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Movie Fan Central (MFC) is the online movie community for members of the Movie Network. The Movie Network (JMN) comprises several websites including its flagship site JoBloís Movie Emporium, along with its horror site Arrow in the Head, its celebrity/gossip site Movie Hotties, and the DVD Clinic. was founded in 1998 by (Berge Garabedian aka JoBlo) as a hobby after perceiving a lack of ìregular people voices" in the movie critic community, hence the 'JoBlo' moniker for the site. Over the years, JoBloís reviews were compounded with many fanboy additions to the site, including our very popular discussions forums, which ultimately lead to the creation of our first movie community launched in October of 2006, called

In September 2009, MyJoBlo was transformed into Movie Fan Central and thatís where you are today.

"I love"
-- Steven Spielberg, director (Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T.)
"JoBlo is one of the holy sites that shape my day. It's cool, informative and damn fun!"
-- Guillermo del Toro,, director (Blade II, Hellboy)
"A good film critic is as hard to find as a good blowjob. Yes - ultimately, every blowjob can be considered good enough if it gets the job done. But the really good, rock-out-with-your-cock-out kind of head that makes a guy marry someone? That shit's rare. As rare as JoBlo."
-- Kevin Smith, director (Clerks)
" has a reputation as the E-frathouse...strident in its opinions but less reliant on the rumor mill. One of the most influential figures on the Web."
-- Variety
"Being a fan of movies and passionate conversation about 'em -- every day is just a little better with you and in it!"
-- Cameron Crowe, writer/director (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous)
" is a fantastic site for talking films and talking trash. It's quite possibly my favourite website. After Google and Enjoy!"
-- Edgar Wright, director (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead)
""I check all the's on the homepage of my iPhone." "
-- Seth Rogen, actor (Knocked Up, Superbad)
" of the most powerful taste-makers in Hollywood..."
-- Time Magazine
"I love It's a great site. Really cool."
-- Todd Phillips, director (The Hangover, Old School)
"I'm a major JoBlo fan. Vive le!!"
-- Louis Leterrier, director (The Incredible Hulk, Unleashed, Transporter 2)
"I probably go on JoBlo twice, three times a week. I'm as big of a movie freak as anyone. It's a community of like-minded people."
-- Joe Carnahan, writer/director (Narc, Smokin' Aces)
"One of the top 25 entertainment websites on the Net!"
-- Entertainment Weekly Magazine
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