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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 5 days ago

Fantastic Four


Directed by: Tim Story
Written by: Mark Frost, Simon Kinberg
Cast: Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, Julian McMahon
Studio: Fox
Genre: Action, Comic Book
Official Site:
Plot: 4 astronauts become superheroes after their previous space mission


As the story goes, Stan Lee was kind of sick of the Justice League being the best of the best with no reason to stay together if they ever fought interpersonally. He wanted to make a team that was like a family, characters that couldn't stand to be with each other as much as they couldn't stand to be apart. 2 years later he created the Avengers, so Stan kinda got to eat his cake and have it too...[more]...

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Dodong27 at 05:43 PM Apr 18


cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 days ago

Adult World


Directed by: Scott Coffey
Written by: Andy Cochran
Cast: Emma Roberts, John Cusack, Scott Coffey
Studio: IFC Films
Genre: Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: A struggling writer befriends her idol to try to get ahead.


I think I'm supposed to like Emma Roberts. She seems talented, and she is pretty. I have not cared about a single movie she has ever done though. This one is definitely not helping. I don't think she has the required comedic timing to make her naively ditzy wannabe writer charmingly dorky. She just comes off annoyingly dorky, which is a big shot in the foot for the whole movie. There were better talents who could have carried the movie like co-star Shannon Woodward who plays her Britta-like protester friend...[more]...

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 days ago

Better Living Through Chemistry


Directed by: Geoff Moore
Written by: Geoff Moore
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Jane Fonda
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Genre: Comedy, Independent
Official Site:
Plot: A small town pharmacist has an affair with a pill-popping trophy wife.


I watched this movie because I love the cast. Sam Rockwell. Olivia Wilde. Michelle Monaghan. Ray Liotta (awesome in a NICE GUY role). They do their absolute best to make it interesting. They are all pretty funny in their own ways, but the movie just feels like it is spinning its wheels, not getting much done. It tries to be a sexy affair movie and it tries to be a no-more-mister-nice-guy black comedy and a get-better-by-breaking-everything-and-starting-fresh dramedy. They all kind of clash with each other and make the movie a little to hectic and off-putting. It is all these sliver of good movies that are smushed together to be fillers for each other.

Also their is a really stupid voice over narration from Jane Fonda as Jane Fonda. She talks about small time living and how she has her own hideaway here to get away from everything. She makes a little cameo at the end where the actors can go "Oh my god, its a famous person." Its a dumb joke.

Cochise at 05:40 PM Apr 15

Nice review... still think I'll have to give it a shot though, just can't say no to Rockwell/Liotta

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 days ago

The Art of the Steal


Directed by: Jonathan Sobol
Written by: Jonathan Sobol
Cast: Kurt Russell, Jay Baruchel, Matt Dillon, Terence Stamp, Katheryn Winnick
Studio: Radius-TWC
Genre: Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: An expert group of thieves get back together for one last job


This was a nice surprise. Mayeb because it was a too-early-in-the-year-to-be-good VOD release, but it was a fun time. It is clearly an OCean's 11 ripoff. The way they introduce characters and the way they backtrack to fill info. The way everyone has a title, not a nickname, like The Fixer and The Wheelman. Shit like that. Kurt Russel has the main getaway driver chimes in every once in awhile with some nice exposition and redneck charm.

He is surrounded by some great people. Kathryn Winnick shows up for a little while in a horrible wig. Jay Baruchel plays Russel's protege in a way that he is wet behind the ears but still cool in his own way. Kenneth Welsh and Terrance Stamp are prtty damn smooth as the seasone vets. Matt Dillon is pretty cool too as Russel's douchebag brother who got the team bck together in the first place. I don't know who Chris Diamantopoulos is sleeping with, but it feels like he is everywhere lately. He gets a few funny lines in his over the top French accent

It probably could have been better without the Oceans 11 style twist ending. Its not nearly as clever as it could have been, and with this kind of chemistry among the cast, it might have been better to be straightforward. Still a fun time though

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 11 days ago

Grand Piano


Directed by: Eugenio Mira
Written by: Damien Chazelle
Cast: Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Dee Wallace, Alex Winter
Studio: Magnet Releasing
Genre: Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: A famous pianist is forced to play a popular work that he infamously sucked at by a sniper


I'm going to make this pretty short and sweet. Elijah Wood plays a pianist who was the protege of a very famous composer. The mentor had composed a very difficult song that many people don't even attempt. It is sort of a holy grail of song movements I guess. Wood fucked it up one time and was pretty much laughed out of the business (or at least really embarrassed about it). He is making a comeback appearance, where he wasn't planning on playing that particular piece, but a sniper has other plans.

