) , OldKingClancy (8/10) > Display all
sLaShEr84 at 03:08 PM Nov 09

Good movie.

Cochise posted a BLOG item 28 days ago

Finally saw Spider-Man: Homecoming and was shocked...

in some good ways, but honestly mostly bad. I did really like how different some of the story beats and main character was in this one. I appreciate how it seems they really made an effort to flip a bunch of things on their head and do unexpected things with the plot. However, some of the other writing choices fell flat. On top of that the suit itself just looked too corny and cartoony and not near as good as either of the past two on screen incarnations of it. The worst part about the movie though, surprisingly, is the effects. For such a massively budgeted film, and one with Marvel Studios behind it, I was taken aback by how noticeable and lame a TON of the effects shots were, from CG Spidey to just basic green screen layering (see image below). Just very subpar and frankly unacceptable stuff for a movie of this size. The action and visuals just often seemed very cartoony and fake. Despite some great silver linings, Homecoming was easily the worst and most forgettable Spider-Man movie to date, and the worst movie in the MCU. What a disappointment.

Mood: Sad

grelber37 at 04:55 AM Oct 21

You know, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had some really bad CGI. Perhaps, the House of Mouse is saving some money. Perhaps, Disney will claim that obvious artifice is not so inappropriate in a comic-book movie.
I hope that Infinity War will not have shitty visuals.

LelekPL at 11:51 AM Oct 21

I thought it was one of the better MCU films

Cochise updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

the review consensus for THOR: RAGNAROK is in and... it's just as was feared, unfortunately. What should have been the most epic, gritty and dire film in the entire MCU (considering the Ragnarok storyline) has instead been crafted into the goofiest, spoof-iest, rainbow coloured joke-a-minute popcorn flick the MCU has ever seen. It's pretty damn disappointing to hear that, though it was what was expected after reading and seeing how they talked about and showed the film prior to its release. Too bad.
Cochise at 03:36 AM Oct 21

@Lelek - because it's *Ragnarok*. That pretty much says it all lol

LelekPL at 06:09 PM Oct 21

I mean Batman 66 works as a comedy and Batman is essentialy a dark and brooding character. Just because the tone is different doesn't mean it's going to be a bad movie. Playing with the tone is neither bad nor good in itself, you just have to wait for the movie to judge it but you can't judge based on the tone.

Would it work better as a gritty film? Maybe yes, maybe no. But that's not what we're getting. If it's a bad comedy, I'll be the first to criticize it but let's wait until we see the movie first. So far the trailers looked pretty funny.

Cochise at 03:11 PM Oct 22

I never said it was going to be a bad movie. It looks like a fun, light, popcorn movie that'll be real fun with some drinks or a few tokes. I'm sure it'll be a blast that way.

All I ever said was adapting this dire, epic, serious storyline as a dire, epic, serious movie rather than a silly joke filled one (which, as often is the case with Marvel movies, removes nearly all tangible drama from the proceedings) would have turned this into a much more affecting film.

I get that Marvel generally just makes what amounts to superhero spoof films, but this is the one storyline that should've had the seriousness that the Winter Soldier or Civil War had.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

'franchise needs maintenance' shocked to hear that, especially from Diesel, who was talking about Fate of the Furious like it was a legitimate Oscar contender when he was interviewed while they were making it if I recall... lol As crazy as it sounds this is probably because of how The Fate of the Furious aka Fast and Furious 8 underperformed... strangely as it sounds it only made 1.3 billion on a budget of 250 million, which was a giant leap from the 190 budget of Furious 7 and a fall of the intake of Furious 7's 1.5 billion
LelekPL at 02:29 PM Oct 11

I don't think anybody expected it to make more than Fast 7. 7 had that Paul Walker factor that clearly elevated it. It also had a better director.

F8 seriously earned A LOT considering how much worse that film was.

XSsoCX at 03:56 PM Oct 11

I still cannot believe that franchise made it past "Tokyo Drift".

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

2 for 1 Angelina Jolie news: a Maleficent sequel is gearing up to shoot (with one half of the directing duo behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) in the first quarter of 2018, but as we know she was also heavily rumoured to be playing the Bride of Frankenstein in the upcoming Universal Studios monsters reboot/Dark Universe movie. However, a new interview with Bill Condon (who's directing The Bride of Frankenstein) says that no one has been locked down in the title role, but that the film is scheduled to shoot February 2018... which may mean that Jolie may be out as the Bride of Frankenstein in favour of reprising her Maleficent role. Personally, I'd MUCH rather see her as the Bride of Frankenstein than see her back in another Maleficent movie (which I don't see a point in at all but hey, money). What do you think? And, who would you cast as the Bride of Frankenstein if Jolie really is out?
LelekPL at 06:31 PM Oct 03

Her Sin City substitute, Eva Green, would be fine.

cobb at 06:34 PM Oct 03


timmyd at 08:13 PM Oct 03

oh hell yes , Eva Green would be a great choice .

