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Cameron's comments on the upcoming Avatar movies made me laugh “They’re gonna be bitchin" and "You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open" lol. Can't wait for these flicks!
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Cochise created a LIST: about 10 hours ago

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Film Survey

1. Favorite Movie of the Trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring
2. Favorite Characters (3): Merry, Pippin, Aragorn
3. Least Favorite Character: Galadriel
4. Favorite Non-Speaking Creature or Character: Mumakils
5. Favorite Moment: Sam carries Frodo to Mount Doom
6. Favorite Battle: Pelennor Fields
7. Favorite Scene: The Lighting of the Beacons
8. Least Favorite Scene: the whole Lothlórien sequence
9. Favorite Location: Minas Morgul
10. Favorite Stunt: Legolas' shield surfing

Based on a list by WalkAway

WalkAway at 01:08 PM Nov 26

Legolas deff has the best stunts

JohnLocke2342 at 01:23 PM Nov 26

Wow man massive props for using the Mûmakil phrasing.. and the beacons being lit is definitely right up there for me as well.

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 11 hours ago

Cameron's comments on the upcoming Avatar movies made me laugh “They’re gonna be bitchin" and "You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open" lol. Can't wait for these flicks!
JohnLocke2342 at 01:40 PM Nov 26

Dude also talked a ton of shit about Avatar and it wound up being vanilla as hell without any of this "mind blowing cgi" they were pumping up beforehand, so I'll have to take his words with a grain of salt.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

also it kind of seems like that new Dino is actually just another T-Rex/Spinosaurus type animal, which is disappointing. Maybe they mixed T-Rex DNA with Raptor DNA, I don't know, but I really wish they had done something really special and made the big bad dino in this one be something different, something unique, something really new... hopefully it will be but from the shot under its feet, which I am assuming is the new big bad, it seems like the same sort of thing again. Maybe it's more agile in terms of traversing vertical environments/more acrobatic, that would be great. Also this just in here's a leaked pic of the new dino *spoilers*
Cochise at 07:01 PM Nov 25

actually I guess the general design has already been leaked, and it looks a lot less unique than I had hoped. The Spinosaurus stood apart from the T-Rex... this just... looks like a T-Rex with slightly longer arms. hmm... we'll see I guess

edit: I can't remember, was this labelled fake or not? I forgot about it, but if this is the design then I like it, it definitely looks like a more agile creature than the T-Rex, faster, and I really dig the snake-like appearance of it which sets it apart.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 08:57 AM Nov 26

I read "Thanks to its spliced DNA, this new creation will apparently have a highly flexible snake-like jaw, the intelligence of a raptor, the ferocity of a T-Rex and the camouflage abilities of a cuttlefish!" lol

Cochise at 10:40 AM Nov 26

^ whoa nice! I hope it has more snake features, like a tail it can wrap around prey or something, really make it stand apart. The camouflage ability is cool!

Cochise updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

annnd there goes all my interest in Joe Wright's Peter Pan movie. Was not feeling what that trailer was giving out at ALL over here, from the representation of Neverland to just the general storyline. Even the stylized visuals and art style didn't work for me, and worst of all Hugh Jackman just looks plain silly in his role of Blackbeard... damn. Garrett Hedlund had a bit of a Jimmy Stewart thing going on though lol, which I guess is cool? Ah well, at least we'll always have this
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 04:37 PM Nov 25

The Pan movie looks horrible, well mostly in the vision , its too bad it couldnt be more in line with HOOK..Joe Wright's vision isnt right to me either

Dodong27 at 04:47 PM Nov 25

I love Hook, but Hook was something you'll see at Disney Family Channel. I like this version.. more fantasy driven.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 09:12 AM Nov 26


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Cochise updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

whoa Jurassic World trailer!! I can't wait for this flick. Honestly though I didn't really get the best feeling from the trailer, I mean I'll hold judgement on the story til I see the whole thing fleshed out (it does seem really freakin nonsensical, just plain stupid even, to even open up a new park, nevermind make a new dinosaur in the middle of that park after the incidents of the last three movies... or maybe this is a total reboot and is a new universe and this is the first park? That could work). The problem I had with it though were the visuals. The brachiosaurus looking dino didn't look the best to be honest, but then the few effects shows immediately following that, of the tram and then the giant crocodile monster... hopefully the effects aren't finished because it already looked dated and noticeable to me, and I could see it aging horribly quick and looking really silly in only a few years time if it remains like that...
Cochise updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

wow the way Jackson speaks of the 'final battle' in The Battle of Five Armies makes it sound fantastic! Also what was up with that '45 minute battle' stuff? Apparently it's actually 25 minutes or so. Damn, I wanted to see a 45 minute battle. Still sounds awesome regardless though!
Cochise at 03:24 PM Nov 25

