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that new movie Morgan... looks like a crappy, or at least less interesting and exciting, remake of Splice
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Cochise updated his STATUS: 7 days ago

that new movie Morgan... looks like a crappy, or at least less interesting and exciting, remake of Splice
Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 10 days ago

Independence Day: Resurgence


Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Written by: Carter Blanchard
Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Maika Monroe, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Vivica Fox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
Official Site:


Wow. I'm a big fan of the original, and would probably give it a big 8 out of 10, possibly even a 9, so I was definitely looking forward to a sequel. The concept seemed cool enough, and even more so with the ballsy move they chose to make with humans having reverse engineered the alien tech from the first movie, pushing this into a really cool full on sci-fi angle. While initially cool, that angle in the actual film soon turns both unexciting and frankly irrelevant. Sure the good guys are fighting the bad guys in their semi-alien ships, but they don't really do anything unique and aren't that notable... it's like they had a cool idea, the reverse engineering thing, but couldn't figure out anything really interesting or vital to do with it. A shame, considering all the potential...[more]...


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Cochise updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

Scorsese. De Niro. Pacino. (and, hopefully) Pesci. The Irishman. 2018. FINALLY!
Glinda at 07:12 PM Aug 18

It has no where to go but to be epic. I can't wait!

Cochise at 08:28 PM Aug 18

@Random - that's why I said hopefully. If anyone is going to get Pesci back in a movie, it will be Scorsese and De Niro.

Scotch at 01:25 AM Aug 19

Pesci has to be involved. He's a perfect Hoffa. Pacino as Tony Pro and De Niro as Sheeran with Scorsese behind the camera. This would be perfect for Marty's final mob movie in his illustrious career.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

not saying what we got was bad but I think Cara Delevingne would've been a better Harley Quinn than Margot Robbie. She would've actually been able to make the character menacing/creepy/scary/twisted I think in a way that Robbie just couldn't
XSsoCX at 12:40 PM Aug 19

I don't know what Harley you have seen, Cochise, but other than her voice Robbie pretty much played the character to a tee.. She was the closest to comic character in the movie. While I didn't hate The Enchantress, Delevingne isn't the greatest actor, and just because she is corky in real life doesn't mean it would necessarily tranlate to the screen.

XSsoCX at 12:40 PM Aug 19

Cochise at 04:24 PM Aug 19

lol man like I said, nothing against Robbie's portrayal and I thought she did a good job. I just think that there could've been a better, more interesting and more exciting one... and the producer of that was sitting right there. When Delevigne got first announced to be in the movie I started picturing her based on prior interviews and such as Harley (turns out that wasn't who she ended up being cast as though) and it seemed like a great, inspired pick. No Delevigne isn't the greatest actor (though I can't base that on much) but the role doesn't demand the greatest actor, and what I'm saying is that this is one of those roles that, seeing her natural personality, wouldn't take so much of a leap for her, just the makeup, outfit and some decent direction. Anyways, I know there are a bunch of versions of Harley but most of the more memorable ones I found there to be a disturbing, sinister, twisted angle to them... creepy, scary even at times. Where as Robbie's portrayal just seemed like a silly little brat child who wasn't intimidating or any of that. Again, it worked, but seeing those traits would've made her and the movie more interesting, affecting, memorable and entertaining.

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Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 13 days ago

ARRIVAL trailer (alien encounter movie from the director of Prisoners)


Cochise at 12:27 AM Aug 16

can't wait for this one! But uh... where's Charlie Sheen?

YoshioKun13 at 03:21 AM Aug 16

^ Exactly

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 13 days ago

Star Trek Beyond


Directed by: Justin Lin
Written by: Doug Jung
Cast: Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Zo Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Idris Elba, Sofia Boutella, Joe Taslim
Studio: Paramount
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Official Site:


Thankfully, this one did not let down. If anything it was a pleasant surprise after an initial wariness because of the lack of Abrams and inclusion of Justin Lin. But, Lin does great with this one. It has great action, great humour and an interesting story that early on I thought was going to be a bit too bland (along with the villain) but it changed by the end of the movie. I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness, and loved the original. Beyond I'd say is right around the level of the first movie (and by that I mean I'll have to decide after a few more viewings, but it's either *just* below the original or, more likely, right on its level or even above. It's just hard to beat the origin story type movies I find in any series). I really had that much fun with it, and it includes probably the best and most fun big action scene of the year in the climax (you'll know what I'm referring to when you see it...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: LelekPL (7/10) , acerky (7/10) > Display all
grelber37 at 02:38 AM Aug 16

Thank you for the heads-up about the 3D. I agree that the climax is kind of unique, and it is funky in a way that Trekkers can appreciate. As you review notes, Star Trek Beyond mixes many, many different elements well. I liked the movie too.