It is technically just a take on Phone Booth. Wood is a seasoned actor, and he does a great job at living the tension which is helps the movie. And John Cusack plays the disembodied voice on the other end of the phone, and he does what he can too. Its not long into the movie when you realize they were hurting for new situations and obstacles. It was kind of weird how Elijah Wood kept walking off stage in the middle of the show.


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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 11 days ago

Veronica Mars


Directed by: Rob Thomas
Written by: Rob Thomas
Cast: Kristen Bell, Krysten Ritter, Tina Majorino, Martin Starr, Gaby Hoffman, Sam Huntington
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Official Site:
Plot: Veronica Mars comes back for her highschool reunion just in time for her gilted ex to get into trouble and need her help.


I did not watch Veronica Mars when it was on, and I am very sorry about that. I caught up with it later, and loved it. Well, I loved the first 2 seasons, and only barely liked the third. It starred Kristen Bell is the title role. Veronica plays a bullied high school student wise beyond her years who works at her father's PI office. There is a whole lot of drama revolving around murder and sex, which might seem weird for a show about high school, but it totally works in its own over-stylized way...[more]...


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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 11 days ago

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Directed by: Anthony Russo
Written by: Christopher Markus
Cast: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Grillo, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford, Toby Jones, Hayley Atwell, Cobie Smulders, Emily VanCamp, Sebastian Stan, Georges St-Pierre
Studio: Walt Disney
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic Book
Official Site:
Plot: Captain America and Black Widow investigate a super-soldier assassin.


Over the years, the name Captain America has very sadly become synonymous with Dudley Do-Right and Mighty Mouse, a puffed chest and big dimpled smile, cheesy and out-dated. I have already heard people say he's too nice to be cool, even Chris Evans has joked about saying his best super power is that he is nice enough to help you move. But in a time when every TV show is about some anti-hero who is considered morally ambiguous for the sake of conversation but is actually a bastard through and through, Captain America is a welcome change of pace. Especially in a reality like this where America is so easily sacrificing liberty for security, Cap is not just some corporate sponsor with good tidings, he is steadfast in his principles in a world that is constantly trying to break him. That's kind of what makes this movie and this character interesting. It's not about developing the character. Its about seeing what he'll go through to stay the same. And for good reason...[more]...


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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 12 days ago



Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
Written by: Darren Aronofsky
Cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Durand, Ray Winstone, Nick Nolte
Studio: New Regency, Paramount
Genre: Action, Adventure
Official Site:
Plot: In a world run rampant with sin, Noah is given the task to create an arc to survive the destruction.


When the news finally reached the general population that auteur Darren Aronofsky was adapting the tale of Noah, people had a problem with it. The religious were concerned it wouldn’t be pious enough, while the atheists (or should I say anti-theists) were worried about a boring Biblical epic being crammed done their throats. Fortunately, the tale of Noah has definitely gained a broader appeal becoming something more like a fairy tale than an Old Testament parable, and Hollywood has been plenty interested lately in reimagining fairy tales as Tolkien fantasy epics...[more]...


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JohnLocke2342 at 06:10 PM Apr 11

Wonderful review dude, I'm really intrigued by this one and I'm glad to see the good buzz here on MFC recently.

Cochise at 06:31 PM Apr 11

Nice review man, I myself absolutely loved that it was (surprisingly) very much a character piece and thought that Aronofsky melded and grounded that aspect fantastically with the more epic events of the film.

ericodarko at 10:47 PM Apr 11

Great review, buddy. Really, really liked this movie. Sure, there haven't been that many good/great movies that have come out so far this year but this is one of my top movies so far

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 20 days ago

Odd Thomas


Directed by: Stephen Sommers
Written by: Stephen Sommers
Cast: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Sommers, Willem Dafoe
Studio: Image Entertainment
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: A small town clairvoyant uses his abilities as a supernatural detective.


