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See No Evil 2 was decent. Some good twists and turns...but I'm glad I rented it instead of blind buying.
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Anakin updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Aspect Ratio question. You know how TV's are all pretty much massive these days, well if I buy an old show like Twin Peaks or X-Files whatever, those big black vertical boarders either side of the screen; will they damage the TV screen?
JohnnyPHreak at 08:10 PM Sep 27

I have a Plasma TV and those bars kind of leave a small burn but as long as you don't leave the TV on in the old 4:3 aspect for days or weeks at a time you'll be fine. I watch The X-Files a lot. As soon as I go back to something in HD they the 'burn effect' disappears.

Cochise at 02:00 AM Sep 28

^ that

Anakin at 04:45 AM Sep 28

Yeah that's the worse fear that I end up with burn marks. What's up with that shit? They should make the TV's so that that doesn't happen.

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Anakin added a DVD to his collection: 24 days ago

Anakin updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

I'm not sure Ford should come back for the Blade Runner sequel to be honest. I want a sequel. Just maybe not with his character, I mean...what if it all goes wrong?
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 05:00 PM Sep 26

Its a risk, but he took a risk with Anchorman 2 and Expendables 3...I do think though, he shouldnt be the main focus of the Blade Runner sequel.

Anakin at 05:07 PM Sep 26

How can it even work? Isn't he meant to be one of them in the original anyway?

YoshioKun13 at 07:51 PM Sep 26

I.......don't want a sequel to the perfection that is BLADE RUNNER. I can only sense, not good things coming out of this.

It's never quite been confirmed tha Deckard was a replicant or not, the assumption I'm going with is he isn't. That works better. And if he is in the sequel, that wouldn't make sense because Replicants don't live past 4 years of their inception date.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

Excited about the 'Rogue Cut' but will it have all the deleted material regarding her arc and the quest to find her? I'm sure they said it amounted to 20 minutes yet the press release says it's only 10 ?
JohnnyPHreak at 11:38 AM Sep 26

I'm fine with either. I just want that cut of the film that has been talked about.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

I can't wait for Prometheus 2
JohnnyPHreak at 07:26 PM Sep 25

So very excited!

bowsty98 at 10:54 PM Sep 25

I'm looking forward to it as well

bowsty98 at 10:54 PM Sep 25

I'm looking forward to it as well

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

Made up Rachel McAdams scored the female lead in True Detective.
Anakin at 04:56 PM Sep 25

I don't get the hate. She's more than capable and a looker too!

Righteous_faustus at 05:10 PM Sep 25


Tough crowd. I love her and she's my personal choice out of all the rumored actresses.

Anakin at 05:11 PM Sep 25


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Anakin updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

I'm about to attempt to go through Vagrant Story for the third time. It's so hard and I keep ending up with no idea what to do to progress.
Cochise at 02:40 PM Sep 24

Google/Youtube is your friend! Remember the days when we used to have to buy strategy guides if we got stuck! haha

Anakin at 04:17 PM Sep 24

hahah yep

Anakin updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

Pleased to see Maze Runner do so well. It's a great series and deserves the attention.
Glinda at 05:10 PM Sep 23

Was hoping to get out to see that already but haven't been able to. Great to hear it's doing well.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 27 days ago

So Final Fantasy XV will have no female party members at all. Only males. I don't like that.
Cochise at 05:26 PM Sep 23

How is that sexist? Is it really that easy to label something sexist nowadays just because the creator didn't purposefully put in female characters for the sole purpose of 'not being sexist'? We have a lot more to see and judge with this game to see if it's really a sexist choice, or if it just makes sense as an artistic choice, or was simply an unconscious choice, that has nothing to do with sexism...

Anakin at 04:24 AM Sep 24

I don't think it's sexist. I just don't like it. I want girls in the party haha. He said in an interview it's for story purposes. Just a group of guys, drifting around I guess a bit like the Outsiders or something.

Cochise at 04:36 PM Sep 24

My first comment was going to be 'oh just you wait until the all-female Final Fantasy XV-2' hahaha

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

Looking forward to trying out this Driveclub next month. Hope it's not like Gran Turismo, which I find to be a bore.
Cochise at 02:39 PM Sep 22

Oh I wouldn't be put off by that man. The Crew looks a lot more accessible and mainstream friendly than even say Gran Turismo, whose car customization options were even pretty user friendly and simplified ("buy this and this gets better, etc"), and that's GT, a simulation racer.