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 13 days ago

Jason Bourne


Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by:
Cast: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Riz Ahmed, Vincent Cassel
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Official Site:


I don't have a ton to say about this one. It was good, it was well made - I'm glad I saw it. But I expected more. Out of all the Bourne movies this one just seemed the most... manufactured. Made by committee. That's making it sound much worse than I actually mean to, but this seems like this movie was kind of made by the studio in a way they deemed safe and 'what the people want'. Now again, it's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, nor even mediocre - it's good. But I don't think it's on the level of any of the other films in the original trilogy. The thing it lacks in comparison to the others is story. Not to say that there isn't any, but it just didn't seem as intricate, unexpected and twisty as I remember the OT being. What it does have is action. There are multiple big car chase sequences which are really quite impressive, some gun fights, fist fights, the whole thing. The problem I had is that the action, while well done, just seemed more like a redone greatest hits package of the OT rather than anything really unique. Multiple times I went 'well that was kind of like _____ scene from Identity, or Supremacy, etc'. There's a piece near the end of one car chase that is taken directly from a scene in The Bourne Supremacy, which was a...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: acerky (8/10) , JohnJuario (9/10) > Display all
Cochise at 08:00 PM Aug 15

slightly off topic and not really a big deal but I was disappointed to see that they cut this shot, which was basically the money shot of the marketing campaign (Bourne knocking the guy out)

out of the film. The scene is still there, but the shot where he just hammers the guy down I'm pretty sure was shown from the opposite angle, from a more close up angle behind Bourne which honestly just didn't have the same impact... odd and unfortunate

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 15 days ago

Suicide Squad


Directed by: David Ayer
Written by: Justin Marks
Cast: Jared Leto, Will Smith, Maggie Grace, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, Cara Delevingne, Scott Eastwood, Lonnie Common, David Harbour, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman
Studio: Warner Bros
Genre: Action, Comic Book
Official Site:

The music: Fantastic. Though it unfortunately felt like each song only got played for like 5 seconds before getting cut off, along with the accompanying scenes.

The cast: Solid. Will Smith is the star of the show and the reason to see the movie. When his casting was initially announced I groaned, but honestly - he saves the movie, and is the reason to see it. Without him it would drop a couple stars. Great to see Affleck again even if it was brief. Jai Courtney was real fun (finally), wanted to see more of him. Leto's Joker... I've been a big fan of Leto (and not because of Dallas Buyers Club, which I think is far from his best role) and the new, much different take on the Joker... so I was shocked and disappointed when I finally saw the movie and while he looks different... he just isn't that different. It really isn't much of a new or unique take at all, at least from the scenes we got. I kept noticing little things that were just basically slight variations of the unique aspects of Ledger's Joker, and then there were some unique things he did that just didn't seem that cool (like the overdone hand thing, or his laugh). Not a good first impression, but there's always next time (or more in an Ultimate/Extended cut like BvS had - which I think could also really improve this film as well. Hope to see it).

Now for the rest of the cast... El Diablo. He was solid and had a decent backstory, though I felt it could've been shown a bit differently/better. Harley Quinn. She was... OK. Margot Robbie was OK as her, but I didn't think she was anything special. She didn't really do anything and wasn't useful... it was just like, why? Why was she even part of the team? She's not powerful and doesn't posses any sort of tactical advantage like the other members did. Maybe if the villain of the movie was the Joker it would've made a lot of sense... but it didn't here. She carried around a bat and got the team into trouble, that's about it. She just felt so out of place, but seeing this character come to life in live action was one of the reasons this movie sold so many tickets, just because she's such a fan favourite so it is what it is. Then it gets worse though. Katana was just... pointless. That character could have and should have been completely cut from the movie. It was just awkward when they tried to include her 'she's talking to her dead husband in her magic sword... *and next scene*' wait what? Killer Croc was OK, he looked cool that's for sure, even if for someone shown to be working out his body shape was pretty oddly non-muscular. Unfortunately he sounded dumb. I don't know his backstory (because they didn't show it...) but him going "I want BET in jail" and all his other similar lines, like calling Harley 'shawty' was like... what? Who the hell is this guy?? Maybe if they showed his backstory it would've been better, but as it is it's just kind of odd and awkward. He also doesn't get much to do and action wise didn't really do anything memorable. I mean hell in his big 'moment' he started galloping into the water and then got caught and subdued immediately... I just don't get some of the writing choices here. Then there's Rick Flag. Nothing against Kinnaman, he was actually surprisingly good in Robocop, but he doesn't get much to do at all here besides say generic military lines you'd hear in a Call of Duty game and action wise doesn't do anything besides becoming a damsel-in-distress type character a couple times... yet he's the leader.

