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Tonight, I'm coming down with a bad case of "Inherent Vice".
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Bitto529 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 days ago

Inherent Vice


Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Written by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Maya Rudolph, Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, Jena Malone, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Martin Short, Kevin O'Connor, Katherine Waterston
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Crime, Drama
Official Site:
Plot: Larry "Doc" Sportello blazes up and investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend, and half a dozen other things... I think.


I haven't read the book, but I'm going to in the hopes of making heads or tails of the Paul Thomas Anderson adaptation of Thomas Pynchon drug-fueled detective odyssey. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it's just that... I don't have a clue about what the hell was going on most of the time.

Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin were amazing, but Benicio Del Toro and Martin Short stole the movie in the brief time they were on-screen. Katherine Waterston gave the most hypnotizing of performances. She seemed like a ghost that floated in and out of scenes and haunted you when she wasn't there or was brought up by other characters - very film noir.

I love detective stories. Most of them are hard to follow and this was no exception. It was like if you used "The Big Sleep", "The Long Goodbye", "Harper", "Chinatown", "The Big Lebowski", and "Night Moves" as inspiration and put a unique, weird, trippy, confusing, hilariously funny spin on the classic detective story.

It definitely calls for repeat viewings. I don't know if that will help to make sense of the plot, but it will surely remind viewers just how bizarrely entertaining this flick was, is, and will always be, man. Far out!

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Bitto529 posted an IMAGE item: 3 days ago
I saw this man Friday night and he was hilarious! Lewis Black rules!

jeo4 at 11:29 AM Jan 26

Yes, he does.

dsloy at 02:17 PM Jan 26

i saw him back in 07, so good!

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 6 days ago
Tremors Attack Pack

XSsoCX at 02:36 PM Jan 22

I almost snagged that at Walmart last night.

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Bitto529 updated his STATUS: 8 days ago

Tonight, I'm coming down with a bad case of "Inherent Vice".
Beauski at 03:08 PM Jan 21

It's an experience man, I hope you enjoy it and if you are like me you will have to watch it again to put all the pieces together.

oscarxp25 at 03:31 PM Jan 21

I started watching it this morning...only 15 min in...let us know how it is

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Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 10 days ago
The Bank Job (SE)

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 18 days ago

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 18 days ago
Dog Day Afternoon (SE)

Glinda at 08:45 PM Jan 11


Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 18 days ago

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 01:27 PM Jan 11

Top film.
movie animated GIF

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 18 days ago
Nacho Libre

Bitto529 updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

"A Million Ways to Die in the West" was such a disappointment. I think it needed some Ted.
grelber37 at 03:31 PM Jan 05

Well, Ted 2 is on the way soon. The Razzies people did not like A Million Ways to Die in the West either. They nominated the film in multiple categories.

Glinda at 05:44 PM Jan 06

I was disappointed too. I liked it okay, but once was enough and Ted was much better.

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 24 days ago

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 02:03 PM Jan 05

Hurry up, i need to use the phone!

Top film.

Bitto529 at 02:07 PM Jan 05


Bitto529 updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

I recently watched William Friedkin's Sorcerer for the very first time and it is a masterpiece! For years I've read about this mysterious movie that was seen by few, but championed by film-lovers and Friedkin fans. The more research I did on it the more I knew I had to see it. It was one of the best films I have ever seen. It is a relentless type of filmmaking that has been lost since then. It's the type of film that sticks with you and reminds you that movies were made to tell stories that grabbed your attention, captivated you, and then when the credits rolled, you said, "Wow!" That is what Sorcerer is - it's a "Wow!" movie. I know, you may think I'm overselling it, but trust me, see Sorcerer and you'll better for it.
RagingFellaDriver16 at 11:02 AM Jan 05

A friend of mine whose opinion in film is real similar to mine, as well as I respect. Has been chatting this movie up to me for the past week since he saw it... I am planning to watch it this week. His take is exactly the same as yours... Can't wait to watch this flick.

HTX0811 at 05:08 PM Jan 05

I really want to check it out. I hear nothing but great things.

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Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 25 days ago
The Monuments Men

Moviefreak2010 at 02:28 AM Jan 04

heard it was good

Bitto529 added a DVD to his collection: 25 days ago

Moviefreak2010 at 02:28 AM Jan 04

good movie

Bitto529 created a LIST: 27 days ago

Movies I Saw in December (*= First Time Viewing)

1. Enemy* 9/10
2. Homefront* 7/10
3. 'Crocodile' Dundee 7.5/10
4. 'Crocodile' Dundee II 8/10
5. Soylent Green* 6/10
6. Ernest Saves Christmas 7/10
7. Joe* 8.5/10
8. Blaze* 8/10
9. The Grand Budapest Hotel 10/10
10. The Omen (1976) 10/10
11. Damien: Omen II* 6.5/10
12. Omen III: The Final Conflict* 6/10
13. The Omen* (2006) 3/10
14. Ernest Saves Christmas 7/10
15. Blitz* 9/10
16. Parker* 8/10
17. 21 Jump Street 8/10
18. 22 Jump Street* 8.5/10
19. A Christmas Story 8/10
20. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 8.5/10
21. The Monster Squad 9/10
22. Sorcerer* 10/10
23. Get Carter (1971) 9.5/10
24. Pit and the Pendulum 7.5/10
25. The Masque of the Red Death 8/10
Invidtus at 01:48 PM Jan 02

William Freidkin and Roy Scheider ftw-

Glinda at 08:56 PM Jan 02

So many goodies on this list. Glad you liked 22 Jump Street and The Grand Budapest Hotel!

bowsty98 at 10:24 PM Jan 02

The Monster Squad is an awesome movie.

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