"One of the things we did with the Battle of the Five Armies in particular, and in designing the script and the narrative, is that we made sure that the story that we're telling in this third movie, that the story is continuing through the battle. So in other words, you don't get the story to a point where everyone's suddenly, 'Oh, stop, we're going to launch into a huge battle now,' and then the battle's over and you do a denouement in the end. We actually have a lot of conflict happening between characters, we have people in different places that are needing to get to each other... And some of it's not all battle-related, some of it is personal stuff that's there. And so we kind of pushed the story where the battle kind of interrupts the story, it gets in the way of the story, but the story kind of punches its way through the battle, and that's what we've deliberately tried to do with this. So you're literally seeing it through the eyes of multiple characters as they are still doing what they need to do to fulfill their journey on the movie."

Zacharia at 03:38 PM Nov 25

Extended Cut maybe?

Cochise at 03:43 PM Nov 25

^ hope so!

Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

a bunch of 'pre Black Friday' sales have popped up on for anyone interested. The Bourne Trilogy for only $22, the Transformers Trilogy for only $22, the Godfather Trilogy for only $22, the Mission: Impossible Trilogy for only $16 and the Die Hard Quadrilogy for only $14 to name a few of the big deals.
oscarxp25 at 08:22 AM Nov 24

There are some good deals there...may have to make some purchases. Thanks for the heads up!

Invidtus at 08:38 AM Nov 24

Lol did they leave out Mi 2 I would-

Cochise at 02:20 PM Nov 24

^ no but Ghost Protocol is out which makes me happy. Would much rather have Woo's flick over here

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

so Christian Bale says that he was disappointed to hear that Ben Affleck got cast as Batman, just because he actually would've liked to play the character again. Now I'm a huge Ben Affleck fan and he is THE reason I'm looking forward to BvS, but with the lame hollywood cop out ending of TDKR and Bale's willingness to reprise the role, it's pretty crazy that he didn't...
Weapon X
Weapon X at 04:48 PM Nov 23

Really? The story I recall was WB offered Bale $50 million to step back into the suit and he said no, TDKR was the end for him.

Cochise at 04:52 PM Nov 23
Cochise updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

all caught up on SoA, now just waiting til the final 2 episodes to air. I have to say that it's shocking and really crappy how this final season is, to me at least, by far the worst. It just feels so convoluted and unfocused. I wouldn't say it's *bad* per se but compared to the previous seasons it's a giant step down
writer19 at 03:43 PM Nov 23

Last weeks episode was excellent though

HTX0811 at 06:03 PM Nov 24

I'm loving this season but to each their own.

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 4 days ago

The Expendables 3


Directed by: Patrick Hughes
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kellan Lutz, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford, Terry Crews, Robert Davi, Randy Couture, Kelsey Grammer, Victor Ortiz, Glen Powell, Ronda Rousey
Studio: Lionsgate
Genre: Action
Official Site:
Plot: Barney augments his team with new blood for a personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms trader who is hell bent on wiping out Barney and every single one of his associates.


+ good concept (the overall story is probably the most unique/distinct of all 3 films)
+ great cast (Antonio Banderas is absolutely fantastic with his goofy character. Mel Gibson is damn good and twisted as the villain, but doesn't get much to do and his final fight is really weak. Harrison Ford has a couple good bits making fun of Statham)
+ solid score (love that they brought back the theme)


- a lot of really bad CGI (by far the worst I've seen in any theatrical film, terrible CG creations and green screen work that almost made it seem like Sin City)
- really poor script (the dialog in particular is just really bad. Just super bland, awkward and uninteresting, aside from the bits with Banderas and Gibson)
- poorly edited (way too many cuts during the action, giving an ADD feel, and there were a few very noticeably awkward scene transitions throughout)
- underused cast (It's a wonder why they even included Jet Li and Schwarzenegger in this one. They're in it for like 2 minutes and seem kind of forced in unfortunately. Same thing with Wesley Snipes, he doesn't get much to do and fails to really make an impression. Same thing can be said about the young Expendables. Ronda Rousey and Ortiz both show some pretty weak acting skills, but Lutz and Powell are solid enough, though again they really don't get much to do and are kind of just there)



