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GASP. I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot is official. hahah I feel really old now. Some good talent attached to it though.
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Anakin updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

I love LOVE Dead Island ha ha. It seems massive. Has anyone finished it? How long did it clock in at? Cheers.
Anakin updated his STATUS: 18 days ago

Dr Who and then the return of X-Factor UK tonight. WHOOP!!
Glinda at 09:04 PM Aug 30

Nice double header. :)

Anakin updated his STATUS: 19 days ago

I haven't touched my PS4 in like a month. So anyone on the fence about getting one I say wait until the games roll out next year. I've been playing my PS3 non stop. Still MILES of goodness left on that gem.
Beauski at 10:27 AM Aug 29

I was like that for a few months, then MLB 14 The Show came out and blew me away. I love baseball. A few months later, The Last of Us Remastered came out and I bought that and love it. I never played for PS3 so it was like a whole new game for me. Then this past Tuesday, Madden 15 came out and it's just gorgeous on PS4. They've redone nearly everything, and it looks and plays with the same excitement that you get with the NFL. Of course if you aren't a sports fan then I have only given you The Last of Us but next year is going to bring soooo many amazing games and it's only the beginning of it's life cycle. Of course I still use my PS3 mostly for MP4 movies and what not, but soon the PS4 will offer everything and more. The bottom line is that Playstation is awesome. Haha

Anakin at 11:08 AM Aug 29

Yep I still have my PS3 :) Don't intend to get rid of it either. In fact I ordered Dead Island yesterday.

YoshioKun13 at 05:36 PM Aug 29

Try playing the P.T. demo.

I've heard that could take you awhile to complete...

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 20 days ago

Read some rumors - probably all they are - that Sony/Spiderman may not be done with Emma Stone just yet. If you read the Ultimate Spiderman comics then this makes total sense. Then there's that solo female Spidey movie on the way....
Cochise at 11:12 AM Aug 29

wow really? Alright maybe in comics that's alright haha but if they seriously do that here screwwwwwwwww this movie x1000 lol. Thanks for the insight though man

Cochise at 11:13 AM Aug 29

seriously though I think my Terminator or Zombie ideas are much cooler =p

Anakin at 11:16 AM Aug 29

I agree with you actually. I think that movie had so much emotion in it and that scene was great. I can't wait to buy it. I highly doubt it's going to be Black Cat. She's too similar to Catwoman. Despite Felicia being introduced in Amazing Spiderman 2 I'd still be shocked if Black Cat ever makes it to the big screen. I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot all about her in the new movie.

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 20 days ago

I've been getting back into Walking Dead a lot these past few days. Re-reading some of the latest arcs. Neegan. I've grown to love him. ha ha. Whoever they get to play him on the show is gonna need some serious charisma. I had a look at some of the action figures, they're really nice those ones that are based on the comic. Very ££££ though.
Anakin at 03:42 PM Aug 28

FYI UK (and Irish) MFC'ers. Amazon has Walking Dead S3 Blu Ray for a STEAL at £17 :) I'm getting it.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

Regardless of the quality of the last season...I miss Dexter. :(
TheChanges23 at 03:03 PM Aug 27

Its the internet Chise, you can pretty much learn everything about a character in a show without watching it...And I've seen many youtube compilations of Doakes. Such a hilarious and awesome character.

Righteous_faustus at 03:44 PM Aug 27

I gotta be honest, I heard the intro music the other day and straight up missed the show.

Cochise at 08:48 AM Aug 28

@changes - ahhh, I see. D'oh! lol

@Righteous - oh man that was suuuuuuch an awesome intro. The vaguely creepy morning routine lol

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 22 days ago

Has anyone else seen the Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? ha ha ha It's brilliant.
HTX0811 at 02:55 PM Aug 26

Watched it twice. Best video I've seen this year. lol

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 04:44 PM Aug 26

it was it again today..woah.

YoshioKun13 at 01:55 AM Aug 27

This sounds most good.

I should go and watch this.

Anakin added a DVD to his collection: 22 days ago

Cochise at 01:36 PM Aug 26

never even heard of it. Will have to look into it

Anakin at 01:41 PM Aug 26

@JohnnyPHreak Yes mate.

Check it out guys cause it's boss.

sLaShEr84 at 05:09 PM Aug 26

Good movie.

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 23 days ago

Watching Nico (Above The Law)
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 01:33 PM Aug 25

Steven Seagal? With Pam Grier?

Anakin at 01:47 PM Aug 25

The very one!

Anakin posted a BLOG item 24 days ago

Tonights classic

Mood: Happy

sLaShEr84 at 02:51 PM Aug 24

Good movie.

Anakin updated his STATUS: 24 days ago

Walking Dead. I'm up to Vol18 of the trades. Does it pick up? I almost sent my whole collection off to Ebay earlier but couldn't quite bring myself to do it.
TJLunsford at 10:13 AM Aug 24

It gets pretty brutal within the next couple of volumes.

VitamanMan8 at 10:17 AM Aug 24

You haven't read All Out War yet so I'd at least finish that up.

Anakin at 10:17 AM Aug 24

Thanks for the feedback. I'll think about, may try and see if I can get Vol 19 and 20 at the library and see how it goes. If I had the money to buy everything I would but I'm working my way through Superior Spider-Man and Batman.

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Anakin created a LIST: 24 days ago

My Movie Clearout

1. Let Me In - Blind buy. Regretted it soon as I saw it. I thought it was boring and too similar to the original.
2. You Will Be My Son - Some Frech flick my bro gave me. It's okay. Not a film I'd watch again and again.
3. Frontiers - Too brutal
4. Cold Prey 1 and 2 - Too "We're massive fans of Halloween one and two!"
5. I Am Legend - Dog. :(
6. Outpost - Blind buy
7. Taken 1 and 2 - Overrated. Both of'em.
8. Serenity - I got the Blu Ray
9. Feast Trilogy - The third one is crap and ruins the others two.
10. The Thing (2011) - Rather watch the Carpenter one
razgriz21 at 10:57 AM Aug 24

I only saw the first Feast.

I Am Legend kind of sucked anyway.

Glinda at 03:01 PM Aug 24

I'm sticking with your mom and liking Taken and Taken 2. :)

timmyd at 06:11 PM Aug 24

damn. I love FRONTIERS , and thought LET ME IN was a great film. I love the original more , but thought it was a great effort . I completely agree with you on FEAST 3 .

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

Looks like I'm gonna do a DVD/Blu Ray clear out. Quite a few titles sitting there that never get watched. It's a waste.
Anakin at 03:10 PM Aug 23

It's nothing major. Just one or two blind buys from the past (Let Me In :/) or Southpark or old cartoons that ya know I really need to let go ha ha. No Disney though. Keeping them!

Cochise at 03:36 PM Aug 23

^ oh no really? Love Let Me In. You should make a list of everything you're throwing out lol, would be interesting

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 07:02 PM Aug 23

hard to clear out sometimes, but it can be needed, specially when there are many new discs to buy.

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Anakin updated his STATUS: 25 days ago

Delaying Amazing Spiderman 3 till 2018 is like the worse idea ever. Are they nuts? They must be nuts. I thought Amazing Spiderman 2 was great. Best comic book movie this year - oh yes - for this guy.
Anakin at 03:14 PM Aug 23

I said this. About something else the other day and was shot down. Same thing is happening with Star Trek. They're leaving it too long. If it's out say 2014 then get the sequel out for 2016.

MonsterZeroNJ at 04:39 PM Aug 23

I agree!

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 07:13 PM Aug 23

I think its ok for a year or two..waiting for a sequel...but 4 years to me, can be too much for a movie sequel.

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