I am a sucker for these kinds of movies. I love stories that use horror elements to make crime mysteries, even ones that piss all over their source material like Constantine. If they make their hero cynically plucky and good humored count me in as interested. Anton Yelchin fits that bill pretty well. He plays the titular hero, Odd Thomas. That’s not a nickname. First name Odd. Last name Thomas. He’s got a real Peter Parker thing going on. Between heroic scenes, he is an unassuming but charming underdog, but once he starts fighting or giving chase, he never looks out of place at all. Unfortunately, he is also saddled with a pretty extensive voice over narration. He tries to channel Bogart the best he can, but his noir cynicism just makes the voice over more wordy. Trying to make what is essentially an info dump funny and entertaining backfires almost completely. It actually feels like they were desperately trying to fill in some plot holes due to cut scenes. It just felt like it was missing narrative fat at approximately 90 minutes long...[more]...

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MrsData at 02:24 PM Apr 03

I agree Anton was great as Odd. His mother doesn't have the same supernatural abilities in the book. It is from her side of the family though. She's just insane but isn't in an institution.

Cochise at 04:58 PM Apr 03

nice review. This one looked pretty interesting, definitely gonna give it a shot. Yelchin rocks

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: about 1 month ago

Knights of Badassdom


Directed by: Joe Lynch
Written by:
Cast: Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage
Studio: IndieVest Pictures
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Independent
Official Site:
Plot: A demon is summoned when some fantasy cosplayers use a real incantation.

Review: In a world where the geek has inherited the Earth, where superhero movies make billions, where British TV imports border on mainstream, where geek themes, genres, and tropes are mined to sell romance novels to the MTV demographic, where an entire industry is put under the internet’s proverbial microscope ever since pitting Indiana Jones against aliens, LARPing (live action role playing) is a facet of fanboyism still generally mocked, even by my own geeky self. There is just something inherently funny about a bunch of people cosplaying in the woods pretending bean bags are lightning bolts, even though I’m sure it is just as fun as your average laser tag or paintball game. However, many stories about it usually come around to how fun it is by the end: like the underrated raunch-com Role Models or a very special episode of “Supernatural” guest-starring geek queen, Felicia Day...[more]...

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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: about 1 month ago

The Monuments Men


Directed by: George Clooney
Written by: George Clooney
Cast: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Action, Drama
Official Site:
Plot: A group of art professionals team up to investigate the destruction and theft of art by the Nazis during the end of World War II

Review: In 1998, Stephen Spielberg made a WWII epic, Saving Private Ryan. It is beyond a doubt, the greatest WWII movie, most likely the greatest war movie, of all time, and I am now afraid that it has done to the war movie what Unforgiven did to the western. It made such a near-perfect example of the genre that also challenged themes and answered questions to leave almost no new ground to cover within the subgenre. If the subgenre is a thesis, Saving Private Ryan is the concluding statement, and all war movies that come after it will be forever compared to it. This is the basic problem of The Monuments Men...[more]...

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Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 01:55 AM Mar 18

good review!

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 2 months ago

Inside Llewyn Davis


Directed by: Ethan Coen
Written by: Ethan Coen
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund, John Goodman, Oscar Isaac, F. Murray Abraham, Max Casella
Studio: CBS Films
Genre: Drama
Official Site:
Plot: Folk singer Llewyn Davis struggles to make a name for himself during 1960s Greenwich Village music scene.


In 1991, the Coens made one of their coolest movies in my opinion, Barton Fink. It was about the titular Barton, a New York playwright, who flies out to Hollywood to try to bring integrity to the artistically corrupted movie business. Almost 19 years later, they made one of their weaker films, A Serious Man. It was essentially a contemporary retelling of the Book of Job from the Bible. For those who don’t know, the Book of Job was about one of God’s most devout believers having his faith tested when God causes him great suffering. Inside Llewyn Davis is like a second bite of the apple for both of these themes. It is not quite as good (or trippy) as Barton Fink but much better than A Serious Man...[more]...

Other reviews of this film: oscarxp25 (7/10) , AlmostFamous91 (6/10) > Display all
VitamanMan8 at 03:43 PM Feb 11

A Serious Man is one of my favorite Coen movies.

