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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item over 5 years ago

Chaos Muppet or Order Muppet?


For all the Muppet lovers of the MFC, here is a really neat article from which asks, are you a chaos muppet or an order muppet?

I love when a really deep thinking question/theory gets combined with something completely opposite. Great read!

PS: I'm totally a Bunsen Honeydew aka Faux Chaos Muppet :)

Mood: Happy

Vampjezzc at 04:40 PM Jun 08


breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item over 6 years ago

Spoilers are good for you!?

With all the chatter surrounding the The Dark Knight Rises and other spoiler related news, I stumbled upon this really interesting article. Be forewarned their little graphic does contain some spoilers to classic movies so maybe just scroll down quickly!!!

Spoilers Are Good For You, Says Study

Mood: Chillin'

breathless_mahoney87 at 06:48 PM Aug 11

Exactly! I read this and really didn't get the logic and definitely don't agree BUT it was an interesting read anyhow.

drc5145 at 07:58 PM Aug 11

I get what they're going at but I'd still say about with 99% of films and shows you should be watching with a clear mind.

I think what the real case is that you can enjoy a story more AFTER having gone though it once and going through it again with a clearer mind and catching the nuances. I've done that with films like The Big Lebowski. Didn't enjoy the 1st time. Enjoyed far more on repeat viewings.

The lone 1% FYI is for AMC's The Killing. I know what happens at the end of Season 1 and I'm kinda glad I do.

breathless_mahoney87 at 10:09 PM Aug 11

^^ I agree. Very rarely (when looking back) would I have wanted to know the ending or a key element to a story before going in. Why would anyone want to know about Snape and Dumbledore before hand? Or Vader and Luke? Just feels like it would take away from some amazing moments in cinema and in literature. Their point about set photos and the like being "teasers" and helping to gain excitement might hold true in some circles but I think the real fans(like the MFC) would rather be surprised.

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item over 6 years ago

Amazing, vintage Disneyland commercials!

Just had to share these cause they are hilarious!

Mood: Bored

JohnLocke2342 at 04:11 PM May 18

these are great, thank yoU!

breathless_mahoney87 at 12:36 AM May 19

@randy....I can't believe that Disney was actually closed, EVER! They are open on Christmas for peets sake! Ummm this might sound really harsh but I'm not sure if someone who doesn't like space mountain should be your GF....JK :)And that is COMPLETELY awesome about your mom!

Oh and I went on Rocket Rods....well actually went about 5 feet, the ride broke and we just sat there in the melting sun until they escorted us off the ride :-/

randychico at 05:34 AM May 19

haha yeah it seems that's why it failed. I remember seeing them but I don't think I ever got on because it was always closed haha I do remember the older one more clearly, where it was basically the same but slower.

OH and in my girlfriend's defense she just a big scaredy cat... ok so that's not much of a defense haha but she's like a little bit weak of the heart but even then I still pressure her to ride it hahaha

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item over 6 years ago

Forgot to post this on Star Wars Day!

40 Greatest Han Solo Moments:

Mood: Bored

breathless_mahoney87 at 11:50 PM May 09

Lol @ I guess we know your plans for the evening! JK :)

JohnLocke2342 at 12:15 AM May 10

This is great!

Sfpsycho415 at 03:30 AM May 10

This is welcome anyday!

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item over 6 years ago

13 Best Musical Moments from Tarantino Films

Another fun list from Paste magazine!

"For your lunchtime entertainment: 13 Great Musical Moments in Quentin Tarantino Movies"

Mood: Bored

Righteous_faustus at 01:47 AM Apr 28

Totally agree with you on number 1, I think it's memorized for all the wrong reasons. Kinda like that scene in Scarface yknow, that "say hello to my little friend" scene that's how I kinda see it anyway and pretty much everything else you mentioned. I don't agree with that they have the Green Hornet theme and Twisted Nerve so high up and yet they have Misirlou so low which was EXCELLENT use in that scene, not to mention the whole blaxploitation theme going with number 7.

breathless_mahoney87 at 01:57 AM Apr 28

It's funny because I like to read these lists they put out but I never agree with their order! I almost boycotted them after they completely left out "Here Comes My Baby" from Rushmore on their Wes Anderson list. It was an insult!!! lol

