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although I'm getting pretty tired of Jennifer Lawrence (still have zero interest in seeing David O Russell's Joy mostly because of her tbh) but 'mother!' definitely interests me... but not in the theatre. Apparently it's one of those art-house style movies that doesn't make much sense and benefits greatly from repeat viewings as well as discussion and Googling theories... honestly, this seems like the PERFECT movie to have been released and debuted on Netflix or something. It just doesn't seem like a theatre movie for me, even though I'm excited and intrigued... the new Netflix style format (movie debuts and everyone can see it and talk about it at once, at least that's how it seems) seems like it would've been much better suited for this one. Still, looking forward to it!
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Cochise updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

although I'm getting pretty tired of Jennifer Lawrence (still have zero interest in seeing David O Russell's Joy mostly because of her tbh) but 'mother!' definitely interests me... but not in the theatre. Apparently it's one of those art-house style movies that doesn't make much sense and benefits greatly from repeat viewings as well as discussion and Googling theories... honestly, this seems like the PERFECT movie to have been released and debuted on Netflix or something. It just doesn't seem like a theatre movie for me, even though I'm excited and intrigued... the new Netflix style format (movie debuts and everyone can see it and talk about it at once, at least that's how it seems) seems like it would've been much better suited for this one. Still, looking forward to it!
Cochise updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

Abrams being back for Episode IX is something I'm cool with. The Force Awakens had a lot of problems with rehashing plot elements from the OT (and with that not enough imagination/ambition with its story) but I think them playing it safe was well, the safe move for the reintroduction of Star Wars. Get the old fans back on board after a bunch of them didn't take too kindly to the prequels, and be broad enough at the same time to garner a new fanbase as well. Hopefully Johnson's VIII is a much more imaginative and risk taking venture... but at the same time I hope that Abrams can match that with the final episode, rather than just playing it safe (though good) again like with The Force Awakens. I have faith in Abrams, but honestly at the same time I was hoping that 9 would have a different director, so that each film in the trilogy would be more distinct.
JohnLocke2342 at 02:59 AM Sep 13

Agreed dude but go back and look at the amazing art of the force awakens book. Abrams was taking that movie in a fresh, creative direction until Iger and Disney really hammered home the fact that they wanted it similar. Iger himself is directly responsible for the Rathgar scene since he wanted an action sequence in the middle section. Hell they barely had a script before shooting and Abrams and Kasdan thought up the entire movie on a night walk through Europe.

Pushing the film back and being in the third chapter after TFA made billions and Rian Johnson is going weird with it means he's gonna have a lot more free reign.

Cochise posted a BLOG item 28 days ago

last thoughts on BvS

alright last comments about revisiting Batman V Superman earlier (and yes it was inspired by the DC news/rumours/leaks shitshow of recent weeks)... in short, I didn't like it as much as I did before. A lot of things could've been tightened to make it shorter and flow better, and while I liked the idea of a lot of the scenes, I think the execution of them and even the editing as well could have been better. Although on such a big movie there are so many people with their hands in the jar, I actually would put some (a lot) of this blame on Snyder, who I never really dislike ever (unlike some people nowadays who just seem to LOATHE him, which is still crazy to me). But, that's what I felt upon this viewing. And with that I'm glad Whedon is coming in. In retrospect I think that someone else should have directed the story/script of Dawn of Justice, and then have Snyder come back and do the action packed Justice League... or just have him wait and get him to do Man of Steel 2. I don't know, I think it would've been better to have just had a bit of a breather from his style and voice before going back to it. I think someone else would've been better in the captain's chair for this movie, though I think he'd be great for the big action team-up movie in JL.

Also, I realized that this Lex Luthor... is awesome? Alright, no, I still think Jesse Eisenberg is SUPER miscast as Lex Luthor, and has some really odd and kind of cringe worthy moments and mannerisms... but, he is for the most part a VERY shockingly well written villain. I mean some of his lines that Terrio wrote... a lot of them actually, are pretty cool (just check the link here: I just think a different actor would've been MUCH better in the role... I think that's BvS' main problems... the choice of person to direct and the choice of person to play the villain (of course there are still little problems, even with some of the dialog in the script... sorry Terrio). Also I have to say one recurring problem with the DCEU is also present in this movie... the CGI quality. It's not bad, but a lot of it is surprisingly noticeable and for having some of the biggest budgets ever it shouldn't be that way. Although there are a lot of great practical effects and sets, there aren't enough. The action is too crazy and over the top too, like Batman just getting absolutely wrecked in that mech-suit... even wearing that a human would die from the impacts without a doubt, so that kind of takes you out of the film as well, not like Batman is an actual superhero or anything... I think they should've toned that down and made him get beat up in a smaller, but more effective and believable way. Besides that though in regards to the visuals again, just a lot of the smoke and fire effects just don't look as believable as they should be. It's weird, because Marvel movies just seem to have much better effects... I don't get it. Even Wonder Woman was like that... though honestly not to the same extent at all thinking back... maybe it's a Snyder thing then? Then again, Suicide Squad featured a LOT of the same weak effects (look at all the super noticeably CG Enchantress stuff and the fire and smoke effects in the rest of the movie too... weird).