Cochise posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

I just binged the entire Game of Thrones series


While I did enjoy it, I can't say I get all the hype or that I loved it. Still, I'll definitely see it through til the end. There's nothing really 'wrong' with it (aside from a few really weird unexplained things, like the origin of the Wall itself, and some really pointless reveals and needless twists, namely Jon Snow's secret heritage, but also that super powerful weird ghost darkness demon thing that came and went in two episodes) but I just didn't fall in love with it. Still, the amount of money HBO and co. throw at this makes it definitely stand out from most shows, with the locations, effects, costumes, sets and props all being top notch. A lot of great acting and writing too. Gotta be honest though, while in the first season I was like 'where are the cool zombie guys (white walkers)' and was disappointed by their lack of appearance for a while after the tease of them at the end of the very first episode... I gotta say, I actually preferred the show before the White Walkers really came into the plot. I found the human to human scheming and stuff to be more interesting and entertaining than this whole 'zombies are invading let's stop them' thing, though I do understand this is the climax of the show and they have to go with this path.

It would've been nice if Richard Brake had returned as the Night King though, I think his look is much cooler, more iconic and way more intimidating than the new actor's look.

Mood: Happy

Cochise at 06:45 PM Oct 03

I've only seen the show so don't know much about the book lore but have looked a few things up... apparently there's a rumour that's been taken to that says that Bran is Bran the Builder and all of this (which I haven't looked into, but do they ever explain in the books how in the hell they build a wall of ice like that?) but also that Bran put the 'burn them all' voice in the Mad King's head (and turned him mad) just like he did with Hodor and 'hold the door' and that 'burn them all' references burning all of the dead/the zombies rather than all of the people or something... and so I guess Bran is the one who is time travelling all in an effort to try keep the human race alive throughout the ages and stop the White Walkers, but he's not really good with his time travelling skills and goes about it in a haphazardly way lol... Not sure, just read the theory briefly but that's what it kind of seems like they're getting at.

Regardless though, the whole romance thing (at least with the twist taken into account) is just stupid. "Here's your incest baby, I'm your dad, Jon, but you're also my cousin, don't worry though I'm not some redneck, I won't have sex with my cousin, that'd just be wrong".

That Azor Ahai thing though... lol, I can't even fully comprehend that, the God of Darkness? Who I guess would be the Night King, but yet the Night King is just some Frankenstein's monster that those Earthling things made? I don't know... I feel like Jon shoving a sword into her chest, and then that sword magically turning into a fire sword (what?) and then that sword being the only sword that can kill the Night King (why?) is just a bit too farfetched (and what happened to dragon glass being able to kill them?)... plus they'd have to somehow introduce and make the whole concept of reincarnation seem legitimate in only six episodes too... then again, look what we're talking about lol

OldKingClancy at 06:51 PM Oct 03

They're Targaryen's that's just they roll. Honestly the amount of sibling sex they went through having an Aunt/Nephew deal is almost considered normal for them.

LelekPL at 07:57 PM Oct 03

^ yeah. It's a different time and a different world. Throughout much of the human history, many dynasties wanted to preserve their bloodline through incest. It's stupid with the knowledge we have but in that world it's not that shocking. It's mocked at best but not illegal or terrible.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

has anyone seen the X-Men universe show Legion?
cobb at 09:42 PM Oct 01

yeah loved it

klinteastwood at 10:56 AM Oct 02

couldnt get into it

HTX0811 at 02:42 AM Oct 10

Liked it, didn't love it but it's different and I'm intrigued enough to see where they take it.

Read all 4 comments >>

Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

although I'm getting pretty tired of Jennifer Lawrence (still have zero interest in seeing David O Russell's Joy mostly because of her tbh) but 'mother!' definitely interests me... but not in the theatre. Apparently it's one of those art-house style movies that doesn't make much sense and benefits greatly from repeat viewings as well as discussion and Googling theories... honestly, this seems like the PERFECT movie to have been released and debuted on Netflix or something. It just doesn't seem like a theatre movie for me, even though I'm excited and intrigued... the new Netflix style format (movie debuts and everyone can see it and talk about it at once, at least that's how it seems) seems like it would've been much better suited for this one. Still, looking forward to it!
Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Abrams being back for Episode IX is something I'm cool with. The Force Awakens had a lot of problems with rehashing plot elements from the OT (and with that not enough imagination/ambition with its story) but I think them playing it safe was well, the safe move for the reintroduction of Star Wars. Get the old fans back on board after a bunch of them didn't take too kindly to the prequels, and be broad enough at the same time to garner a new fanbase as well. Hopefully Johnson's VIII is a much more imaginative and risk taking venture... but at the same time I hope that Abrams can match that with the final episode, rather than just playing it safe (though good) again like with The Force Awakens. I have faith in Abrams, but honestly at the same time I was hoping that 9 would have a different director, so that each film in the trilogy would be more distinct.
JohnLocke2342 at 08:59 PM Sep 12