Righteous_faustus at 02:45 AM Apr 28

yeah i saw that piece! that was a total sham. that musical bit was so important yet soooo great in the you got me dreading the next piece they'll put out haha

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item almost 7 years ago

If you need to laugh


Check out this awesome top 10 from Paste magazine :)

**Numbers 6, 8, and 10 are my personal favorites from this list*

Mood: Happy

randychico at 12:49 AM Apr 14

I haven't clicked it and Im already laughing

breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item almost 7 years ago

Jaws Theme Swimming

1. Put your iPod on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!

Heads Will Roll ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Breakout ~ Stiff Little Fingers

Cynical Fool ~ Teen Idols

Hula Hoops ~ Dan Potthast

Terror Firmer ~ Lunachicks

Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve

It Could Have Been You ~ The Eyeliners

WHAT IS 2+2?
Another Girl ~ The Queers

Drive ~ Incubus

Lombardy St ~ Avail

Time Is On My Side ~ Rolling Stones

Party At The Beach ~ The Riverdales

The Scene ~ Screeching Weasel

All Is Full Of Love ~ Death Cab For Cutie

Opposite World ~ Mutant

Open Water ~ Thrice

Domino ~ The Cramps

Today I Fell In Love ~ The Queers

Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug ~ Dillinger Four

Watch a Gonna Do ~ Mad Caddies

Burning House Of Love ~ X

I Hope Things Will Turn Around ~ Chixdiggit

Tunnel Of Love ~ Groovie Ghoulies

The Crane Wife 3 ~ The Decemberists

Bedtime ~ Lifetime

Not Your Savior ~ No Use For A Name

Supermarket Fantasy ~ Screeching Weasel

I Fought The Law ~ Dead Kennedys

Jaws Theme Swimming ~ Brand New

Mood: Bored

breathless_mahoney87 at 03:25 PM Mar 20

I know I know, I had a bad experience and just got a little angry :/ Sorry!

randychico at 10:40 PM Mar 20

It Could Have Been You ~ The Eyeliners

awwww :(

Great stuff BM! :D

VitamanMan8 at 05:16 PM Mar 21

You shouldn't be scared of bedtime. That's the best time.

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item almost 7 years ago

My Bi-Polar Valentines Day Playlist


For those who saw my status update last night, here is the infamous list I was speaking of! Maybe someone out there will find an awesome song off this list(because they are all awesome). Enjoy :)

