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The Hills Have Eyes


Directed by: Alexandre Aja
Written by: Alexandre Aja, Gregory Levasseur
Cast: Aaron Stanford, Ted Levine, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Emilie de Ravin, Dan Byrd, Robert Joy, Ezra Buzzington
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Genre: Horror
Official Site:
Plot: A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far away from civilization.


I haven't seen the original, so I can't make comparisons. But I can tell you that this is one fun movie. If you're not the squeamish type, you'll enjoy the horror and violence depicted on screen. Director Alexandre Aja does an excellent job in almost every department, from the pacing to the casting to the music score to the production design. He uses classical 50s music during the opening and closing credits, giving an eerie feel to his film. He filmed in Morocco, using their vast desert landscape to great effect.

The cast, from the actors playing the Carters to the ones playing the freaks do a splendid job indeed. They bring out the best and worst of their characters, making it a very believable experience. Byrd, de Ravin, Stanford and Joy, who plays the freak Lizard, stand out best.

It's admirable to watch a normal American suburban family suddenly thrust into a life threatening situation turn the tables on their tormentors, with deadly force. It shows what some of us would do when backed into a corner with no way out, and having to resort to ruthlessness to stay alive.

A great and memorable horror flick. Just don't watch the sequel to this.

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horrorfan23 at 11:15 PM Feb 26

One of the best horror remakes out there. Fast, gory, and in your face.

timmyd at 01:49 PM Feb 28

First-Class Re-make . A nearly flawless film , that outdoes the original . NICE JOB !!

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