Anakin at 03:46 PM Feb 11

Heard this was great

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago



Directed by: Spike Jonze
Written by: Spike Jonze
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, Rooney Mara, Samantha Morton
Studio: Annapurna Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: A lonely writer falls for an artificial intelligence


That premise is very weird, but Spike Jonze is no stranger to the weird. After all, he is best known for his work with surreal screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman, and the terribly funny and gag-inducing “Jackass” boys. It’s also a little reductive, but it needs to be said just so it can get out of the way. A geek falls for Siri, but it is much more complicated...[more]...

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Laksmikanti at 06:31 PM Feb 05

Perfection made movie.

LelekPL at 10:51 PM Feb 05

One more week before I can see it

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago

Lone Survivor


Directed by: Peter Berg
Written by: Peter Berg
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Action, Drama, War
Official Site:
Plot: A 4-man Navy SEAL team are dropped into Afghanistan to take out a high-level al-Qaeda but find themselves in over there head.


You can always tell how society at the time feels about war through the stories they tell. Sands of Iwo Jima: it’s all about heroism and the most justified war maybe ever. “Born on the Fourth of July” (the book): it’s all about war is Hell and the soldiers tend to be broken men looked down upon or overlooked completely . Saving Private Ryan and pretty much everything since including this movie: it’s all about the soldiers’ sacrifice. Possibly the most balanced theme: “Yeah, war is Hell, but soldiers are even more awesome because it’s Hell.” It’s kind of dangerous as a theme though. It makes that fine line between great entertainment and propaganda/recruitment video even smaller than it already is. It is a feeling that is hard to shake the whole movie...[more]...

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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago

Blue is the Warmest Color


Directed by: Abdellatif Kechiche
Written by: Abdellatif Kechiche
Cast: Lea Seydoux, Adle Exarchopoulos
Studio: Sundance Selects
Genre: Foreign Film, Independent
Official Site:
Plot: A young French girl has her life changed when she falls for a blue haired lesbian.


You have probably already heard of the movie because of all the drama and controversy surrounding it, so let's just get it out of the way...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: WalkAway (9/10) , americanmoviefan (10/10) > Display all
TheHorrorfan at 03:51 AM Jan 16

I agree that the sex scenes were on the pornographic side, but being a man I can't say I wasn't turned on. Besides, the acting and story is so strong that it overrides it.

WalkAway at 04:41 AM Jan 16

dying to see this

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago

Escape Plan


Directed by: Mikael Hafstrom
Written by: Miles Chapman
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Curtis Jackson, Amy Ryan, James Caviezel, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vinnie Jones, Sam Neill
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: A professional escape artist teams up with an inmate to break out of the most sophisticated prison EVER


Holy shit, what a cool movie. This is the kind of movie I was waiting for these 2 to make after being disappointed by their early 2013 flicks...[more]...


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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago

Captain Phillips


Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by: Billy Ray
Cast: Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini, Yul Vazquez
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Genre: Action, Drama
Official Site:
Plot: Somali pirates board Captain Phillips' ship


Based on a true story, Tom Hanks plays the titular Captain who had to travel through pirate waters and then fend off the eventual attackers.

Tom Hanks is as good as you could expect. At the very least, his Boston accent sounds a lot better compared to his poor Kennedy impression from Catch Me If You Can. It is the films final moments that he really shines. I hate to spoil but it was national news for awhile there.............Phillips survives his ordeal. But rather than keeping steely resolve or sailing into the sunset, he subverts the heroic ending with an incredibly moving and compelling moment of utter shock.

The real star of the movie is the cinematography. Director Paul Greengrass, who's education background is steeped in documentary filmmaking, reteams with his United 93/Green Zone DP Barry Ackroyd. The 2 capture that docudrama style embedded POV so well. It is reminiscent of shaky cam, but not nearly as bad as Greengrass' Bourne movies. It really makes you feel like a fly on the wall and gives the whole movie a lived in and realistic feeling that helps elevate the movie as a whole.

I don't think there is much to the script or the premise, but Greengrass' style and Hanks amazing final moments, not to mention a very interesting debut for Somalia born Barkhad Abdi as the lead pirate, really make the whole thing worthwhile.