1)Baby, I Love You ~ The Ramones

2)Barbed Wire Love ~ Stiff Little Fingers

3) Because I Do ~ X

4) Because The Night ~ Patti Smith

5) Call Me Irresponsible ~ Frank Sinatra

6) Can't Take My Eyes Off You ~ Frankie Valli

7) Clavicle ~Alkaline Trio

8) Earth Angel ~Death Cab for Cutie

9) Every Thug Need A Lady ~ Alkaline Trio

10) Everybody Loves Somebody ~ Dean Martin

11) Falling Down ~ Three Bad Jacks

12) Girl from the North Country ~ Bob Dylan

11) Good Good Things ~ Descendents

12) Heart Out of Season ~ The Riverdales

13) Here Comes My Girl ~Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

14) I Believe ~ Three Bad Jacks

15) I Love You ~ Black Flag

16) I Want You Around (Ed Stasium Version) ~ Ramones

17) I'm Beginning To See The Light ~ Bobby Darin

18) Invite Me In ~ The Stitch Up

19) It's Forever ~ Three Bad Jacks

20) Kick Drum Heart ~ The Avett Brothers

21) Like A Parasite ~ The Queers

22) Love ~ Screeching Weasel

23) Love Love Love ~ The Queers

24) Love Song ~ The Damned

25) More Than Toast ~ Mr. T Experience

26) Nothing With You ~ Descendents

27) Oh Oh I Love Her So ~ The Ramones

28) Over At The Frankenstein Place ~ Alkaline Trio

29) Part One ~ Band of Horses

30) Punk Rock Girl ~ The Dead Milkmen

31) (She's My) Vampire Girl ~ The Groovie Ghoulies

32) Silly Girl ~ Descendents

33) Sleeping Beauty ~ The Groovie Ghoulies

34) Summer Wind ~ Frank Sinatra

35) Swept Away (Sentimental Version) ~ The Avett Brothers

36) Today I Fell In Love ~ The Queers

37) Totally ~ Screeching Weasel

38) Trust ~ 7 Seconds

39) Try a Little Tenderness ~ Otis Redding

40) Tunnel Of Love ~ The Groovie Ghoulies

41) Will You Still Love Me When I Don't Love You? ~ Mr. T Experience

42) Zombie Crush ~ The Groovie Ghoulies

43) 1-2 Crush On You ~ The Clash

Mood: Happy

breathless_mahoney87 at 01:54 AM Feb 13

^^ Thanks for all the love guys :)

jekupka at 09:52 AM Feb 13

Very interesting list, I know maybe 5% of those songs, I'll have to find the rest and check 'em out.

breathless_mahoney87 at 12:50 PM Feb 13

^^ Well they are all a little wacky but hopefully you find one that appeals to you! I left a lot out but my OCD had to be stopped!

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

My 2011 Golden Globe Predictions


Best Picture (Drama) ~ The Social Network

Best Actress (Drama) ~ Natalie Portman

Best Actor (Drama) ~ Jessie Eisenberg

Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) ~ The Tourist or The Kids Are All Right

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) ~ Julianne Moore

Best Actor (Comedy/Musical) ~ Kevin Spacey

Best Animated Film ~ Toy Story 3

Best Foreign Film ~ Biutiful

Best Supporting Actress ~ Amy Adams

Best Supporting Actor ~ Christian Bale

Best Director ~ Darren Aronofsky
(Really really happy that Fincher took this home)

Best Screenplay ~ Aaron Sorkin

Best Original Score ~ Alexander Desplat (Trent Reznor DID IT!!!!)

Best Original Song ~ I See The Light from Tangled

*Disclaimer: I am probably wrong about most of these considering the nominees for Comedy/Musical are horrible and very hard to pick from*

Mood: Bored

breathless_mahoney87 at 02:30 PM Jan 16

JohnLocke....Lol I have no idea who will win that category, it could very well be Alice in Wonderland but I thought The Tourist was my safe bet!

lordtyler912 at 05:43 PM Jan 16

Great predictions, but I think James Franco will win best actor.

breathless_mahoney87 at 05:47 PM Jan 16

@lordtyler912....Thank you! I'm pretty sure best actor is going to Colin Firth, he's the favorite but who knows!!! I'd be happy to see Franco win also.

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

To Reboot or Not To Reboot?


From X-Men, Spider Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Superman and possibly Transformers, reboots are everywhere these days. Just like the epidemic that is 3D, the reboot is slowly becoming part of the movie experience. One set of fans will experience the “original” and another set of fans will experience the re-imagining, and a whole other set will get the chance to see both. What I find unsettling about this trend is that I feel that the reboot is a do-over and who’s to say that these franchises and possibly others deserve do-overs? Just because some people didn’t like the vision, casting, etc of one director does it automatically become an open property to anyone's artistic vision?

Take Batman for example, it is now a storied legacy in film that began with Tim Burton and continues with Christopher Nolan. Some are going to argue that the Michael Keaton Batman shouldn’t even be considered Batman when its standing next to the caliber of film that is The Dark Knight, but pause for a moment and consider what we would be saying if Nolan never got his hands on the franchise. It could go either way because we would have this classic Batman film, like it or not but we would not have the multimillion dollar blockbuster that is apparently more deserving of carrying on the Batman name. I find both films to be deserving and they have their own original voices that need to be part of the Batman legacy. Nolan is a far different director and storyteller than Burton but both visions made sense at the time and still have appeal even to the younger generation of Batman fans. While Batman may not be the best example of a reboot it is still constantly being molded, recast, and redirected as the years pass. Considering that Nolan has already said this next Batman will be his last, are we ready for another Batman reboot in the coming years or should the franchise die with Nolan?