If those things changed I think this could've held up as a legitimately fantastic movie... but problems are problems. Still, I do think it's quite a good movie, thanks to the story and emotional weight it manages to carry through all the bumps, and the awesomeness of Ben Affleck as Wayne/Batman... but it just could have been better.

...but it's still 100x better than Suicide Squad, lol. As for Man of Steel... while BvS is more flawed, I think it's more risk taking, emotional and effective... so because of those things I think it rises above its faults and I like it more because of that... strangely, I would actually almost say the same about it and Wonder Woman (which, unlike MoS which I found very mediocre, I thought was SUPER good). Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute blast with WW and was genuinely pleasantly surprised by it, but it felt a lot safer and more conventional and less risk taking than BvS. WW is less flawed sure, but BvS is ballsier and more imaginative I think.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the future of the DCEU. Hopefully they get organized and show us that, and hopefully JL is a nice surprise for everyone. I look forward to seeing where it goes and would be extremely excited to see Affleck's Batman in a slightly more grounded tale as told through Matt Reeves' mind and eye... and hopefully he can bring some of his effects company connections on board with him ;)

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

so many realizations tonight, like that... Danny Elfman is the singing voice of Jack Skellington, the main character of A Nightmare Before Christmas. Wait what? I had no idea...
BATeMAN at 09:15 PM Aug 26

I've known for a long time now, but felt the same when i first found out. Guessing Chris Sarandon doesn't have much of a singing voice.

YoshioKun13 at 11:19 PM Aug 26

If you hear some of the early rough demo recordings of songs from the movie that he did, they're on the limited Tim Burton Music Sounds Box from a few years ago, Elfman actually did singing voices for all the characters

"Town Meeting" and "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" are the ones I recall

Cochise updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

it's kind a weird that Danny Elfman does the score for the Fifty Shades Darker movies lol... regardless, I think him scoring Justice League now after Whedon and co kicking out Hans Zimmer's bro Junkie XL will really change the tone and style of the film... maybe it will be the surprise hit/course-correction into something a tiny bit more light and 'fun', though still serious, that they so badly seem to want. Hell, why not. I'd rather see that weird interjection changeup be done successfully and really well than see a mangled flick being pulled in a bunch of directors and producers... too many cooks kind of thing. Might as well hope for the best right?
Cochise posted a BLOG item 28 days ago

too long for a status update so...

You know, watching Batman v Superman again the ending actually does make the 'news' that Justice League's Batman will be a lot different than the beat down, 'corrupted', death-dealing one we see in BvS... well it actually makes it so it isn't news. I guess we all kind of weren't paying close enough attention to this scene or these scenes or something lol. At least I wasn't. It's clear and dry (even in the following Lex Luthor prison scene with Batman), Superman's death snapped Batman/Bruce Wayne out of his mental state, it's almost like it brought his conscience back, after having been one of the reasons for the death of a genuinely good person (Superman)... and it made him think about all the previous people he killed who could have been genuine but just doing their job kind of thing... so I think a slightly lighter version of him in JL makes sense... but I mean, I don't think he should be completely over what got him into that mental state of insanity -- the Joker murdering Robin, and Wayne Manor burning to the ground on being blown up. That's pretty heavy stuff on his conscience, even if he's trying to be a better, more considerate 'person' lol. I hope that this means his violent, reckless behaviour can continue if he meets Joker again in the DCEU, not being able to control himself and just raging out on him, addicted to getting his revenge, putting him back in that state of blind insanity... being like the origins of the Wayne name - 'a hunter'. That would be cool to see

Mood: Surprised

LelekPL at 07:41 PM Aug 26

I just can't stand behind the notion "he changed at the end so it's cool". He'll never answer for his crimes, he murdered a bunch of people and then it's cool because he learnt his lesson. I don't even have a problem with him killing the guys in the warehouse when the circumstances called for dramatic actions. That's fine and logical (even though artistically it negates the previous scene and the basic point of his character arc in the movie where he's supposed to be a changed man after his fight with Superman... but whatever). But that chase scene where he kills guys FOR TRANSPORTING A FUCKING ROCK and the intent to kill Superman THROUGHOUT the whole film because "just in case"... that's just not something you can sweep under the rug of "I learnt my lesson". That's a blatant character assassination. Not to mention it makes him completely unlikable and unrelatable in the film. There are no redeeming qualities about him, he's not even a charming billionaire, he just mops around and is angry throughout the film and the only lesson he learns at the end is "it's bad to kill people".

Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:17 PM Aug 26

The no-kill rule has been heavily exaggerated among critics calling out the death toll. Only in certain iterations has Batman ever had a straightforward "I will not kill" directive. Even the Nolan films were hazy on that because his exact words in Begins were, "I will not be an executioner," then undoubtedly racking up his own body count between the burning of the League of Shadows' citadel to the crashing of the train at the end of the movie. Batman will do what he must to stop crime, and he can't do what he does without severely injuring and possible killing a few thugs on the way.

Besides: "While Batman has occasionally killed in the comics anyway, the bigger puzzle piece here is what sort of Batman we're getting and where he's at in his journey. This is a war-hardened, jaded, grizzled, Robinless, Joker-beaten Batman. His morality and the lines between hero and criminal have blurred. That's his arc, it's the whole point. He spends the first half of the movie hunting Superman and plotting his murder. Not to beat the dead Martha horse, but that was the turning point. He looked into the mirror and saw Joe Chill (or whoever killed his parents in this continuity). At that moment, he returns to the Batman we know and love, evidenced by his sparing Lex and not even branding him." (15:25)

LelekPL at 10:47 PM Aug 26

^ I'm not sure but did you respond to my comment? Because I clearly stated I didn't have a problem with Batman killing in the warehouse. It's right there in the comment above. So the killing itself is not the issue. Read the comment again.

I also mentioned his arc and it's problems in my previous comment. In short: it's not consistent within its own message, it's incoherent within the universe (how is Joker still alive? :P ) and completely ridiculous based on his "lesson" that murder is bad. But all of it is explained above.

(Also, not bragging but I know EVERYTHING about Batman. I've already assumed you do as well. I'm just saying this so we can skip the "did you know that..." Believe me, I know his every kill in films, comics and animation and why he did it. Again, killing itself's not the issue)

Cochise updated his STATUS: 28 days ago

where was Wonder Woman during the events of Man of Steel? What was Lex Luthor's plan after Doomsday effectively killed Superman and Batman? He couldn't control the thing at all, and there's no way they would be able to kill Doomsday without them... Doomsday would've just taken over the world and killed everything... Lex never showed any sign of being able to control the thing... it's basically just Frankenstein's monster... kinda weird. And how does he sit in that pool and somehow suddenly and instantly be able to retain knowledge from 100,000 planets or whatever it is? How does he as a human have that much brain capacity for memory? It's almost like he's Superhuman lol
Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:53 AM Aug 26

One theory is he supplied his own blood so the creature would imprint on him and just wasn't expecting it to go haywire. Maybe once the ship's computer started talking, it mentioned biological weapons and mutations or something and Lex said, "Wait, let's just explore that for now!" He had a giant new toy fall into his hands and was working out what to do with it as he went along.

Cochise at 10:19 AM Aug 26

^ it's just weird, you would think they'd show Lex trying to control it then, like giving it an order, and just seeing it disobey or him being like 'well that didn't go as planned' and then him trying to kill Lex, rather than them jumping right to the punch and Superman jumping in. It just makes Lex as a character look dumb and not looking more than two feet in front of him, yet being such an evil genius... doesn't make him look good and threatening as much.

I do like your explanation, but it just seems like so much of a stretch that it just feels way too much like filling in a glaring pothole that should've been filled in and the first place... and could have been, resulting in a better, more satisfying film as a whole. It would've been simple too. Little moments like mentioned above, or for his knowledge gaining thing, answer it like how you propose, just have that scene a little longer (only time I think I'll say that for a scene in this overlong movie) and don't cut as soon, and get Lex to ask her or make her tell him the best creature in its DNA database to conquer Superman... and they say a Kryptonian mutant... but even then I don't know... 100,000 planets of knowledge or whatever and the best known creature/alien/species/whatever this thing knows to defeat Superman is... just another Kryptonian, a failed Kryptonian science experiment? Kinda weird