Then, there's Enchantress. There are some cool trippy visual effects with her early on, but then once she starts making her weapon or whatever it just felt... odd. I know they're quickly bringing in sci-fi aliens and Greek mythology into the DC movie-verse but this Mayan god type stuff just seemed kind of out of nowhere. They could've developed the origins of Enchantress a bit more with an opening scene or something, setting it up more. Her motivations were unclear, and her personality was kind of dull, making her into a pretty generic evil to be evil fodder-villain. She also unfortunately had some pretty corny lines given to her, and some corny direction with her odd dancing and such... it was just a confusing character, and her whole shtick just had me thinking and feeling it was something out of The Mummy 3 or something.

The effects: Good. I only saw the first couple trailers but from them I never would've expected there to be this much large scale CGI, all the stuff with Enchantress etc. The majority of it was well done though, even if I didn't really think this movie needed that large scale CGI stuff like 'the weapon'... it feels like the studio went 'that's what people want, summer movies need something huge like that' and that's why it was there. I just feel that this movie would've been better, and this team would've better suited a movie where they're battling a smaller scale villain with a more grounded, less all-encompassing storyline

The script: Just OK. Definitely could've been better. A different, smaller villain in a bit of a smaller scale story I think would've benefited the movie. Less characters would've helped as well, and could've been done easily. Also some of the dialog was a bit cringe worthy and/or dull. But, some of it also worked quite well.



It was certainly enjoyable, largely thanks to (surprisingly, for me) Will Smith's Deadshot. While the main storyline wasn't something I thought was the best choice to go with, it still felt like this movie was chopped, chopped and chopped again in the editing room. Lots of very quick scenes that felt cut short, and it just felt oddly thin. It tried to have some emotional moments but only a few of them even somewhat connected. I'm really hoping to see an Extended Cut on blu-ray, because I feel that could really, really improve this film. As it stands though, it was really enjoyable but the flaws *just* bring it down to a 6, though for me it's a borderline 7 and will likely easily get up there with an EC. The 3D was also surprisingly quite good, which I didn't expect (and the darkness of the movie surprisingly didn't affect the 3D either which was cool). Recommended.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 26 days ago

stoked for Suicide Squad sometime next week hopefully... but first, Bourne is back! Can't wait to see Damon at it again, even if the Bourne Trilogy was one of if not the damn tightest movie trilogy of all time, with that perfect full circle ending and all. Still, will be cool to see him kicking ass again. The badass is back!
timmyd at 12:30 AM Aug 03

seeing it this weekend.

JohnLocke2342 at 04:26 AM Aug 03

Yeah I wanna see Bourne also

Glinda at 04:08 PM Aug 03

Same here, hopefully in the next couple days I'm seeing it.

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

HACKSAW RIDGE debut trailer
directed by Mel Gibson


grelber37 at 01:13 AM Jul 30

The Hacksaw Ridge trailer sold me on seeing the movie. You also apparently think that the future release looks promising.

Glinda at 11:59 PM Jul 30


Cochise posted a BLOG item 2 months ago

The Shallows, a big hit? Whoa


I love shark movies, and I'd love to see another balls to the wall, large scope one like Jaws or especially Deep Blue Sea, but still I love sharks in general regardless. Fascinated by them. But the Shallows looked like the definition of a 'watch it on a rainy day on Netflix' type movie. Absolutely shocked it took in that much money at the box office. But hey it's shark week and there's a hot girl in a bikini the whole movie so it's got the 'cool' and the 'hot', guess I can see why it worked (ala the newer entries of Fast and Furious, etc). Still, I was excited for it initially but the small scope (although it looks really well done for what it is) makes me think of nothing much more than Open Water, which it really does seem to relate a lot to. I'm sure it'll be better than that, but still, the ceiling with the potential is capped at something pretty low based on the small scale scope here. Not to prejudge, but it certainly doesn't look like anywhere near the acting showcase that a similar one actor based picture like even say (heh) Buried was. Oh well, still looks like it'll be a decent watch.