Moving on to Spider Man, who’s third installment hasn’t even been buried that long and a reboot is currently in the filming stages. This reboot is often debated and hated by fans of the original trilogy and even by those who disliked the trilogy. The conversation ranges from issues with casting, to directing, to where is the story possibly going and why do I care? As a fair-weather fan of the original Sam Raimi directed trilogy I am keeping an open mind regarding this reboot but I am still wary of its existence at all. I feel as though we just buried that trilogy and truthfully it ended in a bad way. None of us need reminders of Spidey with emo bangs dancing around a jazz club but does that mean we need an entirely new Spider Man? Part of me would be happy letting the trilogy be what it was, and never seeing Spider Man again except where he belongs, in the pages of comic books. The other part is curious what the new blood is going to bring to the table. Can it give this classic character a better send off and a better legacy much like Nolan’s Batman films? We will see when it hits theaters but for now I am going to remain on the fence. Raimi and company didn’t do the worst job and I can’t decide if its fair that someone else gets to see if he or she can do better, so soon.

Are movie audiences that fickle and bored that we need to keep seeing the same characters and similar stories repeatedly until it’s just right? I feel in so many ways that we are suffering from Goldilocks syndrome. For her it was beds, for us its storied franchises. Are we looking at a future of films that are recycled and rebooted until it’s perfect? And who is deciding on this standard of perfection anyhow? I haven’t decided one way or another but much like 3D I am getting downright sick of the reboot. Of course, I’ll probably find myself in the theater when Spider Man is released and when X-Men First Class makes its way to theaters, but I will be going with a conflicted heart. I’m a fan of many of these universes and great characters so of course I want to see justice done to them, but I also don’t want the same movie but with a different pace, a different villain and a different hero. What I do want is artistic vision to be respected and in so many ways I feel that reboots are not getting that part, just right.

Mood: Angry

razgriz21 at 10:32 PM Dec 10

Great blog breathless.

breathless_mahoney87 at 10:42 PM Dec 10

Thank you razgriz21 :)

Terminal_83 at 03:47 AM Dec 12

I think every reboot has its own reason (however valid or lame) for existing, personally. Batman needed a reboot because it became campy junk, Spider-Man needed a reboot because I think Sony thought "Spider-Man 3 was a huge success, but it's not where WE wanted it to go" not to mention the entire cast was not going to return, X-Men needed a reboot because Singer was off the project and wooed by Warner, and Buffy is being rebooted because it's still a money making franchise and probably they feel like it needs to be revived for more cash flowing. Most of these reasons are pointless, but for ME anyway, they're valid excuses especially with Spider-Man and Batman.

98 percent of the time it's a cheap excuse for a studio to fix their mistakes. Like Hulk and Punisher.

GREAT blog and very well written.

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

Black Swan vs Blue Valentine MPAA Ratings

Found this article and thought it was interesting considering that I have seen Black Swan and know the sex scene in question, but have not yet seen Blue Valentine. I have been reading about it's current NC-17 status and thought this article put a interesting spin on the ratings controversy. They make some valid points, but there are some brief spoilers toward the end of the article, just an FYI!

Mood: Surprised

breathless_mahoney87 at 04:38 PM Dec 07

It really is just funny that by the description the scenes are very similar, and in my opinion the scene in Black Swan is pretty graphic even though it is not an act of passion per say, but something that happens while on drugs. I'm not sure if the setting is why they decided to favor Black Swan over Valentine but it seems that they should have both been given an R or NC-17 for depicting the same sex act. Even funnier, like the article mentions is that one would think they would have more problems with a lesbian scene vs a straight scene. All in all, the MPAA doesn't know what it's doing. I have this vision that they pick ratings out of a hat.

PeJota at 06:48 PM Dec 07

I've caught bits of This Film Is Not Yet Rated, but I've been meaning to watch it.

Part of my job involves getting movie info from around the world. It's really interesting to see how different countries rate movies.

For the most part every other country is way more lenient on movies than the US. Instead of ages 17 and 13 they use 16, 15 and 12.