Cochise updated his STATUS: 30 days ago

Matt Reeves has taken to Twitter to clear up some confusion... his Batman movie(s) will be apart of the DCEU. Way to go every entertainment news outlet out there. Fake news is now actually a thing lol. He only meant they'd be 'contained' or 'standalone' movies (in the same sort of way that Guardians of the Galaxy is... well, I guess in the exact same way that Wonder Woman was too). He did not give any answer to whether Ben Affleck would be his Batman or not though, but last we heard officially, 'The Batman' is a Ben Affleck Batman solo movie, which he backed down from directing but would still act in, that now has Matt Reeves attached to it to write and direct, and Affleck has said he was excited to work with Reeves. In other news, everything else DC still makes no sense.
JohnLocke2342 at 10:36 PM Aug 24

LelekPL at 11:45 PM Aug 24

^ pretty much this

Cochise updated his STATUS: 30 days ago

Cool poster... I hope this one surprises. I like the cast and crew behind it and it looks well made, so that does excite me, but honestly this movie just feels so unessescary it kind of bugs me lol
Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:45 PM Aug 24

^Probably just as soon as they get off of all these tropes.

LelekPL at 12:10 AM Aug 25

I'm with JohnLocke. Terrible colors.

Cochise at 05:38 AM Aug 25

yeah I don't think that colour scheme is going anywhere, it's been proven to be naturally pleasing to the human eye for ages.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

At this point all I really want is a Ben Affleck solo Batman prequel, showing what turned him from hero to the anti-hero of sorts we see in BvS. Show how Joker killed Robin as alluded to in BvS, show Wayne Manor being destroyed. Call it Arkham Asylum and go for it. That's all I want. But it's seeming pretty unlikely what with Reeves' The Batman seemingly having nothing to do with anything, and it just seems weird that they'd have 2 solo Batman movie franchises in different universes with different actors being run at the same time. So what, are they just not going to use that juicy prequel material that was already set up? Are they going to kill Batfleck in Justice League, or are they just going to leave him dormant and not give him a solo movie (which would be even worse) even though The Batman was always meant to be Affleck's solo Batman movie (and maybe it still is?). UGH lol
LelekPL at 09:42 AM Aug 24

Maybe you'll see him in the Joker/Harley film...

Cochise created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Most Anticipated Movies for the Rest of 2017

1. Justice League
2. Thor: Ragnarok
3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
5. Only the Brave
6. Blade Runner 2049
7. Geostorm
8. Death Wish
Cochise at 09:55 AM Aug 24

^ whoops! Totally forgot to include The Last Jedi. Unfortunately I was kind of indifferent to The Force Awakens, but I loved Poe Dameron and I'm a big fan of Rian Johnson, so my excitement for it is higher than it would have been!

The Post as in The Papers, the Tom Hanks/Spielberg movie? I'm interested, but can't say I'm that excited. Big fan of Duncan Jones, but I didn't see Mute anywhere on the release calendar unfortunately. There are a bunch of others I have interest in but for one reason or another (lack of trailers play a part) I'm just not super excited for them ATM. I only included the movies that I'm truly hyped for on the list here.

LelekPL at 09:58 AM Aug 24

Keep an eye out for Hostiles as well. Great cast and there's some strong buzz about it.

Cochise at 10:11 AM Aug 24

^ I've been in on that one since day one. Loved Out of the Furnace and Black Mass! That one too unfortunately doesn't have a release date either though.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Oh come on WB/DC... I was a new fan thanks to the surprising tangible drama and overall fresh feel of BvS compared to other superhero movies... but all this recent confusion... enough is enough already. Just when you thought it couldn't get more confusing they announce a second line of standalone DC films... and just when you thought that couldn't get more confusing now people are saying Matt Reeves' The Batman movies aren't apart of the DCEU, but apart of those new standalone line of DC films. Yet Ben Affleck already said he's excited to work on The Batman with Matt Reeves. Clearly no one outside of WB/DC knows what's going on... but does anyone inside WB/DC actually know what's going on?! They REALLY need to clear this stuff up with a press release or something a.s.a.p. because it's making their whole organization look like a mess... I got my fingers crossed this is yet another misunderstanding and that we'll still get an Affleck/Reeves Batman trilogy. Yeesh.
Cochise at 05:55 PM Aug 24

Not sure I see what you're saying there... the one comment saying he liked the movie with 12 likes?

LelekPL at 07:14 PM Aug 24

The message is there's always going to be a bias in these comments towards the fandom.

Cochise at 07:34 PM Aug 24

Well, both ways of course. 'Fanboys' and 'haterboys', lol. My point was referring to my observations of people other than those types/the masses.

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Cochise posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

DCEU unrelated spinoff films are coming, starting with a Joker origin movie...