Agreed dude but go back and look at the amazing art of the force awakens book. Abrams was taking that movie in a fresh, creative direction until Iger and Disney really hammered home the fact that they wanted it similar. Iger himself is directly responsible for the Rathgar scene since he wanted an action sequence in the middle section. Hell they barely had a script before shooting and Abrams and Kasdan thought up the entire movie on a night walk through Europe.

Pushing the film back and being in the third chapter after TFA made billions and Rian Johnson is going weird with it means he's gonna have a lot more free reign.

Cochise posted a BLOG item 3 months ago

last thoughts on BvS

alright last comments about revisiting Batman V Superman earlier (and yes it was inspired by the DC news/rumours/leaks shitshow of recent weeks)... in short, I didn't like it as much as I did before. A lot of things could've been tightened to make it shorter and flow better, and while I liked the idea of a lot of the scenes, I think the execution of them and even the editing as well could have been better. Although on such a big movie there are so many people with their hands in the jar, I actually would put some (a lot) of this blame on Snyder, who I never really dislike ever (unlike some people nowadays who just seem to LOATHE him, which is still crazy to me). But, that's what I felt upon this viewing. And with that I'm glad Whedon is coming in. In retrospect I think that someone else should have directed the story/script of Dawn of Justice, and then have Snyder come back and do the action packed Justice League... or just have him wait and get him to do Man of Steel 2. I don't know, I think it would've been better to have just had a bit of a breather from his style and voice before going back to it. I think someone else would've been better in the captain's chair for this movie, though I think he'd be great for the big action team-up movie in JL.

Also, I realized that this Lex Luthor... is awesome? Alright, no, I still think Jesse Eisenberg is SUPER miscast as Lex Luthor, and has some really odd and kind of cringe worthy moments and mannerisms... but, he is for the most part a VERY shockingly well written villain. I mean some of his lines that Terrio wrote... a lot of them actually, are pretty cool (just check the link here: I just think a different actor would've been MUCH better in the role... I think that's BvS' main problems... the choice of person to direct and the choice of person to play the villain (of course there are still little problems, even with some of the dialog in the script... sorry Terrio). Also I have to say one recurring problem with the DCEU is also present in this movie... the CGI quality. It's not bad, but a lot of it is surprisingly noticeable and for having some of the biggest budgets ever it shouldn't be that way. Although there are a lot of great practical effects and sets, there aren't enough. The action is too crazy and over the top too, like Batman just getting absolutely wrecked in that mech-suit... even wearing that a human would die from the impacts without a doubt, so that kind of takes you out of the film as well, not like Batman is an actual superhero or anything... I think they should've toned that down and made him get beat up in a smaller, but more effective and believable way. Besides that though in regards to the visuals again, just a lot of the smoke and fire effects just don't look as believable as they should be. It's weird, because Marvel movies just seem to have much better effects... I don't get it. Even Wonder Woman was like that... though honestly not to the same extent at all thinking back... maybe it's a Snyder thing then? Then again, Suicide Squad featured a LOT of the same weak effects (look at all the super noticeably CG Enchantress stuff and the fire and smoke effects in the rest of the movie too... weird).

If those things changed I think this could've held up as a legitimately fantastic movie... but problems are problems. Still, I do think it's quite a good movie, thanks to the story and emotional weight it manages to carry through all the bumps, and the awesomeness of Ben Affleck as Wayne/Batman... but it just could have been better.

...but it's still 100x better than Suicide Squad, lol. As for Man of Steel... while BvS is more flawed, I think it's more risk taking, emotional and effective... so because of those things I think it rises above its faults and I like it more because of that... strangely, I would actually almost say the same about it and Wonder Woman (which, unlike MoS which I found very mediocre, I thought was SUPER good). Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute blast with WW and was genuinely pleasantly surprised by it, but it felt a lot safer and more conventional and less risk taking than BvS. WW is less flawed sure, but BvS is ballsier and more imaginative I think.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the future of the DCEU. Hopefully they get organized and show us that, and hopefully JL is a nice surprise for everyone. I look forward to seeing where it goes and would be extremely excited to see Affleck's Batman in a slightly more grounded tale as told through Matt Reeves' mind and eye... and hopefully he can bring some of his effects company connections on board with him ;)

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