France is probably the funniest example because seemingly every movie is rated "Tout," meaning everyone. Stuff like Machete has a 12 rating and Saw 3D has a 16, but something like Inception, which is PG13 here, has a Tout. Extreme violence kicks up the ratings, but if it has cursing and sexuality they usually don't care.

drc5145 at 07:19 PM Dec 07

I've seen This film is Not Yet Rated. They pretty much do favor the larger studios and give them more leeway in the ratings. It's faily obvious to say but they are a little demented in allowing heavy violence to skate fine while any bits sex will be heavily scrutinized. Part of it apparently is that they have an actual Pastor as a consultant for voting members, who have much older children, (like 20-30 year old ones)

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

Party For One?

As a female movie "nerd" I have had my fair share of strange glances when making my way into a theater to see a "guy's only" movie with a good friend or a boyfriend(if I was attached at the time). By now I am used to being one of the few girls at midnight showings who are actually there for the movie not to fall asleep and tag along to annoy the crap out of my significant other. Having just recently found myself single again (and right in the middle of movie season, how rude!) I have been taking myself to a lot of movies alone and getting the strangest looks and I just don't see why. Some give me this look of "why is she sitting alone, maybe she's waiting for someone"? Other times its, "how sad she's all by herself" and at least once a group of dumb teenage girls laughed at me. I am not offended or hurt by any of these people and their judgment but just confused that it is still such a stigma for women to see movies alone. Guys do it all the time and no one pays attention, but a woman should basically have a giant neon sign above her head blinking "yes I'm single". I like seeing movies with others but more often than not I like seeing movies alone, especially movies I am really passionate about. The struggle with being a movie fan in a sea of friends who aren't really movie fans makes the movie going experience quite painful. I don't like talking, asking questions, moving about, more talking, and more questions. My attention needs to be focused on the screen and seeing a movie alone eliminates any of the previously mentioned distractions.

I apologize for the rant but after seeing Black Swan today, I started really paying attention to the funny looks I was getting. Plus, being in a theater mostly made up of guys waiting for the sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis was VERY awkward. I guess my question to the MFC is as such, what do you think about girls seeing movies alone? And for the other women of the MFC, do you see movies alone and do you get funny looks? I am proud to be a movie fan and able to school a lot of people in my movie knowledge, so no funny looks are going to stop me from something I am passionate about but I would appreciate this part of the gender gap being closed.

Mood: Surprised

Invidtus at 04:47 PM Dec 04

Next time hit someone with "If I had wanted you to watch me instead of the screen you'd have a ticket by now" - then throw an orange drink on them

PeJota at 11:27 PM Dec 12

I go to the movies alone more often than I do with other people. I can assure you that as a guy I do get some odd looks, too. Since movies are generally seen as a "social event", people just find it strange that someone went without a friend. It's kinda like seeing someone at a bar by themselves.

Unless I'm going with my movie nerd friends, I enjoy going to the movies by myself more than with other people.

Most of the weird looks I get are from the theater staff. I live 3 blocks down from 2 theaters, and on Saturdays or Sundays I wake up, have breakfast, and walk to see the first showing of the day. That means I'm usually one of like maybe 10 people, so I'm very easy to spot as "that guy who came by himself".

breathless_mahoney87 at 03:25 AM Dec 13

@PeJota....I wish I was close enough to walk to a theater. I have some near by but none walking distance and it would be great because I love going to the first or second showing of the day to avoid crowds and get the cheaper ticket price lol

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

Most Controversial Movies Of All Time (according to Moviephone)|main5|2|link3|29245

Another random internet find, but was an interesting list none the the less. Not sure how I feel about their choices, but then again it is Movie Phone!

Mood: Happy

breathless_mahoney87 at 10:34 PM Dec 03

@Randy...I totally see what you mean! Some make sense, and some are just like really?! People are too easily offended! lol

timmyd at 12:06 AM Dec 05

Interesting list, I could, I believe, put out a '' should have been '' list, and come up with 15 or 20 films !! '' CALIGULA '', '' LAST TANGO IN PARIS '', '' BASE MOI '', '' LOLITA '' are but a few .

randychico at 12:36 AM Dec 05

Last Tango in Paris was in the list MrTimmy but totally on the money with the others, I remember my local theaters had Base Moi and out of morbid curiosity a lot of people went but they weren't expecting that so of course there was a lot of controversy

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

Unhappily Ever After?