It's a whole series of 'standalone' films from what I read. So Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Slipknot, who knows... it's a weird idea for sure, especially with the DCEU being so young. Probably will confuse a lot of the mainstream releasing alternating DC films in and out of the DCEU (people have a hard time telling you what happened in Iron Man 1, 2 and 3, never mind the entire MCU). And at the same time I read 'standalone' which is interesting, but if it's really successful then come on... it's a business, movie making, they'd be dumb not to do a sequel and I think it'd be hard for them not to as well... but a sequel would mean a franchise, and that could easily grow into a universe if other well received 'standalone' film characters were combined, or if the standalone film's world was expanded to introduce that universe's version of popular characters (for instance the new Todd Phillips Joker's new version of Batman, what if he then gets his own solo movie... my god, there could be 4 different DC cinematic universes going on at the same time lol)

Mood: Surprised

OldKingClancy at 02:24 AM Aug 23

This has bad fucking idea written all over it. It was already screaming bad idea when the words Joker and Origin and Story were said in the same sentence and nobody threw the dumbass who said it out the fucking window.

Scotch at 03:21 AM Aug 23

Yeah pretty much what OKC said. There isn't really one part about any of this that seems like even a decent idea.

Cochise posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

OBI WAN KENOBI: my hopes for the solo spinoff film(s?)


Even though I heard it was a great book, I would hope they would go for something different for the Obi Wan solo movie(s) than just following that 'Kenobi' book. It does sounds like a cool story for sure, but I'd want something bigger. Obi Wan having to leave the planet and go on an epic adventure, trying to find and rescue any remaining Jedi, getting into a battle against Darth Vader at his peak, getting a love interest etc., all things that would really add to the mythos of the SW universe, and give more depth to one of the most iconic characters of all time (something which I don't think other characters, like Boba Fett or Han Solo, need. As cool as they are). Obi Wan is also a much more crucial character to the series and its main threads. The possibilities for a new story arc are endless and filled with potential. I mean if we're being technical (going by the actor's age) there is a 15 year span until McGregor reaches the age that Ben Kenobi was supposed to be in A New Hope, but of course that could easily be stretched out even further giving McGregor's appearance. Hell have the first movie set soon after Ep III with him going on that adventure/search for surviving Jedi, finding a love interest, defeating a Jedi hunting villain and ending having a child. The next film could take place 5 years later and have the loss of his wife and child (by perhaps Vader himself) and him going back out into space seeking revenge and featuring that battle between him and Vader in Vader's prime (which we've never actually seen... in Ep III it was crazy Anakin and in the OT it was more like old and busted Vader). Then the final film, if it's a trilogy, could take place 10 years after and have him as old man Kenobi, like that old west type thing many are talking about, defending a young Luke on Tattooine after a gang or something has caught wind of who he is. There's a huge amount of potential and room to play with.

Mood: Happy
LelekPL at 12:00 PM Aug 18

As much as I'd like to see that, it would go against what Vader said in A New Hope. He mentions that the last time he was "but a learner"

Cochise updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

a new report that Ben Affleck will not be in Matt Reeves' The Batman has surfaced. UGH... another rumour, blah blah blah... except this one's different. Apparently it came straight out of the mouth of... Casey Affleck, Ben's brother. Wow. I mean... maybe their relationship isn't as close as you would think and he's not up to date on things or maybe he does have an inside scoop... but apparently he was interviewed for a podcast (which comes out tomorrow I guess) and told the interviewer that Ben was out as Batman. Still, I'm trusting the word of Ben Affleck (the guy who actually IS Batman let us not forget) who just made it crystal clear he was and will be Batman for as long as he can be at Comic-Con. Still, this is a more-unsettling-than-usual rumour...
Scotch at 02:55 AM Aug 16

Casey has a rep for fucking with people in general, most famously his 'I'm Still Here' stunt with Joaquin Phoenix. Let's hope this is just another bs publicity stunt from the younger Oscar winner of the family.

Cochise at 03:18 AM Aug 16

^ that did come to my mind as well! Lol, I loved I'm Still Here. It was more than a movie. Honestly, it still does raise some doubt and concern in my mind as I want Ben in there, but even if Casey's just screwing with people... I honestly would probably laugh and get a chuckle out of it lol

LelekPL at 12:05 PM Aug 16

Great news, but I can't get too excited for this. It's been rumored so much we really have to wait until after Justice League for an official annoucement that he's gone to be sure. They'll never make such an annoucement now, before the film. But after the movie I expect an annoucement and a new actor after Flashpoint with Reeves finally getting a free hand to do HIS Batman and not continue the abomination that Snyder created.

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