Mood: Surprised

Cochise at 11:16 PM Jun 27

^ It was predicted to make about 7 million in it's opening, so it far exceeded expectations but even more than that in the first weekend alone it already nearly (300 thousand away) recouped its entire production budget.

Honestly I don't really see why this movie would cost 17 million dollars to make though based on everything I've seen it seems like a rather small scale and contained picture, so if they were smarter with their money I think they could've cut the budget in half or so and then it would be an even bigger hit, but that's a bit o.t.

JohnLocke2342 at 02:06 AM Jun 28

^ There's a TON of cgi - basically the entire shark and the escape scenes so the budget seems about right for such a small movie.

Cochise at 09:58 PM Jun 29

^ Makes sense. Didn't seem like there'd be that much CGI or effects of any kind from the trailers but I guess so.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Finally saw Civil War the other night. Paul Rudd/Scott Lang/Ant-Man kicked ass in it. Honestly although only slightly different I found the character worked a lot better here, despite having a lot less screen time, than in the solo Ant-Man movie. Maybe it was the writing or direction I'm not sure, but Rudd just seemed a lot more like 'classic Rudd' to the fullest extent in Civil War - charming, funny, likable and relateable - all more so than in the solo movie, which I did enjoy but still. I hope this carries through more into Ant-Man 2 and future appearances.
Glinda at 12:01 AM Jun 27

Glad you enjoyed it!

sLaShEr84 at 01:44 AM Jun 27

Good action movie.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 09:57 PM Jun 28

Glad you enjoyed it! Loved Paul Rudd/Scott Lang/Ant-Man too!

Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 2 months ago

Watch Duncan Jones handle a real jerk of an interviewer incredibly well (to the point where his calm demeanor and precise, logical answers seem to tick the interviewer off so much that he storms off)


Frosty_86 at 12:22 PM Jun 21

God bless what a prick. I have to hand it to Jones, most directors would probably have walked out or ripped into the fucker. I think at the end of the interview the guy is disappointed he couldn't get a rise out of Jones. The end of the video is pretty funny because Jones is just sitting thinking "who the fuck aloud this moron in here?".

oscarxp25 at 03:25 PM Jun 21

I had so many emotions watching this film. I thought it was okay, then terrible, but by the end I realized that there was something there that Jones shows briefly. If any film needs a 3 hour is this one.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

Shocking news about the great Anton Yelchin and his odd, fatal death. At only 27 years old it's definitely too soon. He was such a versatile and hugely talented actor. Underrated for sure. RIP
Beauski at 11:07 AM Jun 21

What makes it even more upsetting is the fact that it was because of some freak accident like that. He had already made a big mark on Hollywood at such a young age. We'll miss him.

Glinda at 09:24 PM Jun 21

So sad and shocking. I read there was a recall on his model Jeep Grand Cherokee regarding people putting the car into Park and it moving to Neutral on its own. Something like that. It sure explains how it could happen. Tragic.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 2 months ago

I absolutely love Cloverfield, but I finally saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and my god, that was bad. The movie was actually decent enough up until the big reveal and everything in the last few minutes... which very unfortunately ruined any and absolutely all hope and interest I have in the future of the Cloverfield cinematic universe. I'm shocked to say it will take an absolute ton to get me back on board with this world after that lame ending which just reminded me of this ( crap movie through and through. The fan theories/explanations about the first Cloverfield movie were way, WAY cooler and more interesting than the generic explanation they've decided to go with here. Seriously, going by what we see in Cloverfield 1 and especially the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane... both of those movies could probably fit pretty easily into being canon prequels to the movie I linked a youtube trailer to above. Ugh
JohnLocke2342 at 03:15 PM Jun 15

... but 10 Cloverfield Lane isn't a sequel to Cloverfield. They're not the same monsters and it isn't the same canon universe.

It's an anthology series.

Cochise at 11:37 PM Jun 15

^ wait what, for real? So what's the connecting factor then, just that they're all fantasy/sci-fi/horror movies from Bad Robot? I figured with the name Cloverfield remaining it meant it was all within the same universe and they were all going to be quasi-sequels to one another with the overarching world being the connecting factor... thought I read JJ say that somewhere... but if they really have nothing to do with one another then that's even better - then I still have hope for a true Cloverfield 2, or a movie set within the universe of the first movie at least, not this crap lol

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