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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago

American Hustle


Directed by: David O. Russell
Written by: Eric Singer
Cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Robert De Niro, Michael Pena, Louis C.K., Jack Huston, Elisabeth Rohm, Alessandro Nivola
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Crime, Drama
Official Site:
Plot: 2 con men are forced to help an FBI agent take down some crooked politicians.


David O Russell seemed to disappear right after I Heart Huckabees under the weight of his on set reputation for losing his temper. Than he came back with a furious vengeance. The Fighter was cool. Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite movie of that year, and now American Hustle is another winner.

It is reminiscent of mid-career Scorsese, like Goodfellas. Based on the controversial ABSCAM project, it has all the trappings of Goodfellas that's for sure. Multiple narration. Long crime story that takes place over the better part of some of the characters lives. Spotlights some of the cheesy fashion and attitude of the time to comedy gold.

That's the really great thing about this movie, it is a really funny script, that also has the stink of improv all over it. It has tongue (not firmly) in cheek and takes the piss out of the time period, and it does so without sacrificing some deep seeded sadness of the main cast. For a group of big personalities with bigger egos and shitloads of confidence, they are surprisingly insecure. This is thanks to the actors who somehow, someway both tiptoe and fully embrace the sarcastic dialog.

Plus it has Louis CK.


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Laksmikanti at 02:08 AM Jan 14

I think I saw another movie, this one was for me predictable and boring, but the performances were good, nothing great. Despite how much I love Bradley and how much I like Jennifer L. her performance was nothing great for me it was just simple. Amy Adams was quite good.

TomDunk at 02:07 PM Jan 14

I couldn't agree more Killer, from the opening of the comb over scene, to the very end I was engaged. I wasn't crazy excited about watching this only because I thought Silver Lining was overrated and I didn't think it deserved nominations in all 4 categories, but I just watched this last night and was blown away. This movie, more than Silver Lining, deserves nominations in all four categories. Everything about it I loved. I to would give this a 9/10, and also landed a spot on my top 10 of '13 as #1. Great review.

cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 months ago



Directed by: Eric Heisserer
Written by: Eric Heisserer
Cast: Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, Nick Gomez
Studio: Pantelion Films
Genre: Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: A father struggles to keep his daughter alive during Hurricane Katrina.


I remember when I first saw a trailer for this movie. My first thought was, “Oh, finally a Paul Walker movie I am actually interested in.” It’s an exaggeration, of course, but it definitely looked like Paul Walker was stepping out of his comfort zone. He plays Nolan Hayes, a father-to-be and adoring husband. His pregnant wife is carted around a hospital due to some complications. Unfortunately, she dies during childbirth, and their newborn daughter is left on a ventilator...[more]...


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cerealkiller182 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 4 months ago

Enough Said


Directed by: Nicole Holofcener
Written by: Nicole Holofcener
Cast: James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Toni Collette, Catherine Keener, Ben Falcone
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent
Official Site:
Plot: A masseuse starts dating a man that she doesn't know is the ex-husband of her newest friend.


I love Julia Louise-Dreyfus. I think she is really funny and really sexy. More sexy because she's so funny. With this she proves she has some dramatic chops too. She is faced with middle age through many different ways all at once. For one, she's divorced and her ex is now with a younger woman. She also falls for a flabby dude who she is at first not attracted too but starts becoming attracted to him because he is so disarmingly charming. She is starting to suffer empty nest syndrome with her kid getting ready for college and has to face that her relationship with her daughter's best friend might be inappropriate due to their age gap. Dreyfus juggles all these elements so it never feels contrived. It never has that melodramatic "Again?!" feeling.

This is one of James Gandolfini's last screen appearances. He plays the flabby guy that Dreyfus falls for. He oozes enough everyman funny guy charm. This isn't sitcom territory. You can totally see why she would go for him. That isn't the only sitcom subversion it makes. I feel like every set up could be a special episode of a generic sitcom, but the payoff is much more human and realistic than sitcoms ever would allow. A refreshing take on romance, especially at an age that doesn't always get to be romantic in Hollywood.


Other reviews of this film: Derek237 (8/10) , oscarxp25 (6/10) > Display all
XSsoCX at 01:44 AM Jan 07

I agree, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is really sexy. Love her on "Veep". As for this movie, I have it on my Netflix DVD queue, glad to hear its good.

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