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The Revenant reminds me of Gangs of New York mixed with Django Unchained but regardless my god it looks fucking fantastic
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Cochise created a LIST: 2 days ago

Top 10 TV Shows + Favorite Character

1. THE SOPRANOS - Tony Soprano
3. SONS OF ANARCHY - Tig Trager
4. SHAMELESS - Lip Gallagher
5. THE OFFICE - Kevin Malone
6. BREAKING BAD - Jesse Pinkman
7. FUTURAMA - Philip J. Fry
8. HANNIBAL - Will Graham
9. ARCHER - Sterling Archer
10. THE SIMPSONS - Bart Simpson

Based on a list by unbinkable

Nick KEWL at 11:27 PM Jul 29

Fuck yeah! Great list mate. Soprano, Al Capone, Lip Gallagher, and Jessie Pinkman walk into a bar:)

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 12:17 AM Jul 30

Great picks

Glinda at 03:38 AM Jul 30

Great list! I love Kevin on The Office! Will Graham's my fav on Hannibal too.

Cochise posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 days ago

Jurassic World


Directed by: Colin Trevorrow
Written by: Rick Jaffa
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D'Onofrio, Omar Sy, B.D. Wong, Jake Johnson, Irrfan Khan, Chris Pratt, Idris Elba
Studio: Universal
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
Official Site:


+ good cast (both Pratt and Howard are better than expected, both kids are good as well, I don't get the hate for them or for D'Onofrio. Really liked Jake Johnson and hope to see him back. Irrfan Khan was a surprise highlight)

+ solid script (I was pleasantly surprised with how tight it was, even if it played things relatively simple. Still the raptors were handled fantastically, especially with the whole risky training thing, it totally worked and I really dug how they almost made them lovable. The whole dinosaur-boredom angle was also really well done)

+ solid direction (though the 3D is disappointingly mediocre, and is actually completely put to shame by even Jurassic Park 1's 3D conversion from a couple of years ago)


- the Indominus Rex (...just wasn't that cool. It was too similar to the T-Rex. It had that very cool camouflage thing going for it, but might as well not have, as it was barely used at all. It just wasn't that unique or interesting, it didn't have much to offer. Kind of funny that the movie is all about a 'new' dinosaur, something 'the people have never seen before' yet the D-Rex is very similar to what we've already seen... Don't get me wrong, it was OK, but looks wise and everything it's pretty forgettable, certainly not even as memorable as the Spinosaurus)

- sound (particularly the score, which was very disappointing. It was OK but they should have used the classic themes a lot more... it's like a Star Wars movie without that theme. Also, some of the sound design choices were odd and unfortunate. For instance, sound always played a big part in the JP movies, the thunderous footsteps of the T-Rex both making a boom and shaking the nearby surroundings... yet here we have giant dinosaurs the same size and bigger as the T-Rex who barely make a sound when they move and barely shake anything. This is especially apparent in the final fight)

- special effects (well actually many of them were quite good... but some of them, not so much. While cool in concept the mosasaur still looks too fake, and I unfortunately noticed the same in many scenes with the raptors standing still and swaying about in a stare down. Even the T-Rex looked... well, not great. I'm still kind of shocked about it all, I thought the effects would've been near photo realistic but for the most part didn't feel they were. Practical effects could've been used more as well. All in all it was just disappointing in terms of the visuals. It was overall acceptable, maybe even good, but it should've been so much more, even in terms of the CGI, which honestly barely looked better than what we saw in the previous movies in the series, if even better)



I've seen it twice now and while I was disappointed initially, I've realized that even with that disappointment, it's still a tight and good movie. I'll have to revisit The Lost World but at the moment would rank it just behind that one. Still, highly enjoyable - a very strong 7.


Other reviews of this film: KcMsterpce (6/10) , Kevin Smith fan (5/10) > Display all
Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 11 days ago

Deadpool looks amazing


YoshioKun13 at 08:31 AM Jul 21


Cochise updated his STATUS: 11 days ago

The Revenant reminds me of Gangs of New York mixed with Django Unchained but regardless my god it looks fucking fantastic
Anakin at 09:43 AM Jul 21

It looks decent.

JohnLocke2342 at 03:16 PM Jul 21

It looks fucking incredible

Glinda at 09:09 PM Jul 21

This looks great.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 14 days ago

I want to be excited for Batman V Superman but honestly because I think Man of Steel wasn't a good movie I've kind of lost faith in Snyder. Initially I was really excited cause he was directing a Superman movie, but the movie disappointed me so much and I yeah I just don't have confidence in him really anymore... I know it's just one movie, but it's also the continuation of MoS so... maybe it was just the script that led to me thinking MoS was a bad movie, and this one does have a different writer right? That guy from Argo or something I think? I hope it surprises me, and I mean I do love Watchmen, 300 and Dawn of the Dead
Anakin at 04:33 PM Jul 18

I really enjoyed MoS. The only part of the film they didn't quite nail in my opinion was Lois. I feel bad saying that because Amy Adam's is brilliant but she wasn't right for the role OR the character could have been written better. Either way Lois just never worked.

JohnLocke2342 at 05:37 PM Jul 18

Agreed, I never thought Amy Adams was right for Lois. It's an odd miscasting IMO.

Otis_Driftwood at 05:47 PM Jul 18

I've seen MOS once, and that was enough for me! They need to take some pointers from the original Superman w/Christopher Reeve. That made you believe in Superman (well the first 1 hr and 30 mins anyway). It made you excited to see him in costume. I got the same feeling from "Superman Returns", until after he saves the crashing jet (after that, not really).

MOS...not so much.