What a disappointment. An embarrassment even. I'm a huge fan of the first two movies, I think their strengths make it easy to ignore their flaws (in particular Ex2's film references)... but this is by far the worst movie in the series. They said that the first movie was too serious and the second was too comedic, and that they wanted to strike a balance in this one... yet this one is just filled with jokes all the time, or rather (failed) joke attempts. The comedy doesn't work at ALL and there's no tangible drama whatsoever. The action is largely uninteresting and unexciting as well. The only really solid and memorable action bit was a little one-man-army sequence with Statham in the big climax. All in all this was a disaster. The dialog is just crap, the action is weak (in part due to how it's shot), and it's just plagued with editing, sound and effects issues that drag it down. Even with all those annoyances though, I would still recommend it just because Banderas is so much goofy fun in it.


Other reviews of this film: The Arrow (7/10) , EVILDEADKING (8/10) > Display all
Glinda at 09:46 PM Nov 23

Great review and I agree with all of it. As per usual I didn't really notice the bad cgi, but everything else I was keenly aware of, especially the silly dialogue and comedic attempts. GROAN.

Also the lack of Arnold. :'(

Agree Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas were great.

Terror Australis
Terror Australis at 03:06 AM Nov 26

Personally I thought it was pretty awesome (and as well as pretty underrated) if I say so myself. I never had a problems with most of the complaints you had.

Terror Australis
Terror Australis at 03:06 AM Nov 26


Cochise updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

well that went by fast. Probably gonna catch up with Ep 9, 10 and 11 of Sons tonight and then The Expendables 3: Unrated Cut (first time seeing it in any form). When's the Sons series finale, this tuesday?
Anakin at 11:13 PM Nov 22

Expendables 3 is one I'm looking forward to.

CriticalAcclaim at 10:55 AM Nov 23

the sons series finale is dec 9th.

Cochise at 01:46 PM Nov 23

^ wow really, why are they skipping so much time? That sucks

edit: ah nevermind I thought there were only 12 eps in the season, looks like there's 13. Still a 2 week hiatus between episode 11 and the final two episodes though... I wonder if either one of them will be extra long, an hour and a half or two hours? I know they've done that before

Cochise updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

just discovered a ton of cool and unique steelbooks that I've never seen before, check em out
Mr.Blizzo at 01:03 AM Nov 23

So many cool covers. A lot of these are getting released at Best Buy today actually.

You can check out the ones that will be at Best Buy here (scroll down to November 23):

JohnnyPHreak at 06:30 AM Nov 23

Oh damn! I wish I had the money I would buy them all.

RandomK1NG at 10:27 AM Nov 23

I bought the LEON one earlier today. It was one of the few that I didn't already own, so I had to grab it.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

I hate to be so mean towards a child actor but whoever did the casting for Sons of Anarchy's Abel... I don't get it. His scenes are sooo cringe worthy and unnatural, especially that one with the hammer
Glinda at 08:24 PM Nov 22

That's too bad. There are so many good child actors out there.

HTX0811 at 08:28 PM Nov 22

I'm glad I'm not the only one because everytime he's on screen, I laugh for that exact reason. I'm sure he's a nice kid but his line readings come off so weird that I wonder if he's just discovering words for the first time. lol

Cochise updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

wanna start to catch up on the final season of Sons of Anarchy, but the first three or so episodes I saw of it were really disappointing and just straight up annoying because of how they turned Jax, our hero, into an idiotic asshole. I have a big craving to revisit Lone Survivor again too, man that movie friggen ROCKED. Definitely one of my very favourite war movies of all time.
Cochise at 11:11 PM Nov 21

ah screw it, gonna give Sons another go. Hopefully it gets better

Laksmikanti at 01:30 AM Nov 22

I have not watch the series, but I have read a lot and I too saw the changes in JAX, sure everybody had a lot of drama in their lives and all of them went through a lot, BUT I think the other characters seems to have developed better... if they are not dead.

Nick KEWL at 06:57 AM Nov 22

i felt the same, but it get's better mate. The past 2-3 have been really good!

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