First things first, I am by all accounts a big fan of Disney. I admit they are completely about mass consumerism and lots of other not so good things, but I grew up on them none the less and Disneyland is probably my favorite place to be on this planet. Disney for me is about the memories I have seeing things like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast in the theater on opening day. It's about knowing(and still knowing) all the words to the soundtrack to Hercules and A Nightmare Before Christmas. In recent years Disney has made some missteps in the film and TV departments, but the classics stand the test of time. With the recent news that Disney has decided to stop making fairy tale films, a part of my heart has died. Every girl (whether they like to admit it or not) wanted/wants to be a princess. Maybe not in the most conventional, "come save me" sense but ruling a country and wearing an awesome dress sounds like a good time to me! The fact that Disney has decided to abandon this notion makes me very sad and very confused. What will future generations have to dream about? Will they all want to be wizards and pirates and nothing in between? Will playing dress up become a thing of the past? This decision leaves so many unanswered questions in my mind and makes me wish I could shake them and say "DON'T DO IT!" Unlike Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, fairy tales are simple and about the basic notions of right/wrong, true love and believing in yourself. I think those notions are still important and we rely on Disney for that sense of magic and wonder, or at least I still do. I used to think that those princess costumes made little girls into selfish brats, but I put on those dresses as a kid and I turned out OK! Disney wants us to believe that the time for fairy tales has passed, but if that's true why do I know so many little girls who are glued to the screen watching Cinderella or Snow White for the first time? Maybe the time for a conventional fairy tale has passed, but they shouldn't be removed from our culture completely. I feel that with franchises like Harry Potter and Pirates, they are heavy and full of sadness more so than your average Disney fairy tale. Of course a fairy tale has it's down moment, because life has down moments but something so simple as a cheesy song makes that moment better. I guess the main point of this rant is as such, Disney is making a big mistake by deciding to not do what they're known for anymore. Can you imagine an epic fairy tale in the hands of Pixar? I think it would be and should be something they consider doing in the future, but that's just me. So I suppose we'll have to put our tiaras away until Disney decides to bring the fairy tale back.

Mood: Sad

randychico at 02:35 PM Nov 24

I only wished that they'd at least created it as a 2D traidional animation... but oh well

PeJota at 07:44 PM Nov 24

That classic take on the fairytale which Disney used for decades all but ended by the mid 90's. Shrek made it hip to take the classic fairytale and infuse it some modern self-awareness. So then we got a some imitators (like Hoodwinked).

They did make Princess and the Frog recently, that has to count for something (in GASP! traditional animations). Didn't see it, though.

I would like to see original fairytales. I mean, they've covered pretty much all the classics. Problem is they won't risk creating a film without an existing "brand."

I've always found it silly how those with the most money and resources find it so hard to risk a few million they could easily recover by the next quarter.

All I can think about is that the only way they know how to create an animated feature is to pour $200million into to (instead of $50 million + a lot of creativity).

I think back to the last major animated Disney feature which was a risk: The Emperor's New Groove. It was also the last traditionally animated film they did before Princess and the Frog. That movie was not a huge success (I think it almost bombed?), but over time has found a lot of fans (me). I wished they tried their hand at making more films like that: not based on any existing "brand;" a bit more off the wall, but still totally charming.

Good BLOG post BTW.

randychico at 11:31 PM Nov 24

I think Emperor's New Groove was succesful, it had a cartoon spinoff afterall

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breathless_mahoney87 posted a BLOG item about 7 years ago

15 Films in Which a Single Artist's Song's Define the Movie(From

I may not agree with all the choices, and of course they left some out, but I thought this was a really interesting article :)

Mood: Shy

randychico at 03:20 PM Nov 16

I like their choices where the artist are almost characters in their stories. Air, Elliot Smith & especially Aimee Mann who's almost responsible for Magnolia's existence.

breathless_mahoney87 at 04:09 PM Nov 16

Elliot Smith's songs on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack break my heart, in a good way lol

Invidtus at 09:48 PM Nov 16

The Waiting Line by Zero 7 on Garden State is the best song to make you stay calm in heavy traffic ~

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