This is an even more mainstream aimed one, with a bit more of a fun, arcadey feel so there's no way they would jam a very hardcore, intensive, hard to understand customization system in there. I'm sure it'll be easy to understand and use. They're trying to get everyone to play this game after all.

IGN did a video series on the closed beta of it that was so cool. There are literally zero loading times and you can just drive for HOURS and there are a ton of cities in the game, landmarks and everything. You can drive from like Seattle all the way to New York then all the way down to Miami and then to the Rocky Mountains and then to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas and see the cities and everything in between, cutting through fields if you want, whatever... it's just nuts. It kind of reminds me of Midnight Club except with a whole lot more to do, and instead of a big city to explore... you have a giant country to explore haha.

sLaShEr84 at 04:25 PM Sep 22

@Anakin Yeah one of my friend's told me about Driveclub and I had check iy out and it looks really good so most likely I will be getting it.

Anakin at 04:34 PM Sep 22

We are spoiled for choice haha

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

So is Final Fantasy XV out next year or is it just the demo?
Cochise at 10:41 AM Sep 22

there's no release date announced for any territory as far as I know, which means it's probably quite a ways away. The demo is going to be huge, taking up to 3 hours if you do everything. It comes with Final Fantasy Type-0 I believe it's called, but they said that while the demo will be included on the disc -- it won't be unlocked right away until a certain (undetermined) date. So with the PS4/XB1 port of the PSP game (Type-0) coming in March 2015... at best expect the demo to be 'unlocked' in Summer 2015, which means it's possible to see Final Fantasy XV be released in full either fall or winter 2015... though it's entirely possible that it'll come out in 2016 even... hope not though.

Cochise at 12:09 PM Sep 22

actually I just read that they are '55% done development' of the game. So I guess 2016 seems more likely lol

Anakin at 12:24 PM Sep 22

I just saw an article on IGN about it. haha. Aw this game has been YEARS in the making.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 29 days ago

Watching The Hitcher. What a movie.
Anakin updated his STATUS: 30 days ago

I was going to start Leftovers and The Strain last night but honestly it was half hearted so I'm skipping both. I think genuinely I'm only looking forward to Gotham out of the new shows this year. Just the one.
JohnnyPHreak at 10:06 AM Sep 21

I think you would really enjoy The Strain. It's an interesting take on the vampire mythos. I'm pretty excited for Gotham as well.

Anakin at 10:08 AM Sep 21

I've read the books mate so I know what happens. Maybe that's why I couldn't get into it?

JohnLocke2342 at 10:12 AM Sep 21

^ That's sort of why the show is just chugging along for me and I keep losing genuine interest. It's good but it's just.. I dunno, I was expecting a bit more so far.

I'd really like to start The Leftovers though.

Anakin created a LIST: 30 days ago

My Favorite Videogames from each Console I've owned. This was really hard.

1. Nes - Mario Bros. 3
2. Mega Drive - Streets of Rage
3. Snes - Chrono Trigger
4. Virtual Boy - The games weren't the best :/
5. Playstation - Final Fantasy VIII
6. Dreamcast - Soul Calibur
7. Playstation 2 - Resident Evil 4
8. Nintendo Wii - Mario Galaxy
9. Nintendo 3DS - Castlevania Portrait of Ruin
10. Playstaion 3 - Ultra Street Fighter 4
11. Playstaion 4 - None. Yet.

Based on a list by JohnLocke2342

Righteous_faustus at 11:33 AM Sep 21

I feel Final Fantasy VIII is pretty underrated given the fact it had to follow arguably the greatest game in the series and damn near of all time.

And high five o/* on USF IV ;) haha. And awesome including Streets of Rage!

Anakin at 12:26 PM Sep 21

Oh shit yeah, I had a Dreamcast and Virtual Boy. Forgot to add those.

Final Fantasy VIII- I just spent so much time on that game. Loved it.

Cochise at 07:38 PM Sep 21

oh man, FF8 is my buddy's favourite FF game. I had never even played it until earlier this year when he tracked a copy down and booted it up again. I was always into 9 myself, and of course 7.

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Anakin updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Love the look of Catalina in Tekken 7. Now I just want to see her in action and kicking arse. I don't think I've been this excited for a Tekken game since Tekken 3.
Righteous_faustus at 10:21 AM Sep 20

They are going to do location tests starting Oct. 3 and she and another new character will be in the build. They are going to stream it BUT it's one of those Japanese pay to see the stream sites :/. Hopefully videos will leak from that locatio. Test

Anakin at 12:50 PM Sep 20

Oh I'm sure footage will leak!

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