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Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 17 days ago

seriously this looks amazing and honestly better than most big budget blockuster movies. I had low expectations but after this, I'm just STOKED to see this, looks hilariously brutal and incredibly awesome from top to bottom. Wow


queen bee
queen bee at 01:21 PM Jul 15

That "Cardio," joke is so funny.Looks awesome.

ericodarko at 01:42 PM Jul 15

I didn't think I could be more excited for this until I watched this trailer. This is going to be awesome

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 09:15 PM Jul 15

Can't wait!

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 17 days ago

the theme from Ant-Man sounds awesome
Cochise posted a VIDEO item: 17 days ago

absolutely awesome new Fantastic Four trailer


brewsky99 at 05:12 PM Jul 14

A hell lot better than the last trailer but little Interest in seeing it

Cronos at 05:12 PM Jul 14

Never been a fan of Fantastic Four but really liking the look of this.

razgriz21 at 07:20 PM Jul 14

It still looks like crap.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

I saw both Inside Out and Home the other day... was really disappointed in Inside Out. The visuals and visual design was real underwhelming (though good when in the real world), as was the story and script (some little stuff in there just didn't make sense either, like there being female and male emotions in the girl's mind, but all female in the mom's and all male in the father's?). Interesting concept but it was done way better on every single level in, yeah, Osmosis Jones lol. Still, it wasn't terrible, just very sub-par and forgettable. On the other hand it was nowhere near as bad as Home was. Home wasn't terrible either but aside from a moment or two in the climax it was just a bad, bad mess I thought.
unbinkable at 07:23 PM Jul 13

100% agree with your thoughts on Inside Out.

Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

what does 'the red capes are coming?' mean?
YoshioKun13 at 06:53 AM Jul 13

It's a reference to Paul Revere's famous "The red coats are coming, the red coats are coming!" warning about the British.

American history &, stuff.

Cochise at 06:54 AM Jul 13

oh can't believe I missed that connection! Still kind of confused what it means when Luthor says it though, like who is he referring to? :s

Cochise at 06:54 AM Jul 13

Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

FINALLY got a chance to see The Rover with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson (and also Scoot McNairy) and man oh man now that was a really well made flick! The Rover is the Mad Max movie we deserved, but the one we never got out of Fury Road (it had the story and the grittiness and brutality and the intensity... rather than just being a pointless, though very well done, 2 hour car chase like FR). It's a bit slow for some I'm sure but all things considered, The Rover is definitely worth a watch.
Invidtus at 01:55 PM Jul 13

Terrific film~

Cronos at 04:36 PM Jul 13

Excellent first half/two thirds but felt it kinda dropped off a bit towards the end. Overall though it's a good film and yeah, really did give me Mad Max vibes.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 10:18 PM Jul 15

I'm curious to see this one. It's on my Netflix list!

Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

after that new Comic-Con trailer Guy Ritchie's new The Man From UNCLE looks like a giant piece expensive of I-don't-give-a-crap... nothing exciting or interesting about it, though it does look well done. Too bad. Still, Cavill could and maybe should play the next James Bond, unless they go for another way more out there choice. I wish Ritchie had done Sherlock Holmes 3 and especially Treasure Island before this though
brewsky99 at 09:12 AM Jul 13

I use too watch Reruns when I was a Kid,love 60s Spy Shows.

Anakin at 10:27 AM Jul 13

I think Cavill will be Bond one day.

Cronos at 04:40 PM Jul 13

Got halfway through the trailer before turning it off. Looks exactly like I expected it would, as you say, well made but not exciting or interesting. Shame as I really enjoyed the original series when I was younger.

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Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

Sinister 2 looks mediocre as hell... disappointing. I really though this could've turned into something special. The first was solid and more than anything I thought it was a good start to a potential franchise, one that could turn Bagool into the next Freddy or Jason or something along those lines... but the second trailer doesn't give that feeling at all
Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

I don't usually watch comic con panels but does anyone know of a link to watch the Deadpool one? Big fan of Reynolds and TJ Miller (actually did not know he'd be in the movie and he's AWESOME so I'm even more stoked for this)
Cochise at 05:24 AM Jul 13

thanks man!!

Cochise updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

even though McAdams and Kitsch are both really good in True Detective season 2, I have to say that this season has definitely been disappointing so far... largely cause it just seems so aimless. The first season seemed that way too, but not to this extent. The story is what is holding it back, it's just not a terribly interesting or exciting premise, or at least (at this point) a not very well executed one. Maybe it'll get more interesting as it goes on. At this point though I kind of wish it had just been Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, showing the good guy's story and the bad guy's story for 8 episodes and how they conflict and interact... they're definitely the two best parts of the show, and it would be better off if it just focused solely on those two (again, even though Kitsch/McAdams are both damn good)
unbinkable at 01:09 PM Jul 13

Last night's episode definitely amped the pace up a bit, just like episode 4 of the first season did.

ericodarko at 01:32 PM Jul 13

Last night's episode was a step up (like unbinkable said), especially the final 10 minutes. I have to say, I find Vaughn really bad in the show. He just can't seem to properly deliver this type of dialogue

JohnLocke2342 at 03:29 PM Jul 13

I feel you in the sense that it's a little aimless right now and nothing is coming together like season 1. I think the two big issues are that there still isn't a clear plot to follow and having 4 lead characters is just way too much. Last night's episode had an explosive ending that hopefully kicks this in the right direction but we'll see.

Also I'm totally with ericodarko - Vaughn is awful in last night's episode. He's been mostly hit or miss but all of his scenes outside of the fight and the "mace" fell flat and his line reading is getting worse.

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